20 Colleges with Highest Acceptance Rates for 2022

Striving to attain a higher education is one of the best decisions a student will ever make in this life. Before one enters a college or university, however, it is important to make certain considerations. It includes choosing an institution that offers quality education. Many also consider the affordability and the programs offered. However, these factors are often not enough to get one into the school of their choice.

Most higher learning institutions in the United States earn their prestige because of their reputation built over decades or even centuries. Getting admitted into one is not a walk in the park. The competition can be fierce. Hence there is a need to meet certain requirements before students can get the admission they are hoping for. The acceptance rate tops these admission requirements. Fortunately, many US higher learning institutions have a high acceptance rate.

College Acceptance Rates - fact

But before delving deep into the colleges that offer the highest acceptance rate, it is essential to understand what an acceptance rate is all about.

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What is an Acceptance Rate?

In essence, the term “acceptance rate” refers to the percentage of students who applied to the university and were approved for admission. One can calculate it by dividing the number of admitted students by the total number of applicants. You must then multiply the figure to 100 to get the acceptance rate.  

To give one a clearer illustration, here is an example: College A has a total of 10,000 applicants for the school year. Only 3000 students got accepted. The acceptance rate is just 30%.

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It is good to remember that the acceptance rate varies from university to university. Some prestigious universities only accept the cream of the crop, which means their acceptance rates are generally low. Entering in one can be considered the epitome of success. But then again, there are educational institutions that attract a higher number of applicants. Hence the acceptance rate can be higher.

When looking at acceptance rates, the following points must be considered:

  • Universities with higher acceptance rates are more difficult to get into. It indicates that the institution is quite selective.
  • Acceptance rate, while important, does not determine the quality of the school. In truth, it is more like a process that underlines a school’s exclusivity.
  • Smaller schools and prestigious universities tend to have lower acceptance rates.

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What Factors Do Colleges Consider When It Comes to Acceptance Rates?

The factors behind the acceptance rate criteria are different from one college to another. However, they do have certain similarities that will help you understand the process of admission.

  • Some schools look at how students fare in their average SAT scores.
  • Students might need to meet a particular GPA average.
  • Other schools require students to go through an interview first.
  • Some universities and colleges need letters of recommendation.
  • Schools with low acceptance rates tend to have higher graduation rates.

Benefits of Choosing a School with Higher Acceptance Rates

Applying to colleges can be exhausting for a graduating high school student. There is always the uncertainty of getting accepted. Those who want to minimize the pressure can consider picking a college with a high acceptance rate. Their chances of getting admitted are statistically better, after all.

Students without competitive GPA and test scores can choose institutions with higher acceptance rates. After all, other valuable factors—such as campus location, learning method, specialized programs, social opportunities, and affordability—are just as important!

See the colleges and universities in the country with the highest acceptance rate.

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US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022

Cameron University

Lawton, Oklahoma

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 1

Acceptance Rate: 100%

With its history closely interlinked with the founding of the state of Oklahoma, Cameron University has always stayed true to its commitment to providing quality education from qualified faculty to students within Oklahoma and beyond. They offer associates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, with a wide range of choices for minor, major, and elective courses.

There is an emphasis on providing the right blend of academic training to students, finding the balance between teaching, research, service, scholarship, and mentoring. With 45 programs to choose from, students will find something that will suit their career goals. Some degree programs include Agriculture, Information Technology, Allied Health Sciences, Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, Political Science, Educational Leadership, English, Theatre, Sociology, and Social Studies Education. Students are well-prepared for a productive future where academic tools are combined with the motivation to give meaningful contributions to society.

Committed to their belief that every person deserves a top-quality and affordable education, Cameron University has a 100% acceptance rate. They have a set of criteria for admission that includes earning an ACT composite score of 20 or an SAT score of 1020. Alternatively, they can also be admitted if they meet the unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 and rank in the top 50% of their class.

Colorado Mountain College

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 2

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Colorado Mountain College has had a strong tradition of academic excellence since its founding in 1965. It currently offers five bachelor’s degree programs, 54 associate emphasis areas, and 77 certificates. With 11 campus locations in central and western Colorado, students can have several options for academic settings, with many of these locations surrounded by miles of Rocky Mountain scenery which makes for invigorating learning. The college has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. There are 15,000 students in attendance across its campus locations; 4,904 of them are studying full-time.

