Online Degree Courses That Are In Demand in 2023

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Choosing your focus of study in college is one of the biggest, and probably the hardest, decisions you will ever make. So how do you find the right fit for you?

A thorough course search is the best way to go about that process. Right now, you are absolutely sure that you will pursue what you love.

But choosing a course is not that simple. There are various factors that you should consider in your course search. Yes, settling with what you are passionate about is a bonus. However, opting for a degree that will lead to a secure career path is the most ideal choice.

The right career field starts with a solid foundation, and a college education is the guaranteed way to get there. And with the advent of technology, not to mention the dedication of very eager online educators, a college degree is now very accessible through non-traditional means. In fact, more students are enrolling in online courses.

When deciding what to major in college, you need to consider what field has the best potential for job growth. Next, of course, is the pay. Job satisfaction and the stress level involved are also two things you should keep in mind.

While we do our best to make ends meet, it won’t make sense to settle for a job that becomes detrimental to our mental and physical health in the long run.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

As businesses adapt to the modern world, the field of Information Technology (IT) is a fast-growing industry. We think it best to have it first on our list. Industries have become highly dependent on technology to secure effectiveness and efficiency in their operations.

IT does not only control businesses and industries; it touches every aspect of our everyday lives. With this, the Bureau of Labor projects a consistent incline of employment in the field through the year 2030. This is a perfect reason to consider a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Many online colleges offer a competitive bachelor’s degree in IT to prepare students to become tech-savvy in the workforce. The program will hone you to become a professional with a highly technical skillset, giving you that gleaming advantage.

IT graduates are equipped to design and create a practical and effective solutions to the problems of today’s knowledge-based problems.

To this end, an online degree Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a credential for an individual who aims to take the lead.

Online Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

If you enjoyed tinkering with your tiny cars or music boxes growing up, Mechanical Engineering (ME) might be for you.

As one of the original disciplines in the field of engineering, it remains to be a highly sought-after choice among undergraduates. The transition to distance learning has brought ME to more passionate students eager to learn science.

Typically, an online program prepares students to be responsible engineering practitioners. They undergo rigorous theoretical and hands-on training to provide them with vital skills for the advancement of a career in mechanical engineering.

From creating mechanical designs, developing products, and designing complex machines, a Mechanical Engineer is sure to be perfect for the job.

In fact, graduates of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering are the most versatile engineers among the other engineering disciplines. A lucrative career path is just a few clicks away!

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Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

We see computers as very complicated machines, but they are exceptionally dependable. However, computer programming has not reached its optimum potential.

We need computer scientists to get make the best use of these devices. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS) promises an optimistic career potential.

With the impact of computers and digital technology, graduates of CS courses are sure to expect rewarding positions in various industries.

Computer Science is a broad field. Students study programming languages and various computer algorithms that enable them to create software or applications ready for human use.

An Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree equips graduates with technological expertise that are valuable in the modern world.

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

If you think that software engineers just sit at their desks all day with their eyes stuck on their computers, think again.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering is a sophisticated, project-driven curriculum that aims to teach students the fundamental concepts of the field. The course adopts a systemic approach to software development to develop products more efficiently.

A successful career in software engineering starts with finding the right program. Graduates are qualified to oversee the design and development of innovative computer systems vital for technology to operate. As a software engineer, you are prepared to enter the field of computing.

If computers are something you are passionate about, put your course search to an end. BS in Computer Engineering is for you!

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Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Members of the medical community are noble professionals. Nurses comprise the majority of the health workforce in the United States. For this reason, Nursing is a great choice for an undergraduate course.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students gain knowledge in various disciplines of medicine. It specializes in hospital and home care practice, so nursing graduates are ready to provide care regardless of the circumstance.

Nursing students are highly competent in science and mathematics, so they accurately administer medications to their patients.

Since healthcare is a highly demanding and taxing profession, you must be able to cope with a high-stress work environment. Can you see yourself as a Nurse, providing care to patients? If so, a nursing degree might the best option for you.

Online Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

As the demand for healthcare providers increases, investing in a medical-related course is a wise choice! A degree in Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (PT) qualifies graduates and licensed professionals to care for patients suffering from injuries or illnesses.

Patients need the help of Physical Therapists to improve their physical movement. With physical therapy, pain management is handled by professionals to alleviate pain and have a swift rehabilitation process.

