5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Network Administration in 2023

As many modern businesses rely on information technology for daily operations, their computer systems must be constantly in check. One branch of IT that can take care of this aspect is network administration. It entails a wide range of operational tasks that ensure the smooth operation of a network.

You can work in this field as a network administrator, a highly paid information technology area. And the good news is that you can pursue this career with an online Bachelor’s in Network Administration.

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A Bachelor’s in Network Administration is an appealing degree option for anyone hoping to work in this field and land an entry-level to middle position in the IT sector. Recent Labor Statistics data forecast a 3% job growth for network and computer systems administrators. And their median pay is $80,600 yearly on average.

As a network administrator, you’ll deal with various tasks focused on short-term and long-term goals, but the most important job is maintaining a company’s computer network. If you think this fits your bill, then it’s time to enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Network Administration today.

The Lowdown

Some of the prerequisites of network administration are critical thinking skills and persistence. A network administrator must understand computer hardware, software, and operating systems. They must also stay abreast of the latest innovations in the field of IT.

These skills and knowledge will be acquired after completing an online Bachelor’s in Network Administration! Many accredited universities and colleges offer online Network Administration degrees at the undergraduate level or similar related fields such as Management Information Systems, Computer Science, and Information Technology.


Colleges and universities nationwide offer the Network Administration degree program online. Many schools offer advanced and prestigious curricula in Information Technology and similar computer-related disciplines. But with too many choices when you browse online, it’s natural to feel confused about which program to go for.

Listed below are the top online schools offering high-quality network administration programs which are flexible and accessible. Every Network Administration program included on this list is evaluated based on the criteria that we have set:

  • Can be taken 100% online or combined with in-person learning structures,
  • Hones Information Technology and Network Administration know-how and nurture your soft skills necessary for any work setting, 
  • Prepares students for jobs in network administration, computer programming, information systems security, or information technology, 
  • A wide range of financial aid options are made available such as scholarships, military discounts, transfer credits, tuition waivers, and tuition discounts,
  • Taught by instructors recognized for their expertise in the field,
  • Offered by regionally accredited universities and colleges,
  • Recognized by organizations and agencies that promote the field of Network Administration.

More information can be found on our Methodology page.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Network Administration

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

(Online) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) – Concentration in Network Management

Get a comprehensive understanding of Network Administration principles with Colorado Technical University’s online Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology – Network Management concentration. The program reviews basic IT topics such as general computers, programming, database systems, and connectivity. It also covers the evaluation and implementation of networking requirements for an organization.

Some of the main highlighted topics in this Systems and Network Administration program are the following:

  • Network system administration
  • Database and security
  • Networking
  • Computer system architecture
  • Computer programming
  • Network management
  • Cloud computing
  • Ethics
  • IT system development
  • Project management

As a result of the BSIT program, students gain a strong technical background and analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills that let them excel in various technical careers.

After graduation from this online Network Administration degree, students can manage data servers, be more well-versed in cloud computing, and have more understanding and exposure to advanced IT applications and services.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Colorado Technical University offers a flexible online schedule that allows you to fit classes around your schedule. Obtaining a degree from CTU is affordable and achievable, with grants and scholarships available to those who qualify.

Did You Know?

  • The CTU Fast Track exams offer the opportunity to earn college credit based on your prior knowledge of key course objectives.
  • Colorado Technical University constantly ranks as one of the leaders in offering outstanding online bachelor’s programs.

American National University

American National University

Online Bachelor of Science in Network Administration

American National University offers a Network Administration Bachelor’s Degree program. This online degree focuses on user support, troubleshooting, and infrastructure configuration and maintenance in network operations and administration. Network administrators are crucial in ensuring Information Security, maintaining computer networks, and troubleshooting computer problems.

Your role in this critical role affects every department and employee since the network infrastructure touches every aspect of the company. Network administration bachelor’s degree programs at American National University help you prepare for various mid-level positions, including network engineer, network administrator manager, and network analyst.

What Makes this Program Unique:

You will learn how to design and administer networks based on Microsoft Windows Server through academic work and real-life learning scenarios. Students learn to plan, design, configure, and troubleshoot Microsoft environments from small, local networks to wide-area network integration.

