How Do Virtual College Tours Work?

In this modern era, a top-notch education is a bedrock for landing a lucrative or successful profession. Every aspiring college student must know and scrutinize every option throughout the application phase before making a life-changing decision. Hence, school officials highly recommend not ditching campus tours.

The virtual tour has gradually become a regular stage of the college application process when searching for the most appropriate academic institution for their college experience. These tours have been a burgeoning trend for most college-bound learners, particularly those with many universities or college options.

Thus, most college admissions departments provide virtual campus tours to ease the prospective students’ problems.

The Process

The continued technological evolution of virtual reality allowed schools to provide virtual campus tours. The incoming students can tour several campuses without leaving their homes. This 360-degree content has been an efficient way of presenting the school’s amenities, facilities, classrooms, and all other relevant areas to their prospective enrollees.

Students can access it through their mobile phones, laptops, or VR headsets, and they can easily be virtually transported to every part of the campus, regardless of the school’s location.

Benefits of Joining Virtual Tours

It’s Practical

Not all students can attend college, let alone travel to each school for a campus tour. Some of them may still be hoping to land a scholarship, so this virtual tour is the next best option for them to virtually reach schools they might be interested in without spending a dime on travel expenses.

Parents don’t have to worry about adding another cost to their already increasing application-related fees.

Improve Accessibility for Every Student

Usually, the college application procedure isn’t always similar for everyone. Some students are fortunate enough to stay in an urban setting, making it easy for them to visit good schools because it’s quite near their location.

Unfortunately, those who reside in rural areas may need extra time and resources to travel thousands of miles away before they can get a tour of large campuses.

Even for international students, there’s no need to fly down to the other side of the world to see the universities they’re eyeing for. The virtual tour makes studying abroad more accessible for them as it provides visualization opportunities.

Acting on Informed Decisions with the Family

Even if they’re starting another chapter in their lives, choosing which college to go to requires the family’s support. Nowadays, parents tend to bring in other family members to help their college-bound kids in the decision-making process. This seems challenging and costly to do when going on several university tours.

For those with elderly parents, driving from one school to another may be too tiring. Virtual tours will allow everyone at home to join in the exploration, just by sitting on their couch, while the prospective student makes informed choices on different schools all at once. 

How to Make Virtual Tours Worthwhile

Students must take advantage of these tours and gather as much information about every school. They can begin by speaking to professors, counselors, and admissions officers by scheduling a virtual meeting or video chat, which the majority of schools nowadays accommodate all these requests.

Given the pandemic situation, every college has made strategic adjustments in their admissions process that allowed their institution to be as accessible as possible to all their prospective students.

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