18 Shops that Offer College Student Discounts in 2023

Being a college student is never a walk in the park – intellectually and financially! You will need to complete many tasks, projects, and assignments and spend on many educational resources and personal necessities like books, food, and clothing.

For many college students across the country, the 2020-2021 school year was unprecedented, as they stayed at home and completed their coursework online. This year, however, appears to be more normal as schools welcome students back to campus.

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Even if you’re still taking classes online, the ever-increasing cost of college and back-to-school supplies doesn’t take the sting out of it. The average cost of school supplies for college students has risen to $320 just last 2020. For 2022, the expected rise is up to 13% of this cost.

Many retailers are offering discounts to college students to combat rising consumer prices, and several states are holding sales tax holidays. There are ways to save money on everything from clothing to food to electronics by simply showing your college ID.

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Although these discounts are indeed a privilege towards the student’s demographic, it leads to a win-win result for businesses. The Beans Group study shows that 83% of the students surveyed admit that they are more likely to shop in a retail shop that offers student discounts.

Due to these statistics and many other data, many companies use this marketing and sale strategy to secure and capture the students’ market. 

There is no doubt that college life pertains to many expenditures, from necessities to personal wants and whatnot. Many companies worldwide have segregated a separate price for students, raising awareness of how difficult it is to manage your economic activities as a college learner financially.

Now that you are on your own, living separately from your parents’ usual provision, you will need to be wiser on how to budget your allowance. Take advantage of these student discount offers intended for young learners, and always bring your student ID. You’ll never know when you could come across a shop or restaurant that offers students price.

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Books are one of the necessities for which students need to prepare a hefty amount of money.

According to the College Board’s Quick Guide on College Costs, a full-time undergraduate student is estimated to spend about $1,298 for his or her books and supplies expenses for this school year 2020.

Of course, you will have many alternatives to cut down on these expenses. US News and World Report show 12 ways to cut your textbook costs. But one effective and practical way to save your books expenses is through availing of student discounts from bookstores.

Here we have consolidated five bookstores whom you can buy books with special student prices:


Finally, your college textbooks do not need to be overpriced. Slugbooks make sure that you can find the best and most practical deals offered on their site. They have many collaborations with online stores such as Amazon, Vital Source, Wordery, eBooks.com, and Campus Book Rentals.

You will be able to compare prices among these different online providers, and you can choose which one has the lowest and most reasonable rate.

Your activity on this site is limited to buying and renting a book with the cheapest available price quotation. You can search through their ISBN if you intend to look for specific materials.

And if you happen to look for a University book, you can also be more precise with your searching: you may type in the name of your school and book title. Not only is this very convenient to use, but it also saves you time from browsing many book searching platforms online.


Make sure to sign up and register on their students’ discount program so that you can have an exclusive 10% student discount on all crafts and supplies. Joann sells fabric and educational supplies in both online and brick-and-mortar settings. You can find their store’s location closest to your living place if you wish to shop physically.

Their shops are all over Illinois, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and California. However, you can opt to shop on their website and utilize the shipping method if you prefer to shop online instead. Whichever means you’ll choose, get ready to find high-quality materials for your crafts and school supplies at affordable prices.


Guilford Press is very expressive towards their support for learners and students everywhere in the US. Thus, they are biannually offering a 50% discount and free shipping to all the full-time students sitewide. Their library of resources is extensive, with many subjects related to Psychology, Psychiatry, Research Methods, Geography, Education, and Social Work.

If you are looking for a book, their website comes with an accessible ISBN search bar for maximum searching convenience. You are encouraged to subscribe for student alerts so that you can keep up with their promotional offerings for students.

Although they don’t have a physical store for you to go to, they offer various ordering ways. You can either shop online on their site, order by phone, and order through mail or tax. They also ship internationally.  


Ranked and renowned as the #1 most reputable retailer in America, Barnes and Noble take pride in selling a diversified and wide selection of books to everyone in online and physical stores. They have always been proactive with their marketing and sales strategy tactics to many book lovers. You can find many good deals now and then.