Did You Know?

  • Obtaining your degree while preparing for industry certification examinations is possible with their courses based on professional certification standards.
  • On top of teaching technical knowledge and skills, the program emphasizes leadership and communication skills. 
  • As part of the progressive education path, students may also enter at different points, like transferring credits from their associate’s degree from another institution.

Dakota State University

Dakota State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Network & Security Administration

The Dakota State University Online Bachelor of Science in Network and Security Administration focuses on keeping network networks secure with up-to-date software and technologies. Aside from networking and scripting, you’ll learn about red-teaming, penetration testing, operating systems, and system administration in this program.

Enroll in their online classes at Dakota State University and take advantage of their virtual and physical labs. With these labs, you can perform enterprise-level tasks like working with physical IT tools such as routers and firewalls in a safe environment. Practicing defensive hacking and network forensics will also allow you to get inside the mind of a hacker.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students with a Network and Security Administration degree can protect an organization’s IT assets. After graduation, you’ll learn to manage enterprise networks and systems using relevant skill sets. Utilize penetration testing techniques to identify vulnerabilities in network security.

Did You Know?

Several clubs and organizations are available at DSU. Join groups like CybHER, Gaming, or Defensive Security to boost your resume. Furthermore, students can participate in collegiate cybersecurity competitions and eSports, and conduct campus-wide research.

Rogers State University

Rogers State University

(Online) Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology – Concentration in Computer Network Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology: Computer Network Administration degree is available for online students at Roger State University. This online degree aims to provide information technology specialists who are competent communicators and understand business requirements. 

In this online degree, you can expect to study the following subject matters:

  • Network operating systems
  • Configuration of network components
  • Emerging information technologies

Students with this option can pursue a career as a system administrator, system specialist, or network specialist.

What Makes this Program Unique:

In today’s information technology field, students must be prepared to excel in business, communication, and computer science, all covered in this online degree. As well as providing a solid background in business principles, the faculty teach students the latest technology in this online Bachelor’s of Computer Network Administration degree.

Did You Know?

As a rapidly evolving workplace requires a combination of technical expertise and educational skills, Rogers State University’s Technology and Justice Studies Department has the credentials to assist you. By earning an applied technology degree, students have a better chance of advancing to management and supervisory positions in technology firms and other industries. 

DeVry University

DeVry University

Online Bachelor of Science in Network and Communications Management

DeVry University comes with a Bachelor’s Degree in Network and Communications Management. This online program will prepare you for designing, building, installing, and managing voice and video communication systems.

Using backup and security, you’ll be trained to prioritize the privacy of sensitive information of your clients or employers. You will learn to protect critical data during crises and natural disasters. 

Additionally, their faculty knows industry regulations so that you can ensure ethical and conscientious practices. Furthermore, their Bachelor’s in Network and Communications Management program prepares you to use VoIP, video, smartphones, and other next-generation networking tools.

What Makes this Program Unique:

With their highly customized online learning platform, this online degree at DeVry offers you the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you want. On your online platform’s tab, you will find the assignments and discussions set for the week. Your course materials and notes will be available to you as the course progresses, as well as your instructor lectures and chats.

Did You Know?

  • According to Newsweek’s and Statista’s ranking of America’s Top Online Colleges, DeVry University is one of the nation’s Top Online Colleges.
  • This program aims to empower women to pursue careers in tech through early access to resources and offer scholarships for women. 

Courses to Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Network Administration

Routing and Switching

In this course, you will design, troubleshoot, and configure LANs and networks. Hence, you’ll be exposed to routers, switches, and firewalls. You’ll understand that different types of businesses require different routing and switching systems and solutions.

Information Security Management

Several security concepts will be introduced in this course, including network security, access control, and confidentiality protection methods. A disaster recovery plan is also taught to students.

Converged Networks

In this course, students study the processes behind delivering video, data, and voice in converged networks and discover technologies like telephony, core switching, edge access, 5G, and broadband. They also learn more about troubleshooting network errors in this course.

