30 Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast in 2023

Consider your college years: If late nights studying in the library and sitting in the lecture hall are the first things that come to mind, you were a better student than others. College is about academics, programs, and keeping a high GPA, but it’s also about the complete experience.

If you or your children are of the age of considering attending college, you may be interested in knowing more about the lifestyle and nightlife within the area.

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After all, it’s not only the academic program or the closeness to home—it’s also about the surrounding community that your son or daughter will be calling “home” for the next four years.

Is it enjoyable? Is it a practical walking distance? Will they need transportation? Is it a fun experience that will help shape their futures and bring them into adulthood? Finally, is it safe?

Today, we’ll concentrate on the Southeast region of America and examine the towns with college pubs.

College Pubs Southeast - fact

In the Southeast, college game days are more cherished than any other local event—perhaps even weddings!

So it’s safe to say that the hustle, bustle, and flow of university student life is almost always adrift within many Southeastern towns across the country, providing the area with a lively local scene of affordable restaurants, classy independent boutiques, and plenty of support for sports, the arts, and, most importantly, education.

Most of the time, students will also find a committed and active alumni base in and around the city and a fair dose of good old Southern charm.

These collegiate classics will have graduates, seasonal professionals, and bag-slinging coeds having the fun of their lives from Alabama to West Virginia and everywhere in between.

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast

The Silver Dollar

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The University of Georgia

If you have no idea where to go at once in the morning, you may inadvertently stumble into a freshman slop fest like the infamous and way overrated Bourbon St or super dud bar like Jerzees. While there are more than enough bars to waltz into and have a night of memories or perhaps lack thereof, one stands out the most: The Silver Dollar.

Silver Dollar is located on College Avenue, where many UGA students have their most wild experiences in Athens. This pub has an awesome vibe, and rest assured that every time you go there, you’ll have a strong sense that the night is going to be a good one.

Its open porch wraps around the front of the bar, allowing for good conversations with other bars without being confined in a space.

On any given night, the crowd at Silver Dollar is diverse. Silver Dollar aspires to be regarded as a bar that extends out and reaches many dynamics. However, things do become raucous, and this is when the real fun begins.

Devine’s Grill and Sports Bar

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Duke University

Duke University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. However, the school’s religious connection does not affect the school’s active student life. Students are still encouraged to have a life outside of school, according to the school. After all, social interaction enhances one’s ability to learn.

While the culture at Duke is sociable, this usually means that individuals are hyper-involved in student organizations, networking for professional growth, organizing groups to attend athletic events, and so forth, rather than just partying. Having said that, if you’re ever interested in having a night out with your friends, you can easily find a pub that’ll relax everyone.

Although there are plenty of bars within the region, Duke students flock to Devine’s Grill and Sports Bar. Many say they come here for live entertainment, watch the latest Duke game, or simply hang out and party with their pals on the weekends.

According to the students, they’ve got it all at Devine’s. There is a vast menu with traditional American fares such as wings, burgers, chicken, soups, salads, and deli sandwiches. There are 12 draft beers, over 50 bottled beers, and a large assortment of wine and mixed beverages—every possible sports bundle for the ideal big game viewing experience.

This pub has been the unrivaled Durham restaurant for bar cuisine, drinks, sports, live music, entertainment, and a good time for college students since 1978.

Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill

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Emory University

In addition to having a diverse student body, Emory University is a school that is a good fit for nearly everyone. It’s not difficult to avoid parties if that isn’t your priority.

However, if you are interested in enjoying the company of others, every weekend you’ll be sure to find a party someplace at Emory. Most of it is concentrated on Greek life (frat parties are always going on), but it isn’t always just those.

You receive fliers for Atlanta parties, which are typically much fun. People at the university frequently take the free Emory shuttle to Atlanta and attend frat parties or unaffiliated parties in the area. Every weekend, if you need a party scene, there will be one.

Maggie’s is the ideal college dive pub, and Emory students call it home every Thursday through Saturday. The venue is deceptively large, with a patio out back, and the guests control the music. No wonder that this is Emory students’ go-to college pub, featuring a laid-back vibe, pool, beer promotions, and trivia.

The bar offers good burgers, wings, and other staples. The owner, bouncers, and bartenders are all friendly and make an effort to get to know everyone by first name. Who doesn’t love getting greeted by your first name? It makes you feel special and appreciated.

This pub also has free T-shirt evenings, which make students rush to Maggie’s to get a coveted Maggie’s shirt. Free items are something that attracts almost everyone to a party, including college students. We think that the reason is for them to have a souvenir of their college nightlife. After all, who doesn’t love a free t-shirt, especially from your favorite college pub?

SkyBar Cafe

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Auburn University

For any given night, Auburn University boasts several excellent bar options. However, one bar stands out above the others, and it is without a doubt SkyBar on Magnolia Ave. It takes the cake as the greatest bar at Auburn, if not the best bar in the SEC.

SkyBar is an outlandishly large bar with numerous stories and easily over 10,000 square feet that are difficult to miss with a queue that wraps around the building most of the time. On weekends, $5 gets you inside this pub, but the money is well worth the time you’ll spend in this fantastic setting.

