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Free Courses

It’s the era of flexible, convenient learning, with numerous platforms offering countless opportunities for free! Explore the many academic fields and categories of online classes you can sign up for.

College Facts, Trivia, and Interesting Tidbits!

Educational Attainment in America: What the Trends and Statistics Say

College may not be for everyone; however, if you do aspire to gain a college degree, there are ways to realize your dream… as you should! See this article on educational attainment in America!

Our 50 Governors and the Degrees They’ve Earned

Are you interested in a political career? Without a doubt, these 50 Governors also had aspirations of holding a political office. And you can bet they prepared early for such a career, but… Is a college education required… or not? Check this out.

50 Most Influential Black Leaders in Academia

Black Americans have played a critical part in shaping America’s academic landscape into what it is now. Since 1976, every U.S. president has chosen February as Black History Month to recognize the accomplishments and perseverance of Black people. Major figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks are frequently honored. However, many lesser-known men and women made significant contributions to society by working through academic channels, breaking down barriers for future African-Americans, or providing opportunities for children that they had never had before. This February, remember 50 of these men and women.

7 US Colleges and Universities with Strange Rules

Strange state regulations are well-known, but what about strange college rules? When it comes to drafting college rules, there are probably fewer hoops to go through. Some of these rules are even scarier than your own home on Halloween. The good news is that some of these rules encourage students to go to college and have fun!

Rich and Famous: Where did they go to College?

Do you have a favorite famous person you admire for their talent… and, perhaps their financial gain and philanthropy? Most rich and famous people have a college education. Check out this interesting and entertaining article!

The World’s Youngest Doctors and the Med Schools They Attended

Our article about the world’s youngest doctors will encourage you to get started today. These young people had a goal and the determination to reach it ahead of most. Read about their journeys for your own inspiration.

Celebrities Who Went To College

Famous celebrities need an education too, right? Some of your faves are on this list. Check it out to see where they went to college!

US Presidents: What US Universities Did They Attend?

Have you ever wondered where the U.S. Presidents attended college? Wonder no more! For an interesting read, check this out!

States with the Most Demand for Educated Workers

To some, education is essential to land an in-demand job. While some states consider accepting applicants with at least a GED, some states are more demanding. This is because the benefits of hiring an educated staff exceed the disadvantages. For starters, by hiring well-informed personnel, businesses can be confident that the advantages will be long-term: an educated worker has broader knowledge and can take on more responsibilities in the future. To give you a heads-up, we listed the states with the most demand for educated workers.

Ahead of Their Time: Where the Youngest Lawyers Earned Their Law Degree

Have you known you wanted to become a lawyer for a long time, since childhood? These young people are truly inspirational. Check them out!

15 Famous and Successful People Who Were Homeschooled

The future of education is changing right in front of our eyes. Logically, most parents are thinking about switching from formal education to homeschooling. However, choosing to homeschool children may appear to be an all-too-outlandish option for parents. However, it is a surprise that when parents decide to send their children on their own road of alternative learning, they are actually in excellent company. Here are 15 great and successful people in history who were educated at home.

How the Coronavirus Pandemic May Change College Forever

COVID set everyone aback, right? Few people have not been affected by the horrible pandemic. Perhaps college life is no different. Read what sort of changes you can expect now!

Best College Football Players of All Time

Is football your thing? Learn about some of the best of the best! If you’re ready to be a “football star,” take a look at some inspiring college players.

Best College Football Coaches of All Time

Coaches in collegiate athletics are frequently regarded as legends due to the length of time they have spent with their esteemed schools. Meandering the sidelines on an autumn Saturday afternoon in front of 80,000 screaming fans is something no coach in any sport can talk about, unless it’s college football. College cliff took a deep dive into a discussion of the greatest college football coaches of all time.

50 Top U.S. College and University Presidents

College presidents are rarely considered when students decide where to apply. On the other hand, college presidents are tremendously significant players for students and higher education as a whole since their goals for their institutions—and their capacity to carry those visions out—determine who gets served. Any of the college presidents featured below runs a great institution.

Top Deans in U.S. Colleges and Universities

Educational institutions need great leadership. If you are inspired to become a college dean, take a look at these top Deans in the U.S.! See how they accomplished their career goals.

Colleges in the United States: A History

Higher education in the United States has gone a long way since its colonial beginnings. The earliest college undergraduates were destined for the priesthood; today’s freshmen are more likely to be destined for Goldman Sachs or are already knee-deep in a job. College education has progressed from an exclusive luxury to a necessary career resource. Here’s a look at the history of higher education in the United States.

The Most Notable College Alumni in the U.S.

Would you like to attend college where the most successful alumni also attended? Find out more in this article! Be a part of something special!

COVID-19: Changing the Higher Learning Landscape and College Experience

College after COVID can be a challenge. As many fight to survive, there’s another option to consider. Distance learning degree programs are gaining popularity. See how colleges keep their online learners on track!