Advanced Network Security

With advanced network security subject, students will be trained to assist businesses with their business continuity and disaster recovery. The course teaches you to identify network vulnerabilities, assess risk, and create efficient solutions. Enhance your existing systems with the help of cyber security specialists.

Linux Administration

In this class, students will learn how to use Linux professionally. This class involves hands-on practices, and labs are available for students to explore and study how to maintain the entire Linux system. 

Database Concepts

The course will teach you to design, and program database system interfaces in different languages. If you plan to qualify as a  database administrator, this course is necessary.

Career Pathways for Bachelor's in Network Administration Graduates

Career Pathways for Bachelor’s in Network Administration Graduates

Network Administrator

Software and hardware are installed, upgraded, and troubleshooted by network administrators. They also fix other network and computer issues, such as optimizing network performance, resolving connectivity issues, etc. Administrators ensure workstations are connected to the network and are functioning properly, as well as managing servers and desktop equipment.

Corporate Security Manager

Managing corporate security involves analyzing risks and preventing security breaches, and this is the main task of a corporate security manager. Security concerns in the real world and cyberspace are part of their network administration roles. 

Disaster Recovery Specialist

Disaster recovery analysts are responsible for developing and implementing policies that secure company data. Many employers who rely a lot on information technology are in dire need of these IT professionals. Moreover, they develop solutions and prevention strategies to mediate situations that lead to loss of data.

Database Administrator

A database administrator creates a system for storing and securing data. They are well-versed in data management. Database administrators build and maintain new databases. They develop data security measures and back up data to prevent loss. Aside from a degree in network administration, many students also study data management degrees. 

Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists use their IT knowledge to assist staff and other users with computer problems. They can work within or outside the organization. In some situations, specialists help coworkers with tech problems, while in others, they assist customers with technical problems.

Network Engineer

A network engineer builds and deploys a network that is optimized. Testing and troubleshooting networks are also part of their job.

Data Communications Analyst

Professionals in this field develop and maintain VoIP networks. Data communications analysts test these systems and networks to eliminate issues and errors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online Bachelor's in Network Administration?

What is an online Bachelor’s in Network Administration?

Online Bachelor’s in Network Administration students are trained to administer local and wide area networks and virtual private networks. In addition to troubleshooting common issues, students learn how to install and maintain hardware and software. They brush up on technical knowledge about networks, computer systems, software, hardware, and applications.

At the same time, students develop their ability to communicate, work together, and pay attention to details.

Degrees in network administration train students to set up and maintain communication networks. Graduates from these programs are also trained to manage organizations’ servers, storage, and applications.

What can an online Bachelor’s in Network Administration major expect after completing the program?

Several career paths can be pursued with an online bachelor’s degree in Network Administration. Businesses of all sizes and government agencies hire graduates, non-profit organizations, and almost any industry. A business requires computer network architects and similar professionals with experience configuring servers, evaluating local area networks, installing network hardware and software, conducting database management and systems analysis, and understanding IT requirements to optimize network performance.

The professionals in this group work in network administration, network analysis, network engineering, and network security. A database administrator or a network architect may also be a career path for some network administration graduates.

How do prospective students choose the best online Bachelor’s in Network Administration?

There are various formats available for online network administration studies, so you should research to find one that fits your learning needs. You can check what credentials you can earn by completing a particular program by looking at what colleges offer to prepare you for industry certifications.

Internships are another thing you should check. Colleges may be able to help you find relevant internships in your area and offer credit for them.

If you’re particular about flexibility, some schools offer year-round classes, and others only during the semesters. It’s ideal to consider the important factors affecting your decision-making when choosing an online degree. 

Summary Points

  • Network administrators are becoming more important than ever as cybersecurity threats increase and technology advances. Around 400,000 people are working in this field, which is expected to continue to increase.
  • Network Administration degree programs at the bachelor’s degree level are concerned with solving issues pertaining to the complex networks of technology utilized by organizations.
  • Professionals who manage networks ensure that their organizations’ computers run fast, smoothly, securely, and are always up-to-date. If you’re interested in working in the information or computing industry, undergraduate online programs in Network Administration may be the right choice!

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