12 Free Online AI and Machine Learning Courses 2022

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have redefined society in ways we never thought were possible. Have we ever stopped and wondered how it is even possible to unlock our smartphones using our faces or touch IDs? Or how do virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa work? Did you notice how many of your unwanted emails […]

12 Best Free Online Financial Markets Courses in 2022

Courses that focus on Finance are perfect for those who wish to know and understand how the global economy works. What are the trade secrets behind those great investments? Behind money? Behind financial independence? Financial market courses are one of the world’s oldest disciplines, but they remain the most popular and in-demand subjects. After all, […]

12 Best Free Online Project Management Courses in 2022

Do you constantly lead a group because you want to make sure everything and everybody is organized as planned? If so, then getting a career in project management is a good move. Project management is one of the most demanding types of work today. Being in this job line means you need to be prepared […]

12 Free Online PR and Communication Courses – The Best of 2022

In every business, aside from providing the best products and delivering the right services, there is another important aspect of running an enterprise successfully. How do you think people will know that your business exists? What image do you wish to show as the business owner? Enter the Public Relations and Communication specialists. These professionals […]

Best Free Online Information Technology Courses in 2022

What comes to our mind when we hear the term “information technology”? For many of us who have no background in computers and the likes, we usually coin information technology with the people we call every time we encounter different issues with our computers at home. Although this is not wrong, this understates the wide […]

Top 12 Free Online Psychology Courses in 2022

Do you love to understand further the biological, social, neurological, and cultural factors that influence human interaction and behavior? A degree in Psychology is an excellent option! Psychology also includes other courses like childhood development, sociology, sexuality, family structure, and addiction. Offered in different specializations, this degree generally focuses on understanding the mind and human […]

Online Guide to Free College Courses

There’s more to education than just earning a degree! Are you currently pursuing your dream of obtaining formal education? Maybe you’re working toward skills enhancement and career advancement. Do you hope to gain skills and get training for disciplines that are unrelated to your academic background for a career change? Online courses are making waves […]

Top 12 Free Online Courses for Data Science in 2022

We witnessed the dawning of the new era of big data. This massive advancement in technology as it relates to the gathering, storage, processing, or analysis of data treatment of information definitely makes life easier for people and businesses! Some 10 years ago, big data presented the one of toughest challenges for enterprises. Back then, […]

12 Free Teaching/Education Online Courses 2022

The world needs more people who are skilled in the field of teaching and education. We need competent teachers now more than ever, and education courses and training help shape the best professionals. Education as a degree is interdisciplinary and broad-based, which is why your job possibilities are endless! The nature of a degree in […]

12 Free Online Web Design & Development Classes

In the middle of today’s do-it-yourself craze, hopeful web designers now find themselves asking if web design and development certificates are worth it. And while everyone must answer this question on their own based on their needs and position, having a certificate in web design gives you a good chance to land an entry-level position […]

Top 12 Free Online Classes for Humanities in 2022

Students observing and learning humanities will experience so many exciting things. From ancient and modern languages to the rise and fall of an empire and poetry of the Romantic era, humanities is undoubtedly very diverse and exciting. As part of the liberal arts education, courses in humanities investigate literature, human values, culture, and the past. […]

How To Give Yourself a College Education for Free Online

Share this graphic on your site! <a href=”https://collegecliffs.com/how-to-give-yourself-a-college-level-education-for-free-online/”><img src=”https://collegecliffs.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/CollegeCliffs-2.png” alt=”How To Give Yourself A College-Level Education For Free Online” width=”500″ border=”0″ /></a><br />Source: <a href=”https://collegecliffs.com/”>CollegeCliffs</a> 81% of people believe education is shifting to autodidacticism Autodidacts In Action Autodidact: a person who is partially or completely self-taught Who has attained expert level knowledge through self-education? Frederick […]

Top 12 Free Online College Classes for Writing in 2022

As more and more college students migrate toward finance, math, business, and the sciences, becoming a writer may not be as impressive. The truth, however, is that career-wise, writing majors and professionals have a lot in store for them! Creative writing teaches you a whole set of skills. It improves your capacity to analyze critically […]

