9 Best Colleges with Online Degrees in Multimedia Design

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If you’re fascinated with new technologies, digital media, film, animation, graphics, and art, you’re probably looking for an educational program that covers all these aspects. Fortunately, an online bachelor’s in multimedia design carries these different studies under one roof.

Multimedia Design undergraduate programs encompass various media forms and may embrace the principles of a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design degree, including the use of video, audio, images, graphics, and animation.

Online Bachelor's in Multimedia Design - fact

As the multimedia industry continues to boom, more prospective students dream of entering multimedia companies worldwide. Did you know that in the USA alone, 6.9% of the US GDP is from the media and entertainment industry? As of 2022, 1.4 million Americans were employed in this field.

There is a huge market for multimedia professionals in many industries, including media, advertising, and other relevant areas. Graduates from the degree will be well-equipped to handle multimedia issues with a blend of creative arts and modern digital technologies.

Obtain the sought-after technical and creative skills in the multimedia industry by enrolling in a digital Multimedia Design program. 

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The Lowdown

Online multimedia design programs aim to use technology to spread information and engage target audiences artistically. As technologies change rapidly, you need to keep up and include formal education in your arsenal.

The good news is that the best online bachelor’s degrees in Multimedia Design are current and updated with the techniques, tools, and strategies necessary for digital arts professionals today. You can develop the technical and soft skills necessary for entry-level to advanced multimedia positions.


Choosing a Multimedia Design concentration requires prospective students to consider several factors. Our list ranks today’s leading Online Bachelor of Art and Design – Multimedia Design Concentration programs based on these criteria:

For more information about our college ranking, please check our Methodology page.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design Degree Programs

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus

(Online) Bachelor in Design – Digital Multimedia Design

The Penn State World Campus Bachelor of Design in Digital Multimedia Design will prepare you for various rewarding media, communications, technology, marketing, and digital design careers. This cutting-edge online program equips you with the skills to apply the design process to contemporary settings.

Become proficient at discovering, defining, and creating digital multimedia designs by incorporating the study of information technology.

What’s Unique About The Program:

As part of this dynamic, project-based curriculum, you will use leading multimedia applications and programming languages to create projects. In addition, you will be allowed to study collaboratively with other students to explore and apply what you’re learning in greater depth.

Throughout your course work, you will learn to organize ideas in visual forms and scenarios, requiring you to brush up on your soft skills, such as critical thinking and analytical skills.

Did You Know?

During your studies, you can build a portfolio of design work and complete a self-directed project during your capstone semester. As you progress through the pathway, you’ll discover many multimedia topics where you can personalize your entire curriculum. 

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Bachelor’s Degree in Web and Digital Design (online)

You can be proficient in web and digital design by enrolling in the University of Maryland Global Campus’s online bachelor’s degree in Web and Digital Design program. You can effectively create digital works by studying industry-standard software and design theory. 

There are many real-life experiential learning to be excited about in this program, such as:

What’s Unique About The Program:

Upon completing this program, graduates acquire technical savviness. You can create web and multimedia applications, test, and implement them. By the end of the program, all the theories and practices studied will influence how you make websites and animations and use different platforms and mediums in digital design. 

Did You Know?

It is permissible to take more than one course at a time, up to your course load limit. However, the prerequisite course cannot be taken during the same session as the subsequent course. You will have a unique plan based on your credit transfer and other factors.

National University

National University

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design (hybrid)

Become a part of the modern world’s work, learning, communication, and entertainment and be equipped with mastery in digital media by studying an online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design at the National University.

Digital media designers engage users and guide their experience in social networks, games, animations, and instructional content.

Students gain hands-on experience in the media arts workplace using the latest tools and technologies. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the latest business, entertainment, and marketing methodologies.

What’s Unique About The Program:

With a digital media design degree, you will learn how to create, edit, and create games in a transmedia, visually literate world.

Did You Know?

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University - College of Media and Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design and Professional Communication (online)

Join Texas Tech University and earn a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design and Professional Communication online. Media and communications students acquire marketable skills through this online program.

During the coursework, students acquire soft skills that can be transferred and applied to real-world work and personal settings. The program prepares students to complete master’s degrees or enter the workforce as multimedia experts and professionals. 