A career in PT requires at least an associate degree to qualify graduates to be physical therapy assistants. But, for you to become a Physical Therapist, you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree. Both are offered in many online colleges that require you to take and pass licensure exams before practicing the profession.

Make sure that the online school you enroll in is a member of the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). This is to ensure that the program is accredited and you will not experience any hiccups along the way.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The workplace sees leadership and management skills as invaluable. Both are central to an effective and productive organization.

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration prepares students to become the person who meets the challenges of leading and excelling in the workforce.

Graduates of the course are versatile business professionals who are efficient in their functions. The exposure to various business disciplines, including management, marketing, and finance, puts Business degree holders at an advantage.

By graduating from the program, you are prepared to get your dream job! The rigorous online classes will train you to be practical and career-driven in your personal and professional dealings.

Online Associate Degree in Business

If four years in college seem too long for you, there is another option. An Online Associate Degree in Business is a great alternative. Associate degrees, in general, take two years to complete, and Business is among the top choices in any college freshman’s course search.

Although you will get a minimal education, you are sure to get rewarding careers right after graduation. In fact, many online colleges offer degrees in an accelerated timeline.

You have the freedom to finish the course in as little as a year and a half. Better ready your resumés as you will get into job hunting earlier than you thought!

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Online Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

Business targets one thing – get the job done. Because the market is fairly flexible, management endeavors to innovate newer and more effective ways of accomplishing the goals.

This is where the work of Human Resource Managers comes in. Their department takes the lead in making sure that the employees get the job done efficiently and effectively.

An online degree in Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management (HRM) prepares graduates to become top and influential business leaders. HR managers identify, analyze, and solve various human resource issues, especially when it concerns management.

You gain these skills with an educational background specific to the degree. While making it a point not to compromise the business models, you will lead the transformation of your work environment.

Online Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Accounting is the language of business, making the demand for accounting professionals fairly stable. It takes a strong educational foundation to secure success in the field.

And most students acquire an online degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting as a long-term career investment. The Bureau of Labor projects a 6% growth for accounting and auditing jobs.  

A major in Accountancy academically prepares college students for a wide range of accounting-related careers. Due to the advancement in how businesses deal with corporate matters, accountants are expected to contribute more. Fully knowledgeable in the business language, they are the executives’ choice for an adviser.

Like all other professionals that enjoy good-paying jobs, accountants invest in education that lets them hone their skills: Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. Because many online colleges offer the degree, being an accountant isn’t as complicated as it was before.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Businesses, regardless of size, rely heavily on talented and ingenious marketing professionals to make a sale. Selling products, after all, is a top priority as it fosters business growth and trumps the competition.

And an online Bachelor’s in Marketing provides students with the important skills and education to pursue a career in marketing. This is a degree worthy of being a part of your course search since marketing roles are in-demand.

You will undergo hands-on courses that will teach you the strategies and skills for identifying customer needs. The ability to identify and analyze their buying behavior is the key advantage of marketing professionals. Because clients dictate the market environment, marketing graduates are highly in-demand.

Online Bachelor of Social Work

Social work is a noble cause. However, because of the increasing demand for business courses, only a few take a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (BSW). As a result, social institutions lack experts in social work and research, making this BSW a practical and rewarding degree to earn in college. 

Through online instructions, students will relate themselves to the intrinsic concepts in social work. Social work professionals engage with other people’s lives with the goal of improving their well-being. For this reason, BSW is a very fulfilling course.

If you want to make a significant difference in the world, Bachelor’s in Social Work should be in your course search.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Lastly, we listed Online Bachelor’s Degree in Education. This degree pays homage to all the instructors, professors, and mentors who devote their lives to educating future generations. As people point to education as “a dying profession,” it takes dedication and passion to revive the field.

Education is the art of teaching and training. Naturally, an online degree in education prepares graduates for teaching jobs. Educators are the most noteworthy because not one successful person has ever forgotten his or her favorite teacher!

Therefore, it is important that you take your time and consider a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Be a part of a community that aims to educate young minds and shape their future.

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Online Master of Science in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The 21st century is the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). IT professionals with mathematical or statistical backgrounds can benefit from AI and ML certifications.

Students are trained in various programming languages, tools, and libraries in such programs. Python, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Keras, REST-API, and Docker are just a few of the technologies taught in this course. As a result, real-life industry projects and videos would expand the learning opportunities.

