Multimedia Design vs Game Design: Career ROI

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In a tech-savvy society, designing for various media has become quite a lucrative career option. The audience is showing a growing interest in Design-related degree programs, such as Game Design and Multimedia Design.

Multimedia Design vs Game Design - fact

Exploring Multimedia Design

Multimedia Design involves creating visually appealing and engaging presentations consisting of information and images for the web, movies, television, video games, and other media. 

Although multimedia designers use advanced technology to do their jobs, they need a strong foundation in art to convey the intended message successfully across multimedia channels.

To get started, an Associate in Multimedia Design is strongly recommended for students to obtain fundamental knowledge of the field. 

Employers widely prefer a Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design holder because it demonstrates a higher level of thinking and field expertise.

Graduate programs in Multimedia Design demonstrate a professional’s commitment to long-term dedication to honing the craft, making them valuable additions to multimedia design teams.

It is equally important to earn your academic credentials from accredited schools!

Multimedia Design professionals are in demand in Entertainment and Media, Advertising and Marketing, Web and Mobile Development, Education, Architecture, Fashion, Healthcare, and Corporate Communications sectors. The career prospects are:

To raise your chances of getting hired, prepare an impressive portfolio that showcases your skills and expertise and highlights your best work.

A Career in Multimedia Design is for you if: 

A Career in Multimedia Design is not a great fit if: 

Comparing Multimedia Design and Game Design

Here’s a peek into the facts and figures of these two design-focused programs and career pathways:

Multimedia DesignGame Design
Starting Salary$67,108$59,629
Average Salary (per year)$76,045$69,717
Projected Employment Growth (2022-2023)3%25%
Highest-Paying EmployersAdvertising, public relations, and related servicesVideo game companies

Exploring Game Design

Exploring Game Design - Image

The main responsibility of a game designer is to ensure that the product is interesting, engaging, fun, and attractive to gamers or players. Game designers are involved in every step of the design process. They invent, build, and produce video and computer games. In other words, they are creative thinkers and storytellers in the game development process. 

The success of popular games like Valorant, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, and even Candy Crush lies greatly in the masterful hands of game designers. Unsurprisingly, colleges and universities now offer formal education for tech-savvy gamers to develop their skills and make a mark in the video game industry!

While Multimedia Design may also involve designing video games, Game Design is dedicated exclusively to designing games, which often requires fundamental skills in game development and working with game developers.

Technically, a game designer codes programs on different platforms to create compelling games. They can focus on a specific gameplay element, such as the game’s rule system, levels, or environments. They check and recode lines of coding to make the necessary changes to the program.

An Associate in Game Design is an excellent starting point, equipping students with the basics of the discipline. A Bachelor’s in Game Design degree is preferred by employers as it shows a higher skill level. 

A Career in Game Design is for you if: 

A Career in Game Design is not a great fit if: 

Because we are all living in a digital era, the demand for design-centered jobs is expected to rise! Explore how you can leverage this trend with a career in Multimedia Design and Game Design!

Key Takeaway

Multimedia design is the creation and integration of visual and auditory elements to communicate a message, while game design is the process of developing interactive experiences for players to engage with. Both fields require a combination of technical skills, creativity, and an understanding of user experience, but game design focuses specifically on creating immersive gameplay and storytelling.

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