But, you should be aware that there will be times that drinks change prices at different times. According to some, this may be because of the place’s popularity and demand.

Every Wednesday-Saturday, there are two bands, often a country band in the front of the pub and a DJ or Rap band in the back of the bar on a large stage with a gigantic dance floor. This bar is unrivaled in Auburn and is the spot to be between 11 pm and 2:30 am.

West End

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The University of Arkansas

Those who believe that Fayetteville, Arkansas is the same as any other Arkansas town are mistaken. Fayetteville has an excellent dining culture that has expanded to Bentonville and Rogers. This college town serves everything from traditional Indian cuisine to some of the greatest premium Southern cuisine in the area.

The University of Arkansas is home to The Razorbacks, and these athletes drink at the same levels as their SEC counterparts. When one gets out of pregame or a fraternity party in Fayetteville and decides where to go next, they get in a cab and travel to West Avenue.

For whatever reason, the rhythm of West Avenue has shifted over time. Now, it appears that everyone has to end the night on West Avenue.

Restaurant and bar employees attributed West Avenue’s growing popularity to nearby university complexes that opened in the last two years, the popular summer DJ lineup at Teatro Scarpino’s, and long-standing bars that attract late-night customers.

The two-block radius is defined as Dickson to Lafayette streets. With all of these options, one pub shines the most: the West End.

This bar has a reputation for being a hangout for “preppies” or “frat boys.” But that is not true at all, but with a large university just a short walk away, we can see why it appears that way. If you’re worried about safety, this is one of the safest pubs to be drinking. They have bouncers and security that will escort you if anyone dares to start a fight. 

West End offers the best upper deck of any patio in Fayetteville. You can bring your friends and sit in with a drink while you wait for the music to start. They also have a wide variety of American menus you’ll surely enjoy.

You will undoubtedly see everyone pass by at some point during the night. Just be sure that if you remain late, you are prepared to deal with large crowds. This area, as we said, is the center of the nightlife of students and locals.

Houndstooth Sports Bar

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The University of Alabama

Students in this town are die-hard football fans. Given Saban’s dominant football success in both country and conference, they usually have plenty to celebrate throughout the year. People have been flocking to The Houndstooth for over 25 years to catch the big game

The Houndstooth has won numerous awards over the years, including Top 50 Southern Bars by Garden and Gun Magazine, #1 College Sports Bar by Sports Illustrated On Campus, Best College Sports Bar by Playboy Magazine, and most recently One of America’s Best College Bars by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

It is two blocks away from the campus. No wonder this pub is the students’ choice for relaxation and enjoyment.

Bryant-Denny Stadium, located at 1300 University Boulevard on the Strip, was named after Bear Bryant’s houndstooth patterned hat while coaching Alabama. The pub strives to provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, diverse drinks, and the coldest beer in town. 

The pub surely understood the assignment for live viewing of games, especially football. The Houndstooth has 36 high-definition flat-screen TVs, including four outside on one of the state’s largest outdoor patios, a 120″ HD projection TV, and even televisions in the bathrooms so that you won’t miss a minute of the action. How great is that? 

If you’re not so much of a football fan, they also have three pool tables, dartboards, and Golden Tee 2013 to keep you occupied while you sip your favorite beer or libation.

Houndstooth Sports Bar is also known for organizing fun nights. They usually have Monday Night Live Team Trivia, Houndstooth Bingo, Pool Tournaments, and other fun activities. 

McCarthy’s Irish Bar

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 7

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The University of Kentucky

The college town is known for being the land of bourbon drinkers and John Calipari’s dominant basketball team. There are many places to get liquored up on any night of the week. From distillery tours where you can sample various types of bourbon to hitting up the local bar scene for a beer, typical spirits, or more bourbon.

Known as a classier group of drinkers than other SEC members, this college crowd can still get pumped up on a big game night, especially when Calipari’s Wildcats take the court. However, the post-game celebrations should be focused on one bar in particular: McCarthy’s Irish Bar.

Despite being a large establishment, McCarthy’s Irish Bar is well-known for having the cheapest drink specials in town. Their prices are perfect for college students on a budget looking for a fun time.

Open from 11:00 am to 2:30 am, this establishment never charges a cover charge and serves Goodfellas pizza to satisfy college students’ drunk and hungry selves. In addition, they also have a few drink specials. Have a case of the Mondays? The first customer of the day receives a 75% discount on his first drink.

Fridays and Saturdays are always busy at night, and with the lights dimmed, no one notices when that annoying drunk guy spills his beer on you.

However, from Thursday to Sunday, you can watch the crowd fight over the open jukebox. Pro tip: Every March 22nd, McCarthy’s returns to their 1996 prices to commemorate their anniversary. Talk about a bargain.

While Kentucky has many drinking establishments, none compare to The World Famous McCarthy’s Irish Bar.

Tiger Town Tavern

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Clemson University

Clemson’s nightlife is the perfect mix of dive bars, sports bars, clubs, and relaxed bars. All ensuring everyone in your group will have a fun night out.

