10 Best Colleges with Online Data Management Degrees

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Data permeates every aspect of life! The global data sphere is expected to reach 64 zettabytes, says the International Data Corporation. This is unsurprising, considering how even a tiny computer can store massive amounts of information on finance, health, entertainment, and education.

Online Degrees in Data Management - fact

Organizations face the challenge of maximizing and leveraging the information collected. They require experts in managing and protecting data and building or maintaining software for this purpose. Data Management also facilitates user searches and ensures such systems operate efficiently.

With an online Bachelor’s in Data Management, you are expected to have gained the skills for developing applications, writing and programming code, researching and designing database structures, analyzing data, and recommending business strategies based on the gathered data.

The Lowdown 

Although Bachelor’s in Database Management programs differ in coursework and focus, the outcomes should be similar. The best online bachelor’s degree program covers the latest technologies, methodologies, and security protocols in Database Management.

Students should find meaning in solving complex problems and working on technical data management projects.

Aside from developing their tech skills related to data management, they’ll uncover essential other soft modern employers look for in Database Manager candidates. 


Online Bachelor’s in Data Management programs are widely available today from many of the US’s best information technology colleges and universities! It’s all a matter of selecting the best program with the prerequisites, curricula, and overall academic quality that fits your educational aspirations.

We randomly selected today’s top-quality degree in Database Management offered online to assist you with your decision-making. We used these factors in choosing each of the outstanding programs:

To find more information on our selection process, visit our Methodology page.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Data Management

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Online Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics & Management

Earn your web-based Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics and Data Management at Western Governors University. Raw data is converted to useful ones, which gives you more control over this information. Students in this online degree program must demonstrate three key skills: programming, business, and math. 

Course samples:

Their Bachelor of Science Data Management and Data Analytics degree program is focused on developing tech skills such as programming languages like Python and R, and you will also brush up your knowledge on machine learning and data science techniques. Information Technology Program Council experts designed and regularly updated this program.

As a student at WGU, you can earn one degree that combines Analytics and Data Management. You can earn your IT degree online with built-in certifications, but they will be added to your CV as soon as you earn them. You can start applying for a job earlier than your graduation date.

What Makes this Program Unique:

You can advance as soon as you’re ready through material you already know with WGU. You can graduate faster than any other online program.  Their tuition is charged per term and not per credit, making it easier for you to keep track of the overall cost of your education.

Maximizing transfer credits, expediting your graduation, and saving more money in the long run are also possible. 

Did You Know?

In addition to your practical knowledge, you gain theoretical depth by earning a bachelor’s degree designed by industry experts. Cloud computing is a fast-paced, constantly changing environment, and the experts on their IT Program Council have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Strayer University

Strayer University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology: Data Management

Strayer University offers an online BS in Information Technology with a Data Management concentration. With this online degree, you can manage multidimensional databases, configure and optimize database servers, and operate within cloud-based systems. Whether you work for a non-profit, government organization, or a private company, you’ll learn how to store, protect, and process data.

Here are some skills that you can develop from an IT Database Management degree program at Strayer:

According to course objectives and subject matter requirements, class size varies at Strayer. However, students and instructors are generally kept in a low ratio at Strayer University.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Although Strayer may not provide a 100% guarantee on career outcomes for graduates, such as job titles, promotions, or salary increases, they encourage you to explore the possible impact you can make.

Did You Know?

In this Database Management degree online program, you’ll learn everything you need to know about cloud computing and design, as well as programming and development. As part of the data management concentration, you can learn how to administer traditional and cloud-based databases to meet business needs.

Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology

Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Data Management and Analytics

Another Bachelor of Science in Data Management & Analytics online program is available at Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology. This is a perfect opportunity for you to start a data management career. This program will teach you to set up and design a database environment.

In addition, you’ll learn how to acquire, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data. As part of your organization’s decision-making process, you will be the data manager.

Cambridge’s online Bachelor of Science in Data Management & Analytics program combines subject matter with hands-on training essential for certification. From building databases to utilizing data ethically, you’ll learn it all. You will, therefore, be more confident when you take the certification exams.

A graduate’s career path will depend on their interests. Here are some job occupations that you can consider:

What Makes this Program Unique:

Many students start their careers at Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology every year. The majority of learners love their feature that revolves around focused classes. Their program covers every aspect of data management that you need to know for a successful career.

They also offer job placement services, assisting students in finding employment in their chosen fields through partnerships with local businesses.

Did You Know?

Your work will involve analyzing and wrangling data as a representative of your employer, regardless of the job you choose. As part of your job, you will be in charge of databases, creating reports, and analyzing datasets.

Capella University

Capella University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology: Data Management

The key to success in business today is leveraging the power of big data. Capella University is aware of this and has structured an online BS in Information Technology with a minor in Data Management degree program. This demonstrates your skills in managing data assets to achieve business objectives.