The Colorado Mountain College has an acceptance rate of 100%, making it one of the easiest higher learning institutions to get admitted into. Their application process is easy to navigate. Those who are interested in applying can start by completing the free admission application online. Students need to be prepared in Reading, English, and Mathematics. They are required to submit their ACT or SAT scores to the Registrar’s Office. Transcripts are only needed for submission if students are enrolling within five years of graduation.

The degree programs in the college are deeply rooted in reality, with great emphasis on practical uses. Students are expected to comply with hands-on assignments, fieldwork, and internships. They can choose among the four-year degrees on offer, including Nursing, Business, Education, Leadership & Management, Ecosystems Science, and Stewardship and Sustainability.

South Florida State College

Avon Park, Florida

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 3

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Established in 1965 by the Florida Legislature, South Florida State College has remained committed to providing a learning-centered environment through quality programs and training. At present, the college serves more than 19,000 residents of Highlands, Hardee, and DeSoto counties. Students are guaranteed quality education as the South Florida State College has been acknowledged by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate and associate degrees.

Known for its high acceptance rate, at 100%, the college seeks to provide easy access to education for interested students. The admission process is easy. They have to meet the cumulative GPA of 3.50 or rank at the top 10% of their high school class. They will also need to take the SAT Reasoning Test and earn a combined 1100 or higher in mathematics and critical reading. Alternatively, they can also present their ACT composite score of at least 25 or higher. 

Students can choose among various programs, including Agriculture, Business, Electricity, Fire Science, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Hospitality. They also have technical workforce programs that lead to an Associate in Science degree, certificate, or diploma.

Northeastern State University

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 4

Acceptance Rate: 99.6%

Originally founded as the Cherokee National Female Seminary in 1846, Northeastern State University became the fourth-largest public four-year institution and one of the six institutions governed by the Regional University System of Oklahoma board. The university makes it home in the heart of Oklahoma’s Green Country, where old and new meet. They also have campuses in Muskogee and Broken Arrow.

The college has a strong commitment to providing the diverse communities within its scope with lifelong learning opportunities through its broad array of programs, from undergraduate to graduate and professional doctoral degrees. They aim to help students succeed by offering quality teaching, challenging curricula, and research and scholarly activities. Students are also encouraged to join in immersive learning opportunities and services to local and professional communities. The college also gives an option for online education.

The acceptance rate at Northeastern State University is at 99.6%, which means that students have easy access to its quality programs. Some of the undergraduate programs they can choose from include American Indian Studies, Art Education, Applied Physics, Cherokee Cultural Studies, Cell and Molecular Biology, Creative Writing, and Hospitality and Tourism Management, among many others. For admission, students must complete 15 high school units. This includes English, Laboratory Science, Math, History and Citizenship Skills, and others.

Unity College

Unity, Maine

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 5

Acceptance Rate: 98.3%

For more than five decades, Unity College has considered sustainability the foundation of its entire approach to learning and existing. It is known as the first college in the country to have divested fossil fuel. They aim to create a more sustainable future through education and innovation.

This approach is centered around sustainable education that is also flexible, affordable, and accessible to everyone. With an acceptance rate of 98.3%, Unity College accepts students from all walks of life, providing programs with at least one sustainability learning outcome. The admission process to Unity College is easy to follow. Students have three learning approaches to choose from: hybrid learning, traditional learning, and online learning. The process can be done in 3 easy steps. First, aspiring students must complete a free application online. They will then need to send their transcript before they can accomplish the final step in the process, which is to file for their FAFSA application.

Unity College prides itself on proving quality education from a private school education with a public school cost. It is known as one of the most affordable colleges in the country. For those who will take hybrid learning or distance education, the cost of tuition and fees is just less than $1000 more than attending a public institution. They can also be guaranteed financial aid. Some of the programs on offer include Conservation Law Enforcement, Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, and Captive Wildlife Care.

Blue Mountain College

Blue Mountains, Mississippi

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 6

Acceptance Rate: 95.7%

Founded in 1873, Blue Mountain College has more than 140 years of demonstrated excellence in the academic arena. It has received various recognitions from acclaimed publications and organizations, including the US News & World Report and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. It has also gained accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate and master’s degrees.