Top 11 Free Online Programming Courses 2022

In the 21st century, we have seen an accelerating speed in technological advances. Everywhere we look, everything we use—all these has something to do with technological developments. From cellphones to alarm clocks in the morning, to coffee machines that prepare us coffee with just a single push button, and of course to smart devices that […]

Top 11 Free Online College Classes for Foreign Language

A foreign language degree is studying your chosen language to improve your understanding and proficiency of that language. Foreign language degrees are prevalent and in-demand, so popular that most US colleges and universities today offer several languages degrees, including Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Italian. Some offer free online college classes for foreign languages from […]

The Top 100 Free Online College Courses in 2022

Driven by the sudden migration to remote learning brought by the pandemic, there is evidence of an influx in the number of free online courses—including Ivy League courses—being offered, AND college students enrolling in them. But online education is not exactly uncharted territory. Even before the lockdowns and school closures happened, many have been opting […]

Top 12 Free Online College Classes for Business in 2022

COVID-19 has tremendously affected everybody. With most of the world at a standstill, students and professionals are now seriously contemplating their futures. If you’re one of the many people thinking about your next steps, it might be best to start studying business online.  Because of the worldwide health pandemic, both nontraditional learners and high school […]

Thousands of Frontline Workers Enroll in Michigan’s Free College State Program

Lansing Community College has seen a surge of aspiring degree holders enrolled in the Futures for Frontliners program. This unique state scholarship grants a tuition-free college to frontline staff. According to one school administrator, they have seen more than 300 enrollees during the fall semester. And these LCC students were only a small portion of […]

14 Free Online Ivy League Courses for 2022

Rather than a mere trend, online education is now considered mainstream. It is an approach to education that allows students to learn at their own pace and time, synchronously or asynchronously, through various information-communication technology tools and channels. Also called distance learning or distance education, this setup veers away from the traditional face-to-face classroom setup […]

Free Online Learning Tools & Resources for College Students 2022

The burgeoning trend in online education began way before the pandemic forced the education sector to adapt to the new normal–remote learning. Prestigious colleges and universities have opened academic pathways by offering online curricula. Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) collaborated to create an online course provider, known as edX, which has a massive […]

Colleges with Free Tuition: Get Zero Cost College Education

Parents of incoming college students these days are looking not only for top-quality academic institutions but also affordable ones–only to discover, along with rising prices, skyrocketing college fees. This prompts them to find a free college to earn a degree without breaking the bank. Research from CollegeBoard reveals that, within a span of thirteen years […]

Top 10 Colleges with the Best Career Service Centers

A significant part of the campus experience is career services. Integral to any college, the career services department faces the enormous task of ensuring that students are prepared for the real world after graduation!  A National Association of Colleges and Employers 2017 report revealed that 86% of the class utilized their campus’ career services during […]

Top 13 Survival Tips for Graduate Students 

Earning a bachelor’s degree is an accomplishment worthy of celebrating! This significant milestone officially launches you into the professional and career world. But it doesn’t end there. A new academic world waiting to be conquered: graduate school. To a graduate student, completing an undergraduate program is merely scratching the surface. Graduate school gives you an […]

Data Analytics Career Guide – Jobs, Salary & Degree Info

In the digital age where analytics reign supreme, traffic and trends have become familiar points of interest in management, security, and as a career choice. Data analytics is an essential tool for companies to determine what works for their business and what does not. It helps companies better equip themselves in developing strategies and decision-making. […]

Accounting Career Guide – Jobs, Salary and Degree Information

Accounting is a crucial part of every organization. It is essential for the smooth financial operation of businesses. Examining financial records, preparing financial audits, identifying opportunities, assessing risks, computing taxes, and making financial management recommendations are some of the responsibilities and obligations of an accountant.  With the advancement in modern technology, some of the routine […]

20 Colleges with Highest Acceptance Rates for 2022

Striving to attain a higher education is one of the best decisions a student will ever make in this life. Before one enters a college or university, however, it is important to make certain considerations. It includes choosing an institution that offers quality education. Many also consider the affordability and the programs offered. However, these […]

Top 8 Online Doctor of Entrepreneurship Degrees for 2022

Graduate students who want to focus on the many aspects of running a successful business, such as new product development, financing strategies, business design, and e-commerce, should pursue a Doctorate in Entrepreneurship. This degree will prepare you for success in this challenging economic climate. Entrepreneurship doctorate programs increase students’ knowledge of various critical elements related […]

