10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Education in 2023

Contributing to the learning breakthroughs of students is a fulfilling endeavor. Teachers take pride in seeing their students become skilled individuals contributing to certain fields. Witnessing these milestones makes teaching rewarding—often even more than what they earn! 

Online Degrees in Education - fact

An online bachelor’s degree in Education is a solid step toward becoming an educator. Featuring rigorous curriculum and instruction or administration courses, undergraduate programs offer specializations in Education that fit a hopeful teacher’s professional aspirations. Focusing on a specific practice area is also often required for employment, as are practical and technical qualifications.

The Lowdown

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Teaching is one of the most highly-respected jobs. With an online Bachelor’s in Education, graduates traditionally pursue a teaching career that can be a pleasant environment for those who love teaching and a lucrative one for those who aspire for skills advancement!


There may be no apparent shortage of Bachelor’s in Education degrees, but not all programs are created equal! That’s why our list of the top Education undergraduate programs is here to help you choose the most fitting one for you easily!

Each Bachelor of Education degree program was chosen with these attributes in mind:

  • Available entirely online or combined with in-person instruction, enabling students to attend their classes and complete the program conveniently,
  • Features an Education curriculum that prepares students for a master’s degree or in pursuing careers as teachers and other academic and educational administration jobs,
  • Develops a range of soft skills, including communication, decision-making, critical-thinking skills, problem-solving, and instructional skills,
  • Facilitated by academic experts and education industry contributors who make up the teaching staff, 
  • Offers excellent student services, such as tutoring, academic coaching, and career advising, along with an online library and other resources for online students,
  • Offers federal aid, scholarships, student loans, grants, transfer credits, veteran tuition rates, and other forms of tuition discounts to eligible online learners,
  • Recognized by accrediting colleges and schools commission agencies that set the academic standards in online undergraduate programs that may or may not specifically point to Education programs.

Visit our Methodology page for a detailed description of our online undergraduate program ranking process.

Today’s 10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Education Programs

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies

Become a teacher and positively impact others’ lives by earning the Online Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies at Western Governors University. Depending on your professional objectives and interests, you can pursue employment in classroom settings or corporate training with an educational studies degree in a curriculum area that suits you. There is no teaching license associated with these courses.

Upon completing their Bachelor’s in Educational Studies, a student can become an instructor, trainer, community outreach partner, or work in any position that requires them to instruct others. This undergraduate online program is a launching pad for graduate-level sociology, counseling, or instructional design work.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This degree program lays the foundation for teaching without requiring licensure. While featuring a non-licensing curriculum, it assists students in preparing for future professional licensure.

Did You Know?

Education majors at WGU work with a Program Mentor to develop a unique Degree Plan.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Online Bachelor of Education

Liberty University’s 100% Online Bachelor of Education degree offers specializations in Special Education and Elementary and Middle or High School teaching. This Education undergraduate program provides a licensing route that qualifies graduates for jobs in Christian, private, and public school environments.

Upon graduation—and upon meeting the license requirements approved by the Virginia Department of Education—students become eligible to teach in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is also possible to apply for a teaching license in another state through reciprocity.

Liberty’s online Education program coursework underscores flexibility without compromising quality. In fact, numerous institutions have recognized this undergraduate degree for its affordability, academic excellence, and accessibility.

What Makes this Program Unique:

As Liberty is a Christian institution, Education majors embrace a Christian perspective.

Did You Know?

In addition to being the first program in Virginia to be offered entirely online, the Education undergraduate degree at Liberty is also one of the first bachelor’s programs in the US that prepares students for a teaching career. 

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix

Online Bachelor of Science in Education or Early Childhood Education

The University of Phoenix’s Bachelor of Science in Education focuses on Early Childhood Education. This program lays the groundwork for helping kids develop academically from birth until grade three (or eight).

This Education undergraduate degree, which requires 120 credits, upholds the highest academic standards. Students can schedule their classes with the aid of an academic advisor. Practical applications are included in the online coursework, thereby producing highly skilled professionals.

Students must complete a student teaching program for clinical practice experience, where they put their classroom management and instructing abilities to the test full-time. They will create lesson plans, instruct, interact with student populations, and integrate technology into the classroom while working under the direction of a teacher and a University of Phoenix faculty supervisor.

