8 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Computer Engineering in 2023

Today, 93% of small businesses use technology platforms, at least in part, to run their operations, emphasizing the need for competent computer engineers to design and manage software and hardware systems.

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Primarily, Computer Engineering experts install hardware and software, maintain the company’s internal computer network, and program and optimize software solutions. They create custom computer systems, modify existing systems, and assist companies in achieving their technical goals.

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The Labor Statistics estimates that computer hardware engineers will have a 5% job growth over the next decade. Consequently, degree holders and professionals with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering and related fields such as Electrical Engineering are in high demand.

The Lowdown

Computer engineers, whose task is to design and implement hardware and software for corporations and computer companies, help maximize productivity. Such professionals are expected to have obtained the skills taught in online Computer Engineering degree programs.


Enrolling in the best Computer Engineering degree online program that develops your computer engineering and soft skills is crucial!

Our list of the top online degrees and colleges aims to help you make better academic decisions. Each Computer Engineering major on our list was picked with these factors in mind:

  • Delivered as a virtual Computer Engineering program or a blend of virtual and in-person classes that can be completed conveniently and flexibly,
  • Features rigorous coursework typical of online Computer Engineering degrees, emphasizing computer and electrical engineering principles, computer software systems, computer programming, circuit analytics, logic design, computer networking,
  • Offered through advanced online learning platforms and systems,
  • Equips students with the essential soft skills to thrive in real-life Computer Engineering workplace situations,
  • Real-world lessons are taught and insights are provided by Computer Engineering expert professors or staff during synchronous lectures and live discussions,
  • Provides support and assistance to students in obtaining future internships, drafting portfolios, or preparing for actual careers,
  • Online programs come with financing options such as tuition assistance, discounts, scholarships, and credit transfers for more affordable tuition,
  • Received regional and programmatic accreditation.

Find out more about our selection process by reading our Methodology page.

8 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Computer Engineering

University of Arkansas Grantham

University of Arkansas Grantham

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

The University of Arkansas Grantham offers a web-based Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology Degree Program. This online degree focuses on the development of skills and knowledge for professional engineering technologists, in particular when it comes to the field of computing and technology. This curriculum provides a solid foundation in advanced circuit theory, digital design, microprocessors, and programming. 

Graduates of this program will be able to design, test, and implement computer and software systems in real-world settings. With this online degree, you can build a rewarding career and grow personally and professionally. At the University of Arkansas Grantham, they are committed to providing an outstanding student experience. For enrollment in a degree program, they also provide free Lenovo laptops to new and returning students.

What Makes this Program Unique:

One thing that makes this online program unique is that they have monthly start dates. This means you can begin the program whenever you prefer. The amount of credits that you can transfer is up to 75%. After graduation, you will have developed soft skills such as communicating effectively, managing multiple projects, understanding social issues, and collaborating with others. All these are critical skills for any job that you’ll have.

Did You Know?

Their tuition rate is among the lowest in the US. They provide all new and returning students with a new laptop. The curriculum focuses on mathematics, science, engineering, and technology knowledge to resolve engineering technology problems.

Florida International University

Florida International University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Florida International University proudly offers its Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program. Education offered in this program will form the basis for innovative digital inventions and inspire new ideas on how to use technology in business.

As part of FIU’s online Computer Engineering program, students learn how to design hardware, design software, implement hardware-software integration, process audio and video, design instrumentation and filters, and network computers. A degree in these fields will provide students with an understanding of cutting-edge technologies in these fields.

Enrolling in the most updated online degree makes sense as you participate in this ever-changing industry. Since every aspect of people’s lives is affected by technological advances, including transportation, healthcare, education, and consumption, students must have a solid understanding of computer engineering and math. They should also understand current best practices and design and adopt a future-oriented strategy!

Using complex communication strategies and configurations is the goal of FIU. You can earn this 128-credit degree online in four years if you work full-time. After completion, graduates can pursue careers in hardware architecture, software engineering, design, and development.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Online learning at FIU is convenient and accessible from anywhere in the world. They offer interactive technology that allows you to watch lectures and get real-time feedback from your instructors. They proudly offer state-of-the-art online learning priced affordably for online learners worldwide.

Did You Know?

FIU’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is a reputable program that the National Security Agency recognizes. Graduates of this online program have landed jobs at some of the top companies in the country. This online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree program is structured in a way that keeps up with the rapidly-evolving computer industry in the US.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona - Online

Online Bachelor of Science – Electrical and Computer Engineering

At the University of Arizona, earning your Bachelor of Science – Electrical and Computer Engineering online enables you to receive the same one-on-one attention from professors and advisers as your on-campus peers, learning from the same experts and receiving the same student-centered curriculum. This online degree will help you take your career to the next level.