Data architecture, governance, and database administration are all topics covered in the program. You might also find it useful for preparing for the Certified Data Management Professional certification as a credible qualification in the IT industry.

You will gain the abilities necessary to support an effective data management program in multiple professional settings with a bachelor’s degree in IT and a data management minor. 

The Data Assets Management curriculum focuses on process and workflow concepts and activities related to effective data management:

Using a variety of data management processes, you will also apply best practices to solve actual issues. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

Their programs cater to students who are seeking bachelor’s degrees. They’ve broken down the program into manageable pieces with faculty, staff, and online resources to assist you in earning your degree.

Enrollment counselors at Capella help students meet the program’s requirements and tailor it according to their goals.

Did You Know?

Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University

(Online) Bachelor of Science – Information Technology: Database

The online Computer Information Technology – Database emphasis is available at Colorado Christian University. This online degree will give you the computer skills you need to succeed in today’s Information technology environments.

A well-rounded IT knowledge base is provided in this program, which focuses on designing, developing, and administering standard and unique databases, as well as computer programming, software design, application development, network analysis, management, and security.

Through hands-on learning, you can meet your business and communication needs using best practices in computing.

As part of the Computer Information Technology bachelor’s degree program, you will gain technical mastery and a solid business education from a Christ-centered perspective. You can demonstrate excellence by adopting this perspective in the workplace and your personal life.

These skills can be utilized in career fields such as computer programming, network design, application development, information security, technical support, and others.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Did You Know?

This online degree prepares students to use computer technology to aid in the decision-making processes of companies, non-profit organizations, and government organizations.

In information technology courses, students learn about computer applications, solving problems with computer technology, and using computer information systems.

DeVry University

DeVry University

Online Bachelor of Science  – Computer Information Systems: Database Management (Hybrid)

DeVry University offers a BS in Computer Information Systems – with a concentration in Database Management, and students can choose to take it online or hybrid. This online degree prepares you to be familiar with all things related to database management, including its theory, practices, techniques, and tools.

This online program is based on realistic techniques and applications. Online students explore all aspects, from planning to troubleshooting, as this is important in real-world data management.

Their faculty and program designers have structured this program to prepare you for today’s Internet of Things (IoT) economy. Many institutions keep a lot of critical information in databases, such as health records, financial records, and legal documents.

Finally, these data storage systems are designed, created, tested, and managed by database administrators.

What Makes this Program Unique:

In this online degree, you’ll learn defense strategies and Cybersecurity basics. The course will also cover how databases perform, are available, cost, and how to manage various databases simultaneously.

Did You Know?

Become familiar with various database management concepts. After graduation, you can transition careers, pursue data management, or climb opportunities for promotion in your current IT employment.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems: Database

Liberty’s online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems – Database program will prepare you for various business and technology careers. Database development and management are also taught along with corporate information systems. No matter what information technology position you aim for, this online bachelor’s degree is invaluable for your goals. 

Data networks are essential for managing information and processing digital transactions in almost all organizations. Some industries you can find employment in are healthcare, criminal justice, law, business, and banking.

Liberty’s database specialization is intended to meet the market need for database implementation and management experts.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This online Database degree can be completed in 3 to 4 years. Liberty provides alternative pathways to graduation that allow you to continue your career while pursuing your degree. You can stand out as a competent, ethical professional no matter your career path.

Did You Know?

The skills you’ll need to succeed as a database administrator are a combination of hard and soft. Database administrators must have excellent interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills.

In addition to developing strong technical skills, you will also need data management and computer science knowledge. The bachelor’s degree in database administration offered by Liberty University will teach you how to manage business operations and manage systems.

Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Systems and Technology: Database Management

Old Dominion University offers an Online BS in Information Systems and Technology: Database Management. As you know, any company’s information systems are crucial to its success.

IT professionals like system developers, data analysts, and data managers help those systems work. Fortunately, these job occupations can be pursued after graduation.

This online Data Management major discussion of these components of the discipline:

You will gain knowledge of leading-edge technology and other business aspects. The topics included in this online degree are finance, accounting,  management, marketing, quantitative methods, economics, and international business. This degree prepares you both for business and information technology fields. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

ODU requires 30 credits, which should be taken from them if you want to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. A total of 120 total credit hours is required for completion of this online program. You can speak with their admission and enrollment staff regarding transfer credit accreditation.

Did You Know?

Certain ODU classes hold live, regular online meetings, while others don’t. The assignments and exams may be scheduled at specific times by the instructor.

Colorado State University Global

Colorado State University Global

Online Bachelor of Science in Data Management and Analysis

This Bachelor of Science in Data Management and Analysis program is offered at Colorado State University Global. This course will teach you the best practices for managing enterprise data. As a future data manager, this is an essential skill to have and apply to all businesses!