Education majors at the University of Phoenix can set their milestone roadmaps, access technological and multimedia resources, and use multiple toolkits.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Committed Education program professionals work with them one-on-one for at least 12 weeks and during the required 100-hour clinical practice. These specialists also help students navigate and satisfy teacher certification licensing requirements.

These specialists also locate school placements across hundreds of school systems in the US to match a student’s clinical experience and clinical practice.

Did You Know?

Students can skip up to 21 credits toward their degree if they have a Child Development Associate credential.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University - Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Education: Educational Studies

Arizona State University offers its BAE in Educational Studies online, focusing on how education affects society, how students learn, and what it takes to become an effective teacher.

The BAE in Education is for those not particularly aiming to become classroom instructors but seeking positions in the Education sector. In this Education degree that does not point toward teaching licensure, graduates can opt not to pursue a teaching profession but become part of corporations or organizations that seek to enhance workplaces and communities through cutting-edge education.

Graduates may pursue advanced degrees, such as master’s degrees in Education, which may lead to a career in Education Policy or certification as a teacher.

Students must complete 40 classes, with courses lasting an average of seven and a half weeks. Throughout an internship series, they gain practical experience and discover how education impacts communities.

What Makes this Program Unique:

BAE in Educational Studies students at ASU can discuss their academic journey, possible graduate study, and career options with their academic advisor.

Did You Know?

BAE in Educational Studies graduates at ASU work in businesses, the academe, community health facilities, and other sectors where they develop learning collaborations and plan learning or training strategies. They obtain communication and leadership abilities crucial to marketing, advocacy, and community participation careers.

University of Missouri

University of Missouri - Online

Online Bachelor of Educational Studies

The University of Missouri online offers a Bachelor of Educational Studies, addressing the rising demand for highly skilled education professionals with the right leadership, creativity, organization, and analytical skills—particularly in higher education.

The interdisciplinary approach of this Educational Studies undergraduate program encourages a solid understanding of educational theory and practice. It produces graduates who can influence change in many educational environments. Career options in this field include library support, human resources, educational or community entrepreneurship, or student development.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Educational Studies students at Mizzou can choose from self-paced and semester courses to meet their coursework requirements. Each option has individualized support to help students bank on their employable skills.

Did You Know?

The Mizzou Online Educational Studies undergraduate program does not lead to state certification for teaching in the public school system.

Florida Christian University

Florida Christian University

Online Bachelor of Science in Education

The 120-credit Bachelor of Science in Education program at Florida Christian University focuses on behavioral and educational development. It examines contemporary concerns and education developments in private and public schools and offers practical experience in lesson design and classroom organization. 

Students who complete this program emerge with the skills necessary to develop lesson plans and instructional strategies. They gain the ability to assess their performance to become more effective teachers. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

Bachelor of Education program graduates at Florida Christian University design and implement an innovative instructional process. The program also emphasizes spiritual intelligence in fostering faith-based learning.

Did You Know?

FCU, which emphasizes remote education with a global reach, prepares professionals and ministers for their vocations from a Christian perspective. The online classes utilize cutting-edge virtual platforms and are facilitated by highly skilled instructors.

University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Online Bachelor of Science in Community Engagement and Education

The University of Wisconsin offers an online Bachelor of Science in Community Engagement and Education. Offered as an online or hybrid program, it is ideal for students interested in community change, urban education, and social justice.

The CEED coursework produces graduates with an eye for social analysis, leadership, entrepreneurship, and program development. They qualify for jobs as classroom teachers, administrators, researchers, school psychologists, sign language interpreters, and leaders in government, business, and social service agencies.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students pursuing specific careers can choose from these sub majors or certificate programs:

  • Child and Family Services
  • Child Care
  • Community-Based Organizations: Policy and Leadership
  • Exceptional Education (Non-Licensure)

Did You Know?

The University of Wisconsin has maintained an impressive graduation rate, featuring graduates of diverse backgrounds who are prepared to face and address social and economic challenges. The faculty is globally recognized for their leadership, while the institution is widely known for its generous scholarships and groundbreaking research programs.