Courses offered to students at Blue Mountain College can lead to four undergraduate degrees, namely Bachelors of Arts, Education, Science, and Music Education. Other programs are available as minors. Some of the program choices include Business Administration, Christian Ministry, Secondary Education, English with Writing Emphasis, History, Music, Mathematics, Sport Management, and Liberal Arts. The college also offers three online programs for distance education – Psychology, Business Administration, and Master of Business Administration.

While there is an emphasis on high school records and ACT or SAT scores, Blue Mountain College still has one of the highest acceptance rates in the country at 95.7%. The college aims to admit students who are committed to scholarship and servant leadership.

Cleveland State University

Cleveland, Ohio

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 7

Acceptance Rate: 94%

Located at the heart of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland State University has been an outstanding public research institution since 1964. The Brookings Institute recognized it as the 18th public university to provide upward mobility and conduct impactful research. To date, the university has 16,000 students spread out across ten colleges and schools. They offer more than 175 programs in a wide range of fields.

Cleveland State takes pride in its student-focused education, where scholarly excellence is valued. They provide an accessible and exceptional chance at learning. Students who apply for admission will find that it is easy to enter Cleveland State University. After all, its acceptance rate is 94%. The university is leading when it comes to innovative collaboration, as exemplified in its wide range of offered programs. Some of these programs include Business Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Early Childhood Education, Computer Engineering, Nursing, Chemistry, Health Sciences, and Anthropology, among many others.

Students who wish to get admission into Cleveland State University must complete the application process. Some requirements include meeting the high school grade point average of 2.3 or higher and a minimum ACT of 16 or SAT of 880.

Delta State University

Cleveland, Mississippi

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 8

Acceptance Rate: 94%

Located in Cleveland, Mississippi, Delta State University is a public learning institution committed to providing quality education through dozens of comprehensive degree programs. The university started as a teacher’s college and eventually expanded to traditional and unique programs of study. Students can choose among core disciplines of arts, humanities, and sciences. They can also find a suitable choice in the unique offerings like Delta Music Institute, Commercial Aviation, and Geospatial Information Technology program.

Delta State University is known for its affordability. Students can also access financial assistance and student employment to sustain their college education. With a small class ratio of 11:1, they can be guaranteed with a careful learning approach and personalized mentorship. They will often get a mix of traditional and online classes, allowing students to take classes that fit their demanding schedules. Delta State University welcomes international students into both their undergraduate and graduate programs as full-time or exchange students. The school is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges-accredited.

With an acceptance rate of 94%, it is easier for students to get admitted into Delta State University than other higher learning institutions. Incoming first-year students who wish to apply for admission will need to prepare their official transcripts and complete the College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) with a minimum GPA of 3.20. They will also need to score at least 16 on the ACT. Those without a diploma from a regionally accredited high school will need to submit their transcripts showing academic performance and ACT or SAT scores.

Montana State University

Bozeman, Montana

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 9

Acceptance Rate: 81.9%

Recognized as one of 130 universities all over the country to have the designation of “very high research activity,” Montana State University was established in 1893 in Bozeman, Montana, and remained committed to preparing students for successful future careers and further education. It keeps its student-to-faculty ratio low, so it can better provide more hands-on learning to students. The supportive and collaborative learning environment allows students to enjoy academic excellence to achieve prestigious awards like Goldwater scholarships and Rhodes Scholarships.

Officially recognized by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, Montana State University has a wide range of colleges, including the Colleges of Agriculture, Nursing, Business, Arts and Architecture, Engineering, Education, and Health & Human Development. Some of the major programs on offer are Accounting, Aerospace, Agricultural Business, American Studies, Animal Science, Art History, Architecture, Asian Studies, Biochemistry, and many others.

Montana University has an acceptance rate of 81.9%, one of the highest in the country. One of the learning institutions that ended the requirements for the ACT or SAT scores as a criterion for admission through the motion advanced by the Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education. To get admitted into the university, students will need to accomplish an admission application online, submit a non-refundable application fee of $38 along with their high school transcripts and official Advanced Placement Examination scores.

University of Portland

Portland, Oregon

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 10

Acceptance Rate: 76.7%

Established in 1901, the University of Portland has a thriving community of more than 4,000 students from diverse backgrounds. Situated nicely in a residential neighborhood overlooking the Willamette River and the city of Portland, the school was nicknamed “The Bluff.” The university has been widely recognized, consistently ranking in the top 10 regional universities in the West by the US News & World Report.

Known as the only comprehensive university, the University of Oregon offers a wide range of programs, including business, education, nursing, engineering, arts and sciences, and a vast graduate studies option. To date, students can choose among 40 undergraduate programs, 30 minors, 18 graduate programs, and an assortment of more than 1,300 courses. One of the university’s strengths is its small class settings, with 12 students to one faculty. This is despite the University of Portland’s high acceptance rate, at 76.7%. With its rich resource for learning and social connections, students can find vast educational opportunities, research, and experts. They can also experience complete student life in the form of athletic and cultural events.

The university has a rolling admission cycle. After completing the application process, it takes UP around 2 to 3 weeks to evaluate, process, and verify documents. Interested students who wish to apply for any offered programs at the University of Portland should ensure that they complete the application form and prepare their official high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, recommendation form, and essays. They will also need to provide a $50 application fee.

Some of the programs on offer include Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Bachelor of Art in Biology, Bachelor of Art in Social Work, Bachelor of Science in Physics, and Bachelor of Art in Political Science & Global Affairs.

Drexel University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 11

Acceptance Rate: 74.7%

The brainchild of financier and philanthropist Anthony J. Drexel in 1891, Drexel University is firmly rooted in a tradition of innovation. It was established at a time when industrial society was rapidly growing. In the modern-day, Drexel University remained true to its founding principles. As a global research university, this higher learning institution incorporates academic rigor with a cooperative education program to create a unique model that exemplifies experiential learning.

To date, Drexel University has three campuses within Philadelphia and other regional sites. It is home to the country’s oldest major natural science museum – the Academy of Natural Sciences. As a global research university, Drexel has formed partnerships with China and Israel to advance research education. The university is also known to offer degree programs online, a convenient and flexible option for students juggling their professional careers with their academic pursuits. With Pennsylvania, Drexel University is recognized as 8th out of 122 degree-granting institutions regarding the median earnings of its graduates.

Students can choose among 80 full-time undergraduate programs. With its high acceptance rate of 74.7%, it is easy and convenient for students to apply for admission. They can take different admission plans offered by the university. This includes the Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision plans. When applying for a spot in the university, it is important to remember that Drexel considers several criteria to determine admission, including high school performance, standardized test scores, essays, and letters of recommendation.

Some of the academic majors one can choose from include accounting, architecture, biological sciences, business analytics, chemical engineering, computer science, criminology and justice studies, data science, economics and public health, and more.

Wayne State College

Wayne, Nebraska

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 12

Acceptance Rate: 73.1%

Now celebrating 100 years of academic excellence, Wayne State College ensures that students earn their higher learning education with its high acceptance rate and affordable tuition fees. It has always ranked for academic excellence and successful graduate outcomes in Nebraska. It was even recognized as the Best Online College in Nebraska in 2019 by the SR Education Group.

With over 130 programs of study to choose from, Wayne State College is less selective than other educational institutions in the US, with an acceptance rate of 73.1%. The programs offered by the university are often top-notch. They offer bachelor’s, pre-professional, and master’s degrees. Some of the notable programs include Agricultural Engineering, Applied Human and Sport Physiology, Business Administration, Business Management, Chemistry Health Sciences, Civil Engineering, and many others. Some of the programs are offered online, such as the master’s degree in Elementary Education and master’s degree in Organizational Management.

The admission process for incoming newcomers is fast and easy. All they need to do is to complete the admission application, which is also available online. The college requires transcripts, but SAT or ACT scores can be self-reported. Those who do not have ACT or SAT scores can still apply and be eligible for admission and scholarship applications.

University of San Francisco

San Francisco, California

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 13

Acceptance Rate: 64.4%

Established in 1855 as St. Ignatius Academy, the University of San Francisco has always been committed to offering a dynamic liberal arts education. The kind of learning they offer is more than just job training. They aim to inspire their students to create a more humane and sustainable world. Classes are kept small to give everyone the same amount of attention and academic mentorship. It is not uncommon for professors to know their students by name, asking challenging questions and assisting them with research.

