I Finally Got My Acceptance Letter! Now, What Do I Do?

First of all, we at College Cliffs extend our congratulations! Getting into a college is an impressive feat, and we welcome you to the wonderful world of college life.

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“So, what now?”, you may ask.

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After the slow burn and additional hours of complying with all the necessary requirements, writing admission essays, and looking for references, you may think that the journey is halfway done…but it’s not.

There are a lot of things that follow, and a lot of things that you must sort out once you receive that certain life-changing piece of paper.

Here are just a few things that you should do:

Wait for the other letters (but not for long).

acceptance letter

When we say you should wait for the other application letters to come (which may mean a few more weeks), it means having all possible choices in order, while still being mindful of the response deadlines.

Depending on their academic calendars, most colleges and universities would require you to send over your response letters and other pertinent documents by the first to the second week of May, and that may affect the way you decide.

Compare and re-think your choices (based on certain criteria).

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Once you hear back from your prospective schools, you must weigh in on your choices and rethink what your priorities truly are.

It can be factors such as school fees, the degree program that you’ve been planning to take, the facilities, and the overall school environment…whatever it is, you must know what you want and take advantage of this time to make an informed decision.

Talk it over with your family and friends.

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In order for you to see this through, you will need the help of your family and friends – a set of fresh eyes with a different perspective could make a difference in the way you view these options.

Perhaps they have had the same experiences in the past, and they could share tips and tricks on how to make the right choice.

Learn (and perfect) the art of time management.

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College life usually revolves around three things: sleep, school, and social life. More often than not, a student can’t help but give up at least one of these to accommodate their academic or social life.

Sadly, it’s usually sleeping and rest that take the back seat. Juggling these three is all about striking a balance. Time management makes that happen.

Time management is extremely important not only for college but for the rest of your life. Consider college as a testing ground for the proper time and task scheduling.

Why not consider making a to-do list and putting your priorities in order? If you are looking for specific and actionable tips on how to deal with college life, here is a short article on the basics.

Enrich your connections – don’t take them for granted!

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When it comes to your social life, perhaps the biggest advice is to do it “in moderation.” College is a great place to create and build a solid network.

Getting acquainted with the smart people in your class, as well as your professors, is a good place to start. Talking to and sharing notes with your peers–both for academic and social purposes–definitely work, too.

Joining clubs and performing extra-curricular activities not only lets you connect with like-minded people; it also enriches your college portfolio.

Never take for granted friendships with fellow club members and alumni who will vouch for you and let you in on opportunities in and after college.

Establish rapport with your professors and student assistants.

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Do not be afraid to talk with your professors and student assistants. This is definitely good practice before you graduate. Truth is, they generally appreciate students asking questions and they look favorably on those who show initiative.

As they say, there is only one kind of question that is stupid; that is the question left unasked. It goes without saying that you simply have to ask the right questions in a polite and professional manner.

Learn your professor’s preferences. Knowing what makes your instructors tick will come in handy whenever you want to discuss and clarify a few points from the lesson.

Try to assess different types of professors, and get to know them better – most likely, you will come across these profiles again, and it would be nice to profile them early on. Once you are able to perfect this even before you enter university, this kind of interpersonal skill will truly come in handy!

Learn the art of test-taking: college edition.

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Now for the most important activity of college life; let us talk about examinations! Bear in mind that the examinations you will be taking in college are way different from the tests you took in high school. Here are a few basic techniques on how to answer your college exams.

To ace a test, you need to study efficiently. That is the oldest trick in the book. You can improve your chances of acing examinations by learning how to write good study notes, an important skill to have in college.

There are 5 major note-taking structures and a few general tips on making good study notes to help you out.

Brace for some adjustments to your sleeping pattern.

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Can you make it with only 4 to 5 hours of sleep? If you answered yes to that question, college life promises an easy journey for you.

However, if you’re like the majority who need either at least 7 hours of sleep or are used to the Bi-phasic sleep or two-sleep cycle, you need to strategize to keep yourself in top shape despite your grueling college schedule.

You can, perhaps, take power naps in between classes. Early on, you must figure out the technique that works for you, so you won’t encounter any problems in the future.

Just enjoy the ride!

When you’re trying to compose yourself and figure out where you’re actually headed, it may seem too much at once. Try to take in these things one day at a time, and stay in the moment. These are truly one of the most exciting times – savor it, you deserve it!

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