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Education (BAE) – Early Childhood Unified

Early Childhood teachers, administrators, and coordinators will benefit from the Bachelor of Science in Education (Early Childhood Unified) offered at Fort Hays University. Instructors with an Early Childhood unified endorsement are qualified to teach regular education students from kindergarten through third grade and special education students.

The hybrid Early Childhood Unified teacher education program offers some courses on campus. Online students can use web-based software.

Regardless of their area of emphasis, program participants are exposed to the general education core subjects, clinical practice, professional education curriculum, and pedagogical theory. The curriculum includes both internship and student teaching opportunities in various contexts.

Graduates of the BS in Early Childhood Unified program can pursue employment in early childhood. BS can teach kindergarten through sixth grade to Elementary Education graduates.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Applicants from another state must determine the Department of Education’s policies regarding license transfers. FHSU provides courses that prepare students for a Kansas license.

Did You Know?

The online programs at Fort Hays State University—including the BS in Early Childhood Unified program—require clinical experience that must be carried out at a nearby, accredited school. An entrance exam administered in an approved testing location is also required for admission to the Teacher Education program.

Wilmington University

Wilmington University

Online Bachelor of Science in Education Studies

The Online Bachelor in Education Studies offered at Wilmington University is for anyone wishing to work with children or young people in educational careers in or outside the private or public school realm that don’t require state certification or license.  

Prospective students can choose from four concentrations taught by knowledgeable instructors who are engaged practitioners aware of today’s educators’ challenges.

The specializations are:

  • Elementary Education
  • Skilled and Technical Sciences
  • Middle-Level Education
  • Early Child Education

A Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation-accredited school, WilmU’s College of Education meets the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education standards.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students can choose from day, evening, and online education degree programs that fit their schedule and budget.

Did You Know?

Over the past 12 years, 10 of the 12 Delaware Teachers of the Year have graduated from Wilmington University. Many local educational organizations and leaders have forged academic partnerships with WilmU.

University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies

The online Bachelor of Science in Education in Educational Studies degree is offered by the University of Arkansas, offering students the opportunity to become fully licensed classroom teachers.

The program offers a special focus on teaching and learning theory and practice. It emphasizes the fundamental principles of Education, enabling future educators to modify their teaching strategies based on the type of classroom environment.

What Makes this Program Unique:

For students who want to concentrate on the larger area of education rather than the specific classroom teaching experience, the U of A College of Education and Health Professions offers its online Bachelor’s in Educational Studies.

This field of Educational Studies, which is not just restricted to typical K–12 classrooms, focuses on the philosophy and practice of learning and teaching in all facets of community, nonprofit, private, and public education systems.

Did You Know?

Most U of A graduates work in nonprofit education, private and charter schools, for-profit business education, community service or government positions.

Jobs for Online Bachelor of Science in Education

Jobs for Online Bachelor of Science in Education

After graduating with an online teaching degree program, you have a rather diverse field of opportunities. It is a good place to start if you want to become a teacher. However, there are many other career paths!

Check out some possible jobs that you can pursue after graduation: 

Juvenile Correctional Officer

After graduating with a bachelor’s in education, although it’s not common for education graduates to enter the corrections industry, one possible job prospect is to become a juvenile correctional officer. They work with young people who have been charged with crimes or have already spent time in a juvenile detention facility. Juvenile correctional officers keep young inmates safe while providing counseling services and connecting them with the appropriate healthcare professionals. 


Students are taught individually or in small groups by tutors. They work in public and private schools, language schools, community centers, and online tutoring services. Tutors provide feedback on assignments and tests, guide students in learning study skills, and review content.

Career Counselor

Most schools come with counselors assisting students, especially with career planning. These professionals train students (most likely junior or senior college students) how to search for and apply for employment, and assistance is provided with drafting resumes. They also assist and conduct mock interviews to help candidates prepare.

Library Technician

If you’re a bookworm, you’d fancy working in the library. As a library technician, you’ll organize and supervise all the library resources, such as data, books, research, and other important products. Customers may be served, items checked in and out, records kept, and you may shelve books.

