15 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Computer Programming in 2023

All modern organizations and businesses rely heavily on information technology, prompting computer programming to become a sought-after skill, with at least 9,600 job openings estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the next decade.

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Today, many computer-related careers and disciplines require programming knowledge, which has become a prerequisite for many positions in the sector.

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A computer programmer typically works within an IT department, but they can also work independently and remotely. Many industries, such as business, finance, healthcare, government, education, and retail employ software developers, computer programmers, and project management experts in this field.

If you see yourself becoming part of this industry in the foreseeable future, earn an online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming!

The Lowdown

Students can earn this online degree by combining it with other technical fields of study such as information technology, computer science, data analytics, and computer engineering. At the end of this online degree, you’ll be able to learn programming languages such as Python, C++, Java, or JavaScript. 


Has choosing the best online program been a challenge for you? We can help! We put together chosen those that offer online or hybrid learning, accessibility and are priced reasonably.

You can refer to this list of criteria on how we chose the Computer Programming online programs:

  • Emphasizes convenience for adult students with full or blended online learning arrangement offerings featuring the same high-quality college education as traditional programs,
  • Offered as a major track or as a concentration in Information Technology and Computer Science degree, allowing students to obtain a more focused education that aligns with their career plans,
  • Prepares the student for a master’s in Computer Programming degree online in the field,
  • Equips students for entry-level work as a computer programmer, computer networks administrator, computer systems analyst, or cybersecurity specialist,
  • Taught by professors or instructors who have real-world experiences in the field of computer programming or other related disciplines,
  • Offer tuition assistance, scholarships, grants, military discounts, transfer credits, and similar financial aid options,
  • Obtained regional accreditation and programmatic approval from academic agencies that establish the standards of teaching and learning in the Computer Programming field.

Please read our Methodology page for a detailed look at our online undergraduate degree program selection process.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Computer Programming

Baker College

Baker College

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming

Baker College proudly offers its online Bachelor of Computer Science – Concentration in Computer Programming. This online degree is developed with the help of industry professionals, and it is constantly updated to reflect the latest technological advances. It covers relevant courses in programming languages, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and data structures.

The Baker College BS in Computer Science – Computer Programming program requires 120 credits for completion. 

Some of the coursework included in this online degree are:

  • Computer architecture
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Programming languages
  • System development methods

What Makes this Program Unique:

One of the things that set this curriculum apart from the rest is that they come with 150 hours of work experience required to gain expertise and jump-start your career in computer programming. Also, the senior year requires a capstone project that runs the entire year.

Finally, after graduation, you can work in various industries, like healthcare, finance, consulting, education, manufacturing, and government agencies.

Did You Know?

At Baker College’s College of IT and Engineering, Extended Reality (XR)-based courses are offered. The experience will prepare you for a successful career in high-tech through immersive, hands-on training. 

A total of 11 Michigan locations offer 100% online courses for students to choose from, including online Computer Programming degrees.

Limestone University

Limestone University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming

Limestone University offers its own Online Computer Science – Programming, which is available to take online. There is no difference between online programs and traditional ones on campus in terms of curriculum and content. Assignments, discussions, projects, and exams are all available throughout the online learning system.

The programming program is asynchronous, so you do not have to be online at a specific time. Faculty and other instructors provide virtual office hours so online students can approach them whenever they’re available. 

The Computer Science bachelor’s degree encourages students to think creatively to find unique solutions to programming problems. Software development and maintenance skills are particularly useful in the workplace when solving business problems. If you love solving programming issues, then this online degree with a computer programming concentration is your cup of tea.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Transferring credits from another accredited institution may be an option for online students at Limestone University. Programming concentrations offer intense training in key computer technology areas, especially computer programming, architecture, IT security, and systems administration. 

Did You Know?

Originally founded as a women’s college, Limestone University is one of the largest private colleges in the state. Twenty-two years ago, to fulfill students’ desire for higher education, the university started its internet programs.

Herzing University

Herzing University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming

Computer programming is a more specific field of study than other technical fields. It involves the design, creation, and testing of software programs and operating systems. It’s time to enroll in Herzing University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming program designed to prepare students for a multitude of computer programming jobs.

You can expect to take the following courses in this online program:

  • Web scripting
  • Software engineering
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Mobile app development
  • Data warehousing

Herzing University offers a degree program focusing on the skills you need to obtain entry-level programming jobs immediately after graduation. In this 120-credit undergraduate program, students learn the fundamentals of computer programming which is what modern employers are looking for today.

This program offers tuition assistance, an employer-sponsored partnership program, and other financial aid options that will help students save money. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

The Herzing University bachelor’s degree in computer programming can be used as your stepping stone to proceed to higher education like a master’s degree.

