10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Elementary Education in 2023

If you love to be part of children’s positive development and feel that becoming a teacher is your calling, enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education! This online degree can qualify you to become an elementary or kindergarten educator teaching kids their first ABCs and honing their soft skills for their development.

Online Degrees in Elementary Education - fact

The Labor Statistics Bureau sees a job growth of 4% in the demand for kindergarten and elementary teachers in the US.

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Students with an Bachelor of Elementary Education degree online are normally eligible for the state-issued teaching license needed to work in public schools. Through interstate agreements, certification is frequently transferable to other states. Web-based program enrollees enjoy similar advancement opportunities as brick-and-mortar students. 

The Lowdown

A crucial step to becoming a kindergarten or elementary school teacher are Bachelor’s in Elementary Education programs. With years of study, you become competent in a future profession in preschools, elementary public or private schools, guidance counseling, early childhood, and special education.

The foundation for children’s success as adults is a solid education, healthy guidance, and solid support. As a student in this online Elementary Education, you’ll be capable to producing these expected outcomes.


Numerous educational institutions offer Elementary Education degrees online—and choosing the best option for you isn’t that easy.

We’re here to help! We put together ten of the best Elementary Education undergraduate programs offered at some of the country’s top-ranked colleges! Each program was selected based on these factors:

  • Structured as a 100% or partially online program to highlight flexibility,
  • Taught by highly regarded elementary educators and contributors to the Child Development field,
  • Features comprehensive Elementary Education courses that ready students for a master’s program or qualify them for licensure toward an Elementary Education teaching profession,
  • Learners develop decision-making, critical thinking, active listening, communication, classroom management, and instructional skills crucial to an Elementary Education job,
  • Hybrid and online learners are eligible for scholarships, grants, and tuition discounts,
  • Recognized by the US Department of Education and accrediting agencies as compliant with academic standards.

Please visit our Methodology page for details on our undergraduate ranking system.

Best Online Colleges with Online Elementary Education Degree Programs

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Online Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education

Liberty’s Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education ranks among the top few in the US They’re also proudly the only 100% online BA program in Virginia that leads to a teaching license. You can obtain your Virginia teaching license by completing this program’s basic and foundational courses, student teaching, and practicum requirements.

The distinctive licensure-track Elementary Education program at Liberty offers entirely online VDOE-approved courses. Graduates apply the teaching theory to actual issues by participating in practicums and student teaching in local classrooms.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Liberty University’s School of Education the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation national standards for educator preparation. You can submit an application for reciprocity in another state after completing Virginia’s licensing requirements.

Did You Know?

  • Liberty University advocates Training Champions for Christ. Students are taught by professors who are passionate about equipping teachers with excellence and Christ-like compassion. 
  • This Bachelor’s in Elementary Education online program provides maximum flexibility and convenience so you can become a teacher without ever having to visit the university.

Walden University

Walden University

Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Walden University offers an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education program that, upon completion, qualifies graduates for licensure. As you develop your skills in instruction and curriculum design, Walden’s high-caliber faculty will support you and share their experiences and expertise. Through their interactive avatar simulations, you’ll have the chance to put your new abilities into practice throughout this program. Additionally, you’ll discover during your studies how to aid in the academic and social-emotional growth of your students.

With an online bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, you can teach elementary school in diverse learning institutions. You’ll learn to establish healthy and trustworthy relationships with students, families, and coworkers by being culturally sensitive. This will help you establish welcoming learning settings for everyone.

This online program also trains you to foster positive social change through effective collaboration. You can hone your teaching strategies and learn to customize your methods depending on what will work best for you.  

What Makes this Program Unique:

All of Walden University’s staff, admission employees, and professors will be happy to assist you through your online education journey. By participating in practice simulations and being guided by experienced teachers themselves, you will develop your teaching skills. As an elementary teacher, you can get the parents and communities to engage in their kids’ learning journey.

Did You Know?

Walden University pays for every Elementary Education major’s edTPA, a performance assessment that measures the skills required of new teachers.

Brenau University

Brenau University

Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Brenau University provides online education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Only this program offers 100% online classes in Elementary Education in Georgia. An internship at a local school is required as part of the field experiences and student teaching requirements. Faculty teaching the BS in Elementary Education focus on the needs and concerns of working teachers. The curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the needs of today’s classrooms.

