Career Guides: Let Us Help You Explore Your Career Options!

“What career is right for me?”
“How do I choose a career?
“What is the best career advice?”

Have you been asking these questions as you wonder about your future career? We have the answer!

Earning a college diploma or going for that graduate degree is your springboard for a fulfilling, lucrative career. And while in college or grad school, you realize your degree presents a myriad of job choices. That’s right, your degree most likely equips you with extensive knowledge and skills that qualify you for several career paths!

Our College Cliffs Career Guide features the many career tracks for you, each of which is presented based on the college degree (or diploma or certificate!) you earn. Each of these career guides will help you get to know your future profession: the trends pertaining to its demand, the qualifications, roles, and positions, normally required by the job, and what it takes to succeed in it.

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Career Guide: Your Path to An Environmental Science Career

Environmental science is a prominent topic right now, as more businesses go green and try to make more environmentally friendly products. You can pursue a variety of professional opportunities with a degree in Environmental Science.

Career Guide: Your Path to A Political Science Career

The primary goal of this degree is to broaden the knowledge and understanding of one of the most important factors influencing people, communities, and businesses today: government and politics in the United States and around the world. Political Science majors have a long history of success in various professions and organizations, including law and business.

Career Guide: Respiratory Therapy Career Path

Respiratory Therapy is a booming industry offering chances for ambitious and career-driven RRTs (Registered Respiratory Therapists) to advance their careers. Sleep medicine and technology, medical equipment sales, patient care education, and respiratory consulting are possibilities. While this degree, like others in the medical sector, is costly, the payoff makes the years of study well worth it!

Career Guide: Your Path to a Social Work Career

A profession in Social Work might take you to many different places! Social workers are a vital part of practically every social organization. They offer critical support, resources, and advocacy to those who most need it.

Depending on your interest, you can choose from various concentrations, receive additional financial help, and in the future, earn a high salary grade.

Ultimate Guide to Nursing

Nursing is a lifelong passion for many of us, and it is more than simply a profession. However, the process and prerequisites for becoming a nurse are not always straightforward, and they are certainly not the same for each sort of nurse.

How do you go about finding nurse positions to apply for and making sure you’re qualified for them? What licensure examinations must you pass, and how should you prepare for them? It’s always crucial to gather all information you can before proceeding in this field. After all, nursing is one of the most challenging degrees, even for overachievers.

We feature the popular degrees and “where they take you!”

Where a Film Studies Degree Can Take You

Anyone interested in editing, directing, producing, journalism, broadcasting, and other fields will benefit from a film studies degree. This degree is highly adaptable. It can be combined with various other topics, such as English, a foreign language like French, or even media studies. 

Where A Philosophy Degree Takes You

Philosophy answers some of the world’s most serious concerns, such as right and wrong, truth and untruth, the meaning of life, the nature of human beings, and the reality they live in. Graduates of this program are expected to think critically, analytically, and persuasively.