Quickest Online Master’s in Theology Degrees for 2022

Many institutions are now focusing on speed and convenience when developing their programs. Part of the reason why traditional education is losing value, at least in the public’s eyes, is that it takes a long time to complete degrees, during which time students are not frequently earning money or gaining the real-world experience that many […]


Since the pandemic happened, a lot has been going on with colleges and universities. Aside from that, there are also news that students must read before entering higher education. Education Department Relaxes Rules on Loan Relief for Students with Disabilities As a means for helping students with disabilities in these difficult times during the pandemic, […]

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for College Students in 2022

What a year it has been for college students! It was constantly changing and ever-challenging: classes have shifted to fully online and hybrid learning formats. These technology-dependent learning environments emphasized the need for dependable and sufficient resources for students’ easy and uninterrupted access to course materials. Students had to deal with the pain points of […]

Top 10 Best Online Doctor of Engineering Degrees for 2022

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and aerospace engineering are just a few of the specializations available in the engineering field. While a master’s degree helps you start your career as an engineer, earning a doctorate will increase your chances of landing a better position that pays more.  Online Doctorates in Engineering provides you with the opportunity […]

College Rankings: Other Rankings

College students are not only looking for the best degrees but also the best overall colleges. Here are well-thought rankings for each reader to enjoy. College and Your Career 25 In-Demand High Paying Technical and Trade Careers 2022 30 Profitable Careers Without A College Degree 15 Top Civil Servant Degrees Colleges with Job Placement Help […]

Top 10 Best Online Doctor of Education Degrees for 2022

Education is changing, from elementary school to professionals adding a degree to their cv. We live in a new world where online tools and hybrid learning are becoming the norm, global events necessitate distance education for everybody, and educational equity is becoming a growing concern. Online Doctorate in Education degree programs is among the most […]

Top 6 Best Online UX Master’s Degrees 2022

Did you know that the country’s Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts web developers’ and digital designers’ employment landscape to grow by 13% from 2020 to 2030? A new LinkedIn research showed that, among the skills required by most companies in 2020, UX expertise ranks fifth, proving the rising demand for UX designers. A recent Glassdoor […]

Sociology Career Guide – Jobs, Salary & Degree Info

The field of Sociology is quite diverse. It encompasses race, religion, social class, shared beliefs, and common culture that define whole societies. It primarily focuses on studying human social relationships and institutions. This is where issues integral to personal lives and communities in particular and the world, in general, are discussed, analyzed, and explained, including […]


Obtaining a college diploma is a demanding task for any student, but combining employment and family life can make it even more difficult. That is the reality for many nontraditional students: balancing studies with the duties of raising and supporting a family. But, as a nontraditional student, you can make a substantial contribution to the […]

Top 10 Best Online Business Administration Master’s Degrees for 2022

Students in a Master’s of  Business Administration program obtain the management skills necessary to run a business successfully. Move up to a higher-paying position in your current business-related occupation, start your own business, and carve out a relevant and well-paying career in management. Whichever career option you pursue, a master’s degree in Business Administration is […]

Best Online Food Science Bachelor’s Degrees 2022

Have you ever wondered how to maximize our food resources? Are you curious about the harvest, processes, and preparations they undergo so people can consume them safely? If you want to understand thoroughly how foods are created, manufactured, and developed to be safe for consumption, a bachelor’s degree in Food Science can be the right […]

Top 8 Online Animal Science Bachelor Degree’s 2022

People-animal partnerships are a vital element of our society, economy, and culture since the dawn of modern humankind. Animal science is the study of the biological function of domestic and captive animals and their usage by humans. It focuses on modern, efficient, and ethical ways to care for and manage the animals who share our […]

15 Ways to Navigate College As a Single Parent

Single parenthood still carries a significant chunk of the nation’s family demographic. The Pew Research Center dissected the various profiles of these non-traditional parents. Non-traditional parenting has evolved from the dichotomy of single fatherhood and single motherhood to include cohabiting unmarried parents.  From a financial perspective, cohabiting parents, albeit not married, have better advantages over […]

What Do I Need To Attend an Online Christian College?

