10 Professions That Require Continuing Education (CE)

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Continuing Education is a form of education that most professionals need to pursue after their formal education to have the most updated knowledge in their field of expertise. 

There are many mediums and methods for such programs; they would vary from one-time classes, conferences, online courses, and post-degree programs.

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Although not all professions require this continuous learning, most specialized careers do. For example, in the medical field, doctors need to continually study and learn new and advanced methods for treating their patients.

Healthcare specialists need to stay current in improving the welfare of everyone. The same thing applies to lawyers, politicians, scientists, professors, and many more experts.

This will prepare you to handle new responsibilities and create better opportunities too. With the continually changing of the globalized society, continuing education will be more commonplace shortly. Even notable people and people in business around the world are advocates of it.

Learning is a lifetime process, so make the most of it by taking advantage of the different sources and platforms for continuing education.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

How Continuing Education Benefits You

Professional training and professional education are readily available in many ways. If you have a technical profession, you should invest in taking up some of the continuing education courses. Post-degree programs are available in different universities and learning institutions.

Continuing education online is also widely obtainable, especially in continuing education colleges. When you enroll yourself in a program, seminar, or degree, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Aside from the certificate, you will be earning continuing education units. It is a form of ration used in continuing education programs, specifically intended for those who have a licensed profession.

During your professional development studies and learning, you will be getting credit for every number of hours you spend in the program. However, these credits are not acknowledged academically but are referred to and collected as a continuing education unit. 

4 Ways To Succeed in Continuing Education

Time management is vital. 

Although you are not required to be in class at a set time or location for CE online courses, you are still responsible for completing the work. 

Make a routine for yourself that allows you to commit enough time to the course to be successful. Spend two to three hours studying for each credit hour of enrollment. If you enroll in a three-credit course, you should anticipate spending six to nine hours per week studying.

Create a dedicated study space.

Because your course is online, it doesn’t mean you have to study in your PJs; it just means you may (but probably shouldn’t). Make sure you pick a quiet place where you can concentrate on your task. Libraries are excellent study locations, and many have designated study areas that can be reserved.

Set up a dedicated study room at home if traveling to the library isn’t an option. You are there to study when you enter that place, whether it is a home office, a guest room, or simply a desk in the corner of the living room.

Use resources as you would in an on-campus course.

Start slow

While the option to take a CE online class is exciting, and we add additional sections every semester, you should consider registering for only one course your first time. You’ll have more time to acclimate to your new learning environment this way.

10 Professions That Require and Encourage CE



Being a lawyer is one of the most sophisticated but technical professions in the United States. The American Bar Association (ABA) established and issued the ABA Model Rule for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in 2001.

It is an administrative document intended to guide other states in implementing approaches and structures according to their continuing legal education.

There are many accredited activities for continuing legal education, and these include teaching, writing publications, self-learning, online education, and CLE in the actual law firm.

CLE is a mandated rule for all active lawyers, and some states require different processes for the submission of the CLE completion. failure to do so incurs a reinstatement fee of anywhere between $150 and $500. 

CLE is offered by:

ABACLE – American Bar Association Continuing Legal Education

The American Bar Association Continuing Legal Education (ABACLE) provides industry-leading and innovative educational programs that are fit for all practicing barristers. Online CLE programs have been made available through webinars that are conducted live or on-demand.

They also conduct National Institute seminars based on specific areas and topics in the legal department, usually held in a face-to-face setting, but are now open for virtual registrations. 

Advanced Knowledge for Attorneys at Strafford 

Boasting more than 9,500 experts in different legal areas, Strafford offers premium quality Continuing Legal Education. They have 900 live webinars annually and have already completed more than 6,700.

These CLE courses are accredited all over the different states in America. They offer a Strafford Annual Pass, which allows you to attend unlimited webinars at your convenience. 

ALI CLE – American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education

You can depend on ALI CLE to give you the most updated and current information that you can easily apply and uphold to your clients. Tackling many subject areas, these CLE programs can easily be accessed through in-person conferences, live webcasts, or on-demand programs. 



Although some schools employ teachers who are not certified and licensed, most learning institutions take pride in hiring only those who are authorized to teach. These schools ensure that their faculty retain their certification and urge them to gain more education through CE programs.

The US Department of Education encourages all teachers to participate in high-quality professional learning programs to administer a high grade of education among young learners.

Currently, CE programs for teachers are conducted on various platforms. E-learning is paving its way to successful results and has been proven effective recently. The use of the internet and interactive learning using text, audio, and chat have all been useful and are more convenient for those professors who are working as full-time faculty in their respective schools.