You’ll learn to analyze data to increase overall productivity, which can impact their bottom line. This program will prepare you for designing databases, preparing data for analysis, conducting web analytics, mining data, and performing statistical analyses.

Some courses you’ll take in this online degree are:

What Makes this Program Unique:

By earning a bachelor’s at CSU Global, you can customize your degree to meet your personal and professional goals. You can explore a second area of interest through an undergraduate specialization, just as you can with a minor. 

Did You Know?

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer and Data Science: Data Management

Colorado Technical University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer and Science with a concentration in Data Management program consists of 183 credit hours. A lot of attention and discussion is focused on data these days. Study computer science with a data science concentration at CTU to better understand data analytics.

A broad range of theoretical and practical knowledge, methods, processes, and skills will be explored as you learn how to develop computer software solutions using algorithmic techniques.

As you study this online degree, you’ll learn the following courses:

What Makes this Program Unique:

In the data management concentration curriculum, students learn how to design and develop different types and levels of computer software, as well as how computers work.

There are no additional licenses or certifications associated with this program. Consequently, CTU has not determined the prerequisites for licensure or certification.

Did You Know?

You can build a class schedule around your schedule with their flexible online course schedules. A degree from CTU is affordable and attainable, with grants and scholarships available to those who qualify. Contact an admissions advisor to discover more information about financial aid. 

Online Bachelor's in Data Management Courses

Online Bachelor’s in Data Management Courses

Data Governance

This course teaches students how to handle sensitive and private data ethically, legally, and safely. Students also learn how to secure information by shaping data processes.

Database Administration

One of the major courses in data management is Database administration. This course is concerned with the management and maintenance of database systems. As a database administrator, you are responsible for ensuring that applications make optimal use of databases and that physical resources are used efficiently and effectively.

UX Design

Designed to equip you with the skills needed to enter entry-level positions in user experience design, this course is a basic beginner course for would-be data managers. Designing user experiences for websites and mobile apps is this course’s main highlight. 

Introduction to Data Science

The Introduction to Data Science online course provides a basic understanding of collecting, organizing, managing, exploring, and using data. This covers basic topics in data science, like data visualization, data analysis, and the use of some data tools.  

Data Visualization

Data visualization comes with a pipeline process. This includes using maps, icons, graphs, and other visuals to convey numbers, concepts, and relationships.

Project Management

In the project management course, you learn how to manage stakeholder expectations through assigned tasks, milestones, and deadlines when studying project management.

Career Pathways for Bachelor's in Data Management Graduates

Career Pathways for Bachelor’s in Data Management Graduates

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts’ job is to ensure that an organization’s information remains secure, whether they are working on databases or networks. In addition to conducting regular searches for security breaches, they engage ethical hackers to look for vulnerabilities.

They also stay on top of the latest security developments.

Data Analyst

To help others make decisions, data analysts gather and scrutinize data using specialist tools. They will be responsible for responding to data questions and finding patterns, trends, and anomalies within the data. They extract tools, analyze them, and store them for usage. 

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer system analysts help companies work more efficiently by integrating IT and business needs. To ensure everything works, they conduct testing to ensure everything works, and they research new systems that can boost productivity.

Software Developer

Mobile devices, desktop computers, and even cars are powered by computer programs developed by a Software Developer. In addition to identifying user needs, they also develop new applications for any given market while incorporating user feedback into their improvements. Software developers are in high demand in the IT sector. 

Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality assurance analysts identify and resolve system bugs and look out for defects and other potential issues. They ensure the quality of software, websites, and other technical products.

Computer Programmer

In computer programming, computer programmers handle codes and scripts. They test them after creation to ensure the proper functioning of software and applications. A computer follows the instructions that software developers and engineers create.

What is a Data Management degree?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Data Management degree?

Database Management is a subfield of Computer Science that focuses on information technologies, database administration, information security, and multipath management. Database Management graduates tend to work in positions that focus on data management, such as database administrators and data scientists.

Many of the same jobs are available to database management graduates as they are to general computer science graduates. It is also possible to find more specialized employment in database administration if you hold a database management degree.

Is Data Management a reputable career?

Data management is considered a well-paying and satisfying job for many people. After all, computer experts have been highly sought after in recent years. The Labor Statistics Bureau expects computer and information technology occupations to grow roughly 15% in the next decade.

On the other hand, job growth for database administrators and architects is projected at 8%. Database management training can also lead to computing, management, and IT careers. 

How much do Database Managers earn?

The median wage for database management professionals is significantly higher than the national median wage. According to Indeed, the data manager’s salary in the US is around $87,254 on average.

Depending on the location, experience level, and type of employer, graduates of bachelor’s in database management programs can earn substantially different salaries. A database administrator living in a rural area or a smaller town will typically earn less than those living in bigger or urban cities.

Summary Points

Additional Information: