5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Math Education

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If you love numbers, you’re probably one of the lucky ones blessed with Math skills. Yahoo reports that nearly one in five US adults –17% of them—suffer from high levels of math anxiety, with 93% of Americans reporting some level.

While the percentage is a bit surprising, it’s understandable why many people struggle with math. After all, mathematics requires multiple steps to solve problems, making mastering it a lot more difficult than other subjects. Children may become impatient with math if they repeat a process. The same goes for adults. 

Online Degrees in Math Education - fact

But needless to say, many people are unaware of the benefits of math. This can enhance analytical and reasoning skills and develop specific brain regions.

Students can benefit from it in everyday situations and become more practical. If you want to share your math skills with learners, especially middle and high school children, pursuing an online Bachelor’s in Math Education is best. 

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in math from the best online programs, which will prepare you for careers as a teacher, business analyst, math researcher, actuary, or statistician.

Another alternative is to pursue higher education and explore other math occupations if you don’t want to enter academia. Math education degrees online provide students with practical and theoretical knowledge about the subject, instructional skills, and the ability to solve numerical and pattern problems.

The Lowdown

A strong knowledge of mathematics is crucial for understanding other subjects in school, including science, social studies, art, and music. As you become a math educator after finishing an online Bachelor’s in Math Education, this is something that you’d want to impart to your learners.

Online math education degrees include algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics courses. As part of the secondary education concentration, students gain hands-on experience teaching, studying educational psychology, and learning instruction strategies.


Math Education concentrations are offered in numerous colleges, but it’s crucial to pick the one with the finest curriculum with class flexibility options—like the ones on our list!

The following qualities have been carefully considered for each program or school listed:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Online Bachelor’s in Math Education

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University

Online Bachelor of Science in Math Education

For instructors who want to inspire and instruct adolescent learners, Grand Canyon University offers the web-based Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Secondary Education. Graduates obtain critical-thinking skills and general problem-solving abilities for handling difficult problems in any field and instruct their students on how to do the same.

The creation of this math teaching degree was a joint effort between GCU’s College of Education and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Around 120 credits must be satisfactorily completed to finish this online degree. 

This bachelor’s degree program offers both on-campus and online course options. Online courses give the diverse student group at GCU the flexibility they need. All online courses are taught by faculty members and adjunct instructors with the necessary certifications.

Students can take on-campus courses that combine a standard liberal arts education with volunteer opportunities in the neighborhood’s public and private school systems.

All on-campus courses are taught by fully qualified adjunct professors and faculty members. Many professors serve as mentors for their student’s academic work and professional development as teachers. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

A productive student teaching practicum is a requirement for this math teacher degree program. Student instructors are given the opportunity to apply their skills and expertise in a real classroom setting.

A BS in Mathematics for Secondary Education can help you become ready for a rewarding career that involves teaching youngsters how to think critically and solve problems. You could want to fill out a job application to work as a math teacher in a middle or high school in a public or private institution. 

Did You Know?

The curriculum at GCU is deliberately crafted to foster students’ ability to communicate clearly and to think critically. As you work toward your BS in mathematics, you will investigate how to incorporate your Christian principles and ethical convictions into your planned job path.

Finally, after graduation, students can complete a demanding mathematics curriculum while polishing their methodological abilities to become effective secondary teachers.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Online Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education

To become a certified math expert, be an official math educator through an online Bachelor of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education at Western Governors University. WGU takes pride in having helped more than 8,700 students get degrees in STEM education while advancing the advancement and objectives of the sector.

This math education degree program focuses on more than just credentials; it also trains you to interact with various students and use various teaching strategies.

This competitively priced online degree program in mathematics education offered by WGU will prepare you to work anywhere in the United States as a middle school or high school math teacher. 

High school mathematics instructors play a critical role in helping students acquire crucial concepts and develop a love for the subject. They aim to provide WGU graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s schools.

When creating their Mathematics Education curriculum, the experts and educators who make up their Education Curriculum Council collaborated to produce high-quality output.

Most of this program is completed online, but in-person classroom observation is required for a passing grade. A host institution must also provide candidates with 12 to 20 weeks of paid on-site teaching experience. 

Some example courses to take in this online degree are:

What Makes This Program Unique:

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has recognized their bachelor’s degree in mathematics education. For students to be better equipped to deal with various educational circumstances, eight professional core courses will be required.