The University of San Francisco has five schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Management, the School of Nursing and Health Professions, the School of Education, and Law. The university offers a wealth of options to students. Some of the majors they can consider include Advertising, Asian Studies, History, Hospitality Management, Biology, Data Science, Economics, Nursing, Marketing, Psychology, Fine Arts, and Environmental Science, among many others.

Known for its rigorous academic programs, the University of San Francisco gives an equal chance for all when it comes to admission. They have a pretty high acceptance rate at 64.4%. Students can accomplish the application process to get admission into the university. They must meet the admission criteria set out by the institution. This includes a strong academic performance in English, mathematics, social sciences, and more. The school also asks about student involvement in extracurriculars. Students must submit a common application essay and a letter of recommendation.

Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, Florida

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 14

Acceptance Rate: 63.3%

The Florida Atlantic University spans 110 miles of Southeast Florida’s coast. It has always fostered a vibrant community where ingenuity and independence thrive. The university offers more than 170-degree programs, including bachelor’s and masters. It is known as one of the most diverse public universities in Florida and the country. Having opened its doors to students in 1946, it has continuously honed students through education and learning. It even has one of the highest acceptance rates in the country at 63.3%.

Six campuses across the university serve more than 30,000 students. Students can expect transformative education that is deeply rooted in academic excellence. Hopeful business professionals may consider earning a degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Data Science and Analytics, and International Business, among other majors offered under the College of Business. An Early Child Care and Education degree is a good fit for students who wish to be in education. They can also find other options under the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, Engineering and Computer Science, and Social Work and Criminal Justice.

The classes at FAU are kept small with a 22:1 student-faculty ratio. The requirements for admission vary from college to college. Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine students should have the minimum SAT score of 1490 or a minimum ACT composite of 33 to be accepted. Students must also have a weighted high school GPA of at least 4.3. Resident students will only pay around $18,874 for the cost of attendance, including tuition and fees, housing and dining, and books and supplies. Non-residents, on the other hand, need to shell out about $32,750.

Utah Valley University

Orem, Utah

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 15

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Located in Orem, Utah, Utah Valley University is an integrated university and community college that provides quality education through engaged teaching and scholarship. It is known as the largest public university in Utah. Combining consistency and openness, Utah Valley University offers rigorous academic programs, engaged learning, and faculty-mentored research. The university also boasts of affordable and accessible education, with its 100% acceptance rate and 15% lower than average tuition in the state. This makes it less selective in admitting students to its doors.

Students can choose among 208-degree options, with 11 master’s degree programs, 91 bachelor programs, 65 associate programs, and 44 certificates. The university emphasizes learning beyond the classroom. They try to incorporate real-world experiences into their academic curriculum, preparing students for graduation and a successful future career. On top of traditional learning methods, students can also opt for distance learning through the university’s online offerings.

Utah Valley University is home to several colleges and schools, including the College of Engineering and Technology, College of Science, School of Arts, School of Education, College of Health and Public Service, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Woodbury School of Business. Some of the majors for degree programs include Applied Communication, Animation and Game Development, Aviation Management, Biotechnology, Computation Data Science, Construction Management, and Healthcare Administration.

University of Maryland Global Campus

Largo, Maryland

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 16

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Founded roughly 70 years ago, the University of Maryland Global Campus sought to help working adults and service members earn online academic programs in fast-growing fields. As part of\\ of the University System of Maryland, they are known for academic excellence. The university is offering online courses that can be accessed anywhere. More than 90 degrees, certificates, and specializations are on offer, with courses in undergraduate and graduate programs taught by experienced and proficient professors.

The University of Maryland Global Campus is less selective when it comes to the admission of students. They believe that accomplishments and experience are more important than test scores, so their streamlined admissions process does not consider SAT and GRE score part of the admission requirements. It is demonstrated by their high acceptance rate of 100%. The multiple start dates allow students to start their education whenever they are ready, making it a convenient and flexible university for working adults.

Currently, the university offers a broad range of online degrees and certificates, all designed to equip students with career-focused skillsets and knowledge while developing their professional value. Students can choose among 30 undergraduate programs with flexible transfer credit options. They also have more than 55 graduate programs, including master’s degrees and specializations, certificates, and doctoral programs.