Adult Education Specialist

Adult education instructors design their courses and curricula specifically to meet the needs of their adult students. They may also monitor assessment procedures, assess student performance, and monitor advancement, as learned from a teaching degree online. Like high school or college teachers, these teaching professionals handle the same roles, but with the difference that they’ll have adults as their learners.

Preschool Director

Preschool administrators are responsible for managing the preschool and making all day-to-day choices about staffing, operations, marketing, stakeholder relations, communications, and property maintenance. They are also in charge of ensuring that the preschool abides by all rules and legislation that may be relevant.

Substitute Teacher

Substitutes teach the classes when regular teachers are absent due to illness or personal leave. In the absence of the regular instructor, they conduct lessons and maintain classroom order while adhering to the rules and regulations of the school.

ESL Teacher

Instructors of English as a Second Language (ESL) help non-native English speakers learn to communicate in English. They might work with kids in private or public schools or adults in community colleges. They create lesson plans, conduct instruction, and assess pupil development. They also work online to deliver English classes and practice the language.

Common Courses a Bachelor’s in Education Degree Online

Introduction to Education

Would-be teachers need to learn the nuts and bolts of education. This course presents the historical, sociological, and philosophical ideas that make up the theories and goals of effective learning early on. 

Comparative Education

This course examines international educational systems as well as various teaching approaches. You’ll be exposed to using different teaching techniques and methods. There are other titles for comparative education. Some schools may call it Introduction to Global Education or Education and Social Transformation. 

Educational Technology

A course in educational technology may be taught in the classroom or online, and this is vital for teachers’ success as teaching methods and tools are now shifted digitally. By examining and incorporating technology into curriculum, instruction, and assessment, this course helps students better grasp how to design learning environments that cater to the requirements of varied young learners.

Philosophy of Education

You can improve as a teacher by expanding your understanding of what education is all about. That is where education philosophy can be helpful. Education bachelor’s degree programs around the country provide the course as either a requirement or an option. In a philosophy of education course, you will discover the theory that supports teaching and learning in numerous disciplines and levels. This may impact your lesson planning and how you interact with the students.

Education and Public Policy

Government policy significantly impacts education in the United States, notably in the public school system. For this reason, many universities allow education majors to explore how public policy and the educational system are related. This is what education and public policy course is all about. If you wish to become a teacher in the public school system, these courses might be especially helpful.

Foundations and Assessment of Special Education

Understanding special education is paramount for all kinds of teachers. Hence, no matter your specialization in education, you’ll be exposed to this field through the foundations and assessment of special education courses. You will learn how to recognize learning difficulties in this session and how to modify programs better to suit the learning preferences of children with special needs.

Educational Psychology and Human Development

One of the most often required courses for education majors, Educational Psychology and Human Development, examines how the brain and education interact. Educational psychology will play a large role in your coursework, depending on the program you select and your focus on primary or secondary education. 

Common Courses a Bachelor's in Education Degree Online

Skills for Online Teaching Degrees

Self-Discipline Skills

Self-discipline is necessary for distance learning, especially in terms of study habits. An online degree program’s flexibility enables students to complete their coursework as their schedules allow. This is practical if you need to squeeze in quick study sessions throughout a busy day intermittently.

However, it’s imperative to prevent yourself from making the negative habit of failing to schedule adequate time for your education if you want to achieve well in academics. Instead, pick a consistent study venue and make a thorough schedule. Create your daily schedule around the places and times of day that will help you study the most.  


Good teachers should have good communication skills. Teaching requires the transfer of information. Your message can be effectively communicated when you master oral and written communication. 

Technology Skills

Teachers may not be required to learn the different software and hardware of computers. However, they should brush up on their fundamental computer abilities if necessary. They must learn to use popular software like Google Drive, Microsoft Word, and Excel. Chances are most paperwork and reports can be done through these tools. Learn more about the tools for managing students, an online library and other reference materials. Explore the apps, watch tech tutorial videos, and go through demos.


As a must soft skill, teachers should be patient at all times. Knowledge is acquired at different rates by different people. Sometimes it takes a lot of strength and time explaining something for your learners to understand something finally. Maintaining your composure and patience is also important when dealing with difficult behavior. You can develop patience, which is one of those inborn character traits. 