And if you wish to order a book with more discounts than the standard quotation, you can gather bulk orders among your classmates and friends. You will be able to get a price quotation by filling up the form regarding your book details. They will provide you with a reasonable discounted rate if you reach a minimum of 50 printed orders.  


Renting or buying a book is both possible at Chegg Books. Their prices are usually better than university bookstore, but it wouldn’t hurt to compare to be sure. This online bookstore offers one of the best deals on textbooks, and they even provide an eTextbook for you while you’re waiting for the paperback version.

If you are caught up with so many other educational expenses, they also actively promote and offer the renting of books, which is 90% cheaper than buying one.

They cater to the online market with their headquarters office located in California. Even though they don’t have a brick and mortar shop, their shipping method is convenient and comes for free if you have ordered over $50. 

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Shopping for groceries is a chore that you might have taken for granted in the past when you were still at your parent’s. Everything is well-taken care of by your parents. You won’t ever need to worry about grocery expenses and select healthy options because your mother knows best, and it’s her task to feed everyone healthily.

But now that you’re living alone, you must be aware of this responsibility. It’s time to choose to buy healthy food that also offers students discounts.


Start your subscription as an Amazon Prime Student member so you can enjoy many discounts in many of their deals. Amazon’s one strong business line is its snacks and groceries department.

You will have access to free shipping, early access to sales, and will have special rates on their Prime video, music, and books. Amazon Prime is the most generous subscription for you in terms of saving on your essential expenses.


Featuring both online and on-site grocery stores, students are given up to a 15% discount from your total purchase on a specific day of the week. Not only can you purchase groceries in their company, but you can also avail of many other things from their catering menu.

They have many healthy goods, fresh delis, organic products, and delicious loaves of bread. It is essential to stay healthy as a student because of your rigorous learning. It’s time to shift to a healthy lifestyle while taking advantage of student perks and discounts. With Sprouts, you can save money while feeding your body well.


You can avail 5% student discount in some selected locations of Kroger. With many stores nationwide, you will find it convenient to shop at Kroger. However, if you don’t want to drive up to the physical store, you may also shop online and enjoy discounted items with their free contactless delivery.

The products sold online and in their stores are not limited to grocery items, as you can also buy toys, fresh flowers, and home appliances. It’s a one-stop-shop for your ultimate convenience. 

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college dining

Based on the College and University Keynote Report conducted by Datassential, 58% of the students surveyed are likely to eat at quick-serve restaurants once a week. 49% of them also consider themselves foodies.

Considering the age range from 18-22 who are the current college students, this generation belongs to Generation Z’s oldest end.

If you agree with the data provided and consider yourself a foodie, you better take advantage of the many restaurants and dining places that offer students price. At the end of the month, you’ll realize and accumulate massive savings on your expenses for dining out. 


If you are having a hectic day and you can’t find time to spring in a sandwich for lunch or dinner, Subway offers guilt-free choices for you. While it is considered fast food for most people, it is a healthier option indeed. They pride themselves in providing fresh produce on your customized sandwiches.

Showing your student ID in a Subway store will qualify you to enjoy a 10% student discount. Aside from deals, you can also earn points through their app. With just three steps: order, earn, and redeem, your loyalty gives you a reward to enjoy free food.


Depending on locations, DQ provides 10% off to students. Offering treats, food, and drinks, DQ focuses on creating positive memories for all its customers. With a long history that goes way back to 1940, many Americans trust the quality of their food offerings.

They continue to aspire and create innovative approaches to surprise DQ fans because that is their passion. To join their fan clubs, you can choose between their Blizzard Fan Club and Julius League. Sign up now and get ready to receive great deals all the time.


A 15% discount is provided for students who show their student ID in the cash register. Opting for frozen yogurts with live and active cultures is a smarter option if you are craving desserts. It’s low fat and gluten-free.

You will surely enjoy eating this treat without feeling guilty right after. Go and give in to your sweet-tooth cravings. This won’t hurt your teeth and your wallet for sure. 