Students can combine the two disciplines and focus on their interests in biomedical devices, microelectronics, power systems, robotics, and software development. You will be well-versed in both facets of electric and computer engineering. There is a strong emphasis on real-world experience in all engineering programs at the University of Arizona. Students work with faculty on research and development projects for company sponsors. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

Gaining an online bachelor’s in electrical and computer engineering diploma will allow you to land your dream job. Furthermore, there are many entrepreneurial opportunities in both fields, which welcomes new technology startups every year and often involve students at all levels to contribute to electrical and computer technology advances.

Most students who major in Electrical or Computer Engineering graduate with certifications that enable them to land coveted jobs immediately after graduation.

Did You Know?

The degree also gives you an edge in the job market due to its partnerships with companies like NASA, Raytheon, Pixar, Intel, and Microsoft. Almost all Arizona Electrical and Computer Engineering students receive job offers even before graduation. And some would pursue entrepreneurship.

Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

One of the prestigious engineering programs of Old Dominion University is its online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program. Computer Engineering majors are required to take a minor in computer science. The education you will receive will be well-rounded, no matter what major you choose. You will also get to choose from technical electives to concentrate on areas of interest. 

This program will give you a broad understanding of engineering and technical computer principles. Both hardware and software are covered in the course. During the last two semesters, you can apply your new knowledge and skills to a team environment. You will collaborate with students from other disciplines on projects you design, propose, and complete. You can graduate from this online degree by completing 128 credit hours. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

Your professor will be available to meet with you during virtual office hours via web conferencing. They offer personalized teaching and coaching to provide the best learning experience. 

Did You Know?

You can use collaborative tools to communicate with your classmates via web conferencing, email, or other means. Message boards and discussion boards are often used in class by students.

Saint Cloud State University

Saint Cloud State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

The Saint Cloud State University Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Degree produces graduates who create faster, more useful, and more efficient computer systems and instruments. During the program, students will be exposed to hands-on and project-based coursework. 

Their laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and conduct fieldwork sponsored by the industry. Your courses and projects will advance your physics, chemistry, and mathematics knowledge to the point where you can create highly valued software and hardware. The topics covered in the coursework are software systems, digital logic design, and circuit analysis. A total of 109 credits is needed to complete this online degree. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

You will be exposed to working or experiencing environments in robotics, industrial sensors, medical equipment research, and green energy. For two semesters, students complete their capstone design project focusing on their area of excellence. 

Did You Know?

Saint Cloud State University has state-of-the-art laboratories to support studies in various fields like electric machinery, computer CAD, digital signal processing, electronic analog, computer simulation, and electromagnetics.

National University

National University

Online Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering

National University has an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree Program. This online degree gives you the knowledge and skills to develop smart homes, smartphones, artificial intelligence, robots, and more. This course will teach you how digital hardware interacts with other hardware systems and how software enables them.

Approximately 180 quarter units are required to earn the BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering. A senior project is required for this online degree. With this program, you can apply your learning in a real-world environment, preparing you for a career as an engineer after graduation.

During the eight-week program, you’ll take laboratory courses alongside lectures. The capstone project is a three-month project in which you apply what you’ve learned to a local company. Hands-on learning gives you a competitive edge and prepares you for your career by connecting the class material to your work.

What Makes this Program Unique:

You can prepare yourself for an innovative career in inventing, designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative devices since you’ll be adept at developing their hardware and software.

Did You Know?

Electrical and Computer Engineering fields are among the fastest-growing in the United States and worldwide. Engineers can work with teams of engineers and improve lives worldwide through electrical or computer engineering careers.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

The Bachelor of Science – Computer Engineering at Colorado Technical University is designed to prepare students with a solid mathematical foundation. 

To be successful in this online computer engineering program, students must have a solid understanding of college-level math. For instance, it helps to be proficient in these three mathematics subjects: algebra, calculus, and trigonometry. 

As part of the BSCE program, students will be trained to be competent Computer Engineers who value a system-level perspective. You will be able to offer technical expertise and participate in continuous learning. After graduation, you are expected to help shape your company’s and society’s computer engineering industry by training and honing future computer engineers. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

The bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at CTU can prepare students for various fields. College credit can be earned for what students already know through CTU Fast Track. Thus, students can complete their degrees 30% faster. 

Did You Know?

