Online College Degrees That Are High in Demand and With Great Career Potential

For those who wish to obtain higher education, attending college is definitely the next step. This means checking out the degree that is best suited to their interests and skills, and the universities that offer them. It means going to classes as scheduled, sitting on a desk in a classroom or proving theories in laboratories, and meeting professors and fellow students shaping their future.

While conventional college education is a top option, more and more students are discovering the popular alternative: getting an online college degree–and for all the right reasons. Also called distance learning, this option for educational advancement offers a wealth of advantages.

Are you trying to make ends meet with a job but want to pursue a degree? Are you starting a family or taking care of a growing one and wishing to study for a future career? Online classes provide convenience and a comfortable learning environment. What could be more comfortable, flexible, and convenient than school work that works around your schedule? And because lectures are broadcast online, a student can avoid commute which can be a problem during thunderstorms and weather conditions that make traveling or driving extremely challenging.

Online college degrees offered online have skyrocketed in terms of popularity, mainly because of the changing student lifestyles and student demands. Here are some degrees that you can earn online and also be sure about their demand:

Online Degree in Nursing

With an expected median annual salary of $68,450, nurses are constantly being hired with an estimated employment growth of 94%, thanks to the increasing need for patient treatment and care experts.

These colleges offer online education for Nursing in an e-course:

A graduate degree is required for nurses to practice the profession. To this end, graduates are advised to take a Master’s in Nursing or Doctorate of Nursing Practice online.

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Online Degree in Business

To land a career in the business field, and even start your own eventually, getting an Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Business through e-learning is a wise decision. This online degree may be taken at an accelerated timeline, which means the student may already start hunting for jobs in the industry. An Associate Degree entails minimal tuition and other fees from the student but offers far better opportunities than a high school diploma.

These colleges offer e-courses for a degree in Business:

The median annual pay scale for Business Development Associate is $63,458.

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Online Degree in Communications/Communication Studies

Do you have a flair for effectively delivering messages and successfully selling products or services through your writing? A career in Public Relations might be the best option for you. PR professionals have a median pay of $54,170, and demand for them is expected to skyrocket by more than 20% in 2020.

Online degree in Communications or Communication Studies is offered in Penn State World Campus in University Park, PA.

Online Degree in Education

If you wish to be a teacher and could use some flexibility in scheduling to get your degree, see the colleges and universities that offer them. Note, however, that while online college is an important step to earning your Education degree, you will most likely be required to take on-campus programs and examinations to meet State standards.

Online degrees in Education are offered in:

Teacher salaries vary depending on your state but they get an average of $56,383 each year.

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Online Degree in Marketing

Equipped with your online educational learning experience in earning your Marketing Degree, you can explore a wealth of career options. These include, among many others, possible work as an advertising executive, a marketing planner, a market researcher, a consumer affairs specialist, a product analyst, a promotions director, or a marketing manager. Your degree in or with concentration on Marketing will offer you the knowledge and training necessary for these career choices.

If you’re looking to access higher education while being able to cope with the many lifestyle changes and demands, it is best to consider online college degrees that adjust to your needs while helping you achieve your dream career.  That being said, you should settle for no less than accredited colleges and universities that let you earn the right credentials, as opposed to a fly-by-night degree.

Go for online bachelor’s degrees and online master’s degrees to pave the way for a thriving career that gives you lifelong satisfaction and job security.