An undergraduate degree in computer programming from Herzing can be applied toward an MBA of up to 12 credits. One of the best features of this program is that Herzing aspires to make this online degree as affordable as possible while improving its curriculum and processes to prepare you for success.

Did You Know?

Students can enroll in all their program offerings through their seven campuses, completely online, or in a hybrid learning format. Depending on the lifestyle of the student, day or evening classes are available.

The college strives to provide as many virtual services to busy working students. You can leverage their support services, academic advising, technical support, and tutoring services.

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Programming

Information security, programming, and human-computer interaction are taught in the Department of Computer Science at Fort Hays State University. They offer an online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science: Programming that will make you highly marketable in many computer or information technology firms.

Computer programmers and problem solvers are among the careers available to graduates. Whether you plan to advance your career or transition to a different field, this online computer programming degree will prepare you with the required knowledge and skills.

Degrees can be earned online or in person, so you have the option to fit your schedule. Academic advisors work with students to ensure successful completion of their degrees. Programming, human-computer interaction, and information security form the core of the field of computer science.

What Makes this Program Unique:

As you become a student in this programming online degree, you will join an alumni network of accomplished professionals working in small businesses, IT companies, government agencies, and the cream of the crop companies and organizations.

Students are encouraged to engage with industry leaders on campus and online by participating in collaborative research, attending professional events, and networking.

Did You Know?

A degree in Computer Science results in the acquisition of skills like teamwork, collaboration, and computer programming. The use of computer technology in everyday life will increase the demand for people with computer skills. After graduation, you will have more flexibility to choose which specific industry to work in.

Central Methodist University

Central Methodist University

(Online) Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science – Computer Programming Concentration

Central Methodist University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Programming focus. This is for you if you enjoy working with computers and have an interest in programming. 

Your analytical, computer programming and problem-solving skills will be enhanced by majoring in Computer Science. You will gain skills that will prepare you for this ever-evolving field by studying database technologies, programming languages, hardware, and software.

A strong passion for technology and computer skills are required if you’re interested in majoring in computer science at CMU. Their faculty will teach you everything you need to become a tech professional. A strong work ethic, a sense of curiosity, and the ability to analyze problems are highly valuable as you partake in this computer programming degree.

Working adults who are busy at work can take online courses that last either eight or sixteen weeks. Finally, upon graduation, this major prepares students for positions that require application programming, computer system knowledge, and software knowledge.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Your liberal education will be complemented by your professional preparation in this major. In this program, students gain knowledge of computing systems, programming, and commercial software packages that prepare them for entry-level positions.

Thus, graduates will have a solid foundation in Computer Science, which will allow them to pursue diverse job occupations or even proceed to graduate studies.

Did You Know?

In this online computer program, you will have your share of knowledge of databases such as HTML-CSS, SQL, and Microsoft Access. Hands-on experience is a major feature of the computer science program. You can apply for internships at companies around the state and beyond. They have programming and IT professionals working with administration offices as interns.

Essential Skills for Computer Programmers

Essential Skills for Computer Programmers

For computer programmers to succeed in their respective jobs, they must have a wide range of skills. Those wishing to become computer programmers should be capable of demonstrating both soft and technical skills like the following:


Most programmers, especially those who are freelancing, work alone in front of a computer most of the time. However, one necessary skill for them is communication. This soft skill is necessary in many situations, including large and complex projects. Communication skills will allow you to share ideas and solutions effectively with others.


Computer applications are made more adaptable and interactive by using logic and conditional thinking. As computer programming solves issues and code hurdles, it’s important to use logic, especially in fixing code errors.

Application Design and Development

From simple mobile apps for smartphones to complex operating systems, computer programmers should be well-versed in designing and developing these applications. 


Computer programmers conduct a lot of research on a daily basis. This skill is essential for programmers in order for them to master computer languages. Research is necessary to discover and analyze newly encountered errors in coding.

Writing Skills

The work or processes you perform may need to be shared occasionally. Depending on your position, you’ll have to make reports or send out emails to partners and stakeholders. When working with colleagues with fewer programming skills than you, it is often necessary to explain processes and results. Thus, programmers must have good writing skills.

Common Courses an Online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming

Common Courses an Online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming


Cybersecurity focuses on securing all data and Information in IT networks. In this course, you’ll tackle topics such as digital forensics, cybercrimes, and data encryption. A project is usually included at the end of the course. 

Data Warehousing

Online students study database access, data modeling, and implementation of data warehouses in this computer programming course. A data warehousing course allows students to discover information in data warehouses and devise new data acquisition strategies by gaining knowledge of the concepts, methods, and techniques involved.

