Best Online Master’s in Math Programs

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Whether you want to be a competent actuary or professional math instructor, earning a master’s in math can help you accomplish your goals. Mathematics as a bachelor’s degree is a complex subject, so you must carefully choose a master’s program from a reliable university. It becomes more important if you prefer distance education. To make things easier for you, we have identified the best online master’s in math programs. 

Best Online Master’s in Math Programs

The below-mentioned online master’s degrees in math from different schools will let you know the key features of each program. It will help you make the right academic decision that can significantly impact your career success.

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University of Houston

The University of Houston mathematics department offers an online master of arts (MA) in mathematics. It helps students to upskill themselves by learning the relevant concepts of mathematics. With this degree, you can teach mathematics in different college settings or upper-level grades. 

To earn a degree, you have to complete 33 credit hours. The courses of the program are related to probability and statistics, applied mathematics, linear algebra, history of mathematics, and other core areas. You can also choose electives of your own choice. 

Columbia University

Columbia University offers a top-value online master’s degree in applied mathematics. It is a 30-credit-hour program. The fifteen credits cover core mathematical concepts; the remaining fifteen are electives.

You can choose electives from a wide range of options as per your interest. This online program gives flexibility to students to complete the degree within five years. It means you can complete the degree at your own pace according to your daily schedule and other commitments. 

Fresno Pacific University

The online master’s in mathematics program of Fresno Pacific University is ideal for individuals who want to teach at middle and elementary school levels. The program is specifically designed for licensed educators who want to gain complete command over mathematics. 

The courses in the degree are related to core mathematics, geometry, algebra, and modern-day teaching strategies. You will also learn various research methods by studying different courses and completing the final project in the last semester. It will help you nurture the skills required to be a competent educator.

Furthermore, this program also offers a scholarship of up to 50%, so it can help to manage educational expenses efficiently.

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Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers an accelerated master’s in mathematics degree of one year. This program is ideal for working adults as you can access the classes online without residency requirements. You can attend classes by using the synchronous or asynchronous lectures. 

The eight-week courses also allow students to take two courses every semester, making it possible to complete a degree within one year. The program contains 30 credit hours of research projects, comprehensive exams, and coursework. Before making any decision, ask the graduate admission advisor to get more details about admission requirements.

Indiana State University

Indiana State University offers an online master’s of science in mathematics degree. This flexible program allows students to earn the degree within two years. The virtual portal helps students to keep track of academic activities.

Classes are held in the afternoon and evening, so you can plan your daily schedule according to your convenience. You have to complete 33 credit hours of coursework to earn the degree. Courses in this program are related to linear programming, real variables, and applied linear algebra.

Emporia State University

Emporia State University hosts a robust master’s in mathematics program. The online program is perfect for professionals who want to grasp complex concepts of the subject and become eligible for advanced positions in government or private sectors. 

You will also study courses related to economics in this program. The university’s learning management system will help you keep your academic activities on track, including assignments and project submissions. 

You have to complete 32 credit hours of coursework to earn the degree. It can take around two years to complete the degree, and the courses are related to applied differential, numerical linear algebra, and applied differential equations.

The University of West Florida

The University of West Florida allows individuals to balance their professional and academic responsibilities by offering an online master’s in mathematics program. Whether you are an in-service or pre-service professional, this program suits you.

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The program comprises 30 credit hours and two comprehensive exit examinations, so you can complete the degree within two years. You can attend live sessions of each course through the virtual portal. 

Also, you can choose between the non-thesis or thesis track. If you do not want to pursue a thesis, then you have to complete two extra research courses. The courses in the program are related to matrix theory, advanced numerical analysis, and statistical inference.

Florida Institute of Technology

The Florida Institute of Technology offers accelerated online master’s degrees in mathematics. This practical program contains 30 credit hours and is designed to help students develop problem-solving skills and become eligible for advanced STEM occupations. 

You can access lectures and relevant academic materials through the virtual portal. To make the most out of your lectures, it is advisable to attend live sessions. Doing this helps you clear your confusion by asking instructors anything directly. 

Apart from coursework, students also have to pass comprehensive oral and written exams. Most courses in the program are related to probability and statistics and numerical and computational mathematics.

Top Career Options in Mathematics

As a mathematics graduate, you can explore plenty of career options in multiple disciplines. Earning a master’s degree in mathematics helps you learn other related subjects such as statistics, applied mathematics, mathematical sciences, and economics. It significantly improves your job prospects. 

Here are some career options you can choose after earning a master’s degree in mathematics. 

Financial Planner

As a financial planner, you have to assist companies to manage financial assets. You can also work with individual clients and help them with financial management. The primary duties of a financial planner are:

The average annual salary of a financial planner is $96,681

A man holding a pen and a paper with a note on his laptop


An actuary has advanced mathematical skills that can forecast risks and help companies know the probabilities of different events. The main responsibilities of an actuary are:

The average annual salary of an actuary is $116,870.


Statisticians perform statistical analysis for different types of business companies by gathering relevant data. It allows companies to modify their business operations according to collected data sets. The primary duties of statisticians are:

The average annual salary of the statistician is $95,794. 

Mathematics Teacher

If you are an aspiring teacher who wants to educate youngsters and shape their minds, then a mathematics teacher can be the perfect role for you. The primary responsibilities of a mathematics teacher are:

The average annual salary of a mathematics teacher is $56,647. 

A market research analyst looking at his laptop

Market Research Analyst

Market researchers have huge demand as businesses hire them to collect data from competitors and customers to create marketing and business strategies accordingly. The primary duties of a market researcher are:

The average annual salary of a market researcher is $80,625.

Let’s find out answers to some common questions that every individual who wants to pursue a master’s degree in mathematics is curious to know.

Which Country Is Best for a Master’s in Mathematics?

The top countries that are known for top-quality education in mathematics are the United States, France, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. These countries have reputable educational institutions with high-quality master’s programs in mathematics. 

Is a Master’s in Pure Mathematics Worth It?

Yes, a master’s in mathematics can make you eligible to work in top-level positions in computer science, data science, actuarial science, and other fields. It qualifies you for high-earning positions with many perks, so you can explore different career options with this degree as per your interest. 

Which Country Has the Most Advanced Math Programs?

China and South Korea are the countries that are known to be advanced in math. If you are a mathematics enthusiast and love taking challenges, you may consider master’s programs in these countries.


Earning a master’s in mathematics degree can make you eligible for various career options. From teacher to statistician to financial planner, there are plenty of jobs you can consider. Career clarity will help you make the right decision after completing the master’s program.