10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Marketing

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A marketing degree studies the promotion and brand management of products and services to the public using specific demographics. This degree covers several areas of study, thus making students adept and well-versed in consumer behavior, communications, advertising, marketing strategy and research, and public relations.

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Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Marketing - fact

Marketing is a career-oriented major that provides professional education with a solid background in either liberal arts, a Bachelor of Arts, or a Bachelor of Science for the more technical approach.

Students with marketing degrees learn the different ways businesses keep their relationships with their clients through specific activities that communicate, create, and deliver offerings to them.

Like sales management, marketing finds the needs consumers usually have and, from there, makes services or products to satisfy the client’s needs, all while keeping the mission of the organization or brand.

The Lowdown

A marketing program leads to interesting careers in business administration, consumer retail, brand management, and public outreach. In the fast-paced environment of marketing, marketing professionals can easily secure employment as marketing specialists, market research analysts, or marketing managers.

A marketing degree is a very versatile program that leads to various opportunities in sales, advertising, and public relations. Marketing management professionals research and study consumer behavior and demands for services or products, build interest and make noise in new product releases through advertising and social media marketing, and assess pricing strategies.


An online marketing degree is designed to teach students how to analyze various market trends to create, promote, sell, and distribute products and services to diverse consumers.

Some of the best schools and colleges across the US offer online marketing degrees. We have listed the best online schools that provide the best quality marketing programs via the Internet that are more accessible and affordable than any other traditional education.

This profile is randomly selected based on specific factors. Here are some of the criteria considered for each of the marketing degree programs online in this listing.

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

The 10 Best Online Marketing Degree Programs

Florida International University

Florida International University - Business

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

The Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing through Florida International University’s R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business is designed for online students who wish to land successful careers in the marketing fields, including social media and e-marketing, retailing, public relations, advertising, logistics, communications, sale management, and marketing research.

Florida International University Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges-approved.

What Makes this Program Unique

This program is 100% delivered online, where each online undergraduate student can choose a success coach. Students also become involved in FIU’s Chapter of the American Marketing Association, an organization that has been recognized as a leading chapter in the entire US for the past decade.

Did You Know?

Florida International University is recognized as one of the top 50 universities that offer the best undergraduate and graduate online degree programs among all public institutions in the US. FIU is also a top college for veterans.

Its online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for business also continue to remain on the highest ranks.

Colorado State University Global

Colorado State University Global

Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The online Marketing degree offered at Colorado State University Global is designed to prepare students for various entry-level positions in sales promotion, public relations, and creative services. This is a 120-credit course that includes coursework in product and brand management, applying leadership principles, and marketing research.

Colorado State University Global is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

What Makes This Program Unique

Instead of enrolling in open electives as required, students in CSUG’s online marketing degree are allowed to pursue diverse specializations like strategic communication, project management, and accounting.

All online students can also take advantage of the program’s personal success coaches, who will help them access university resources, schedule classes, or plan for post-graduation goals.

Did You Know?

Colorado State University Global is the very first and only 100% online, non-profit, public, regionally accredited online state university in the entire US. This online school belongs to the largest and most diverse public university system in the US, serving and welcoming students of all ethnic, racial, academic, and financial backgrounds.

Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Management-Marketing

Golden Gate University used to be a small evening school until it began to provide extensive academic programming, with distance learning options like the online Bachelor’s in Management with a concentration in marketing.

Golden Gate University is accredited by the WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission.

What Makes This Program Unique

Being one of the best online marketing degrees today, Golden Gate University offers a very low per-credit tuition fee that ignores each student’s residency campus.

Plus, this program is a transfer-friendly degree, so students can maximize their transfer credits and have these counted toward the degree and later to facilitate accelerated program completion that compliments the student’s career goals and schedules.

Did You Know?

Golden Gate University is one of the best universities for international students in the US. The school provides amazing learning and career opportunities, plus the best quality education. GGU is noted for catering more to employed students. It is known for courses like information technology, law, mental health, and business administration.

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities, the largest and oldest higher institution in Minnesota, is home to nearly 50,000 students. The school offers distance learning options like its online Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree.