An online Master of Science in ML & AI is perfect for professionals who want to jumpstart their careers. It costs a tenth of what the offline program would. Additionally, you can specialize in Big Data, Cloud, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing through advanced certifications.

As you learn these skills, you will be able to take advantage of lucrative job opportunities, including Big Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, and more. 

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Online bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice typically consist of 120 credit hours and take four years to complete. Basic courses are taken during the first two years.

Major courses are taught in the second and third years. Criminal justice degrees are in increasing demand because trauma-informed policing is becoming increasingly popular.

Police officers are trained in this criminal justice approach to improving their ability to relate to victims and perpetrators. There are many subfields within Criminal Justice that online learners can specialize in.

There are many degree concentrations available to students enrolled in online programs, including Criminology, Forensic Science, and Corrections. Bachelor’s degrees are typically required for most Criminal Justice careers.

Online Master of Science in Education

In recent years, the National Education Association (NEA), the country’s largest teachers’ union, has revealed an astounding fact: 300,000 teachers are needed in schools across the country.

This is another course that has high demand in the US. Your career goals may dictate whether you choose a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), a Master of Science in Teaching (MST), or a Master of Education (MEd).

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Animation

As with other bachelor’s degrees, Graphic Design and Animation programs online usually require 120 credits and take four years to complete. In the first two years, you’ll cover your basic classes, and in the next two years, you’ll take Graphic Design electives and major courses.

Graphic animation is taught using state-of-the-art digital tools in these major courses. There are many 2D and 3D modeling courses, graphic design courses for video games, and commercial art courses.

Online colleges often offer bachelor’s degrees in fine arts. A bachelor’s degree is usually required to work as a Graphic Designer or Animator. 

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management

An online project management program is usually offered by the business department at a college. Throughout various kinds of projects, students learn how to keep organized and manage moving parts. Many industries can benefit from a Project Management degree.

Thus, it is a field of study that is always growing and changing. With this degree, you’ll improve your leadership, organization, problem-solving, and time-management skills.

Despite the fact that these programs are geared toward financial services, engineering, and design, the knowledge gained from them can be applied to any industry of your interest.

The responsibilities of a Project Manager vary from project to project. With new projects, you can vary your career field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways to tell that there is a high demand for an online course?

Whether or not a specific degree course or program is in high demand can be determined quickly using these two methods:

  • Check data analytics on search engines. Some of the courses are widely searched by students. There are tools that allow you to analyze how often your course topic is searched for by specific keywords. It’s a good sign that more people are researching it.
  • Find out what’s trending on social media. See how commonly hashtags are used when it comes to your topic. People are also more likely to learn more about a subject if there is a lot of activity. You can also determine what people have to say about your topic by visiting online forums and discussion groups. 

What is the best online degree to enroll in?

The answer to this question is relative to what your professional goals are. If you want to be a Chief Executive Officer, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree is the best online degree to get.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is all it takes to become a chief executive officer, earning a $289,840 median annual salary in 2021.

Certainly, one of the highest salaries you can earn with an online bachelor’s degree, if not the highest. Due to a high job growth rate, online bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Statistics are the best to get for career options.

They have a job growth of 31% for the next decade. A bachelor’s degree is required for this career, which earns a median salary of $96,280 as of 2021. 

Do employers recognize online degrees?

Generally, employers are interested in whether students completed their degrees. Degrees earned online or on campus are not considered relevant. In many cases, employers are unaware of the fact that you earned your degree online unless you wish to provide them with that information.

By earning a degree, students demonstrate to employers that they are capable of handling the academic demands of college, such as passing the many courses and sticking with the rigors over time to earn the degree. 

An online degree can even be a source of pride for you. It is more difficult to take online classes due to the lack of discipline and honesty, and many online students choose to study online so they can work.

As a result, graduates of an online degree program can boast that they not only earned a degree but also had the discipline to complete it while balancing work and school.

Online degrees obtained from accredited colleges may be more desirable to employers than degrees acquired from for-profit colleges.

in demand courses

Having a college diploma is important for your professional growth. It also positively impacts your personal fulfillment. Find the time to pursue a college education.

You are lucky to have the luxury of having online institutions offer excellent education programs at your convenience. Do not put that to waste and decide on the online degree you wish to earn.

We hope that you are at the end of your course search. Make your dream of higher education a reality!

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