The foundation course must be completed with a minimum 70% passing score for students to demonstrate proficiency. The Student Success department can assist students with questions regarding the foundation course, completion timeframe, or alternative study programs.

University of the Virgin Islands

University of the Virgin Islands - Online Degree Programs

Online Bachelor of Science – Computer Engineering Technology

Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering Technology from the University of the Virgin Islands and prepare for careers in Computer Science or Engineering Tech. Knowledge of microprocessor design, electronics theory, and circuit design will prepare you for a computer science and engineering technology career. Through this online program, you will learn how to identify and analyze technical problems. You can help resolve system design issues and earn various technical roles.

A degree program in Engineering Management Technology online can be completed in 38 months, but if you receive transfer credit and take a lot of classes, it could take less time. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

With an online Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology from the University of the Virgin Islands, you can become a professional computer engineer, engineering technologist, engineering technician, or engineering assistant. Another feature of this online degree is that their classes start every eight weeks. 

Did You Know?

The University of Virgin Islands provides scholarships and financial aid to eligible students.

Courses to Take in an Online Bachelor's in Computer Engineering

Courses to Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

As expected, computer science, technology, and mathematics should all be included in a computer engineer’s knowledge base. An online Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering degree curriculum includes courses such as the following:

Engineering Ethics

Computer engineering ethics and the ethical implications of engineering technology for society will be explored in this course. With the help of case studies and other resources, students will understand different ethical dilemmas in engineering.

Circuit Analysis

In this course, students learn about circuits, voltage, and resistance. A laboratory session is often required as students build circuits while practicing electricity safety. A program may offer a sequence of circuitry classes, enabling students to broaden their knowledge and gain valuable experience.

Microprocessor Design

The microprocessor design course trains students to understand the importance of microprocessors in computer architecture. An embedded systems course covers computer architecture, microcontroller programming, and timing sequences.

Digital Logic Design

Computer engineering is based on applying math concepts to computer hardware. This is what digital logic design will be about. You will tackle binary code, algorithms, and boolean algebra.

Valuable Skills Necessary for Computer Engineering Graduates

Software Development

A computer developer’s role is typically different from an engineer’s, but both require software development skills. An engineer creates the overall structure of applications, but the developer creates applications that target specific needs. You can develop computer products that meet your employers’ technical requirements.


DevOps practices can be combined with software development and IT functions. As a computer engineer, you should have DevOps skills. With these skills, you can foster a collaborative work environment between development and operations teams, which are crucial when developing computer hardware or software.

Cloud Computing

In this modern tech-savvy world, many businesses need to hire computer engineers who are experts in cloud computing. You should be able to create, develop, and maintain cloud-based systems, ensuring adherence to security policies and efficient data storage. You must be communicative and provide cloud support, addressing client needs. 

Programming Languages

Software engineers use various programming languages, each with unique features. Having vast knowledge of programming languages like Python, C++, Java, and HTML is a huge plus in Computer Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a degree to be a Computer Engineer?

Even entry-level computer engineering jobs require advanced math and science skills, so bachelor’s degrees are usually required. Fortunately, most online bachelor’s programs now have the equivalent of in-person bachelor’s programs. Other than a bachelor’s degree, it would benefit your computer engineering career if you could enroll in engineering boot camps, study online, or gain work experience in various fields related to computer engineering. 

Is it possible to become a software engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering?

Yes, Software Engineering is one of the best computer engineering jobs you can have. However, you need to brush up and improve your programming skills since most job interviews ask for information about algorithms and run times. Both fields overlap so much, so you can apply for software engineering after graduating with an online Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering. 

What is the cost of an online bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering?

It’s important to note first and foremost that the tuition and fees of public universities are generally lower than private universities. A computer engineering degree costs $32,530 for out-of-state students, while in-state students pay $10,855 on average. This covers a typical 120 credit hours requirement which can be completed in four years. Tuition can be frozen for a certain period at some universities, but you must remember that tuition usually increases yearly.

What career paths are available to Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering graduates?

This online bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering offers various career options. The good news for computer engineering is that it can be specialized or generalized. An undergraduate degree is a good starting point for anyone interested in becoming a computer engineer. Some jobs you can apply for with this degree are software engineer, web developer, multimedia programmer, forensic specialist, and technical support specialist.

Summary Points

  • The field of Computer Engineering deals with the development of computer hardware and software. A computer engineering degree may be a good choice if you have strong analytical skills and a passion for coding or programming.
  • In an online Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, students learn electrical principles, signal and system concepts, and digital device technologies.
  • Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering can lead to many high-paying jobs. It is also possible to pursue careers related to software development and services and hardware-related ones.

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