Admission requirements for online programs vary by school, degree level, and topic of study. Most programs demand a high school diploma or a GED. Transcripts must be submitted by prospective students having a college diploma. Students may be required to submit SAT, ACT, or GRE scores, depending on the program. High School Diploma The percentage […]

Top 15 Self-Paced Online Degree Programs for 2022

Self-paced online degree programs are not exactly uncharted territory. As far back as the 1800s, correspondence learning had become the earliest form of self-paced distance learning. Students received their educational materials through parcels. Their completion of the modules and other requirements were wholly dependent on their pace. They sent the parcels back to their instructors […]

50 Most Influential Black Leaders in Academia in 2022

Once a year, Black History Month is celebrated to give tribute to African Americans who made notable contributions to different fields. While the more prominent names like Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr. are usually honored, there are not so popular men and women who made a mark (and continue to make a mark!), […]

Top 10 Online Journalism Bachelor’s Degrees 2022 

Journalism is s rapidly evolving industry, and education and training in this field are adapting with it. For one, online bachelor’s degrees in Journalism are keeping up! Over the years, technologies and trends in digital media have dramatically transformed mass communication, creating countless new opportunities to contribute to the world of journalism. If you’ve always […]

The Top 15 Colleges for Busy Adults 2022

When discussing educational statistics on a national level, one key demographic is the little-known group of adult learners. Or, as you may have heard of them, non-traditional students. This student base makes up a significant slice of the demographic pie of today’s college students. Traditionally, adult learners have been strongly identified as being aged 24 […]

12 Cheapest Accredited Online Colleges in 2022

In recent years, online schools have gained popularity in the United States. They are the next best thing to traditional education for people who want to get a degree while working full-time or without disrupting their personal lives. The popularity of distance education has increased significantly. Within the years 2015 and 2016, enrollment increased to […]

The Top 10 Online Colleges For Bachelor’s In Public Relations 2022

A good Public Relations campaign benefits private and public companies alike. By attracting public interest and providing accessible information, Public Relations differs from marketing and advertising. Perhaps the ultimate distinction between them is that while Public Relations focuses on building the reputation of the brand or business, marketing tries to establish its products and services. […]

10 Most Challenging Degrees For Overachievers

It can be challenging to make the transition from high school to college. Many elements change, and these changes can follow anxiety. When students transition from high school to college, students must adjust to new living quarters, class schedules, and co-existing with a diverse group of individuals. Not to mention, classroom competition. In college, you […]

Environmental Science Career Guide – Jobs, Salary, and Degree Information

Do you have a passion for the environment? Are up for the challenge of resolving some of the world’s toughest environmental issues? Earning an Environmental Science degree gets your foot in the door! As an area of study, Environmental Science integrates the principles behind numerous chemical, biological, and physical processes happening on Earth, and its […]


School wellness programs can help increase academic performance in addition to supporting our students’ health. Even slight modifications, such as eating breakfast every day or taking short exercise breaks in class, can help students stay focused and improve their behavior. Top 7 Telehealth Doctors for College Students 2022 Telehealth is particularly beneficial to college students […]

The Top 9 Online Colleges for Bachelor’s in Graphic Design 2022

Artists not only express themselves in the creative ways; they also develop self-confidence and self-discipline in the process! If you are an artist yourself, a career in graphic design might be calling you. As a field of study, graphic design is versatile and valuable in all industries, combining a conventional approach to visual artistry and […]

Do Fashion Design Majors Make Good Money?

Fashion design is a career in which you can combine creative flair with technical expertise. Fashion designers often consider salary when deciding on their career paths. You find out if this type of career is a good fit for you by learning how much fashion designers earn on average and what their primary responsibilities entail. […]

Top 7 Online Mental Health Counseling College Services

Although college life is almost always synonymous with fun and enrichment, it is also a place of anxiety for many young people. Students feel uncertain about themselves and their purpose, and these feelings can lead to depression! Of course, some find these situations manageable, but what happens when students feel trapped in these negative emotions? […]

The 15 Best Study Techniques for College Success in 2022

Upon reaching college, students realize that their previous study habits in secondary school don’t cut it anymore. Your days are now filled with intensive reading and more rigorous discussions, and your exam results significantly impact your overall performance. Unlike in high school, your college professors take you as mature independent individuals who must work their […]