The University of Texas at Tech is a leading research institution renowned for innovative, creative teaching. In high-tech and liberal arts industries, the university prepares students to become ethical leaders.

Students at the school are prepared for the challenges of a complex job market by creating a learning environment conducive to learning.

What’s Unique About The Program:

Graduates of this degree program will be equipped with marketable soft and technical skills in high demand by the media and communications industries.

After graduation, you can efficiently contribute to any company through your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students receive training in navigating multicultural and intercultural issues.

Did You Know?

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Literacy (online)

Arizona State University allows prospective students to enroll in their digital media literacy bachelor of arts degree. In a world where technology and information dominate, this online program prepares you to be a leader in digital media. This course explores digital media’s role in our daily lives and how it works.

In addition to identifying misinformation, you’ll learn to create digital content and communicate effectively with businesses. 

Accessing, analyzing, creating, and using digital media are all elements of digital media literacy. This online study covers broad topics, from finding credible information online to communicating with digital media. Here are what you can expect in this online program:

What’s Unique About The Program:

This degree differs from others in communication in that it emphasizes what happens after a piece of content has been created and distributed.

A degree in digital media literacy teaches you how to analyze who sees the content, who trusts it, and what audiences do with it. This makes you a trustworthy and reputable multimedia and digital expert.

By acquiring the degree, you will become a professional communicator capable of measuring how digital content impacts your audience and their communities.

Did You Know?

The University of Nebraska Kearney

The University of Nebraska Kearney

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia (hybrid)

The University of Nebraska Kearney offers their Bachelor of Science in Multimedia degree on campus, but some classes can be taken online. In this online degree, you’ll use technology to create unique visual communication pieces to bring stories to life.

By combining creativity with technical skills, you will make real-life outputs through different media mediums like photo, video, audio, and graphics.

You’ll also benefit from individualized instruction from dedicated faculty members who believe in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

What’s Unique About The Program:

In this interdisciplinary major, students take communication, art, and computer science courses. With the completion of the program requirements, you will be prepared for careers that require a strong understanding of digital technology.

Some defined employers of UNK multimedia graduates are Bosselman Enterprises, Hollman Media, Intellicom, and SCORR Marketing.

Did You Know?

Despite financial aid, UNK is one of the most affordable universities in Nebraska. There’s no one working harder than UNK to provide the best value for your education. You must research what financial aid options are available at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Granite State College

Granite State College

Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Design (hybrid)

At Granite State College, prospective students can enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Digital Communication Design.

This online degree will help you use the Adobe Creative Cloud to convey messages effectively, apply sound design principles, and use marketing techniques strategically. You can concentrate your learning according to your professional interests.

Organizations across all industries have less time to capture their potential customer’s attention in a highly connected world. As a result, the quality of digital communications – from the visual elements to the written content – has become increasingly important.

Career opportunities in this dynamic field may be enjoyed by those who can align messages across all modes of communication, use technology strategically, and respond to technological advances.

What’s Unique About The Program:

As a result of your concentration, students can tailor their degree program to meet career objectives. To complete your degree program, you will complete your core degree requirements and enroll in specific courses associated with your chosen concentration area, like Graphic Design or Writing for Visual Media.

Did You Know?

Franklin University

Franklin University

Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design

Franklin University will help you attain your academic goals in multimedia through its online Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design degree program. With their IMD bachelor’s degree program, you can explore technical, artistic, and management careers in everything from gaming to mobile apps to websites.

The degree completion program will prepare you to deliver interactive solutions at every stage of the development cycle, from requirements analysis to deployment.

With Franklin’s online interactive media degree, you will be equipped to deliver interactive solutions throughout the entire development lifecycle.

This online program combines design and technology expertise with mobile, graphic, rich media, web, and interaction design project management expertise.

What’s Unique About The Program:

The interactive media design program at Franklin University is specifically designed for transfer students. Students can transfer 90 credits, which includes 24 hours of technical credits, into their IMD majors.

IMD programs at Franklin focus on hands-on, project-based learning and help you apply your technical skills to high-growth industries like education, advertising, and entertainment.

Did You Know?