The subjects covered in these education courses include social and emotional development, technology, and incorporating diversity. Students can practice their assignments before class using augmented reality activities.

A key determinant of the value of a degree is the university from which it was earned. You benefit when potential employers, corporate executives, and academic authorities highly regard your alma mater. WGU has received recognition for being a leader in reinventing higher education for the twenty-first century.

Did You Know?

WGU helps students manage the overall cost of their degrees by offering some tuition assistance programs and financial aid options. If you complete your program more quickly, you pay less for your degree. Some of the program’s prerequisite courses might be eliminated if you can transfer credits from your past college experience.

You will complete the remaining prerequisites one at a time as you complete your degree, working with your degree Mentor each term to develop your Degree Plan. Each course will be finished as quickly as you can comprehend the material and prepare for it. 

Maryville University

Maryville University

Online Bachelor of Science in Education: Mathematics Education

Maryville University offers an Online Bachelor of Science in Education: Mathematics that may be completed online. It prepares students for secondary mathematics instruction by providing them with knowledge, abilities, and methods for teaching mathematics. 

Mathematics is valuable in various contexts, and Maryville University understands this job by providing solid academic foundations and ensuring that they get hands-on experience throughout their education. Practical experience is emphasized in the program, helping students focus on achieving their goals.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Maryville University accepts transfer credits from regionally authorized postsecondary institutions. Every credit hour acquired from an institution that satisfies this requirement is accepted as transfer credit toward the graduation degree. Furthermore, grants and loans are two types of financial assistance available in the school. 

Did You Know?

Bellevue University

Bellevue University

Online Bachelor of Science in Math Education

Bellevue University offers a Bachelor’s in Math Education that allows students to prepare for secondary education teaching. Besides offering online education, Bellevue University has four campus locations. As a math major, you can specialize in secondary education, business analytics, computer programming, or predictive modeling. 

Some of the courses included in this online program are the following:

It is the perfect math program for aspiring secondary educators. A requirement of 127 credits is required to graduate from this undergraduate mathematics program at BU.

The professional education core also requires a semester of clinical practice teaching and at least 170 hours of fieldwork to qualify for the secondary education endorsement.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This online degree considers general education courses that go above and beyond requirements. The core skills of critical thinking, qualitative reasoning, and ethical leadership are developed in these courses at Bellevue University.

You can also sign up for courses individually or in course clusters, which group three courses together based on a common theme.

Did You Know?

By selecting their Bachelor of Science in Education degree option with a major in mathematics, you can advance toward secondary-level teacher certification.

This option combines a student teaching component, a professional education component, an endorsement in one or more areas, and a student teaching component.

Their flexible online courses are designed to give you a top-notch education while preserving timely faculty feedback and cross-country peer participation. From the moment you start until you graduate, your Student Coach will support you and keep you on course.

University of Illinois at Springfield

University of Illinois Springfield

Online Bachelor of Science in Math Education

Students looking for the perfect math education degree can find it at the University of Illinois at Springfield. They offer an Online Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education. Bring your passion for teaching and your enthusiasm for math together. Bring together your interest in math with your love of teaching.

You can progress toward secondary-level teacher certification with a mathematics emphasis by choosing their BS in Education degree option. A combination of student teaching and professional education is expected from their curriculum.

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Springfield offers undergraduate mathematics programs online and on campus. Get ready to take Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Advanced Calculus courses.

There is a different prerequisite or placement exam requirement for each class. In addition to pursuing a degree in education, students interested in a career in education must complete student teaching and fieldwork.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Students can acquire the skills required for a modern workplace through the University of Illinois at Springfield Online. It emphasizes ensuring that students have a strong foundation in analytical and problem-solving skills to prepare them for the challenges of working in a demanding career.

Additionally, it equips students with the mathematical skills needed to go to a higher level of study. Prerequisites are needed for every mathematical subject to ensure good placement.

Did You Know?

Transfer credits are accepted at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Candidates must already have 30 transferable credits from a recognized university or be working toward 30 of them. A 2.0 cumulative GPA or above is required. The university encourages students to speak with counselors for help in evaluating their objectives and pursuing a career goal.

Jobs for Math Educators

Jobs for Math Educators

The Labor Statistics Bureau confirms that the demand for mathematicians and statisticians is increasing. According to their forecasts, demand for these professionals will rise 30% in the next decade. Most work for the federal government, although some find employment with professional, scientific, and research service providers.

