The University of Miami Salutes Student Employees

student employee - image concept

Most higher education schools all over the US are run by student employees. These people are dedicated to their roles in ensuring that everything operates smoothly. The University of Miami has more than 5,000 student employees who play a crucial role in helping the daily campus activities.

These committed individuals have an integral role in running the school’s operation, both on and off-campus. According to one of the university’s officials, their student employees have been regularly helping their staff, faculty, and other learners, particularly during the past year. From their libraries, wellness centers to their student center complex, the student employees have been instrumental in keeping them operational.

Different departments hire students to perform administrative tasks, while residence halls ask these learners to assist the residents. Furthermore, some student staff serves as teaching or research assistants to support the institution’s academic goals.

In so many ways, student employee jobs go further than office work and facility management. Some fulfill supplemental roles that augment their classroom knowledge and develop their career aspirations.

One of the current students enrolled in a Health Science discipline is working as a front desk attendant at the swimming pool facility. While the other, who is attending a similar program, is assigned to the wellness center. Most of them took relevant training activities to support their field of study and their job positions. They believe that getting such training will assist them in performing effectively in their roles and serving other students better.

Some student employees have been given higher positions, such as managing a wellness center or supervising the student complex. For them, they treat their work as a springboard for their future career, acquiring meaningful working experience that will sharpen their leadership skills.

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