The University of Minnesota- Twin Cities is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

What Makes the Program Unique

The program doesn’t require its students to meet and establish GPA minimums. However, the academic achievements of each applicant play a huge factor in the admission procedure.

Additionally, the school provides affordable tuition rates and financial aid. Scholarships are available for transfer candidates and distance learners, too.

Did You Know?

The University of Minnesota- Twin Cities is home to world-class faculty known for life-changing inventions like the retractable seat belt, the pacemaker, cancer therapies, biodegradable plastics, and other technologies that push agricultural production further.

Western Governors University

Western Governor’s University

Online Bachelor’s in Marketing Management

Through its Desire2Learn platform, Western Governors University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management. This platform is a competency-based learning model that allows students to self-pace their classes. Through this structure, students with work experience can accelerate their degree completion by showing mastery of course objectives.

WGU is a Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities-approved schools.

What Makes This Program Unique

Instead of getting charged per credit, tuition fees are charged per term. This can significantly help students control their business management degree so they can finish faster and pay less.

Did You Know?

Almost all students at WGU are qualified for financial aid. The school offers numerous scholarship opportunities, too. The Institute for College Access & Success discloses that WGU undergraduate students have roughly half the debt at graduation compared to the national average.

Regent University

Regent University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business- Marketing

Serving over 8,600 students each year, Regent University delivers distance academic programming through its Blackboard platform, including the 120-credit online Bachelor’s in Business with a concentration in a marketing program.

This program focuses on the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship that will prepare students on how they can start their own enterprise, or work as corporate trainers, advertising sales agents, or marketing consultants.

Regent University is SACSCOC-accredited.

What Makes This Program Unique

Regent University only requires applicants to submit their application and unofficial transcript of records. Students also enjoy exciting financial aid and scholarship opportunities like honors college scholarships, academic merit scholarships, and more.

Did You Know?

Regent University is ranked as one of the Top National Universities by the US News and World Report. Their programs are also ranked as the number 1 Best Online Bachelor’s Program in the state of Virginia for 11 straight years.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Online BS in Business Administration – Marketing Analytics

Liberty University is the biggest nonprofit higher education institution in the United States. Serving more than 76,000 students, the School offers hundreds of degrees and nearly 300 distance education programs, including the online BS in Business Administration – Marketing Analytics specialization.

Online students in this fully asynchronous curriculum will learn how to properly conduct consumer surveys and market research to help organizations build efficient brands.

Liberty University is a SACSCOC-approved school.

What Makes This Program Unique

Because Liberty University continues its mission to provide affordable education to everybody, electronic textbooks are provided for undergraduate students for free. This means full-time students can possibly save $800-$2000 every year on textbooks alone.

Moreover, students in this online business administration degree are allowed to access different resources through the school’s research portal.

Did You Know?

Liberty University has frozen its tuition rates for its undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs for the past eight years and counting. The school is also dedicated to providing world-class experiences to military students across the globe.

Webster University

Webster University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Management with an Emphasis in Marketing

Webster University is one of the leading institutions in distance education, operating in all 50 states in the US and more than 140 countries. Using Canvas, the school offers several online degree options like the Bachelor of Arts in Management with an emphasis on a marketing degree.

Webster University is a Higher Learning Commission-approved school.

What Makes This Program Unique

To further push their knowledge in the field, this online bachelor’s in marketing program will require students to finish at least 57 credit hours in management courses. On top of the usual business-related courses, students are required to earn credits in Personal Branding, Career Exploration, and Career Management Strategies.

Did You Know?

Webster University is one of the top 25 institutions in the Midwest. The school was established by the Sisters of Loretto and was called Loretto College, one of the first Catholic women-only colleges in the US.

Excelsior University

Excelsior College

Online Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Marketing

Excelsior University offers accessible academic programs in six different fields of study, including a bachelor’s in business with a marketing concentration delivered 100% online. Using the Canvas platform, students can complete this 120-credit program in just eight weeks.

Excelsior University MSCHE-approved.

What Makes This Program Unique

This fully online BS in Business program with a marketing concentration offers maximum transfer credit, something to take note of, considering most programs only allow 75%.

Did You Know?