With Brenau’s online Elementary Education bachelor’s degree, you can succeed in intimate settings where you can collaborate closely with professors who have held leadership positions in both public and private schools. Student teaching and field experiences are available in a variety of settings.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Brenau University’s professors are committed to your success. Most sessions have a low student-to-faculty ratio, allowing you to get to know your instructors and their specialties. Throughout your program, our teachers will serve as your mentor and support system while you expand your professional network.

Did You Know?

Students can questions and receive one-on-one assistance from their instructors at Brenau, since class sizes are kept small. They help education fit with your busy life by offering flexible scheduling options and online delivery. Their Elementary Education degree is designed to meet the needs of today’s students. 

Bay Path University

Bay Path University - The American Women's College

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies: Elementary Education

Bay Path University offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies in Elementary Education. By completing this curriculum, you can create a safe learning environment that is accepting of all kinds of students. A bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education will prepare you to teach grades 1-6 in elementary schools.

The Massachusetts Department of Education requires a BA in Liberal Studies: Elementary Education Licensure degree as the academic prerequisite for teacher licensure. You’ll graduate prepared for the workforce with expertise in early literacy, special education, classroom management, children’s literature, and more.

There is also an option to go for a non-licensure program degree, which is ideal for those who prefer to proceed to higher education like master’s degree or doctorate. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

There are many features that set this online degree apart from other similar programs. For instance, you can complete your preparation for licensure with the Massachusetts Department of Education. You’ll be able to pursue graduate studies with this credential. You’ll enjoy a closer instruction method from professors. 

Did You Know?

  • You’ll graduate with the academic credentials necessary to pursue a master’s degree along with the knowledge and abilities required to become a licensed elementary teacher and develop engaging learning environments for young students.
  • The faculty brings an amazing experience to the classroom at The American Women’s College. In the fields in which they teach, faculty members hold a variety of titles. 

Drexel University

Drexel University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Drexel University has an accredited online Bachelor’s Elementary Education Degree. This is an online degree designed to prepare you to become an elementary teacher or special education teacher. You will receive a customized plan of study in this online bachelor of science in Elementary Education program, which will include courses that teach the abilities and information required to successfully run a classroom for elementary, work with pedagogical technology, and sharpen creative problem-solving abilities.

For students in PreK–4 grades, an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education might pave the way to a career as a teacher or other education specialist. Although many people who want to work in education in a non-teaching position frequently get the degree, it also qualifies you for state teaching certification.

You must take part in a student teaching experience if you want to become a licensed elementary teacher. You can also enroll in additional pedagogy courses even if you don’t want to become a teacher.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This online program is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and complies with state standards for preparing students for certification. Every field experience is secured by Drexel’s Field Placement Office. With this online degree, you’ll have the opportunity to prepare for certification in special education. Moreover, graduates receive professional development, advising services, and guidance for job opportunities.

Did You Know?

Drexel’s BS in Elementary Education meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s rigorous guidelines for teacher certification preparation programs. As a result, transferring certification to another state entails a seamless process, but additional coursework and additional exams may be required.

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

The University of North Dakota proudly offers an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education degree and this is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a reasonably priced and flexible Elementary Education degree. This online Elementary Education degree, which is not self-paced, does not require on-campus attendance. You can complete your student teaching placement anywhere in the world after finishing your training.

The cost of the online Elementary Education degree at the University of North Dakota can be quite competitive with other similar programs. The program is one of the most affordable in the country. Plus, tuition is the same for all online students regardless of their residency.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students get access to state-of-the-art resources including online simulations, lesson modules, posted lectures, and online libraries. They enjoy interactive online forums, polls, and chat rooms.

Did You Know?

UND students can turn to the school for stress management, time management, and memory improvement strategies to navigate their online degree. All online students also receive free computer and email support from UND.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

For those who are interested in becoming elementary teachers, a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education might be just what you need. With an Elementary Education degree, you can significantly contribute to the lives of students. This is the best solid step to paving a teaching career. You will acquire the knowledge and certifications necessary to instruct and care for a variety of students through this online bachelor’s degree program in education. Furthermore, you will be prepared for teacher licensure in any state you live in with this online teaching degree program.

