15 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Communications in 2023

At its core, Communication helps people better understand relationships. Global societies, organizations, cultures, and interpersonal relationships rely heavily on communication, even more so in the age of digitization and automation.

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An Online Bachelor’s in Communications program studies how people interact, relay or process information, taking into account the principles of Sociology, Politics, and Psychology. Communications majors acquire and strengthen their critical thinking, intercultural communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, team building, research, and public speaking skills that employers across all businesses or organizations seek.

The Lowdown

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An online Communications degree provides students with a broad foundation in multiple fields. They become prepared to take on entry-level roles in mass media, new media, international business, politics, professional writing, publishing, advertising, health communication, or public relations.


Find online Communications online bachelor’s programs that meet the demands of modern industries and match your objectives.

To make the selection process easy for you, we put together the Best Online Bachelor’s in Communications programs! Our list features the top programs from highly renowned colleges. Each program is known for these academic attributes:

  • Delivered either as an online or hybrid Communications undergraduate program,
  • Features a Communications curriculum that is a result of the collaboration among, and shared inputs from, field experts,
  • Develops each student’s skills of graduates to become adept communicators and proactive industry contributors,
  • Develop the  soft skills, especially collaboration, analytical, teamwork, and decision-making skills of online learners,
  • Taught by seasoned Communication instructors and professional Communication experts,
  • Offers federal aid assistance, scholarships, grants, military benefits, student loans, and tuition discounts to eligible students,
  • Obtained regional and programmatic accreditation from academic agencies that promote high standards of instruction.

Read our Methodology to see how our ranking process works.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Communications

Walden University

Walden University

Online Bachelor of Science in Communication

Walden University’s online Bachelor of Science in Communication program emphasizes the practical skills needed to communicate ideas and messages effectively to their audiences. Walden’s BS in Communication program features a faculty of instructors that are active practitioners and leading thinkers in the field.

Students become familiar with the evolving trends in media, culture, businesses, and human behavior, driven by technological advancements.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students analyze how ethical practices affect the communication process and the outcomes. They are trained to demonstrate respect for diversity and uniqueness and build collaborative relationships.

Did You Know?

Online students have access to their Walden Undergraduate Academy™, which offers special arrangements for adult learners seeking to earn a Communications degree and other degree programs online.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University - Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Online Bachelor of Science in Communications

Arizona State University’s (ASU) Bachelor of Science in Communication online explores how communication influences every aspect of life and how it is crucial to reaching career goals.

ASU Communications majors become adept at writing clear, compelling, and persuasive arguments, with the ability to approach complex communication issues strategically.

Graduates emerge with these distinctive Communications skills:

  • Written and oral communication
  • Conflict management
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Interpersonal relationship management
  • Teamwork
  • Effective work collaboration
What Makes this Program Unique:

Accomplished professionals comprise the Communications faculty at Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, part of the ASU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. ASU Communication majors successfully become government, business administration, education, human resource, public relations, and marketing professionals. 

Did You Know?

In this Communications degree, ASU professors utilize a transdisciplinary approach to education. Students are inspired to become global citizens and critical thinkers after graduation.

Drexel University

Drexel University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Communications

Drexel University offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication program focusing on journalism and public relations, underscoring communication theories and methods. Drexel graduates emerge as competent professionals who participate in major organizational decisions, particularly playing a key role in ensuring an organization’s public image.

As a would-be communication specialist, students are trained to introduce brands or products in an impactful way. They manage social media and other campaigns for businesses and oversee the planning process for conferences, events, and other social activities. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

Drexel University’s online Communication degree focuses on enabling students to communicate effectively in a variety of formats to a variety of audiences in a culturally diverse world where ideas. Internationally recognized faculty teach all courses.

Did You Know?

Today’s job market demands effective and meaningful communication specialists, and Drexel graduates are qualified for those! They can become copywriters, journalists, communications managers, or brand managers.

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Conflict

The University of Central Florida Online offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Conflict degree program. UCF Online offers students the right training in conflict resolution to discover the best strategies for negotiating in a real-world setting. You will finally be prepared for a profession in various fields not limited to the communication industry.

The Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Conflict program is offered by UCF entirely online. Graduates qualify for various job opportunities and prepare them to pursue graduate studies in fields ranging from Communication to Law.

What Makes this Program Unique:

There are many things that this degree can offer. It can train you to promote peaceful resolutions in different contexts, facilitate communication, and handle conflicts constructively. You’ll learn to understand how media portrays conflicts and their effects. Also, you’ll be able to listen actively, express your feelings empathically, and engage in discussions across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Did You Know?

Staff at UCF support their online students, guiding them through the online degree program journey. The UCF Online Connect Center team offers a range of resources and partners with students to develop effective strategies for academic success.

Florida International University

Florida International University - Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Arts is available online at Florida International University. It is a popular major for those who want to work as communication officers in businesses, governments, non-profits, or education. This fully online program allows students worldwide to earn their degrees.

With a degree in communication arts, you can gain a firm foundation in the fundamental ideas and techniques of interpersonal and business communication, group dynamics, and persuasion. The degree is adaptable, reasonably priced, and thorough, teaching crucial corporate communication skills, including managing conflicts and crises, making decisions, and developing leadership and teams.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students may view lectures, receive immediate teacher feedback, and collaborate on projects with classmates through interactive technology. A personal success coach is also assigned to students to offer one-on-one assistance.

Did You Know?

This program offers up-to-date case study coursework taught by exceptional instructors who will help you prepare for occupations where leadership and a big-picture outlook are crucial to managing change.

The Communication Arts Department promotes individual academic and personal development via effective instruction.

The Communication Arts Studio is housed in the Communication Arts department.

Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies

An online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communication Studies program is available at Appalachian State University. This online degree equips you with the skills to plan, deliver, and evaluate persuasive communication by providing a solid foundation based on core principles and practices.

The Communication bachelor program, offered through the Department of Communication, encompasses all facets of modern communication, featuring courses that combine theory and practice with real-world experience and practical industry applications. Students become well-suited to deliver successful leadership in the commercial, health care, communication, non-profit, legal, and educational sectors.

All military personnel who want to complete a four-year degree at a nationally renowned institution are eligible for this program.

What Makes this Program Unique:

One of the seven departments housed in the Appalachian State University College of Fine and Applied Arts is the Department of Communication. This department strives to provide the highest quality education where humanities, sciences, and technologies intersect.

Did You Know?

The Beasley Media Complex offers world-class training from the department’s award-winning staff. Graduates hold various corporate, government, non-profit, and media jobs. 

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor of Science in Communication

Another option to acquire expertise in communication is to enroll at Southern New Hampshire University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Students strategize and communicate their ideas effectively in many areas, including journalism, marketing, public relations, and social media. As many industries shift to digital communications, this online degree also helps you learn about this fast-changing field.

By completing the Communication degree online program, you may get the skills, confidence, and knowledge required to succeed in the quickly evolving communication sector. Experts at the SNHU communication department will teach you about cutting-edge methods and methodologies, and you’ll get the chance to put what you learn into practice in a group setting. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

The ability to select up to two graduate-level communication courses and apply them toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees is another advantage of obtaining your communications degree online at SNHU. The online Bachelor’s in Communication program at SNHU offers advanced instruction in subjects including new media and public relations.

Did You Know?

Southern New Hampshire University has always been dedicated to increasing access to higher education by lowering costs. They provide some of the most affordable online tuition in the country as a result.

They also provide financial aid packages to those who qualify and a 30% tuition discount for full-time and part-time US service members and their families. 

University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas - Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication

An online Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree program is offered at the University of Arkansas. The course teaches you to use high-tech, fast-paced communication strategies to reach a wide audience across multiple platforms.

Students majoring in Communication will examine a program uniquely combining interpersonal, group, business, and social communication with cutting-edge messaging technologies. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

The industry nationally commends this online degree program from the well-respected Department of Communication. The program introduces students to the principles of interpersonal persuasion, media technologies’ effects, and social movements’ effects.

Did You Know?

In this online communication degree, you can learn how to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds, use new media technology, establish mass communication strategies for work contexts, engage in First Amendment debates, and evaluate media messages critically.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

As a student in this online Bachelor of Communication Studies degree program offered by Bellevue University, you’ll work on writing samples for various writing and media projects, which you can provide potential employers with for references.

When you enroll with existing credits, work experience, or military experience, you can utilize your previous credits and experiences. With all 127 credits applied to your communications degree, Bellevue University reduces your overall requirement to just 67 credits.

What Makes this Program Unique:

To ensure our communications major curriculum remains relevant, they have designed it to be as engaging as possible. At the end of the program, you’ll learn to present persuasively and engagingly. You can approach messaging strategies from an intercultural and diversity perspective. Finally, you’ll learn to customize messaging for social media and digital platforms.

Did You Know?

After graduating from Bellevue’s Communication Studies degree, you will be prepared to understand and apply communication concepts, theories, and perspectives. You can tailor messages for different audiences, purposes, and contexts.

National University

National University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications

Become a strategic thinker and communicator by choosing the web-based Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications at National University. As a result of this course, you can assist firms in developing distinctive voices for use in presentations, print media, broadcast, and online media in various sectors, such as public relations, marketing, advertising, and business communication.

The BA in Strategic Communication program’s courses combine academic work with case studies, practical experience, and the creation of messages for various media channels. After completing the program, you will be well-equipped to pursue a career that involves creating marketing strategies, project planning, project management, content development, and leadership.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This online program will teach you the communication skills necessary for the modern job market thanks to small class sizes and faculty mentors with practical expertise. Because NU provides four-week courses, you can concentrate on one subject per month and complete your degree more quickly.

Additionally, you don’t need to wait to apply because year-round enrollment allows you to start school as early as next month. Active-duty service personnel and the immediate family members of those who serve have access to tuition discounts at Yellow Ribbon schools, which support the military.

Did You Know?

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications also learn how to monetize social media, create websites and apps, and use those resources to plan and carry out PR, marketing, or advertising campaigns. These skills are in addition to the conventional communication, critical thinking, and persuasion abilities that employers value.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University

Online Bachelor of Science – Digital Communication & Media

Northeastern University’s online Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication and Media program promises innovation in communication knowledge and practice. The goal is to prepare you for entering the field or advancing your current career. According to career trends in marketing and communications, the demand for employees with digital abilities is extremely high. 

NU’s communication degree got what it takes to help you prepare for communication-related positions. You will build various digital competencies in their digital communication and media program. And as a member of our unique Virtual PR Firm, you will use those abilities to plan, carry out, and oversee a significant communication campaign.

What Makes this Program Unique:

During the program, you’ll learn digital communication and media skills applicable to private and non-profit organizations. As you design and implement an actual communication campaign, you will also gain realistic strategic and tactical skills. You’ll be equipped to become a virtual workplace expert, from presentation skills to team collaboration, so you can succeed everywhere you work.

Did You Know?

The core of Northeastern University has been its renowned experience-powered learning methodology for more than a century. It blends top-notch academics with professional experience to allow you to learn useful, practical skills that you can use immediately at your current job. This transforms a Northeastern education into a dynamic, life-changing experience that offers unlimited chances to develop professionally and personally.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies

The online Bachelor’s in Communication Studies offered at the University of Maryland – Global Campus increases students’ career prospects in various communication fields. 

To help you better communicate information to various groups, the program, developed with input from employers, industry professionals, and academics, mixes theories with real-world applications and practical skills. This degree will assist you in mastering communication within diverse constraints, regardless of your area of interest in public relations, marketing,  journalism, or digital communication.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Learn to design written messages and multimedia displays appropriate for various audiences, uses, and situations. Apply organizational communication methods in the workplace that is addressed to anyone. 

Did You Know?

This curriculum is designed to prepare you for a career in journalism, public relations, business, mass media, new media, or internet communication.

The Communication Student Association sponsors several events that give students the knowledge to help them decide whether to pursue careers in the communication industry. Graduate or undergraduate students, former students, staff members, and instructors can access it. 

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix

Online Bachelor of Science in Communication

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Phoenix, you’ll gain the skills to excel in various professional roles. It is important to communicate your ideas and persuade people to buy products and services wherever you are.

The University of Phoenix offers a two-part online communication degree. You will first study the fundamentals of communication, which include subjects like logical argumentation, rhetoric, and storytelling. As you explore the business side of communication, you will examine specialty areas such as public relations and social media. After graduation, you can land jobs as a copywriter, communication manager, editor, or media relations specialist.

What Makes this Program Unique:

They consulted industry professionals in this program when developing their online communication program. In the fields of corporate, intercultural, interpersonal, and organizational communication, they place a strong emphasis on theory and application. The communication courses equip you with skills applicable to your career and will help you communicate effectively in various professional settings. You’ll work on your written, vocal, and nonverbal communication skills.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to convey valuable facts and messages to business decision-making and use communication software and tools. 

Did You Know?

Look into scholarships worth up to $1000 or $3000 to make getting your communication bachelor’s degree more affordable.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona - Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Communications

The University of Arizona offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication program online. Communication processes and effects are studied in this online degree program. The study of communication is important to many academic and professional interests since it is the most fundamental social behavior that people employ to function in society. The major does not, however, emphasize instruction in certain skills, such as public relations, broadcast journalism, or sports marketing.

The processes and outcomes of communication in four domains—interpersonal, mass, health, and social influence—are studied by students in the Bachelor of Arts in Communication program. The study of communication is significant to a wide range of academic and professional interests since it is the most fundamental social behavior by which persons function.

Writing effectively and persuasively is a key component of the coursework, as is learning how to communicate complicated concepts, honing your critical thinking abilities, and understanding how to consume media with awareness. Academic Analytics gave the department the top national ranking for research output in recognition of its dedication to high-quality instruction and research.

What Makes this Program Unique:

In this program, you’ll develop research-supported messages. You can understand how communication research differs from other types of research. You’ll also learn to analyze quantitative communication research.

Did You Know?

You will have access to scholarships as an accepted student through Arizona’s distinctive database, Scholarship Universe. Each semester, you might be able to sign up for a payment plan to split the cost of your tuition into three equal payments.

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

Online Bachelor of Science in Communication

The Bachelor of Science in Communication is available at the University of Minnesota. This focuses on communication theory and practice in developing, delivering, and assessing coherent communications. You can improve interpersonal, writing, and presenting skills to communicate effectively with clients, coworkers, and the general public daily.

To fit your career path, pick from three alternative areas of emphasis. You may go for the Communication Studies emphasis or stick to a specific track in Writing or Organizational Communication, and lastly, you can go for a specialization in Public Relations. Choose the one that fits your professional goals.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Here, you will collaborate directly with stimulating lecturers and classmates to send and receive communications in a clear, efficient, and revolutionary manner. Your best story should begin here since communication is a lot like storytelling. Develop and improve the writing and interpersonal skills you’ll need to communicate clearly with coworkers, clients, and the general public daily. In the classroom, develop portfolio-building items that may be applied outside of it.

Did You Know?

Graduates with great communication abilities are in high demand from employers. Graduates in communication will be qualified for employment in virtually any industry. They’ll be able to adjust to shifting conditions and commercial realities.

Concentrations in the Field of Communications


For communications majors, a typical career choice is journalism. It blends researching, writing, and editing with thrilling investigative labor and the chance to become famous and wealthy. Despite the stereotype of journalists, there are other positions in the industry besides the glamorous ones. You may, for instance, get a job as a reporter or news anchor during the day and work behind the scenes as an editor, researcher, or copywriter.

The discipline of journalism is vast and dynamic, especially in the digital era. For those who take pleasure in this kind of work, it has a lot of promise.

Business Communication

A Bachelor of Arts in Communication focusing on Business Communication will enable you to develop successful communication techniques within a business by fostering interpersonal connections and teamwork.

With this online degree, you can prepare yourself for employment in various industries. You get the chance to improve your written and verbal communication abilities, which are important in every professional setting, with this targeted BA in Communication. Increase your degree’s business specialization to position yourself better to comprehend and influence communication tactics for actual workplace dynamics.

Technical Communication

Technical writers, also known as technical communicators, provide written materials for disseminating technical knowledge or goods. Technical writers may produce instruction manuals, how-to guides, or journal articles, for instance, that are used in various industries. These degree programs often need a common set of prerequisites in arithmetic, statistics, and computer programming in addition to the conventional communications curriculum.

To keep up with the quick advancements in software and technology, several programs allow students to work on real projects for real clients.

Public Relations

Public relations specialists create media releases to create and maintain the ideal public image for the company or entity they represent. Large enterprises, government officials, non-profit organizations, artists, and more may be among their many diverse clients. As a firm spokesman in front of the media, preparing clients for press conferences and interviews, composing speeches, and managing social media are common public relations duties. 

Film and Video

Another specialization option in Communications is film and video. Film industry jobs you can land with a communications degree include film editors, announcers, reporters, videographers, journalists, directors, sound technicians, news correspondents, or production assistants. Considering how competitive this industry is, you might want to include other credentials on your resume. For technical jobs, you will also need to develop special skills.

New Media

Considered modern media, the new media is a promising pathway for communication enthusiasts. Every day, new or digital media becomes more recent. Today’s successful communication strategies depend on writing and creating content for new media platforms, including tweets, online articles, and social media campaigns. It is the brand-new frontier, and it will remain!

You can learn how to integrate new media into the framework of a bigger campaign by pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication focusing on New Media. You will gain exposure to various sector areas with the online bachelor’s degree in communication and new media, including business communication, graphic design, and public relations, making you a skilled creator of online “buzz” valuable to any corporation.

Professional Writing

Getting a professional writing degree online is sensible for both practical and career reasons. The course strongly emphasizes the abilities required to make the most of the various platforms currently available to communicators, including the web and social media. You’ll pick up tools and hone skills to comprehend editing, technical writing, copywriting, and writing for your target audiences.

Along with these qualities, you’ll develop the analytical and problem-solving skills required to adapt to societal and technological change. Enrolling in the online professional writing degree program will teach you important thinking, writing, research, and exceptional skills. This online BA in Communication with a professional writing concentration emphasizes rhetoric and career orientation through targeted writing courses.

Health Communication

Even while the medical sector may not be the first to spring to mind when considering a communications degree, the field of health communication is thriving. Those who want to specialize in health communication could be writers for a medical practice’s website or public relations agents working for a health organization that receives funding from the government.

Health communicators’ responsibility is to facilitate communication between the healthcare industry and key people and inform the public. 

Courses to Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Communications

Mass Communication

Mass communication entails examining technological advancements like the printing press, telegraph, and television in their context. This provides students with a historical perspective on the subject. The course investigates how media and culture are impacted by mass communication.

Critical Thinking and Communication

As a paradigm of critical thinking, argumentation is introduced in this course. Students will discover the basics of critical thinking and how it enhances communication.

Public Communication Campaigns

This course examines public communication initiatives that try to inform and persuade audiences in diverse contexts.

Mass Media

This course examines mass media’s origins, evolution, and contemporary function in forming and reflecting society. The importance of critical, informed mass media intake is emphasized.

Public Relations

In public relations courses, learners analyze public image, PR research, and branding. The function of social media in public relations is also covered in the course. For professions in public relations, students receive industry-specific training.

Interpersonal Communication

In the interpersonal communication course, students will study interpersonal communication processes and the individuals involved. You’ll analyze and discuss communication models, verbal and non-verbal languages, and situational cues.

Media Literacy

Communication students must develop into knowledgeable consumers of mediated messages in a world overrun by media. This course addresses how media affects our lives while concentrating on developing media analysis abilities. Topics covered include news polarization, media addiction, and media’s impact on identity.