California Baptist University

California Baptist University - Online

Bachelor of Arts  – Graphic Design and Digital Media

The web-based Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media degree program at California Baptist University aims to help students find their voice and purpose. Working with industry-standard tools and software prepares students for careers in this high-demand industry by sharpening their design skills.

Some of the topics and areas that you can be an expert on are the following:

What’s Unique About The Program:

Design and web design are among the specific topics covered in the degree. Students emerge as well-rounded individuals who are well-versed in the principles of design, typography, photography, and web design.

Design and Media topics are covered in depth through hands-on projects and portfolio building. The rigorous curriculum prepares students to be competitive in the workplace by teaching students skills in strategy and soft skills like critical thinking.

Did You Know?

This degree program guides students through a professional, personal, and spiritual journey through Graphic Design and Digital Media. The program will prepare graduates with the ethical standards of Christian heritage to address issues in a global context.

In addition, students will gain skills such as self-reflection, critical thinking skills, leading and engaging others, and making effective decisions after graduating from the program.

Graphic Design vs. Multimedia Design

Multimedia and graphic design are primarily differentiated by the type of media they use and where they are to be used. When it comes to multimedia, this component uses all types of media and contributes to producing websites, films, songs, video games, television shows, and other media types.

A multimedia piece can be displayed on various platforms using animation, visuals, and audio. A multimedia design integrates many different elements using different types of media.

Conversely, graphic design creates a platform for visually displaying information. The key word here is “visuals.” For instance, a designer incorporates audio and visual elements when launching websites. The website can be designed so visitors can easily navigate the various pages and even talk to an online agent.

A graphic designer creates a platform to display specific elements in an easy-to-view format.

It’s quite different from multimedia. Changing and adjusting are constant processes for a multimedia designer. Storytelling, plotting, and storylines can be moved from one phase to the next by multimedia artists. Presenting a concept to customers through multimedia rather than just graphic design is more interesting and unique.

Possible Careers After Graduating with an Online Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design

Numerous career opportunities are available to those who specialize in Multimedia Design. It is possible to find intriguing jobs as an art director or a project manager if you have a background in multimedia.

Here are some possible careers for you after graduating with an online Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design:

Film and Video Editor

The role of a film or video editor involves handling a film or video, managing edits, controlling sound effects and dialogue, and incorporating unique and special effects to make them interesting. Post-production skills play a crucial role in determining the quality and deliverability of the final product.

Digital Designer

The work of a Digital Designer encompasses a variety of responsibilities, including creating digital design copies, designing websites, social media accounts, email templates, brand campaigns, and devising digital forms.

Special Effects Artist And Animator

Most special effects artists and animators are adept in 2D and 3D animation. Television, films, video games, and other forms of media often need the help of special effects artists and animators.

Art Director

Art Directors develop and maintain creative visions that speak to readers, viewers, or users. They oversee creative teams who work on marketing, advertising, graphic design, and film projects.

Multimedia Designer

A multimedia artist creates digital media designs and effects using graphics technology software and tools. Most of them studied a technology-related or design-related discipline that prepared them to create illustrations, graphic designs, and computer animations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Multimedia Design Bachelor’s degree?

Technology is used creatively in multimedia design degree programs. Besides web and graphic design, computer programming and digital photography are also included in this major.

As a multimedia design student, you can learn various ways to communicate with the public.

Others create interactive content for platforms like mobile apps or television, while others create artistic content for platforms like television and video games.

How do you choose the best online Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design degree?

When choosing one of the many online multimedia degree programs, you should assess your aptitudes, professional goals, and interests. To enroll in the best online bachelor’s in multimedia design degree, you need to determine if they offer the concentration or specialization you want.

While some online programs offer an accelerated route toward graduation, others allow part-time enrollment.

Also, you need to consider the cost of tuition fees and whether they offer financial aid and assistance options. Sometimes, it’s effective to compare schools’ prices. Lastly, some programs require a higher number of credits.

You may gain more in-depth training from a longer program, while you may be able to complete the program faster if you choose a shorter one.

What do multimedia designers usually do?

Many multimedia designers create creative content for television and websites, among other platforms. Utilizing their graphic design and animation skills, they produce interactive and engaging content.

Multimedia designers collaborate with multiple departments to create digital animations or copies. At the same time, they ensure that project objectives and deadlines are met. 

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