This Elementary Education bachelor’s degree consists of coursework and exams. While you will finish your coursework online, you will also participate in a Demonstration Teaching component, which will be facilitated by an experienced elementary teacher and supervised by a clinical supervisor, to gain classroom experience.

Your success and the success of your pupils are the main objectives of this online Elementary Education degree. With certain in-class prerequisites, the BA. Elementary Education teaching program is primarily online. With guidance and assistance from WGU experts, you’ll study and work independently to accomplish your courses.

What Makes this Program Unique:

A Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation-approved program, it offers every hopeful elementary school teacher of diverse levels and learning styles the resources to succeed and become eligible for a teaching license. 

Did You Know?

  • WGU enables you to advance as soon as you’re prepared while moving more swiftly through material you already know. As a result, you might complete your teaching bachelor’s degree more quickly.
  • Some courses might be waived by transfer if you have an associate’s degree or attended another college. In order to help you complete this bachelor’s degree in education more quickly, they examine your transcripts for transfer credits.
  • From the moment you begin your studies at WGU until you graduate, program mentors are there to support you.

Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University

Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Old Dominion University comes with its Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education online. Students receive career coaching from past school professionals as they get ready for a teaching career with teachers that have current, hands-on experience in schools. In addition to fieldwork, you will complete a capstone teaching experience under the supervision of a faculty member. 

In this online Elementary Education degree, you will put your knowledge to use by putting cutting-edge training into practice in a classroom setting. You’ll gain knowledge about instructing pupils from varied socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. You’ll be able to seek career development and progress for the rest of your life. This course of study is intended to result in Virginia teacher certification. But you are advised to research your state’s standards for teacher licensure if you intend to obtain a license in a different state before submitting an application.

What Makes this Program Unique:

You can access the course materials online from anywhere. There will be live, scheduled online meetings for some classes depending on professors. Assignments and tests may be scheduled by instructors for certain periods. Also, a practicum or internship is required for this program. Lastly, every course adheres to ODU’s standard academic timetable.

Did You Know?

  • Your college credits from a different program or university are taken into account by an online bachelor’s degree completion program. 
  • The goal of this curriculum is to get students ready for their Virginia teaching license. If you live in a state other than Virginia, it’s first recommended that you research your state’s requirements for teacher licensure before applying to ODU.

Asbury University

Asbury University

Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

This Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree program offered by Asbury University comes with classes in eight-week sessions. This online degree has been designed to meet the needs of anyone who is balancing school and work, including recent high school graduates and full-time working adults. 

No matter where you are, you can prepare to become a teacher while continuing to work. Through Asbury’s flexible, fully online Elementary Education program, you can enter the classroom ready for the future.

What Makes this Program Unique:

What sets Asbury apart from the rest is that they have a longstanding reputation as one of Kentucky’s top schools for education. The institution is noted for producing award-winning teachers, principals, and superintendents. The same quality and caliber are expected from this online Elementary Education program. 

Did You Know?

The program’s clinical education requirements for Elementary Education students must be fulfilled in Kentucky’s elementary schools. Because of this, the majority of online Elementary Education students are from Kentucky or reside nearby in a neighboring state, making it possible for them to visit the state for their clinical needs.

Midway University

Midway University

Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

The Midway University Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education program requires 120 credits. This online program leads to certification as an elementary school teacher. Graduates will be in compliance with Kentucky’s criteria for certification to teach kindergarten through grade five. For information on specific requirements, graduates should get in touch with the state’s teacher certification awarding organization.

You earn a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education P-5 from Midway University on campus or online.

The certificate you receive upon graduation will qualify you to teach kindergarten through fifth grade in Kentucky. Some other states should also grant reciprocal certification to students through reciprocal agreements. Upon acceptance to Midway University, students must apply for admission to the teacher education program.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Providing quality degree programs at affordable prices is one of Midway University’s highest priorities. By completing your FAFSA, you can find out what financial aid you qualify for. A transfer credit evaluation will be provided by our Admissions Counselors during the admissions process. Once acceptance has been confirmed, the Registrar’s Office will perform an official evaluation.

Did You Know?

As a full-time student or part-time student, you are eligible for loans from the federal government, as well as grants from the state or local government.