A lot of graduates also pursue academia. Here are some possible career pathways to take after finishing an online Bachelor’s in Math Education:

Elementary School Teacher

Kindergarten and preschool students get basic mathematical teaching, which continues into grade school. These math instructors are crucial in helping young kids understand the basic ideas of math. If you love teaching kids numbers, being an elementary school teacher is a great job.

Elementary school math teachers concentrate on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with their students. 


Actuaries are qualified mathematicians who primarily focus on the operations of insurance companies and use statistics to quantify and analyze risk. They accomplish this using both theoretical and applied mathematics.

Middle School Teacher

Teachers of middle school mathematics focus on concepts from intermediate math. In addition to teaching children about decimals, fractions, and percentage calculations, some pupils learn the principles of algebra, geometry, and statistics.

High school math teachers may work with pupils in gifted or advanced classes or those receiving special education.

Mathematics Tutor

Arithmetic is the most challenging for American students among all subjects on standardized tests. If you want to help students with their struggles in math, you can become a math tutor.

By instructing in the principles of calculus, algebra, and geometry, math tutors play a crucial role for students to pass their exams.

Teaching Assistant

A teaching license is not required for teaching assistants. They support an accomplished teacher while working in a classroom. Giving kids more teaching and attention is a large part of their job.

A Bachelor’s in Math Education could better qualify them to assist with higher mathematics subjects, even though teaching assistants normally need an associate degree.

Operations Research Analyst

Analysts in operations research utilize math and statistics to solve issues and make choices in commercial settings. After gathering data and analyzing the material, they often give recommendations to other leaders and executives inside the organization.

Career and Technical Education Teacher

Public schools, trade schools, and technical institutions employ career and technical education teachers. They instruct students in vocational subjects that prepare them for technical careers.

CTE instructors manage labs and workshops where students can gain practical experience performing tasks associated with their future vocations.

High School Teacher

If your math skills are higher and you’re equipped with knowledge in advanced math, it’s worth considering to be a high school teacher. Mathematical instruction in high school covers a wide range of topics.

General math, algebra, calculus or precalculus, geometry, and trigonometry are some topics they instruct. Additionally, these math instructors might support extracurricular math groups and related events.

Skills Expected of Math Educators

Math Subject Knowledge

Although this skill should be a given, math educators should have thorough math subject knowledge and expertise. Even as a teacher assistant, you should be equipped with this skill. It helps to have advanced mathematical knowledge compared to your students if you want to teach math effectively.

In fact, there are more than a few levels, but at the elementary school level, nobody is counting on you to hold a doctorate in mathematics.

Cooperative Learning

Teachers should have cooperative learning skills. With this instructional strategy, teachers divide their pupils into small groups and ask them to collaborate on learning and problem-solving. Thanks to this useful talent, students can evaluate each other’s strengths and faults.

Additionally, it enables people to encourage and support one another while forming better study habits.

Passion for the Subject

Since enthusiasm is contagious, your students will likely emulate your enthusiasm for math if you demonstrate it. You should not only be skilled in math, but it should be clear how passionate you are about it. You never know how this can impact the learning journey of your students.

There will undoubtedly be students who detest math, but if you approach the subject with passion and enthusiasm, they will be much more likely to like the lessons.

Assessment Skills

Students’ progress is monitored, and their learning needs should be constantly observed. You need the assessment skills to be at par with their learning curve.

Math professors use this ability to assess students’ comprehension of the material in class, create lesson plans, and go through homework and assignments. Teaching strategies can be adjusted following a student’s development.

Lifelong Learning

You may succeed as a teacher of any topic if you commit to lifelong learning. Whether or not you hold a doctorate in mathematics, teaching strategies continuously evolve, and research on successful instruction constantly modifies what occurs in the classroom.


A significant section of the population is believed to suffer from math anxiety, a very genuine condition. It’s crucial to approach arithmetic classes with a healthy dose of patience. It’s possible that it won’t make sense the first time you explain a notion. 

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in Math Education

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in Math Education

Abstract Algebra

The abstract algebra course emphasizes algebraic structures while teaching students how to master mathematical proofs. The coursework includes material on integers, polynomials, rings, group theory, and fields.


