What Career and Salary Can I Have With a Bachelors Degree in Communications?

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Earning a degree in communications allows you to pursue a career in human resources, journalism, and other fields. However, most individuals with communications degrees lack career awareness, so they do not know possible career fields and their earning potential. 

If you’re asking yourself the question: “What career and salary can I have with a bachelor’s degree in communications”, then our findings below will help you get the answer. More importantly, it will help you make the right career choice. 

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

What Career and Salary Can I Have With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications?

Here are some relevant jobs and their potential salaries which you can consider with a bachelor’s degree in communications. It will give you career clarity so you can make decisions based on your skills and interests.

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Human Resources

HR (human resources) professionals are responsible for overseeing different employee-related matters in an organization. One of their primary duties is to approach, hire, and train new employees. Furthermore, they support the well-being of employees and maintain a good environment at the workplace.

Apart from getting a bachelor’s degree in communications, you can complete courses in human resource management and psychology. It will increase the value of your professional profile and help you harness relevant skills. The average annual salary of HR professionals is $44,245

Digital Marketing Manager

If you have a communications degree, then you can consider building a lucrative career in digital marketing. Due to continuous digital evolution, there are many opportunities available now for digital marketing enthusiasts. A digital marketing manager is one of the top positions that you can consider.

As a digital marketing manager, you have to keep track of online marketing campaigns. From social media to email marketing, you have to monitor the campaign results on different marketing channels. 

You can consider doing marketing courses to enhance your resume and harness relevant skills. It will also help you stay on top of the latest marketing tactics, and you will learn how to create results-driven marketing campaigns. The average annual pay of the digital marketing manager is $124,046

Training and Development Manager 

Another promising career path that you can consider with a communications degree is training and development management. The primary duty of this position is to design and implement training programs for employees. 

While working in this position, you have to effectively execute training initiatives and make sure they are aligned with the company’s objectives. 

You may have to work with other departments to identify the training requirements and design customized courses accordingly. You have to conduct virtual and in-person training sessions and try different methods to make these sessions engaging. The average annual salary of a training and development manager is $137,419. 

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Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts have to conduct proper market research and drive useful data that can be used to create ROI-driven business marketing strategies. The educational requirements can vary according to the employer’s preferences.

As a market research analyst, you must have strong research methodology and communication skills. It will make you eligible for the high-paying position. The average median salary of a market research analyst is $78,816 per year. 


Sales professionals are known to leverage oral and written communication skills the most. A large part of their job involves communication, as they have to deliver pitches to sell products or services and to acquire more customers. 

The role of sales holds special significance in a variety of industries, including travel, insurance, finance, telemarketing, and real estate. 

The primary duty of sales associates is to sell products to customers by explaining their benefits. They also manage long-term relationships with clients by resolving their complaints and offering satisfactory services. The average annual salary of a sales professional is $81,617. 

Corporate Communications Manager

The corporate communications manager is responsible for leading the organization’s internal and external communications. It is one of the highest-paid positions that you can consider with a communications degree.

As a communications manager, you have to create communication strategies to promote the positive corporate identity of the company. You also have to manage employee communications and media relations.

To become eligible for this position, you must develop the required skills, which include leadership, communication, and media relations skills. The average annual pay of a corporate communications manager is $124,800. 

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Content Marketing Manager 

In today’s content-driven era, the demand for content marketing managers is continuously increasing, so it can help you build a successful career. They create content strategies for businesses, including blogs, social media, and different types of online content. 

As a content marketing manager, you have to come up with ideas that can increase companies’ online engagement and web traffic. Some skills that you must develop for this position are creativity, project management, digital marketing, and analytical skills. The average annual pay for the content marketing manager is $125,349. 


The media sector offers plenty of golden opportunities for individuals with communications degrees. Most jobs in the media industry involve communication, so you must try your luck there. From entertainment to education purposes, roles in the media sector vary.

For example, you can work as a host on TV shows to present information verbally or interview famous celebrities. On the other hand, you may also work as a sports commentator with a TV channel. 

The employment opportunities in the media sector are endless; however, competition is also high in this industry, so you must develop sound communication skills. You may also strengthen your portfolio by doing relevant internships and getting relevant experience. The salaries for media professionals vary according to the different roles and positions. 

Public Relations

Public relations is another field that communications degree holders can consider. This field focuses on managing information between the general public and organizations.  

As a public relations expert, you have to speak to the media, write press releases, and keep an eye on the current trends. To do justice to your responsibilities, you require exceptional communication skills.

If you are someone who likes to stay in the limelight, then the public relations field can be the right fit for you. Furthermore, it will help you establish a decent career, as the average salary of public relations specialists is $60,241. To improve your resume, you may do an internship at a PR agency that will give you valuable and relevant experience in this field.

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Top Communications Specializations

The top communications specializations that can help you succeed with a communications degree are:

Here are some common questions that most students have who want to pursue a degree in communications. 

Is a Bachelor of Communications Degree Useful?

Yes, a communication degree can make you eligible for jobs in journalism, marketing, public relations, and other fields. Most of the courses in the communications degree are related to technical communications and mass media, which can help you build a stable and thriving career.

What Are the Highest-Paying Jobs for a Communication Degree?

Some of the highest-paying jobs that you can get with a communication degree are public relations manager, media supervisor, brand strategist, and communication director.

Can a Communications Degree Get You Into Marketing?

Yes, earning a communications degree can make you eligible for different marketing roles. Although, you require solid oral and written communication skills to convey marketing messages effectively. 


Earning a bachelor’s degree in communications can make you eligible for plenty of employment opportunities in different sectors. It is important to decide beforehand which career path you want to choose with a communications degree so you can work on your professional development accordingly.