Computer Programming With Java

Knowledge of Java, one of the most commonly used programming languages, is a must for computer programmers. A Computer Programming with Java course introduces Java syntax and concepts that software engineers and programmers often use.

Operating Systems

UNIX, Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems are studied in operating systems courses. The operating systems course will train students to connect user programs and the computer’s bare hardware in an established, convenient, and efficient manner.

Introduction to Python Programming

Python is a famous and commonly used programming language in the IT field. In this course, students learn about the various tools for writing and running Python. Students will learn how to code effectively with these tools. Students will also learn how to use data structures, write custom functions, and read and write files through hands-on coding exercises.

Statistical Analysis Software

SAS courses can help students gain more in-demand technology skills. Globally, SAS is used to solve complex business problems in approximately 118 countries. Be more well-versed in this topic through this course. 

Introduction to R Programming

Analyzing and manipulating data can be done quickly and effectively using the R programming language. You will learn to analyze data professionally using various functions, techniques, and methods.

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering course tackles different aspects like data structures, computer programming, and web development. During the course, students gain practical experience in software development, testing, and design.

Software Development

A software development course focuses on the creation, design, deployment, and maintenance of computer programs. After graduation, if you work as a software developer, you will need to develop software that is needed in your firm’s operations. Being keen on the latest programming languages is a huge plus for this course.

Introduction to HTML

In this course, you will learn every aspect of coding HTML. In the training, you will learn to code in HTML and make websites. Using the HTML skills you have learned, you can create a real website at the end part of the course.

SQL Programming

SQL is another programming language important for computer programmers. In this course, you will use SQL in creating tables and manipulating data. SQL queries will be written and Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL will be used in the course.

Drawing and Animation

Students gain an understanding of basic animation theory and mechanics as well as character design, layout, and storyboarding. Students will have to design storyboards and create rough animations for each animated character.

Tips to Excel as a Computer Programmer

Becoming a computer programmer is not as hard as some people expect. However, it’s not as easy as ABC!

Here are some tips that can help you acquire your dream job with a Computer Programming bachelor degree:

Be equipped with fundamental programming skills.

Computer programmers must understand some important concepts and be passionate about programming. At the same time, coding skills should come hand in hand with it. Learning coding fundamentals and developing these skills early on in your career is important since employers often look for programmers with good coding skills.

Fortunately, on your own time, you can learn how to program using many free resources. Even before college, you can start to develop this talent and start exploring the field of coding and programming.

While many skills can be learned in school, the lessons are also found in books and websites. The truth is, nothing beats the effectiveness of self-learning and self-development! Learning to code on your own could provide you with basic knowledge before you pursue further education.

If you want to improve at programming, you should experiment with code as much as you can. Don’t forget to try and accelerate your learning curve on your journey to self-learning.

Get educated.

This next basic tip is to get formal education. After all, most employers today require at least a bachelor’s degree in order for you to stay ahead of other applicants. An online bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science, software engineering, information systems, or information technology is all great career preparation. 

These programs can teach you key concepts or theories that are difficult to learn on your own. It is also possible to even proceed to higher education, like a graduate degree, if you wish to land higher-paying jobs or top positions in the field of IT or computer programming.

Don’t forget to maximize your educational experience by taking advantage of their advising and tutoring services, library resources, and other tools available for learners. 

Earn some actual experience.

Work experience is another important aspect to help you become a legit computer programmer. In order to build a successful computer programming career, you must have some early work experience. And no matter how early you start, it’s way even better for future employment. This is the best way to start landing well-paid jobs.

Join internships.

To acquire knowledge of the professional world of computer programming, grab Internship opportunities. Internships offer are an excellent way to gain experience and may also lead to permanent employment.

When looking for the best online degree in computer programming or related fields, it’s often best to go for those that offer internship programs. Students may also find it useful to work on campus. Several companies or nearby institutions offer internships to college students. 

A variety of university positions are available to students, such as IT jobs, web development, and networking support. Your on-the-job training will help you improve your computer programming skills and will help you find a full-time job after you graduate.

Do freelance work.

A degree in computer programming can also lead to freelance work for computer programmers. Many students go through this pathway in preparation for a computer programming career. Freelancers work on one or multiple projects for clients. You can juggle this along with your studies or other obligations.

Freelancers can work on their programming projects no matter where they are. Clients can be contacted online, and programming services can be provided as needed by working from home.

Remember that a freelance career goes two ways. It can prepare you for a full-time job in programming, or you can build a portfolio and steady clientele with it.

Consider continuing education.

After employment, you can always level up your skills with higher education. This is what some computer programmers do to improve their career options. They seek further education and upgrade their certifications. You may be able to gain more career opportunities or promotions by earning a master’s degree or pursuing a doctorate. 

Computer programming is a constantly changing field, so certifications may also need to be updated. You may want to switch programming languages or branch out into other fields so that you are not limited to just one.


Programming languages and specialties vary widely, so it’s important to choose one that suits your skill level. Like any other field of expertise, you have to choose a specialization. What you choose as a specialty should be determined by your preferences and what kinds of projects you are interested in. Study courses that relate to your chosen career path to learn how to master a specific programming language. Having a specialization makes it easier for you to find employment.

Expand your network.

Networks impact your career life unexpectedly. Networking with people in similar fields is necessary for career growth. You’ll never know whom you can launch projects with in the future, so it’s important to start building your connections early on.

As part of this process, you can keep in touch with your old contacts, meet new people, or attend events. You may want to consider joining a programming community online or in person. Through expanding networks, you can learn from others and find greater opportunities. 

Taking part in local and virtual events, such as conferences and meetings, will help you meet people in the industry and expand your network. The opportunity to meet established practitioners may be even greater at national and international events. Join events and organizations in the field of programming.

Take advantage of any gatherings to network with other professionals. It is easier for programmers to learn about new programming trends outside of seminars and presentations when the environment is less restrictive.

Don’t stop improving.

It has always been a challenging field to work in programming. But the good news is that there will always be room for improvement. Even when you achieve the highest certification, due to its constant update and changes, there will be many chances to grow and improve. After all, experts are constantly creating, modifying, and revising countless computer languages. The key to staying competitive is keeping those skills current and learning new things. No matter what you learn, whether it’s a language or a new technology, it’s always beneficial to never stop improving.

Career Pathways for Bachelor’s in Computer Programming Graduates

Career Pathways for Bachelor’s in Computer Programming Graduates

Computer programming requires an understanding of information technology, computer science, and math. When you are equipped with these three, it would be easier to land one of the jobs below:

Information Security Analysts

Information Security Analysts design and implement programs to prevent any kind of cyberattacks. They focus on stabilizing the defense system of the IT networks and systems. Moreover, security analysts conduct regular assessments of the organization’s risk vulnerability.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Increasingly, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been used in technology to solve problems and perform tasks more efficiently. An Artificial Intelligence Engineer develops algorithms that are capable of learning, analyzing, and predicting the future. They are responsible for creating machines that can reason as humans do.

Network Administrator

The network administrator is responsible for maintaining a local area network, wide area network, and intranet, ensuring the smooth operation of an organization’s computer network. Network updates and upgrades, and security are among their responsibilities.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analysts redesign, update, and modify computer systems to increase organizational efficiency. The ability to create data models benefits from an academic background in computer programming for many systems architects.

Cybersecurity Professional

Cybersecurity professionals protect sensitive data and investigate fraud and crimes committed with computers. Cybersecurity professionals are experts in forensic digital analysis, identifying vulnerabilities in systems, analyzing the software development lifecycle, and applying cryptography.

Computer Programmers

A computer programmer writes, modifies, and tests code that enables applications and software to run efficiently. Their job is to convert software designs into computer codes that will fulfill such tasks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between online Computer Programming degree programs and traditional programs?

An online and traditional computer programming degree differ only in the method by which you obtain your degree. The good news is that upon graduation, online students receive the same diploma or certificate as their in-person counterparts. There are similarities between the two degrees and after graduation, they may provide similar opportunities.

How long do online bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming students usually complete the program?

It typically takes four years to complete a Bachelor’s in Computer Programming online. This is the expected duration for an online undergraduate program that comes with total credits of 120 hours.

However, there are some factors that can influence the time for completion. You can expedite graduation if you use transfer credits or take part in accelerated programs.

What is the average salary for computer programmers?

According to the US News and World Report, the median salary for computer programmers come with a median salary of $93,000. Over the next decade, there are expected to be about 9,600 openings for computer programmers.

How can a degree in Computer programming help students in their career goals?

A degree in Computer Science degree online with an emphasis on Programming leads to several entry-level positions, such as information security analyst, cybersecurity professional, or computer programmer. Eventually, Computer Science students can climb up the career ladder to land top management jobs. 

Summary Points

  • In the modern workplace and operational environment, computer programs simplify a number of tasks and can assist in solving a variety of problems.
  • An online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming prepares students for careers in programming logic, database management, application development, and scripting.
  • Computer Programming degrees online teach students how to program computers and how to apply this knowledge in the workplace. Java Programming, SQL Fundamentals, and Designing and Programming an Application are some of the courses you can expect to take in this degree program.

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