Calculus includes applications and covers the differentiation and integration of functions of a single variable. Some of the topics covered in calculus are limits and continuity. 

Advanced Calculus or Real Analysis

This advanced calculus or real analysis course may cover differential equations. This course also studies derivatives, other variable calculus techniques, and double and triple integrals.

Before enrolling in this course, students should be familiar with mathematical proofs and notation.

Mathematical Cryptography

Studying the development and weaknesses of secure communications systems in a cryptography course can be very beneficial in modern business settings. Studying this course is a must for math education students. 

Applied Linear Algebra

An applied linear algebra course aims to teach students how to apply mathematics in various practical contexts. Students are taught the various equations linking planes, lines, vector spaces, and mapping.

Differential Equations

Since they have many real-world applications, differential equations are a popular subject for math students to take numerous courses. These skills can be useful to you in your profession as a math educator and in other positions that tackle numbers. 

Data Analysis and Interpretation

This course covers how to measure, sample, summarize, and present data. Additional themes include inferential procedures, qualitative research methodology, and the interpretation of study results.

Proofs and Problem Solving

Your understanding of mathematics will improve due to this proofs and problem-solving course, which emphasizes the development of mathematical proofs.

Requirements for an Online Bachelor’s in Math Education Program

The entrance requirements for an online Bachelor’s in Math Education are frequently the same as those for conventional programs.

In addition to the criteria listed below, certain particularly competitive programs may also require interviews or previous math classes:

Application Form

Your application for an online Bachelor’s in Math Education always starts with filling out an application form. Although most Bachelor’s in Math Education programs now accept only electronic submissions, some still accept paper applications through the mail. Ensure to provide accurate details and don’t skip out any questions. 

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are essential in college admissions because they help admissions officers understand how well a student performed in their previous studies, volunteer, extracurricular, or professional backgrounds. These recommendations can speak volumes about you as a student or a coworker. 

Test Scores

While some colleges have ditched the test score requirement, several colleges and learning institutions still facilitate admission with applicants’ ACT or SAT scores in mind. To increase chances for admission, it’s best to prepare well for these exams and get competitive scores. 

Official Transcripts

Whether a student is graduating from high school or moving from a community college to a university, official transcripts help admissions examiners validate their application materials.

It’s important to gather your official transcripts highlighting your academic standing and previous GPAs. This can determine your qualifications and readiness for the math education degree. 


Prospective students can describe why they want to study math education, what they plan to do with their degree once they finish, and what appeals to them about a particular college or program in their college application essays.

For readers to remember candidates, they should differentiate themselves from other students in their writing.

Is Math Education a reputable major?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Math Education a reputable major?

The answer is definitely yes. An online bachelor’s degree in Math Education is fulfilling if you have a talent for numbers and mathematics and an analytical mind.

An online Math Education degree prepares you for various interesting and lucrative occupations, primarily focusing on teaching.

What are some career options for Math Education majors?

The skills you will acquire in a Math Education curriculum can be used for various career paths in academia, banks, business, and government. With a degree in Mathematics Education, you may start a career as a math teacher—the typical career path.

However, this program also qualifies graduates for work as actuaries, bankers, statisticians, budget specialists, or computer systems analysts.

Your degree in Math Education will offer you the qualifications and information needed to start your career, but the direction of your professional life will depend on your experience. Your job path may grow and vary over time depending on your goals, passions, and skills.

Indeed, an online Math degree program focusing on teaching at the elementary education, middle school, or higher education level can cover a lot of ground!

What education level is required to teach Math?

An online Math Education degree is ideal if you want to work as a math teacher in middle or high school. You can combine this degree with a minor in education or teaching, enroll in an online math program designed especially for future teachers, or neither.

The requirements set down by your state for obtaining a teaching certificate for elementary teachers, secondary school teachers, middle school teachers, and postsecondary teachers must also be met, which may include having taught one or more semesters.

How long does it take to earn a degree in Mathematics Education?

How long it takes you to finish your degree depends on the number of credits you take each semester and the academic calendar at your institution or university. With full-time enrollment and a typical 16-week semester, a bachelor’s program can be completed by traditional and online students in four years.

If you enroll regularly throughout the year and adhere to an 8-week semester timetable, you might graduate sooner. If you take more classes over the summer, you might also finish your degree sooner. Some colleges and institutions also provide succinct winter courses between the fall and spring semesters.

Summary Points

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