Find Good Colleges: Top 5 Technical Information Technology Online Universities

Information Technology (IT) is an interdisciplinary course that embraces theory, practice, and processes in the field. IT graduates are in high demand as many businesses adapt security protocols to gather, store and protect sensitive customer data. To an aspiring IT specialist, an IT online degree is a perfect gateway to the country’s top fast-growing professional field. To have a secure career path in the field of Information Technology, take the time to find the right college.

The course combines fundamental concepts of Information Technology and business. As a result, degree holders are ready to handle both entry and managerial posts in any industry. After looking into the list of sought-after courses, you know that IT is a promising choice.

With that in mind, if you are looking in the direction of technical college we have put together a list of Online Colleges and Universities that offer competitive IT online degree programs. Why consider an Information Technology Degree?  This is where you find the right college for you. The following programs might just give you the answer.

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Penn State World Campus offers degree courses from the Liberal Arts to Sciences and Engineering. Their motto “A world of possibilities. Online.” drives the University its leading advantage. Pennsylvania State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) is a Tier 1 Member of all schools offering Information Technology. This emerging group of academic institutions that call themselves Information Schools or iSchools. As the name suggests, iSchools underscore the importance of a preparing students for the competitive Information Technology field.

Teachers and professors in the online program operate in a similar manner with the typical on-campus faculty. This is because Penn State understands the importance of exceptional mentors to guide students in reaching their full potential. Because of the online school’s long history of providing distance education, online learning for students will be a breeze. You will encounter rigorous academics to prepare you for a career-driven future. Complete 125 credits, and maintain a grade of C or higher in all the courses to finish the degree. Do you think you have what it takes to earn a Penn State diploma? Enroll in the College of IST! You might just find the right college in this humble but promising university.

Learn more about the Penn State World Campus’ Online IT program in this video:

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Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology prepares students as they enter a career in the field of IT. The program provides the fundamentals of the course with professionalism and efficiency. With this technique, IT graduates become competent members of the workplace. It is especially noteworthy that Grand Canyon University maintains its Christian-based education in its Information Technology program. Teaching the course through the Christian lens inspires ethical practices among their students.

Students who enter the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology get to be effective in communication and problem-solving. Additionally, the distance learning program encourages online students to gain self-confidence and the resilience in their approach to problem solving. Although independence is the central aspect of an online degree, Grand Canyon allows their students to work as a team. With hands-on and engaging instructors, you are off to a good start in the field of Information Technology.

You will need to complete a total of 120 program credits. Each course generally takes 7 weeks to complete but may differ in length. The following courses may take up to 8 weeks to complete:

  • ITT-307 – Cybersecurity Foundations
  • SYM-400 – Introduction to Database Structures
  • BIT-415 – IT Project Management
  • ITT-370 – Wireless Networks
  • STG-390 – Professionalism in Science & Technology-Communications, Conduct and Ethics
  • SYM-408 – Relational Databases for Business Applications
  • ITT-415 – IT Business Case Planning for Global Enterprise
  • ITT-430 – Security Driven Systems Administration
  • CST-323 – Cloud Computing
  • ITT-455 – IT Project
  • ITT-350 – Service Oriented Architecture for Big Data
  • ITT-340 – Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking

Grand Canyon has an accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1968.

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Technology-based careers will hit the ultimate high in the near future. Demand for tech-savvy individuals is expected to soar. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a consistent growth in job opportunities in the field.

Purdue University Global acknowledges, and continuously work toward the improvement of, the technology in our everyday lives. It offers the online information technology degree. It is committed to helping students develop IT skills and teaching core business concepts. As a result, students of Purdue Global take the lead in whatever career they choose after graduation.

And an online degree from Purdue Global offers promising opportunities to its graduates. The faculty and staff in the distance learning program are very supportive and interactive. With Purdue University Global, you will not only find the right college, you will find a family. Your college years will be an unforgettable experience!

What is most noteworthy is Purdue Global’s Competency-Based Degree Program is that it pushes for innovative ways to earn a bachelor’s degree online. The university adopts ExcelTrack Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, a revolutionary state-of-the-art approach for developing and learning IT concepts and tools for career growth. This enables the online university’s IT internship Program to provide a strategic advantage for young professionals entering the workforce.

Find the right college in Purdue Global. Start your future here. Be ready from day one.

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Do you have a vision of changing the world through technology? This is possible with an online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Walden University. The program engages provides every IT student a solid foundation with a highly-competent online degree program. With its integrated IT and business curriculum, Walden University lets you gain technical skills that will equip you in solving real-world challenges in the field.

With an online IT- driven environment, Walden University’s has earned an accreditation from ABET which sets the standard for quality information technology learning. In addition to this remarkable recognition, Walden University’s IT program is designed by National Security Agency (NSA). Most importantly, the university has been the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education for years, including through 2019. Both NSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) gave this stunning designation as a mark of quality. All you need is 135 credits to earn a diploma. What more could you possibly look for? Enroll now.

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Loyola Online: Loyola University Chicago offers a wide-range of college majors under its distance learning program. Loyola Online has a n accreditation from Higher Learning Commission (HLC). They offer high-quality and rigorous courses and produces professional graduates. The online school also promises a transformative experience for students as they integrate the Jesuit tradition into their curriculum. This is how Loyola Online becomes uniquely appealing to its students.

One of its most sought-after online degree is Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology (BA IT). This program transforms students into tech-savvy professionals through a state-of-the-art skills training approach. Loyola Online engages students in software and web development. You can come to Loyola with zero knowledge of computer technology and graduate a master in the field.

At Loyola Online, courses are available at your convenience including during the evenings or weekends. What the program requires is you compete 13 Major Courses under BA IT. All you need is 8 weeks on hands-on learning, and you are off to start your career. You hold your future, so make intelligent decisions when it comes to attending an online IT college!

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We hope that you find the right college from the best 5 we have listed for you! With these online IT colleges, you earn a Bachelor’s Degree, a valuable achievement no one can take away from you. Ultimately an IT degree will help you land a promising and rewarding profession in the field. As careers in the Information Technology field these days are rapidly on the rise, you need unsurpassed education and training for you to be an indispensable asset in this industry.

Invest in a future in IT. Start your journey by checking out these online colleges!