Many of the downtown bars are on College Avenue, a short 5-10 minute walk from the stadium, but we’ll take you on a tour of the Tiger Town Tavern, a student favorite.

Clemson University students give this pub five stars out of nostalgia and fondness for the establishment. According to students, this bar is the place that makes or breaks your college career.

Tiger Town Tavern, also known as Triple T’s, has been a well-known locally owned Clemson bar for decades. The tavern, which opened in 1977, is still a favorite among Clemson students, locals, and alumni. The bar’s and the town of Clemson’s iconic logo, a cartoon tiger, sitting in a pint of beer, can be found throughout the establishment.

Shirts, growlers, stickers, and hats with the recognizable Tiger Town Tavern drawing continue to grow a family of recognizable Tiger Town Tavern fans.

This bar has something for everyone, with reasonably priced food and drinks. It has a community kind of feel, and it can be chill but also crazy on a busy night or gamedays. 

TTT also provides a more upscale experience through their private club, Top of the Tavern. Members can relax and drink on the bar’s second floor for a one-time fee of $10 while playing a free game of pool.

Whatever fun you’re looking for during college, TTT’s is most likely the answer. Don’t forget to pick up a growler on your way out!

The Delis (The College Delly, Paul’s Deli, and Green Leaf Cafe)

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 9

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College of William & Mary

The delis are one of the students’ favorite off-campus hangouts! They’re right across the street from Zable Stadium on the corner of Scotland Street – nobody can miss them if they’re driving into town on Richmond Road.

Around the corner from that are three delis: The College Delly, Paul’s Deli, and the Green Leafe Café. During the day, all serve a wide range of classic American fare.

The College and Paul’s have extensive menus that include every fast-food item students love most, including fries, onion, sandwiches, and meals. Aside from the food choices, the next best thing about these places is the convenience they offer. They have this system where students can place their orders and get contacted only when the food is ready.

The Green Leafe, on the other hand, is a sit-down restaurant that serves salads, wraps, burgers, and other dishes. They’re great places to grab lunch if you have an hour to kill or if you want to show off-campus college dining to visiting family members.

Of course, you don’t want to take family members, especially your parents, to places where many students are getting drunk. This place is decent and perfect (at least during the day).

These delis aren’t just famous for their food. After 8 pm, they become a big part of the nightlife for students. They are transformed into bars, with the staff dimming the lights and turning up the music. But if you’re interested in day drinking, they serve alcohol in the mornings, too. It’s just more fun to party and drink at night.

The Leafe, for example, is always crowded, with a long line to get in, especially on Sundays and Mondays for “Trivia Night” and “Mug Night.” Both nights have fantastic prizes for winners, such as discounts and free tabs.

Pro Tip: They begin carding students at 8 pm, so if you aren’t 21, arrive a little earlier to stay all night.

Potter’s Pub

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 10

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University of Richmond

If you are of legal age, want to party, and at the same time be safe and not go over budget, the Potter’s Pub is the place to be. This pub is the most favored hangout for students of U of R because of its fair menu prices. They offer lots of fun nights, too, including Tuesday Trivia Night, Thirsty Thursday, and more. 

If you’re hungry for fun and thirsty for beer, the Potter’s Pub offers an excellent selection of pub grub, pints, and sing-alongs are all available, too. They also have pub fare, darts, reasonably priced beer, and plenty of seating.

People come for John Small, who leads patrons in rock and country favorites as well as traditional drinking sing-alongs such as “Seven Drunken Nights.” To supplement Small’s limited playlist, bar-goers can step to the mic whenever they want.

According to students, this pub offers one of the best pizzas in town. They also serve gluten-free pizzas with toppings of your choice for those who cannot eat gluten foods.

This pub is a short walk from campus. After a long day at college, you can walk to the pub to cool off steam and unwind. 

College pubs

Rippy’s Bar & Grill

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 11

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Vanderbilt University

The intellectuals’ haven. Vanderbilt is known for the quality of students they source and admit. It is fair to say this pub is worthy of Nashville’s infamous downtown scenes.

With incredible venues to choose from, live music being performed somewhere every night, and living in the world’s country music capital, Vanderbilt will have your head spinning in excitement.

If you happen to attend or visit this college town, you’d see that there’s no bar you wouldn’t like. Even students state they have a hard time choosing the best college town pub, too! But of course, there will always be one star that will outshine the others. That star is Rippy’s Bar & Grill.

Rippy’s Bar and Grill is one of the Southeast’s premier barbecue, cold beverages, and live music destinations. Rippy’s can handle any large college group and welcomes their guests to kick back and relax with two levels, three stages, an impressive open-air rooftop, and private dining spaces.

The view of the balcony bar will take your breath away as you watch downtown Broadway and Nashville hum along.

The rooftop is incredible and a great option for those that enjoy smoking, as most places have banned indoor smoking. Also, If you’re obsessed with proclaimed great food, this place is known to serve the best ribs in town, and that says a lot for a Southern pub.

Also, according to the local college girls, this bar and grill also have the most attractive bartenders! 

Bin 612

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 12

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Mississippi State University

The Mississippi State Bulldogs were frequently overlooked as a relevant SEC team until this year when Dak Prescott’s team transformed themselves into a force to be reckoned with.

Starkville is now famous for the name “StarkVegas.” It spread like wildfire last football season and created an atmosphere where you could almost imagine parties and drinking everywhere in the small college town.

You may be wondering what the hype of the so-called “StarkVegas” is all about! Bin 612 is without a doubt the hottest spot to get spotted in town. It is now the go-to college town pub of students.

On University Drive, just off MSU’s campus, there is a three-story tall blue building with a small dive bar at the bottom. this is where you’ll find Bin 612. On the weekends, this bar is always packed to the gills, with a great patio area that is also overflowing when the weather is nice.

But it’s the late-night menu, particularly the late-night cheese fries that sets this bar apart from the competition. Their after-hours menu caters to the crowd that stays up late to enjoy the twinkling lights of Starkville’s Cotton District.

Furthermore, in recent years, late-night cheese fries have become more legendary than their beers. So famous, they even have a Twitter account. What exactly are they?

Hot, seasoned crinkle-cut fries liberally topped with house-made queso. It’s not fancy; it’s just the kind of carb-protein combo that will help a hardworking student get through an all-nighter. But there are some variations: Shrimp Avocado, Truffle Parm, and The Bacon Train for the late-night crowd.

Suppose you wish to enter the pub sooner, best to show up earlier. Starting around midnight, the line will circle the entire block in anticipation of this delicious drunk delicacy. Everyone that gets the sought-after late-night snack will tell you the wait is 100 percent worth the product.

The Library Sports Bar

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 13

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University of Mississippi

Ole Miss is a huge party school in the Southeast with rich tradition and great bar venues. It would help if you simply visited to understand the true greatness of its location, essence, and atmosphere.

There is no other place like it. However, if you are a newcomer to town, things can get a little complicated when you go downtown due to cover charges and ABC Officers.

First and foremost, if you are under the age of 21 and intend to go out with your fake ID, reconsider. If you have your lucky stars, you may get through the doorman.

But, you will almost certainly be apprehended by the ABC, aka the fun killers, rendering the entire effort futile. Second, on weekends, cover charges of $30 to $40 are not uncommon for bars in “The Square,” complicating bar hopping.

If you’re 21 or older and don’t have daddy’s credit card to spend at will, you must make the right choice of where to go and plan on staying all night to avoid being tapped out on ridiculous cover charges. Do yourself a huge favor and chill at The Library Sports Bar, which is hands down the best bar in Oxford.

On big nights, you’re bound to run into popular characters in this bar, from Greek life students to all-star Rebel athletes.

The Library Sports Bar has so many TVs that you will never have to choose between multiple sports games at the same time because, well, that’s for amateurs!

Students come here day and night, especially on weekends, for the fun atmosphere and tasty bar food (try the quesadillas). Students get ready to dress up for the Music Hall and Patio Bars (yes, plural; there’s also one upstairs!). The Library never misses a beat, whether it’s a game weekend or just another Thirsty Thursday.

Cover to this pub is a little pricey. The establishment occasionally gives out $100 Library Cards to students in exchange for an all-year patron-free cover. Whenever they do this, students wait in line to purchase one Library Card for themselves.

Five Points

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 14

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University of South Carolina

The Gamecocks’ bar scene has a lot to offer and is spread out all over Columbia, much like their university and off-campus football stadium. With two main drinking areas, the Vista and Five Points, the options for those looking to get wasted on any given night are nearly limitless.

That being said, if you must choose between the two areas, definitely go to Five Points because you will undoubtedly find more options there.

Five Points, Columbia’s “original village neighborhood,” has a charm and quirkiness that you won’t soon forget. Browse boutiques, listen to vinyl, and discover your new favorite craft beer – you’ll see why Five Points has been a hangout for more than a century.

On weekends, you will most likely see lines everywhere in Five Points as people crowd to get to Jake’s, but the narrow alleyway, bad music, bad bartenders, and crowd in the bar make it unbearable. People may argue that Pinch or Salty Nut are the places to be, but they are incorrect.

Pavlov’s Bar always comes in first place in the USC bar race, according to knowledgeable and experienced Five Points visitors. Pav’s is dank on Monday nights because you can get $1 liquor drinks, and every other night you can probably get the cheapest drinks here. 

Pavlov’s is also quite spacious, that’s one of the reasons students love this pub. The space is big enough to dance, and it has a grand porch outside. You will everyone waiting patiently, or sometimes impatiently, in line to join in the fun.

Pav’s, one of the best college town pubs in the Southeast, is always a good time.

North Harbor Club

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 15

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Davidson College

You’ve probably had dinner in Davidson, but have you ever experienced the nightlife. It’s no secret that Davidson has some pretty fantastic local restaurants. When the sun goes down, quite a few Davidson, NC bars come alive. Davidson has many places to unwind with friends over a drink, from custom cocktails to beer and wine.

Davidson Landing in North Harbor is the best place for college students to hang out and relax by the water. Students usually arrive by car, but richer ones arrive in boats. The Lake Norman Wine Cottage has become a popular destination for Lake Norman residents looking for a unique concept with an old-fashioned, homey feel.

Sit down for a memorable culinary experience at North Harbor Club, which overlooks the water. Students finish the evening with live music and local beer at The Cabin.

What could be better than a drink accompanied by stunning views of Lake Norman? That is what you will find at Davidson’s North Harbor Club. Their drinks, such as the White Cosmopolitan and the Purple Dayze, are innovative and refreshing. They’ve also created a “Cocktail” menu with unique creations like the Jalapeno Peach Margarita, Island Water, and Lavender Lake Tea.

If you’re not feeling particularly daring, they serve North Carolina beer from local breweries such as Triple C Brewing, Noda Brewing Co., and Olde Mecklenburg Brewery.

North Harbor Club is located directly on Lake Norman’s shores. The stunning lake views are unrivaled. You can even dock your boat at any of the nine boat slips. Head to North Harbor Club for a drink as the sunsets.

Boylan Heights

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 16

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University of Virginia

Boylan Heights, located on the corner of 14th and West Main Street, is one of the best college town pubs in the Southeast. It holds a special place for burgers and beer. 

Saturday night at Boylan Heights, one of the best bars most visited by students, upscales the joint burger changes. The music is blaring in the upstairs dining room, and the lights are dim. The bartenders change from glasses to disposable plastic cups. And a stream of men in button-down shirts and women in high heels begins to ascend the stairs.

Boylan Heights has a clean and relaxed atmosphere – perfect for college destressing. Twenty high-definition televisions are strategically placed throughout the restaurant allowing you to watch every minute of your favorite sporting events. 

Students can dine inside or on the patio on the ground floor. There is a full bar, lounge area, pool tables, and additional seating upstairs. Boylan Heights will not disappoint you, whether you’re stopping by for lunch on a sunny Charlottesville afternoon or wishing for a casual evening out.


Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 17

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Washington and Lee University

Greek life is a MAJOR part of social life at Washington and Lee University, with approximately 85-90 percent of students belonging to a fraternity or sorority. Because two years of on-campus living are required, most students will live in fraternity houses during their sophomore year.

As a result, W&L is a reasonably large party school. Every night of the week, weekends and weekdays, you could find something to do. Students here work hard and have a lot of fun.

There are many on-campus (or fraternity) parties, but off-campus parties are also popular. Parties are popular.

Given the strict new regulations governing alcohol use at fraternities and an increase in the drinking age from 18 to 21, the party scene has gradually shifted from fraternity houses bordering campus to rental homes, many of which are outside of town, over the last few decades. But if you’re of legal drinking age, you can party at one of the best college town pubs!

TAPS is a craft beer tap house/restaurant/bottle shop in historic downtown Lexington, Virginia! It grew out of intense love for craft beer when craft beer options in these parts were minimal.

The pub wanted to introduce students to craft beer so that they, too, would fall in love! TAPS has since showcased some of the best craft beers and ciders worldwide through rotating taps and a bottle shop with 199 bottles of beer on the wall!

Their goal is to provide a welcoming environment for students to congregate and enjoy a good beer! TAPS has always been the top college town bar in Lexington, whether you’re stressed from school or just looking for a fun time, whether you’re on a lunch or dinner with family or friends, whether you’re meeting up to have a round or two with the buds or simply searching for a cozy spot to chill.

College fun

Foothills Brewpub

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 18

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Wake Forest University 

Wake Forest University’s student life dominates the city. The student body has three categories: Greeks, athletes, and GDIs. Wake is not a dry campus, and most of the partying take place at fraternity or sorority social events. Upper-level students frequent the town’s bars, but otherwise, students (both Greek and Independent) frequent the frat party scene.

But if you ever wanted to get away from campus, Foothills Brewpub is always open. This is the best spot in town, especially for craft beer enthusiasts.

Foothills Brewing was founded in 2004 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It has since grown to become one of the best craft brewing operations in the Southeast.

Foothills Brewery’s goal is to celebrate beer’s diversity by striving to make each recipe and bottling unique and different using high-quality ingredients and time-honored methods.

They don’t want customers to think their beer tastes the same as everyone else’s, so they use various ingredients to distinguish their beers. Students love to compare how their uniquely crafted beer tastes. Some even turn it into a game of whose beer tastes better.

Foothills Brewing Company currently offers over twenty year-round and seasonal craft beers, many of which have won medals and honors at national beer competitions.

Their brewpub has ten taps full of their core beers and at least one seasonal beer. Torch Pilsner, Rainbow Trout ESB, Salem Gold, Pilot Mountain Pale, Total Eclipse Stout, Hoppyum IPA, and Seeing Double IPA are the core beers on tap.

MaGerk’s Pub & Grill

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 19

Image Source

Elon University

Some claim that the coursework at Elon is extremely easy and that you cannot have fun unless you are part of a sorority or fraternity. That, however, is not the case.

Elon University has a reputation for partying, and most students would agree that the experience lives up to the hype. The reputation of being a part-school and experience frequently refer to off-campus parties.

MaGerk’s Pub & Grill is only a 10-minute walk from campus. The restaurant takes pride in serving fresh, homemade ingredients.

The Philly-inspired restaurant serves a variety of classic American pub-style dishes, including signature cheesesteaks and “amazing nachos.” For those looking to experience “Philadelphia Brotherly Love in [both] the food and atmosphere,” MaGerk’s could be the place to go.

The restaurant opened in 2018 at Elon University, joining the chain’s four other locations, two of which are in Philadelphia and Baltimore. The restaurant’s website is “thrilled” to be open in its first college campus town, Elon — a close-knit, family-oriented community! MaGerk’s staff takes great pride in creating an enjoyable environment for both families and college students.

The restaurant serves a variety of Philadelphia favorites, including the Philly cheesesteak, which allows students and customers to substitute steak for chicken. Chips and pickles are served as sides with both cheesesteak options.

Brickhouse Tavern

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 20

Image Source

James Madison University

JMU is well-known for being a party school. The party scene is fantastic, but there are plenty of other things to do as well. On weekends, not everyone goes out and parties, even though the vast majority of students at the school do.

We’re all aware that James Madison University’s pub-style food and drinks are fantastic. It’s so popular that it’s ranked fifth in the country. Once you get out of the bubble of dining halls and dollars, you’ll realize that this small town with a big heart has so many goods, diverse eats, and drinks that you might want to try them all during your time at JMU.

Brickhouse Tavern caters to those looking for a traditional American meal. To complement your meal, this restaurant’s full bar offers a wonderful selection of drinks.

Brickhouse Tavern also has free wireless Internet, so bring your tablet or laptop to work on your assignments while chilling. Seasonal outdoor seating is available at Brickhouse Tavern. Make sure to get a seat before it’s too late.

There’s no need to put on a show for a visit to Brickhouse Tavern. There’s no strict dress code, and the atmosphere at this restaurant is entirely relaxed. Are you getting together with the gang for a movie? Purchase some food from this restaurant.

For diners who prefer to drive, there is plenty of parking nearby at Brickhouse Tavern. If you choose a two-wheeled mode of transportation, you’re in luck. Outside the restaurant, there is plenty of bike parking.

Prices are reasonable, with a typical meal costing less than $30. So, when you’re hungry, go to Brickhouse Tavern and treat yourself to a tasty American dish paired with your favorite bear.

Swirl Wine Bistro

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 21

Image Source

Broward College

Swirl Wine Bistro is the best place to relax and take your mind off stress if you are a student or plan to become one. If you like food, you’ll probably enjoy this bistro.

The oxtail ravioli is their most popular dish. Oxtail is a Caribbean delicacy that gives ravioli a flavorful twist. When cooked traditionally, it tastes like short ribs and is extremely rich and satisfying. This is the only restaurant in Fort Lauderdale that serves it.

They also serve a variety of other dishes that combine the flavors of the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States. Jerk chicken, chicken and dumplings with homemade curry, and smoked brisket sliders are among the menu items.

The majority of their menu items are gluten-free or vegetarian. Chef Judith can create a dish for you if you have a food allergy or a dietary restriction.

If you like to eat and drink or just want to drink, they have a large selection of beverages. Craft beers, wine, and sake are all available.

Because Swirl Wine Bistro caters to students, they offer low wine prices every Tuesday through Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm. On most days, they also provide substantial discounts on beer and premium wine. On Wednesdays, they are known to slash their prices by up to 50%.

Duffy’s Sports Grill

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 22

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Palm Beach State College

Duffy’s Sports Grill, with over 30 locations across Florida, is the state’s leading sports-themed restaurant. It was created right here in Palm Beach County. Duffy’s has always been famous for the “Best Burgers and Coldest Beer in Town” since their first location in Lake Park in 1985.

Although this remains true today, the menu has expanded to include chef-driven signature dishes such as Certified Angus Beef brand burgers and steaks, fall-off-the-bone BBQ baby back ribs, jumbo chicken wings, and a variety of salads and pasta dishes.

In addition to award-winning American fare, Duffy’s is known for having the best drink deal in town – and their deals aren’t limited to happy hour. Instead, Duffy’s offers 2 for one on everything from the bar all day, every day. This is definitely a fun deal for cash-strapped college students!

Every day, Duffy’sDuffy’s restaurants offer the best deals in West Palm Beach, and customers can earn rewards with their purchases at any of the locations.

Bar Louie

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 23

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Valencia College

Student life in this college is not at all dry. Students are fond of parties after school, especially on weekends and after major exams. The best pub in this college town is Bar Louie.

Bar Louie is known for serving a selection of healthy and unhealthy food, appetizers, and meals. If you’re vegan, no worries! The bar also serves vegan food. So, you’ll have a wide selection in this pub.

Once you order vegan food, you can ask the waiter to customize your meal to make your food more vegan-friendly. The customer service at this place is top-notch. Expect that waiters will treat you the same as their non-student customers. 

They have a decent drink selection if you’re up for drinks, too, from beers to craft beers. Their prices are mid-range as well – perfect for college students. 

This place isn’t overly crowded. It gives you more peace and allows a better conversation with friends or family. 

Bruno’s Tavern

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 24

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Tulane University

New Orleans is a college student’s paradise. Why does it look like there’s nothing to do on some weekend nights when there’s no shortage of live music, bars, and dancing? You needn’t look any further. The nightlife in New Orleans is limitless, but there’s a pub that seems closest to the heart of students: Bruno’s Tavern.

Bruno’s Tavern has changed a lot since it first opened in Uptown in 1934, including its address and name. It also changed hands this month.

Bruno’s has always been a college bar, evolving with the times through generations of graduating classes. Big George Rankins, a former boxer and semi-pro baseball player whom Bruno recruited off the field was the most famous bartender. He worked here for 37 years as a bartender.

Back in the day, Bruno was known to drive patrons home if they drank too much, according to Lind. Closing hours were kept flexible, but when it appeared that the end of the night was approaching, Bruno would occasionally order pizza for the night owls.

Of course, Bruno’s now serves beer all night long alongside specialty cocktails, and its kitchen is known for burgers, wings, and bar food exotica like sweet potato Boudreaux fries topped with debris, blue cheese, spiced pecans, and golden raisins.

Lafayette’s Music Room

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 25

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Rhodes College

Partying is typically a weekend activity, no matter where you go. Rhodes, on the other hand, is in Memphis, TN, where there is always plenty to do. Memphis truly has it all: concerts, bars, and some of the best shows.

After a long week, you’ll see a lot of Rhodes College students at their favorite bar. Lafayette’s Music Room is their favorite place to unwind. Who doesn’t adore Lafayette’s anyway? Lafayette’s Music Room had a reputation for showcasing musical legends such as Billy Joel, Kansas, Big Star, and Kiss during the 1970s.

With the reopening of Lafayette, live music returned to Overton Square. Every night, there are two music sets. The first set features smooth jazz and blues favorites, while the second set cranks it up a notch, all with famous local artists.

It’s the ideal intimate setting for great music and delicious Southern cooking inspired by the Mississippi Delta to New Orleans dishes. Po-boys, shrimp and grits, baked oysters, and wood-fired pizza are just a few of the dishes available at Lafayette’s Music Room.

Lafayette’s Music Room is ideal for a small group outing or a large reception. Lafayette’s Restaurant can accommodate up to 325 people for a cocktail party or reception and 275 for a seated event, whether an intimate gathering or a large festive party. Some students hold birthday parties here.

Students can choose from various spaces and experiences, including intimate tableside views of their pizza chefs at work, your private balcony overlooking the best views of Madison Avenue, and full venue buyouts with exclusive access to the stage. Depending on the event and layout, Lafayette’s Music Room can accommodate 275 people.

West Sixth Brewing Co.

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 26

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Transylvania University

Aside from its high academic standards, students at this university enjoy partying. The West Sixth Brewing Co. is one of the best pubs in town.

West Sixth Brewing is housed in the Bread Box, a 100-year-old building in Lexington, Kentucky, previously home to the Rainbo Bread Factory.

They brew, can, and bottle our beer here and sell it in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and liquor stores throughout Kentucky and across the Ohio River in Cincinnati. They take pride in the craft beer they produce and positively impact the communities in which they operate.

This is why West Sixth is considered the students’ favorite pub. They concentrate their brewing talents on a wide range of beers, beginning with the West Sixth IPA and now canning upwards of 30 beers throughout the year, with countless bottles released. They serve these beers in their taprooms across Kentucky.

West Sixth not only enjoys making good beer, but they also value the social impact they can have on the community, including college students. They help non-profits directly through their Sixth for a Cause Foundation, powered by programs like Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter, Sixth for a Cause, Wooden Nickel, Pedaling for a Purpose, and statewide sponsorships. 

For all those reasons, it’s no wonder locals and students love them!

Beander’s Restaurant & Tavern

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 27

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Davis and Elkins College

Davis and Elkins College isn’t a big party school, but its students learn how to party and find the best pub in town. Students love Beander’s.

Elkins’ premier local restaurant, watering hole, and entertainment venue is Beander’s Restaurant & Tavern. Beander’s serves excellent American-style cuisine in a lovely, cozy setting with friendly service.

They serve a variety of flavorful lunch and dinner meals, ranging from hearty homestyle soups, salads, and sandwiches to filling portions of steak, pasta, and Mexican dishes, as well as irresistible appetizers. 

Weekends at Beander’s are exciting because they provide the best exciting regional entertainment right here in Elkins. Beander’s only brings in the best live music acts, so you’ll never be disappointed with what they have to offer. 

On Thursdays, they have 50 cent wings and Happy Hour specials from 4 to 7 pm. On Open Mic night, to get the party started right away! Students are relaxed with a cold beer or getting up and dancing the night away. Whatever your demands for a fun night, they got you covered – beers, food, music, and sing-a-longs.

