School wellness programs can help increase academic performance in addition to supporting our students’ health. Even slight modifications, such as eating breakfast every day or taking short exercise breaks in class, can help students stay focused and improve their behavior.

Top Telehealth Doctors for College Students

Telehealth is particularly beneficial to college students because it eliminates the need to leave campus to see a doctor. Telehealth applications are pretty versatile, and they provide students with a level of convenience that allows them to attend to their health concerns without worrying about missing a class or lecture. Students will benefit from the fact that most telehealth services are covered by insurance or can be paid for a modest monthly charge.

Top Online Mental Health Counseling College Services

Mental illness affects one out of every five Americans over the age of 18. According to a 2019 report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, college students are not exempt; in fact, they are reporting mental illnesses at a growing rate each year (SAMHSA). Luckily, mental health awareness is also rising, and more and more colleges are making mental health counseling services for students available online.

Maintaining Physical Health in College

It’s easy to fall into poor habits when you’re living on your own for the first time. You have much freedom from taking the elevator because it’s more convenient to eat doughnuts for breakfast. It is critical to do something that will help you maintain your physical health, and it is not difficult to do so.

The Best Online Tools for Health and Wellness in College

Finding mental health treatments can be difficult, especially in today’s technologically advanced society with many possibilities. Students who want to address a mental health issue have been hesitant to do so in person; the remote choices offered traditional, in-person mental health services. Many of these choices are available through user-friendly tools designed to simplify your mental health journey and remove the guesswork from finding the expert help you need.

10 Habits for Your Mental Health in College

College is very stressful, especially for the past year with all the uncertainty and lack of control. Students’ mental health issues are on the rise – students have recognized more symptoms of anxiety and depression. Fortunately, we have 10 tips to share to keep your mental health healthy!