CE programs for teachers are offered by:

Advancement Courses

At Advancement Courses, you can customize earning credits through the different graduate-level courses offered on this online platform. They have a selection of more than 280 continuing education subjects, which will be useful for salary advancement and skill set improvements.

Being aware of how hectic the schedule of a typical teacher would be, Advancement Courses has designed a realistic CE program intended just for you. You won’t ever need to commit to going to the location, showing up in person, and attending a specific time. These programs only take about six months to complete, and they are all conducted in a distance learning setting. 

Professional and Continuing Education at the University of North Georgia

Regardless of your budget preference, schedule, and location, continuing education is readily accessible and affordable for you through the online platform offered by the University of Georgia. If you desire to progress and grow more in your profession as a teacher, choose from various online courses available. 

This university is one of the state’s largest public universities, so rest assured, you are in good hands if you choose to take up your CE with them.

Corporate and Continuing Education at Central Piedmont

Earning your continuing education units at Central Piedmont is possible through their intensive online programs for licensed teachers. You can request specific and specialized courses by contacting them by phone or email. Instructors lead all of the CE courses, and they come in a flexible timeline too. 



According to the Uniform Accountancy Act Model Rules originally published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in 2018, accountants should incur 120 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) every three years. This assures a uniform approach to regulating the accounting profession.

Passing the CPA licensure exam is just the beginning since their skills and licenses should be maintained by enrolling in CPE programs mandated by most state licensing boards.

CPAs are responsible for implementing a comprehensive system for public safety, supporting the effective operation of the market, and also facilitating consumer choice. Thus, CPE is an effective means for them to fully live up to their roles, even in the changing market and society. 

These are the CPE programs to which you can apply:

Sequoia CPE

Sequoia CPE is intended for accountants who would like to go for self-study programs. This online platform provides continuing professional education courses for CPAs, enrolled agents, and other financial professionals. With their innate and user-friendly interface, they will deliver their studies in a timely and convenient manner.

You can subscribe for an annual membership that will allow you to take unlimited courses and earn maximum CEUs. With affordable prices and simplified technical requirements, there is no reason why you won’t choose Sequoia.

As the largest provider of free CPE programs for CPAs, you can choose numerous course subjects that can be taken through live CPE webinars, self-study CPE, archived webinars, and conferences. You can earn 1 to 2 credits for each subject course that you take at no expense. Just check the schedule and subscribe, and you’re good to go.

Offering hundreds of online tax, accounting, and industry courses for CPEs, you get to select the specific platform on which you can take these courses. All the courses are registered by NASBA and are accredited among the 50 states of the nation. Subscriptions for unlimited classes are also available at a reasonably low price. 



Like healthcare professionals, engineers must stay up to date in different fields of their expertise. Engineering drives human progress, and society needs this industry to stay as proactive as it can be.

Technology for structures, design, and innovation is always changing and developing, so engineers are responsible for continuing professional education to maintain their professional competence.

Not all fields of engineering require a licensure exam, and many companies and firms also hire uncertified engineers. However, that does not exempt engineers from disregarding acquiring CE.

Depending on the state requirements and the engineering branch, there is a mandated CE hour per year for you to maintain your engineering licensure. You may continuously check the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) for any updates and license renewal requirements. If you aim to be licensed in more than one state, check out the process of getting a license and see if the NCEES Record can support you.  

Apply for CPE programs at:

PE Institute (Education for Professional Engineers)

If you are not yet a member of this engineering organization, you probably would want to be one. There are the countless number of webinars, conferences, and live educational events held in this org.

Continuing education is necessary for any engineer to grow and upgrade his professional career. Professional engineers will learn up-to-date topics and information about a variety of issues in the industry.

McKissock Learning

They offer both online and correspondence courses; McKissock endeavors to support engineers in reaching the required continuing education to retain their licenses and continue their service to the private and public sectors.

Join thousands of engineers as you learn from experts in the engineering industry. Gain new skills through their high-quality courses and build your connections in this learning institute.

RCEP – Registered Continuing Education Program

Be able to track and organize your PDHs (professional development hours) with the RCEP system. It is a nationwide portal that can be accessed by experienced engineers who are members of this organization.

Each course subject will allow you to gain credits to fulfill the required continuing professional education from your state. At RCEP, you’re just one click away from managing your licensure records, requirements, and needed CE program courses.



The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for implementing and regulating the aviation requirements that need to be abided by pilots across the US.

Although the federal pilot license does not technically expire, the FAA requires pilots to fly every 24 calendar months. They need other requirements to stay as an active pilot. In parallel to such conditions, CE for pilots is also essential.

