4 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Science Education

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The world has always been a fascinating place full of discoveries. And Science has made it possible for people to understand and grasp how things came to be. The study of Science can help people gain confidence and acquire that sense of peace as they make sense of the world around them.

Online Degrees in Science Education - fact

If you’re fascinated with scientific studies, good at deciphering observations and scientific theories and adept at the different branches of Science, one of your career choices is to teach Science to students.

It might be a good idea for you to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Science Education if you are interested in both Science and Education as two separate components. Ultimately, graduates teach biology, environmental science, chemistry and other branches of the discipline as science educators in schools and similar facilities.

As you enroll in an online bachelor’s in Science Education, you’ll be equipped with the instructional skills to hone young learners as you teach them science literacy, eventually contributing to them being responsible citizens. 

The Lowdown

Upon completing an online Bachelor of Science Education program, students are prepared to enter the teaching profession while imparting science topics to learners. This online program will also teach you about learning styles, child development, and education law.

A degree in Science Education prepares college students for a career as teachers in the upper grades, especially in middle and high schools. Depending on the program, you may have the option of specializing in teaching different kinds of Science Education students in public and private schools. 


Specializing in Science Education leads to a rewarding teaching career! Let us help you simplify the process of selecting colleges and universities offering online bachelor’s degrees in Science Education.

We picked five of the best Science Education undergraduate programs that each meet these criteria:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

4 Best Online Bachelor’s in Science Education

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Online Bachelor of Science in Education: Science Education

A Bachelor of Science in Education: Science Education is provided by the University of North Dakota. This curriculum offers comprehensive training for teaching biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences on campus. Critical thinking and practical experience are prioritized in the program. Students must also take advantage of volunteer opportunities at neighborhood schools.

High and middle school students require science instructors who are excited about Science and teaching. If you earn an online bachelor’s degree in Science Education, you can graduate prepared to teach Science to students in middle and secondary schools. UND offers the most comprehensive teacher preparation program in the state! A Bachelor’s in Science Education covers the basic foundational knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science.

What Makes this Program Unique:

One of the unique features of this online Science Education degree is that students can specialize in specific science branches such as Physics, Earth Science, Chemistry, or Biology. Students can volunteer at local schools, adding to their teaching experience, improving their resume, and building their professional network.

Did You Know?

Job prospects for graduates who get their teaching license for grades 5 through 12 in North Dakota appear promising. There are plenty of job prospects in the area and most other parts of the country. Both metropolitan cities and rural school districts desperately need qualified science teachers. You’ll probably have many options when choosing an employer that meets your preferred geographic area.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Online Bachelor of Science in Science Education

It is possible to earn an online science degree at a reasonable price that prepares graduates to teach in middle schools. One such degree program is the Bachelor of Science in Science Education at Western Governors University. The broad science knowledge and instructional techniques necessary to become a highly skilled middle school science teacher will be acquired through study and experience in this online degree. 

There is a growing need for STEM teachers as the demand for STEM professions develops. WGU takes pride in having helped almost 9,000 students get degrees in STEM education while advancing the advancement and objectives of the sector. If you are enthusiastic about Science, becoming an excellent scientific educator might benefit your future. Earning a degree in Science Education will prepare you to become a qualified teacher and an acknowledged authority who can shape kids’ minds and inspire their passion for STEM. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

The online science degree program at WGU is AAQEP and CAEP-approved, so administrators and peers will value your degree. In addition, the curriculum for this scientific education degree has been approved by the National Scientific Teachers Association, which gives your resume an additional boost of credibility. You will also receive a kit for conducting science experiments at home as part of the curriculum. For students who will be required to acquire these at-home lab kits at the start of the semester, they should consult with their Program Mentor.

Did You Know?

Some of the program’s prerequisite courses might be eliminated if you can transfer credits from your past college experience. You will complete the remaining prerequisites one at a time as you complete your degree, working with your degree mentor each term to develop your Degree Plan. The majority of your program will be completed as rapidly as you can learn each course. This means you are free to enroll in as many flexible courses as you can finish in a term without incurring additional costs. 

Western New Mexico University

Western New Mexico University

Online Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education: Science

A Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education – Endorsement in Science can be taken online at Western New Mexico University. There are both on-campus and online course options. The course stresses practical, hands-on skills and prepares students for New Mexico licensing.

Students are prepared for classroom teacher licensing through the College of Education’s Teacher Education Programs. 

This science endorsement education program train educators to work in primary, secondary, or early childhood settings. Students will be trained to be highly successful educators who recognize that teaching is more than simply imparting knowledge to children. In these programs, they make use of hands-on and practical skills. Some of the top educators in the state have graduated from WNMU’s School of Education.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Practice teaching is the final field experience for all teacher education candidates. The major objective of this hard experience is to make the transition from an education student to a beginner teacher easier. It allows prospective teachers to work as full-time classroom teachers under the supervision of a cooperating teacher or clinical faculty member based at the school.

Did You Know?

After graduation, Science Education graduates will be able to establish and maintain effective learning environments for their students. They’ll learn to support and engage all students in learning. They will be communicative with students, their families, and entire communities.

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College

Online Bachelor of Science in Science Education

A Bachelor in Secondary Science Education – Specialization in Biology is a great program for Science enthusiasts seeking Biology teaching opportunities. This program is made available at Miami Dade College. Nearly all of the program’s participants passed the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, and nearly all secured jobs immediately after finishing. Academic coursework can be conducted online, but an internship must be completed in person. 