Courses in an Online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Child Development

The Child Development course provides teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to support young children as they reach important developmental milestones. This training enables educators to spot developmental gaps or roadblocks. They also include resources for promoting development that is appropriate for one’s age.

Educational Psychology

In the Educational Psychology course included in the online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education degree, extremely relevant theories and science underlying how kids learn and develop in the classroom are examined. Any potential teacher is thought to need to take this course as a foundational and fundamental course.

Foundations of Education

An overview of the nature of children, the school experience, teaching tools and strategies, and classroom management are all provided in the Foundations of Education course. The cultural, sociological, political, and historical foundations of the American educational system are also discussed.

Classroom Management

You will learn how to establish a trustworthy connection based on planning, teaching, discipline as a tool, organization, individual and group motivation, and cooperative learning principles in this course.

Children’s Literature

The Children’s Literature course offers an overview of works by authors and illustrators who are renowned for producing historical fiction, poetry, picture books, and works of fiction. Future kindergarten and elementary teachers learn how to incorporate the themes and teachings contained in well-known literary works into the classroom setting.

Elementary Reading

The primary objective of elementary reading and language arts is the development of students’ written, verbal, and communication abilities. The identification and achievement of suitable milestones with each student in a classroom are skills that future teachers are taught in this course.

Possible Careers for Elementary Education Degree Graduates

Rising enrollment and the retirement of older teachers should ensure a steady demand for elementary educators. A school district’s hiring may also be affected by fluctuations in state and local government budgets. Here are some of the possible careers after graduating with an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education:

Middle School Teacher

Some elementary school teachers aim for middle school environments—and they can do so upon earning an Elementary Education degree. They can pursue a specialization to make the move from elementary to middle school seamless! For instance, a K–5 teacher who has specialized in math or history might simply move into a middle school teaching position.

Special Education Teacher

Pupils with mental, emotional, and physical disabilities are taught by special education teachers. Through an individualized education plan, special education instructors coordinate school services with general education teachers, families, and other students. These specialists need a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a special education emphasis.

As a teacher in this special category, you need to become a problem-solver and an advocate. This specialty isn’t for everyone, but for those passionate about ensuring students with disabilities can attend mainstream schools, it will be highly rewarding.

ESL Teacher

As English becomes an even more important language everywhere, an increasing number of students would want to master this language. Language arts are taught to migrant, immigrant, and international students by teachers of English as a second language. As an ESL teacher, you can teach in schools, English academies, or online English learning companies. These educators are required to hold a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with a focus on English language acquisition.

Teacher Assistant

A teacher assistant offers classroom teachers practical assistance. In some cases when teachers are absent, teacher assistants can take over the classes temporarily. Assistants may spend the entire day in one classroom or split their time between several. Within the context of the classroom, teacher assistants perform a number of administrative tasks. An assistant could assist in creating teaching and learning resources.

Preschool Director

If you’re aiming to land higher leadership jobs, you can proceed to become a preschool director. The best foundation for a position as a preschool director is an Elementary Education degree. In fact, a preschool director performs a variety of duties that, in an elementary school setting, may be divided among several different jobs. A director frequently assesses applicants for admission They are also in charge of managing, coaching, and training staff members.

Skills Needed for Elementary Education Graduates

There are numerous more skills that are crucial for effective teaching. Some can be picked up quickly, while others require development over time. Here are some skills a successful elementary school teacher needs to possess:

Instructional Skills

One of the key talents needed by teachers is the ability to instruct others. It takes skill to instruct or demonstrate to others how to perform something. Various teaching methods, including lectures, are utilized while instructing pupils one-on-one or in groups. Younger learners benefit from individual attention and tactile methods that include greater student-teacher engagement, therefore a more hands-on approach is frequently necessary for them. Before creating their lesson plans, teachers should first determine and evaluate the educational needs of their pupils.

Class Management Skills

Teachers in primary schools must establish clear expectations for student behavior and then constantly uphold those standards. They must also be able to diffuse conflict and manage problems. Elementary school teachers must practice patience as they manage classes successfully. This requires the capacity to control challenging mindsets. Additionally, it needs to take into account the unique learning styles of every student.

Technology Skills

With a solid understanding of technology, elementary teachers can become better at utilizing digital technologies to develop engaging lesson plans with a variety of multimedia components, adding online resources to the curriculum, and employing technology to gauge students’ learning and growth.