Referred to as Continuing Professional Development (CPD), there are many sources available for certified pilots to improve their flying skills. You can enroll in a classroom setting discussion, distance learning program, simulations for flights, and web-based discussions for your CE.

In many cases, private aviation companies also require you to attend CE programs, which are different from the FAA’s mandated training. 

CE programs for pilots are offered by:

CE for Aviation at Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College has a lot to offer for its CE programs for pilots. Whether you fly only as a hobby or fly to earn a living, they provide a well-rounded variety of courses that can allow you to gain hands-on experience and advance new skills.

Industry experts and professionals are the ones who will handle the face-to-face training, and they offer high-quality courses at your own convenient time.  

Aviation Continuing Ed – SafetyPro Training Center

Being customer-focused is the priority of ACE, Inc. They fixate on providing comprehensive training to aviation CE students. Offering an all-inclusive approach, their online courses are convenient for anyone to take.

They understand how pilots usually have a hectic schedule, so they have plotted an online education with an interactive communication system with the instructors through direct texting or email. 

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Offering post-graduate flight training, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has designed a continuing education intended for fresh pilots. You will be able to learn alongside an expert instructor, and you can learn the technicalities of flying a plane.

Actual and hands-on learning is their learning method. You can focus on specific areas and fine-tune the skills that you have learned. 

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The majority of the states in America require most physicians to take up Continuing Medical Education (CME). This is crucial because the branches of Science and Technology are globally changing at a fast pace, and doctors need to stay competitive.

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education and the American Osteopathic Association are responsible for regulating the CME for medical doctors.

They define and set the criteria for CME and are responsible for accrediting the institutions that can provide these programs. This is one of the requirements for physicians to maintain their licenses to continue to practice their profession.

Many kinds of CME activities are delivered by organizations like hospitals, CME agencies, professional organizations, learning institutions, and distance learning web-based studies. 

CME programs are offered by the following:

ACCME – Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Webinars and Seminars

ACCME sponsors webinars for free, tackling a variety of topics on CME. These come in a series on a bimonthly basis. As for face-to-face seminars, they also conduct workshops in their offices in the US, with a minimal registration fee.

Depending on the venue, they usually hold the workshops in their office in Chicago. You just need to register ahead and reserve a spot as space is generally limited. 

AMA Ed Hub – Education Redesigned Around You

AMA Ed Hub offers an online system for proactive doctors who are interested in pursuing their CME programs. Earn and track your credits online by taking advantage of the CME opportunities offered on their website.

Many webinars are made available for your convenience, and you can view them at your flexibility. You can maintain your certificate, garner educational content, and have access to essential resources about the current industry changes, inventions, and discoveries.

Continuing Education Online at Harvard Medical School 

Accredited by the ACCME, Harvard Medical School provides CME online courses for doctors, researchers, and other healthcare professionals. They are focused on sustaining a cutting-edge education and participate in contributing innovative learning experiences to industry specialists and learners nationwide.

With their world-renowned facilities and high-quality online courses, you can expand your skills and earn CME credits. 



Registered nurses are required to gain 30 contact hours of credit every two years. Depending on the state where you practice your nursing profession, there are different nursing CE requirements.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is the agency responsible for accrediting learning institutions and organizations to provide Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) programs for practicing nurses.

Like doctors and physicians, nurses should consistently update their know-how and knowledge about their industry. Continuing nursing education disseminates new advancements in medical technologies to continue to administer efficient patient care.

However, aside from the state requirements for CNE, some private employers mandate their staff nurses to take up additional or specific CNE courses that require attendance at several venues. 

Enroll in your CNE program offered by:

NursingCE by Assessment Technologies Institute 

As a brand handled by ATI Nursing Education, is an online resource that could provide avant-garde continuing education to American nurses all over the 50 states. They are accredited by ANCC to be a CNE program provider, and they offer different digital solutions and methods for your CNE credit completion.

With a one-time membership payment, you will have unlimited access to additional resources. Free CEs are also posted regularly, so stay tuned for it now and then.

You can take online CNE courses at your own pace, your convenient time, and your preferred gadget. will support you in earning contact hour requirements, and they provide different learning opportunities. Maximize their offerings by enrolling in their Focused CE Series.

This is a combination of practical education and academic-based exam preparation learning style. Whatever skill and knowledge you’d like to brush up on, they have these topics and courses constructed and administered by nurse veterans and industry experts.