The four-year baccalaureate degree in Science Education with a Biology focus prepares students for state-level teaching and certification tests. You need to complete an internship in a classroom setting to gain practical experience. Their Florida Teacher Certification Exam passing rate is quite close to 100%. Almost 90% of their graduates find employment immediately away.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The School of Education at MDC takes great pride in curating extensive programs for teacher preparation. Using their cutting-edge curricula, students can land their first professional teaching job. Their knowledgeable, devoted staff and administration support pre-service teachers by providing individual coaching and mentorship as they settle into their in-service positions. 

Did You Know?

A degree from Miami Dade College is more affordable than you might think! The in-person components included in some online programs include internships, practicums, clinical, and labs.

Students can turn to an MDC Online academic advisor to help them plan their study program and navigate their degree toward completion.

Skills Needed for Science Education Graduates

Skills Needed for Science Education Graduates

Classroom Management & Teaching Skills

Classroom-related hard skills include developing curricula and lessons, administering and grading tests, keeping records, supervising and disciplining students, using technology in the classroom and on computers, and more. Each component is necessary for a successful classroom where children may learn.


Teachers need to be creative, especially in making Science interesting for learners. For science instructors, creativity is crucial because it enables them to think of fresh, cutting-edge approaches to teaching their students. Additionally, it enables them to be more adaptable in their instruction, which is advantageous when dealing with diverse students.


Organization is a skill that science teachers must possess to prepare their lessons and maintain track of their materials effectively. With superior organizing skills, a scientific teacher’s job can be made easier and more productive, which benefits students’ learning.

Research Skills

Your Science Education degree’s core curriculum may include research theory and practice courses. Through them, you can sharpen your research skills. In doing so, you’ll have a leg up on your rivals as you discover how to specify your research topics, compose and style research proposals, and utilize databases and tools.


Teachers of all kinds and grades should have patience. And this soft skill can help you become effective in your craft. The quality of patience is the capacity to remain composed and concentrated in the face of challenge or annoyance. Science teachers must be patient even when some students don’t grasp the subject easily. 

Writing Skills

Not only do students need to draft written assignments and reports, but science teachers often need to do so too. A science teacher must be able to write accurately and clearly. The ability to write is critical to a scientific teacher’s ability to convey information effectively to their students. It is also essential for a scientist to be able to prepare lesson plans, assign homework, and assess students.

Common Online Bachelor’s in Science Education Courses

Laboratory Methods for Science Teaching

This course focuses on the most effective ways to instruct students in a lab setting. Students observe how instructors plan experiential learning opportunities in the lab, involve them in the process, and balance them with traditional classroom instruction. Another subject covered in this course is how to use equipment and tools properly.

Fundamentals of Science Education

This course will give a general overview of the main fields of Natural Science and provide helpful advice for instructing students in Science.

Adolescent Growth and Development

The adolescent growth and development course introduces students to human development’s emotional, cognitive, social, and physical elements from infancy to adolescence. Graduates with this expertise are prepared to work as successful teachers for students in middle and high schools.

Educational Technology

Science and technology often go hand in hand. It’s important to be equipped with educational technology expertise as a science teacher. In this course, you might discover computer programs and other technological advancements to help pupils access scientific knowledge better.

Secondary Classroom Management

The greatest classroom management techniques are the main topic of this course to become an effective middle and high school teacher. The exploration of behavior management techniques, evidence-based discipline strategies, and organizational patterns by learners enables them to provide students with learning opportunities effectively. Solutions to typical problems secondary school classroom teachers go with are also covered throughout the course.

Foundations of Assessment

Students pursuing Science Education degrees learn how to create objectives, lesson plans, and evaluation strategies for students in the primary and secondary grades. This course addresses how to involve parents and guardians in the learning assessment process and the best practices for assessing student learning following state and federal regulations.

Chemistry with Lab

Chemistry is an important branch of Science, and as an educator, you must have your fair share of chemistry courses. In chemistry with lab course, you will complete lab work to help you remember the lessons about atoms, the periodic table, stoichiometry, and chemical reactions.

Introduction to Education

This course examines the significant contribution that primary and secondary Education make to society and introduces the methods that professional teachers use. Students explore the workings of schools and school districts and philosophical viewpoints on teaching and learning.

Is a Bachelor's in Science Education worth pursuing?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Bachelor’s in Science Education worth pursuing?

An online bachelor’s degree in scientific Education benefits would-be science teachers. This is the best program if your ultimate goal is to become a teacher. You may combine your love of Science with teaching with a degree in Science Education. Furthermore, there will always be a need for trained educators who can instruct a community’s youth. The Labor Statistics Bureau has confirmed that, over the next ten years, high school teachers’ job growth is projected to increase by 5%

What’s out there for graduates with a Bachelor’s in Science Education?

If you hold a bachelor’s degree in Science Education, you can teach elementary, middle, and high school students in Science and other disciplines. With this degree, you may also be able to find employment as an adult education lecturer or as a professional in training and development for businesses and organizations.

Is Science Education in demand?

Since science educators are crucial in helping kids get ready for the STEM field, there is a growing need for excellent science instructors. As they increase their financing for STEM education, several school districts and schools are recruiting more science teachers. As of 2021, the median salary for high school teachers is $61,820 respectively. 

How long does it take to get a Bachelor of Science Education degree online?

For bachelor’s degree programs in Science Education that follow conventional academic calendars, the coursework follows a 16-week semester arrangement and takes four years to complete. If you enroll part-time, it may probably take you longer to complete. Because some colleges provide year-round, accelerated periods courses, their online education degree programs are more rapid.

Summary Points

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