Some of the undergraduate programs that students might want to consider include Communication Studies, East Asian Studies, Graphic Communication, Homeland Security, Information Systems Management, and Legal Studies, among many others.

University of Texas – El Paso

El Paso, Texas

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 17

Acceptance Rate: 100%

The University of Texas-El Paso began its operations in 1914. It is one of the country’s largest and most successful Hispanic-serving educational institutions. It is a member of the University of Texas System, enrolling almost 25,000 students who have access to various programs, from bachelor and masters to doctoral across ten colleges and schools. The university is in the heart of the US-Mexico border, set against a backdrop of the Franklin Mountains in the Chihuahuan Desert.

The University of Texas at El Paso runs quality research activities. It was designated as a top-tier doctoral university by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. As a comprehensive public research university, the institution aims to provide excellent higher education through quality degree programs. Some of the programs on offer include African American Studies, Applied Arts and Sciences, Applied Learning and Development, Art History, Biochemistry, and Biomedical Engineering.

As one of the higher learning institutions with the highest acceptance rate, the university makes the admission process easy for aspiring students. They only need to accomplish the online application form and prepare the other requirements like transcripts and test scores.

Weber State University

Ogden, Utah

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 18

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Since its establishment in 1889, c has stayed true to its commitment to quality education. It was known as Utah’s first comprehensive regional university and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The university has won many accolades and recognitions, including ranking among Princeton Review’s Best Western Colleges and US News and World Report’s Best Regional Universities in the West.

Weber State University offers more than 225-degree programs across diverse colleges and departments. Some of the programs available include Teacher Education, Mechanical Engineering, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Criminal Justice, Sociology and Anthropology, Business Administration, Economics, and more.  The programs are taught by experienced faculty; 80% of them have terminal degrees. Classes are kept small with student to faculty ratio of 21:1, ensuring students are given equal attention by their professors.

The university has a 100% acceptance rate, which makes it quite accessible to many aspiring students. It is also known to be affordable in terms of tuition and fees. Students can expect to pay only around $6,228 every year. Their in-state tuition is, in fact, 40% lower than the national average.

Western Nevada College

Carson City, Nevada

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 19

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Western Nevada College first opened its doors to students in 1971, and for more than 50 years, it has remained committed to providing quality and affordable education in Nevada and beyond. It has the hallmark of academic rigor and excellence through its diverse and comprehensive program offerings in a wide range of fields.

The college focuses on personalized instructions. Hence classes are kept small to allow faculty and staff to cater to students’ needs. Apart from its main campus in Carson City, Western Nevada College also have campuses in Fallon and Minden. Students can choose among various fields depending on their interests and passion, including art, music & graphic design, automation & industrial technology, biological, physical & environmental sciences, computer programming, networking & cybersecurity, and business, finance & marketing, among others.

The institution’s acceptance rate is 100%, giving students from all backgrounds access to quality education at an affordable price. For the admission process, transcripts of previous educational experiences are not required. They only require students to declare their education objective to seek a degree or certificate of achievement. They also need to provide evidence of placement test scores at levels that show their competence and readiness for a college education.

Adams State University

Alamosa, Colorado

US Colleges with The Highest Acceptance Rates in 2022 20

Acceptance Rate: 99.1%

Established as a teacher’s college in 1921, Adams State University is a public institution committed to academic excellence, experiential learning, and cultural diversity. Their history in diversity and inclusion is demonstrated in the establishment of the respected Hispanic Serving Institution in 1998.

Its commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to its admission process. With an acceptance rate of 99.1%, the university solidified its place as one of the least selective learning institutions in the country, ensuring that education is accessible to all. Around 54% of its population are students of color, and 50% are the first in their families to attend college. The classes in the university are kept small and intimate with a student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1. Students can easily apply for a spot in the university. Some of the requirements expected from them include official high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores. The latter is optional.

With dozens of academic programs to choose from, students at Adams State University will find a field that will suit their interests and dreams. The focus has always been on student experience and outcomes, with the programs designed to guide students on the right path to success. Students can take a pick among the offered programs under diverse fields, including Agriculture, Business, Chemistry, Art, Biology, Communications and Media Studies, Computer Science, Counselor Education, English, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Kinesiology, among others.

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