Business Communication

During this course, you will learn how to write effectively in business while dealing with business ethics and diversity issues through models, concepts, and case studies. The business communication course covers the topics of writing, mental organization, creativity, and decision-making. 

Communication in the Digital Age

This course examines the significant impacts that digital communications have on both our personal and professional life. Emphasis is put on the growth, development, and convergence of communication technologies and an overview of the disruptions brought on by new tools, techniques, channels, and platforms.

Possible Career Paths for Communication Graduates

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations experts assist clients in creating a favorable public perception. They prepare speeches, news releases, and responses to media inquiries to influence how the public perceives their client. Public relations experts also assist clients in communicating their goals and achievements. Public relations experts can advance into positions like public relations managers with experience.


Writers produce content for publications, including books, periodicals, television shows, and other media. Scriptwriters, biographical writers, and copywriters are among the genres they specialize in. Others write fiction, while others write for websites. For writers to produce accurate, legible, and appealing research and communication skills are essential.

Business Reporter

Journalists that cover business typically work for print or internet newspapers. They cover topics such as the different kinds of news that could affect businesses. They can be hired in different media mediums such as printed magazines, newspapers, television, and radio. 

Brand Strategist

Another job in communications is to become a brand strategist. They are usually in charge of creating plans to position brands in a particular way. To fulfill a brand’s objectives, they could collaborate directly with a business or an agency. These objectives include gaining visibility, repositioning a brand’s image, or minimizing the harm caused by an incident or problem.


Editors create content concepts and collaborate with writers to edit content before publication. They have a variety of specialties, including executive editing, fact-checking, and copyediting. While some editors concentrate on enhancing material for publication, others examine submissions to make publishing decisions. Editors need to be good communicators.


Copywriters are in charge of creating content for brands that appeal to their target market and marketing objectives. In addition to blogs and marketing emails, they can write brochures and signage for events. They may work in marketing departments as they contribute to creating branding campaigns, slogans, and taglines.

Social Media Manager

Managers of social media platforms must develop marketing and advertising plans. To ensure their clients’ or companies’ success, they build organic and paid marketing campaigns according to their objectives.

Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager manages the content that a company or function provides to its customers or audience. This content may be podcasts, articles, videos, infographics, or other media types. To increase a company’s communications to meet certain marketing objectives like traffic or product adoption, they strive to build a content strategy across a range of channels, including websites, blogs, and social media.

Advertising Sales Agent

Ad space is sold by advertising salespeople. They collaborate with customers to offer advertising services and pricing estimations. The advertising sales agent is the point of contact for clients during the pitch and delivery processes. The occupation requires great communication abilities, just like other sales-related fields do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Bachelor’s in Communication program offered entirely online?

Attending Communication bachelor’s programs online is an excellent approach, and they are offered by some of the biggest colleges in the country. Online undergraduate curricula are of the same quality as the courses taught in person. Online BA in Communication or BS in Communication learners also acquire the same skills as those attending traditional programs.

Online programs prepare students for graduate school like conventional methods do. Importantly, online learning programs are recognized by accrediting schools, and employers welcome graduates of such programs.

Are Communication majors in demand today?

As part of the vast Liberal Arts discipline, Communications brings out the skilled professional in each graduate. Regardless of the sector they choose to become part of—such as business, government, education, or non-profit—they become poised for success because of their skill set.

To gain more competence in the many facets of Communications and qualify for higher-level positions, undergraduates can proceed with earning a master’s degree.

The Labor Statistics Bureau foresees a 6%  growth between 2021 and 2031 for media and communication occupations across all job markets.

Summary Points

  • With a Bachelor’s in Communications, you have several options for a secure, successful career. Although salaries vary by industry and position, many occupations have a promising job outlook so that you can anticipate a higher-than-average compensation overall.
  • An undergraduate education in Communications can help you get a job in various industries, such as business, politics, publishing, advertising, or mass media.
  • Communication majors also pursue careers outside the media and communication industry. They are employed, for instance, in business communications, education, and non-profit organizations because of their excellent writing, communication, and critical thinking abilities.

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