Those who have decided to complete their degree faster by taking Excelsior College’s eight-week online courses can transfer credits they earned elsewhere without losing their progress toward their goal.

Even those who are transferring from a program outside of the US are qualified to enroll pending an assessment.

Regis University

Regis University

Online Bachelor’s in Marketing

Regis University offers a bachelor of science in marketing degree delivered entirely online through its College of Business and Economics. This program takes an integrative approach to consumer engagement and business management.

Regis University is HLC-approved.

What Makes This Program Unique

The program will expose students to the science of why people buy. On top of the knowledge and skills students will earn, a degree in marketing at Regis University will help students to become savvier consumers, granting that they feel like getting a career in marketing.

Did You Know?

Regis University is the only Jesuit Catholic university in the Rocky Mountain Region whose education is strongly values-based. It seeks to build a more humane world through transformative education based on reason, faith, and culture.

The Types of Marketing Degrees

The Types of Marketing Degrees

There are different types of marketing degrees students can earn: associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. There are also schools that offer marketing certificates for specialized training.

Each type of degree is specifically designed for different marketing jobs. For instance, a bachelor’s degree is required for marketing specialists, while marketing managers need to hold master’s degrees.

Associate Degree in Marketing

This marketing degree will introduce students to the fundamentals of business concepts. Learners will take courses in accounting, finance, and business, along with classes in integrated marketing communications and strategic marketing.

It takes two years for full-time students to earn an associate degree in marketing. Once completed, they can proceed to a bachelor’s program to further advance their education. They can also secure careers in sales, direct marketing, and administrative support roles.

Bachelor of Marketing Degree

A bachelor’s in marketing degree studies various marketing concepts like consumer behavior, pricing strategies, and competitor research. Students will gain core business skills through courses in management, business administration, accounting, and finance.

Some programs also incorporate internships and real-world projects to help strengthen the student’s marketing skills.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing is designed to prepare graduates for different entry-level roles like market research analysts or marketing specialists. After some years of experience, they can move into higher-level positions like management roles.

Master’s Degree in Marketing

In this degree, students are offered more advanced training in strategic marketing, marketing research, and marketing management. In a graduate program, graduate students may also undergo internships to further develop practical experience.

With a master’s degree in marketing, graduate students may pursue careers as social media managers, marketing managers, and internet marketing managers.

Earning a master’s in marketing usually takes two years, although there are programs that offer accelerated options that allow students to complete the whole program in less time.

Aside from the master’s in marketing degree, graduate students should also consider getting a master’s in internet marketing or any dual master’s degree program.

Doctoral Degree in Marketing

A marketing doctorate will prepare students for high-level and advanced roles in the marketing field. In this program, students will specialize in areas like pricing strategy, consumer psychology, or business marketing research.

After all the coursework requirements are met, students should complete dissertations that they need to defend or pass comprehensive exams. A doctorate program takes around 4-7 years to complete.

Certificates in Marketing

A Certificate in Marketing usually focuses on a marketing concentration. For instance, you can earn certificates in strategic marketing or digital marketing. There are so many professionals who earn certificates to add concentrations to their training or even help them gradually transition into new fields.

Depending on the specialization, certificates in marketing take months to over a year to complete. Once the certification is complete, marketing professionals can take over specialized roles like social media specialists or digital marketing specialists.

Careers in Marketing

Marketing graduates can land several roles in advertising, marketing, sales, and public relations. These professionals usually work for advertising agencies, marketing firms, and public relations agencies.

Below are some of the more lucrative careers marketing graduates can pursue in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Marketing Degree a BS or a BA?

Is a Marketing Degree a BS or a BA?

Depending on the program and the school, marketing majors can earn a BS or BA in Marketing. BAs are focused on social science courses, humanities, and foreign languages, while BS degrees are more concentrated on natural science courses and math.

Are marketing professionals in demand?

Most marketing jobs are expected to continue to be in high demand. Marketing managers and market research analyst jobs will grow at faster-than-average rates from 2019-2029, according to recent federal data.

Is Marketing a wise career choice?

Careers in marketing report strong projected job growth rates and above-average salaries, which makes marketing a very strong career choice.

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