If you live or study around Lockport, New York, enjoy and give Steamworks Coffee a visit. They offer a trendy and cute ambiance to enjoy a cup of coffee alone or with your friends and classmates. Take advantage of premium-tasting coffee while enjoying the student’s privilege of a 10% discount.

Just present your valid student ID and cut the cost on your coffee expenses. They serve freshly brewed coffee from their high-quality, grounded beans. Get ready to enjoy the different tastes and aromas of roasted beans from all around the globe.


One of America’s food chains offers student discounts, but most people are not aware of Dunkin Donuts. Considered as one of the staple food shops that identifies America, Dunkin Donut’s coffee is the most favorite drink for most people.

With their current cheap and affordable prices, you will enjoy more savings because they offer a 10% student discount. They can help you sustain your caffeine addiction one coffee at a time, so visit the nearest Dunkin Donut from your place. 


Depending on the store location you’ll visit, Waffle House provides you with a 10% student discount. You can enjoy all-day breakfast food and meals, as much as you want. With 1,900 branches all around the US, you can conveniently find their shop and save cost on your breakfast, lunch, or dinner through their discounts.

Their story began when two Georgia neighbors decided to open a restaurant together. As for the current company’s operations, they focus on taking care of their staff and customers. 


Craving for your favorite BBQ spicy chicken wings? Visit the Buffalo Wild Wings and avail of the 10% student discount price. They are very proactive in their promos and rewards activities. So, aside from the discount, take advantage of their promo bundles and reward points if you plan on eating out with family and friends. 


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Spending on clothes could take up a lot from your monthly allowance. Statista shows a report showing the increase of back-to-college clothing expenses from the year 2007-2020. Currently, US consumers spend $9.5 billion on clothes and accessories.

Although this is an unavoidable expenditure, you can take advantage of students’ discount from retailers and clothing shops all around the country.


Champion is an apparel company based in America, with a mission to pave the way for tomorrow’s champions. They produce clothes that are responsibly made, and they are an advocate of protecting the planet Earth.

They implement 27% carbon emission reduction, saved 60 million plastic bottles saved from landfills, and utilizes 40% renewable energy sources. As long as you’re an actively enrolled college student, you can get an additional 10% student discount. This is possible for both online and on-site shopping.


The first thing you need to do to qualify for a Topshop discount is to register and sign up for their email list. You may also log in to your Student Beans or Unidays account if you have one, and you will be able to get your student code online. 10% discount is readily available for youth and apprentices between 16 to 22 years old.

This discount is open all year round, so you can use it to purchase any seasonal clothes and update your summer, spring, winter, and fall outfits. The fantastic feature of their website is that they also provide accessibility for people with cognitive disabilities. They want to make sure to reach out to all of their markets.  


Whether you’re a freshman or a graduating student, Urban Outfitters encourages you to sign up so you can take advantage of their student discount. They also provide a Uni checklist to have a list of essential products for your school life.

You can shop online or visit their branch store nearest you. From clothes, shoes, bags, bookshelves, and other home accessories, please use their 10% discount granted to all students.

You can register through your Unidays account. This discount is incredibly helpful if you have just settled in your new dorm and need to furnish your room. Not only are their stuff reasonably priced, but they also have a Student Hub section online to help you ease through with moving. 


Present your student ID if you go shopping in any of their branches. A significant amount of 15% discount will help you save money on your clothing expenses. Get ready to look fashionable and trendy with the latest styles launched by Ann Taylor.

Visit the Student Discount Page for great bargains exclusively for you! You should also sign up on their email list to receive updates and promotional deals. 


Club Monaco is very proactive in its promotional and sales campaigns. Aside from offering occasional promotions, you will get to enjoy a 20% off on both full-priced and sale items in their stores and on their online website too. You will need to present your student ID during your visit to their shop.

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Aside from discounts, using a credit card can help you save even more money on your purchases. Whether you want to earn cashback or save miles for your next trip, a credit card is a useful tool for improving your credit score.

The following are some of the best credit cards for college students:

Bank of America® Travel Rewards for Students

You can earn 1.5X points for every $1 spent on purchases. Travel, gift cards, or statement credits can be redeemed for flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, rental cars, or baggage fees.

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