Relationship-Building Skills

To succeed as an elementary teacher, one must be able to connect with their students. This requires sensing their emotions and empathizing with them. Effective teaching requires an understanding of children’s viewpoints. They should be supportive, personable, and motivating. Additionally, they are able to successfully address pupils’ problems by forming close bonds with them. 

Reading Comprehension

Children need to be taught a lot of things early on. Hence, elementary teachers should be equipped with good reading comprehension skills. Early primary vocabulary must be taught in the classroom, but educators must also be able to comprehend and summarize information from manuals, instructions, and other work-related papers that may contain highly technical language and regulations.

Proactive Listening Skills

Active listening is a technique where the listener concentrates on what the speaker is saying. While many people claim that they’re great listeners, proactive listening is actually different. Too frequently, people wait to provide more rebuttals to support their own arguments rather than genuinely hearing the other person’s point of view.

This approach, which is also known as deep listening, can involve answers in which the listener paraphrases what the speaker said back to them. This technique helps to make education more effective inside the classroom. Proactive listening in a classroom is more concerned with promoting learning than it is with resolving conflicts.

Observation and Evaluation Skills

Another skill for educators is to have good observation and evaluation skills. To the best of their ability, a good teacher will wish to support their students. Teachers have a variety of ways to evaluate their pupils, including formative assessments, curriculum-based testing, consistent evaluations, and observation and interaction with the class. Teachers should create their own modes and methods of assessment in addition to those that are formally required within the curriculum. 

Professional Development

An ideal teacher should be dedicated to continual professional development because the field of education is constantly evolving. Good teachers have the capacity to monitor their own performance, identify flaws in their teaching strategies, and constantly correct them. They constantly need to improve their abilities and behave appropriately.

Critical Thinking Skills

Teachers must be able to use logic and reasoning to come up with solutions because they have a lot of duties. Teachers must use critical thinking skills whether dealing with students’ queries on the spot, resolving conflicts among them, or assessing daily operations in light of long-term educational objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education?

The essentials of instructing a K–5 or K–6 classroom are covered in an Elementary Education bachelor’s degree program. You’ll be given an introduction to teaching theory and practice, learn how to train kids in certain areas, and gain actual teaching experience as a student teacher.

This online degree is a professional one that can help you land a career as a teacher right away. Additionally, it will get you ready for licensing exams.

Can anyone become an elementary teacher with an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education degree?

You can definitely acquire an elementary teacher position with an online degree. The fundamental pedagogy courses and student teaching experiences offered by these online programs are often equivalent to those of on-campus programs.

The coursework in this program meets the requirements for state certification preparation and has been authorized by the Department of Education. You will be qualified to get a state license or certificate once the program is finished. You can obtain a teaching certification in virtually every state thanks to Interstate Reciprocity Agreements. 

Are financial aid options for online students of a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education program?

As with any undergraduate program, the typical undergraduate in Elementary Education cost can be hefty. You can enroll in a teacher education program and qualify for some tuition assistance options, thanks to the several financial aid alternatives available. Filling out a FAFSA form is a smart place to start if you want to find out how much federal aid you might be eligible for.

You could also be able to take advantage of government work-study, grant, and loan programs that can significantly lower your tuition costs. Additionally, the university where you are enrolled may offer loans, grants, and scholarships. Students pursuing degrees in Elementary Education can also apply for several particular scholarships.

How long does it take to finish an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education?

An online bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education usually requires four years of study. If you enroll full-time, this is how long it should take you to finish your degree. Naturally, a few circumstances could either reduce or lengthen your time as a student.

Due to the length of the student teaching requirements, some students require an additional semester to earn their Elementary Education degrees. Others are just unable to complete a full course load each semester due to work or other commitments. You may also enroll during summer or winter breaks to expedite your online degree. 

Summary Points

  • A Bachelor’s in Elementary Education online degree program, being career-focused, is for teaching kindergarten to elementary pupils. This undergraduate program prepares graduates for state licensing.
  • The fact that most communities include primary schools in their school system—as opposed to only a few high schools—in benefits Elementary Education majors.
  • Online Elementary Education programs offer the resources and curricula to turn your passion for working with children into a legitimate career.

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