College Life

College Freshman Struggles: How to Avoid or Fix Freshman Mistakes

As a newbie college student, you may run into a few issues that we can help you with. Whether it’s time management or a difficult roommate, we have a few suggestions. Take a look so you can be prepared!

Advantages of Being a Student Employee of Your College

To assist others in your college, you can help out by working at your college. Workers are often needed to assist in the office, library, or in research departments. Such opportunities provide a great experience on one’s resume.

Best College Town Pubs in the Northeast

All work and no play make for a dull college experience. Check out these great pubs in the Northeast to check out!

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast

Get out and enjoy your college experience. Try out these excellent pubs in the Southeast!

Top College Towns with a Social Side

You may be wondering what the social environment at college will be like. In fact, that may be one of the elements influencing your selection of where to go. Many factors have to come together for a college town to be truly outstanding. We’ve worked hard to present you with a quality list of the top college towns in the country, whether it’s feeling the palpable aura of an alma mater, having enough to do, or because you want a college town that will be a fantastic place to stay after you’ve graduated.

Colleges in Vacation Towns

College is already stressful, let alone being in an isolated college. Once in a while, students find themselves wanting an adventure or a time to relax after a long week. However, these things are challenging to do when you’re college is far from vacation towns. We’ve compiled a list of places known not just for their respective universities but also for their stunning beaches, breathtaking scenery, and exciting activities to provide extensive, accurate, and up-to-date information to every student/travel enthusiast.

Best Colleges for Forensics and Other Crime Solving Careers

Are you into crime solving television shows? Perhaps they have inspired you to enter the forensics field yourself. Check out these colleges offering this interesting career!

Top Colleges in Cities with the Lowest Crime Rate

School safety is an essential component of today’s educational systems. Anyone’s top worry is school safety, which refers to the protection of students from unpleasant behavior. School safety, on the other hand, should not be limited to the school grounds. Instead, it should extend beyond school boundaries to incorporate the surrounding community’s concern and support. This is why knowing which are the safest college cities in America is always a good read for students and their families.

8 Ways to Make Your Winter Break Worthwhile

Who doesn’t love winter breaks? It’s the best time to be merry and to spend time with our loved ones and family. It’s the right time to do the things that you’ve always wanted yet couldn’t because of educational commitments. There are eight suggestive ways that you can do to make your winter break worthwhile, enjoyable, and productive all at the same time. If you’ve run out of activities to do, they sure will come in handy!

A Guide to On-Campus Living

Your college life holds more meaning, especially if you intend to live on campus. Be able to weigh your living options by comparing the merits and demerits of both options, such as off-campus or on-campus living. Know your options when you decide to live in your college and be familiar with some of the best college dorms you can find in the nation.

Your Guide to College Clubs and Organizations

Avoiding monotony and a tedious studying journey can be made possible if you join the best college club or organization! It sure is refreshing and allows you to look forward to something exciting after your brain is bombarded with too much information from your courses and classes. With this guide, you’ll be able to choose the best extracurricular community to join.

All About the Modern College Student

With today’s technology, college education has taken a complete 180-degree turn. Colleges are no longer like the ones your parents attended. College students and technology are virtually recession-proof markets. Higher education policy at the federal and state levels is evolving to accommodate the unique needs of these students and assist them in succeeding. Read on to learn more about today’s college students.

Navigating the Idea of College Visits and Tours

Visiting the facilities and amenities of a college can potentially influence your decision-making when it comes to choosing the right university. It’s essential to visit or tour your college of choice. You can learn more about them if you join a conventional campus tour, an open house, or stay overnight while on a college visit. However, if these options are not viable for you, you can always have the virtual campus tours, which are now offered by most learning institutions, for your convenience.

Top Christmas Gifts for College Students

When the holidays are finally approaching, everyone’s yet again faced with the question of what Christmas gift to buy. If you’ve been hunting for the most appropriate present for your college friend or family member, gifting them with educational resource subscriptions could come in very handy due to the shift of learning systems from onsite to offline and hybrid. College students could use a lot of virtual learning tools that could support their online education. Here are some great subscription gift ideas for college students.

College Tips

Learn the ins and outs of college life! From preparedness for college to thriving in college, to succeeding beyond college and everything else in between, we have proven hacks, tips, and advice for you!

Student Wellness

Your health and well-being are of paramount importance! Thrive and succeed in your college journey with the right habits. We rely on research-based information as we feature expert health and wellness tools, advice, and services.

College Degree Levels and Career Options

What does it take to earn a college degree? How different is one college level from the others? What are the different college degree options and specializations? Our College Degree Definitions will give you the answer.

Here are more subject-specific resources and games to make your college life-enriching, enjoyable, and worthwhile!