Participation Skills

Future teachers should have good participation skills, even as learners. Habits are formed through engagement and repetition. From the beginning of your online program, you should be proactive in discussions and participate in different activities to develop your confidence and sense of initiative. Use virtual office hours to discuss assignments and course material in online discussion groups.


Teachers should be able to efficiently manage a classroom and give their students confidence. Additionally, they must be able to manage numerous kids with various, occasionally conflicting demands. Don’t worry if you weren’t born with inherent leadership qualities; you can learn this talent.

Writing Skills

Any college student, regardless of their major, must be able to write succinctly and effectively, but students majoring in education must write well to be granted a teaching license. As a future teacher, you’ll have many opportunities to use your writing skills. An excellent basic understanding of English grammar is necessary for effective writing. You’ll need to do more in-depth work, including comprehending and writing for a particular audience and developing clear and succinct subjects and theses.


Finally, future teachers should have adaptability. Daily obstacles can arise from working in education. While these keep the job interesting, some degree of adaptation is necessary. Even with a fantastic lesson plan, you can find that depending on your pupils’ level of understanding, you need to change directions. You need to be quick at responding positively so your students can follow your lead, even in unprecedented situations. 

Common Courses a Bachelor's in Education Degree Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bachelor’s degree sufficient to qualify graduates to teach?

Becoming a teacher requires more education than a bachelor’s degree. Although a degree is a prerequisite, teachers must also obtain a license to teach in their state. Obtaining certifications may be a necessity for other educational job requirements. The best way to start is to inquire about your state’s certification requirements and take a licensure exam. Also note that to start a teaching career, you do not need a degree higher than a bachelor’s.

Why should students choose a Bachelor of Education online?

Rewarding careers, such as those of middle school teachers or elementary school teachers, are possible with an online Education degree. People with undergraduate degrees become the nation’s most sought-after teachers, counselors, and advisors. Online degree programs provide students with a solid foundation in education and the educational system to become effective and creative educators.

Is a degree in Education worth the money?

Investing the time and money necessary to earn an online bachelor’s degree in education is rewarding. It can launch your teaching career and other educational possibilities. Not only that, it also paves a way toward entering other non-teaching fields, such as corporate and administration jobs. 

What is the usual timeline of an online Bachelor’s in Education program?

The typical time it takes students to complete their online bachelor’s in education degree is four to six years. However, the exact amount of time needed to finish a bachelor’s degree varies per institution, although most give students up to ten years. There are several factors at work, such as time constraints, individual considerations, and financial issues. You can also factor in the transfer credits that some schools allow. 

Most online bachelor’s in education programs today provide options for you to specialize in concentrations like special education, elementary education, high school education, or post-secondary education. Online bachelor’s degrees typically take four years to complete, but some programs allow you to graduate sooner.

What do students focus on in a Bachelor of Education program offered online?

Studying in an online Bachelor of Education degree program will give you the skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to be a successful teacher. In a teaching program, you will learn about classroom management, curriculum and instruction, assessment, teaching technology, and other pertinent topics.

You will also better understand topics like math, physics, language and literacy, technology, and social studies. You might also need to complete fieldwork or hours of student teaching to complete the program.

Will having a Bachelor’s in Education be beneficial for those seeking work in Education Administration?

A bachelor’s degree in education is favorable for career prospects in education administration since it provides graduates with specialized training and a well-rounded course of study in teaching, curriculum design, and educational pedagogy. Some states may also require certain educational requirements, like a graduate degree, for particular Education Administration positions. A bachelor’s degree in education may boost one’s chances of getting one of these positions.

Summary Points

  • Online Bachelor’s in Education programs provide specializations by topic area, age, learning requirements, and more, offering concentrations and licensure in various fields. Millions of open jobs and hundreds of career pathways are available to those pursuing an online education degree.
  • Coursework for an online Bachelor’s in Education must be comprehensive and intensive. Courses in child development, classroom management, educational legislation and policy, instructional tech, curriculum development, and social justice are some courses that online bachelor’s in education usually have. 
  • For an expedited and more cost-effective approach, students with an eye on higher education frequently complete their bachelor’s degree online.

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