Do you need information on the right scholarships available to you? You’ve come to the right place! College Cliffs presents internship opportunities to qualified college students. We regularly scour the Internet for internships available for you! From time to time, these opportunities will be updated, changed, or deleted as soon as the positions are filled […]

The Top 16 Online Jobs for College Students in 2022

Perhaps the biggest reason why many students were forced to leave their part-time jobs and stay at home is because of COVID-19. Thousands of college students used to have part-time jobs, but everybody is scrambling to search for alternatives to balance online lectures and work because of the pandemic. Thankfully, this present situation is a […]

The 10 Best Online Nursing (RN to BSN) Bachelor’s Degree Colleges of 2022

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is an undergraduate-level degree for registered nurses. This degree exposes nurses to various fields like research, patient care technology, health promotion, or safety within the whole healthcare system. Today, Nursing is the biggest and the most in-demand health occupation across the United States. The US Bureau of Labor […]

The 10 Best Online Human Resources Management Bachelor’s Degrees Colleges of 2022

A Human Resources professional is a vital part of any workplace setting. They help recruit, hire, and train employees. To produce competent HR personnel, conflict resolution, organizational psychology, and business ethics are some of the core topics covered by a bachelor’s degree in this discipline, many of which are now offered online. Online degrees in […]

All About College Dual Enrollment

If you are currently enrolled in your third year or last year in high school and have begun planning for this year or next year’s courses, why not give dual enrollment a shot? This system is structured to prepare a high school student for rigorous coursework in higher education. The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment […]

Political Science Career Guide – Jobs, Salary, and Degree Information

To most people, the term Political Science denotes semblance to political campaigns and analysis of governance and leadership styles of heads of state. But Political Science goes beyond these elements. It is also about analyzing important issues that affect our lives every day and predicting the outcomes of our leaders’ current political moves and decisions. […]

Respiratory Therapy Career Guide – Jobs, Salary and Degree Information

First and foremost, students should contemplate choosing an occupation before enrolling in college. Health care careers are, in particular, challenging and stressful, so it is recommended to inquire and search thoroughly about all of its considerations before making a decision. Let’s take respiratory therapy, for example. These practitioners work in both traditional and non-traditional settings. […]

The 13 Best Online Sociology Bachelor’s Degree Colleges of 2022

While anybody can still enter into an entry-level career in this field without formal training, getting a bachelor’s degree in sociology is the best way to help you boost your progress quickly as you move your way up on your career ladder. Sociology programs are designed to give you the needed training in communication, research, […]

The 15 Best Online Aerospace Engineering Master’s Degree Colleges Of 2022

If you’ve always been fascinated with airplanes, rockets, spaceships, or satellites and how they seem to operate in the vast space above, you have probably taken a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering already. However, if you want to expand your knowledge in that specialty, you may opt to pursue a master’s degree. Earning this graduate […]

The 25 Best Online Tools for Health and Wellness in College

One of the most unpredictable states of a college student’s condition is their mental and physical health. Their well being would sometimes depend on the current events and decisions they make in their daily lives. There are often attributed factors that might influence how they act and feel, both in physical and emotional situations. Sometimes, […]

History of Women in STEM Fields

While the majority of positions in modern research laboratories, software companies, and engineering firms are filled by men, women have made many notable contributions to advances in science, technology, engineering, and math, dating back more than a century. Without the work of women who excelled in fields ranging from botany to computer science, many of […]

A College Student’s Guide to Studying and Test Preparation

General Test Preparation Resources Strategic Test Prep: Learn how to organize notes and information to make studying more effective. Test Preparation and Test-Taking Strategies: College tests are very different from high school tests. Knowing how to prepare can help ensure academic success in college. Test Preparation Tips: These proven strategies can help students efficiently prepare […]

The 15 Best Online Bachelor’s in English/Writing Degree Colleges Of 2022

English majors work in different fields. From PR to journalism, entertainment and fundraising, literary history to critical theory, and creative writing, this degree is one of the best choices for students who do not want to limit themselves in a particular career.  An English degree can help students develop their valuable skills further than most […]