Don’t worry if all that dancing (or relaxing) makes your stomach rumble. They have daily specials, and the full menu offers something tasty and satisfying for everyone, so you won’t have to settle for bar nuts. Beander’s always has something delicious and exciting in store for you.


Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 28

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University of Memphis

Newby’s was founded in 1975 in Memphis, Tennessee, the birthplace of rock and roll and the home of the blues. Newby’s is the friendliest pub in town, with the best-marinated chicken sandwich and some of the best original menu items you’ll find anywhere in Memphis. They are also known to serve the best cold brew beers.

Students love the live music in a mid-sized venue attached to the bar most about this place. You’d feel how intimate this place is as small acoustic acts perform barside in an open-air back patio, which is always available for private parties.

From the front patio, you can sit back and enjoy a cold beverage while watching the hustle and bustle of busy Highland Avenue. Newby’s menu is diverse and offers something for everyone.

The Marinated Chicken Sandwich is a house favorite; it is said that Newby’s sold the first-ever Chicken Sandwiches. It’s been the same one since 1975! Newby’s also has a fully stocked bar and an extensive beer selection.

Newby’s prides itself on being the best college pub in town. This multi-purpose space, located near the University of Memphis, features a large bar, live music venue, and pool hall.

Hearty favorites like smothered tater tots, spicy crawfish, and fried pickles are on the menu. The East Memphis hangout has hosted headlining acts such as Quiet Riot, Daughtry, Jason Mraz, and the Zac Brown Band. 

Pro tip: Try the EZ Shooter and the Rock Star, which are signature drinks. When the weather permits, relax and take advantage of the fantastic patio.

Poor Paul’s Pourhouse

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 29

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Florida State University 

If there is a landmark in Tallahassee, it is Poor Paul’s Pourhouse. Since the bar opened in 1976, students have been drawn in by the smoky atmosphere and glowing lights of Poor Paul’s Pourhouse. Poor Paul’s, located across from the Florida State University campus and next to Bullwinkle’s Saloon, is still a Tallahassee favorite after all these years.

The bar’s ownership has not changed hands in its four decades of operation, and Jim Smith, the original builder, still runs it.

The service at the bar begins at the door, where a strict bouncer checks IDs to ensure all patrons are 21 or older. Poor Paul’s typically employs two to three bartenders who maintain witty banter with patrons while making drinks and pouring beers.

The bar is one of Tallahassee’s cheapest places to drink, with no cover (ever) and a rotating list of daily drink specials. Poor Paul’s carries popular brands such as Yuengling, Budweiser, and Jack Daniel’s but also keeps a steady supply of Heineken, Corona, and Grey Goose on hand.

Domestic drafts are $0.94 on Mondays and Sundays, and domestic pitchers are $4.95, with free Gumby’s pizza. Other weekly specials include Ladies’ Night on Tuesdays and service industry worker discounts.

Poor Paul’s offers free darts and still uses classic steel-tip pieces instead of switching to electronic boards for entertainment. If darts aren’t your thing, the bar also has a pool table and many board games. If patrons want to choose the music for the night, there’s also a “pay to play” jukebox that accepts cash and credit cards.

Poor Paul’s “Wheel of Fortune” is well-known among frequent bar-goers. Spin the wheel to win free drafts and pitchers, among other prize specials.

If fortune doesn’t favor you with a free drink, Poor Paul’s offers dollar jello shots that are strong enough to lift anyone’s spirits.

For cheap drinks and a good time during your college years, Poor Paul’s Pourhouse is the best dive in town.

The Ordinary Pub

Best College Town Pubs in the Southeast 30

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Savannah State University

Despite being in Savannah’s most touristy area, The Ordinary Pub attracts a healthy bunch of local regulars. The crowd is mainly made up of young college students, who may have been drawn in by the tasty menu, the hip atmosphere, and, of course, the cheap bottomless booze.

Bottomless mimosas for $12 feel like an incredible value if bubbles are your thing. And the girls claim to love their mimosas here, better than any other pub in town. Other brunch-friendly cocktails include the Savannah Screwdriver, a seasonal house shrub, and three Bloody Mary variations.

However, according to students, the main attraction here is the food. This pub gives you the lowdown, particularly on what not to miss. Order the Pork Belly Donut Sliders, a sweet and savory treat made with sticky bread, slow-cooked pork, and tangy bacon-onion jam.

The Short Rib Naan and the Salmon and Crab Bagel are also worth looking at, but the Brunch Mussels, sautéed in champagne and orange juice, are truly decadent.

Furthermore, the customer service is without a doubt the best. The young, outgoing staff adds to the lively atmosphere. They will enthusiastically guide you through some of the more esoteric options, all while cheerfully refilling your champagne glass. College students will never feel out of place here, and they’d always feel special.

It’s one of the more laid-back brunch spots in town, but it’s still a culinary adventure. The dishes will pique even the most brunch-fatigued crowds.

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