CEU Fast Nursing CE

Completing your required CEU is just a touch away. At CEU Fast, you will meet the required continuing nursing education at your disposal. Even while at work or home, you can access different CE programs online and earn your CEUs.

With a low price of $34 annually, you can gather unlimited certificates of completion from their collection of courses and programs. 



Psychologists need to fulfill the CE requirements and professional development as mandated by their state of practice. The American Psychological Association approves and assesses the accreditation of institutions that provide CE programs for psychologists.

Like all other health professionals, psychologists should never stop learning. You have to “stay in the know” to provide competent and efficient healthcare to patients.

With the increasing emotional and mental stresses and issues in society these days, it is imperative to say that this profession is continually increasing in demand. There is no doubt that this industry is among the most changing areas of expertise in the medical field.

You have to feed yourself with the latest research and update yourself with upgraded methods and tactics to treat and handle patients.

The following institutions offer CE programs:

Elite Healthcare

Approved by the American Psychological Association, Elite Healthcare offers state-approved continuing education to psychologists and other health professionals. This learning institution is a membership-based platform that prioritizes patient care.

Expect to garner more knowledge and skills about how to apply quality care to your clients. You can access on-demand education using any gadget, and go through with the courses anytime and anywhere. 


Offering a free psychology ethics CE course will be an open opportunity for you to check and assess whether their services are up to par with what you need in your journey for professional growth. With a glimpse of what they can offer, you can then subscribe for an unlimited annual membership for only $74.99.

You can find top-notch resources that will allow you to earn CEUs online promptly. CE4less considers and prides itself as the leading continuing education provider for mental health professionals. Act now and take classes for your license renewal. 

PDR – Professional Development Resources

Not only approved by the American Psychological Association but PDR is also accredited by the Florida Board of Psychology and Office of School Psychology. They even have an automatic reporting to CE Broker within seven days, which saves you the hassle of reporting your completion on your own.

Another advantage that sets this institution apart from the rest is the platforms they offer. They have video, online, and audio courses available for you to choose from. All these courses are available for purchase individually.



Continuing education for architects is not only necessary to update your industry knowledge but also because it is required to retain your license to practice.

The different states in America require an unalike number of credits for CE, and even professional organizations and your company employers may necessitate you to take specific CE courses.

You will usually be given one to three years to complete these requirements to be eligible to maintain your architecture license.

If you want to practice your profession in multiple states, that will be possible with particular needs too. You may check the guidelines set out by the American Institute of Architects.

Renew your license now with a CE program offered by:

PDH Academy

All the courses offered by PDH Academy are honored by the fifty states in America, and they also have accreditation from the American Institute of Architects. Check out their variety of course bundles offered at reasonable prices. You may also take up individual courses based on specific topics you prefer.

Upon every course completion, you will be given a certificate, and this will be reported automatically to the AIA if you have a membership there. However, for your state Architecture Licensing Board, you will have to show your certificates manually if they ask for them.

Titan Continuing Education

To make sure that your continuing education requirements are met, Titan Continuing Education has structured different courses on diverse platforms. They have online courses, home-study course books, live webinars, and seminars.

Whether you are a contractor, engineer, or architect, they have all you need. Register online and go through their user-friendly online system.

NCARB – the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

Advance your architecture career by enrolling in continuing education at NCARB. First, you must check your jurisdiction’s requirements before proceeding to plan and organize your CE program choices. NCARB designed an exclusive Continuum Education Program to earn learning units from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere you wish to.

Some of their self-study courses include topics about professional conduct, fire safety, and building performance. All the courses offered at NCARB are free for NCARB certificate holders. 



Pharmacists need to continue their professional growth through taking up continuing education. The medical industry of the nation continues to administer cutting-edge technology in the modes of drug therapy, and it is your responsibility to stay up-to-date and current.

The NABP – National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), collaborates with approved CE providers, and they have produced the CPE Monitor Service. You can conveniently check your records and your credits in this system.

CE programs are offered by:

Biologix Solutions

Earn high-quality content and the latest trends in the healthcare industry through the online platform offered by Biologix Solutions. Focused on providing a high-quality educational experience, this online institution applies different teaching approaches.

There is a review process that entails a testing mechanism, a grading scale method, and an evaluation mechanism. All these will result in ensuring that the programs are effective in providing science-based information relevant to the changing pharmaceutics. 


Considered the leading provider of continuing education for pharmacists, APhA provides world-class opportunities for pharmacists to continue growing professionally. Their courses are available in different platforms and formats, such as in-person, self-paced learning, or live webinar.

Training programs are generously provided for APhA members so expect to get more value than the subscription fee you’ve paid for.

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