5 Ways to Surviving Through Everyday College Life in 2023

College can be hard, and there is no way anyone can escape that reality. You will have to face the worst deadlines, the most stressful assignments, and the most dreadful schedules. At the end of the semester, you would already have mastered the art of staying awake.

Even if you’re the most organized person in the world, you will still find yourself trying to get through college. So how, exactly, can you survive college?

everyday college life

Use your free time wisely

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In college, free time is your best friend. If you used to spend your free time lazying around, you won’t have that luxury in college. Even if it’s just ten minutes, you need to use it wisely. Use all of your extra minutes to get started on that project, come up with ideas, or do some research.

College schedules won’t always give you ample time to do your coursework, so make the most out of your spare time. You don’t know when you’ll get another chance to work on your requirements.

everyday college life

Do not procrastinate, even if it’s tempting

If you do, you’ll soon find yourself facing a huge tower of work. Responsibilities just keep piling up in college and if you don’t start working on them now,  you might not even finish them at all.

It does not matter if you’re slowly working; at least you’re doing something. Do it now, or regret it later. Even if you think you’ll have time to do it later, in most cases, you actually won’t.

everyday college life

Make a schedule and stick to it

Daily schedule, weekly schedule, hourly schedule — whatever works best for you, really. Making a schedule will help you remember all the things that you need to get done, and it will force you to get things done.

With all of the work you’ll be receiving, you might lose track of some of them. Making a schedule can force you to stick to your commitments so that everything will be a breeze in the end.

everyday college life


Roll with the right crowd

College is the time to put your academics first, but some people might not understand your priorities. You need to find friends who will support you academically and emotionally, and who will respect how you partition your time. These people should know how to balance fun and focus.

You can even be each other’s support system and fulfill those friendship goals you’ve always seen on social media. Your friends should make you feel less stressed while encouraging you to aim high, too.

everyday college life

Get to know the upperclassmen

No one knows your modules better than the upperclassmen. They’ve lived and they’ve learned and, chances are, they’re willing to help you. Get involved in acquaintance parties and make new friends.

Get to know some of the older students and try to ask if they still keep their old lecture notes and books. If they do, you can request to borrow or have them. You’ll be doing them a favor by getting rid of it for them, anyway!

College will be difficult. That’s the harsh truth, and there’s no way of sneaking around it. You will fail, triumph, be disappointed, and find encouragement. But, with the right plan and mindset, college can become a memorable experience that will be essential to your growth.

Survive college. The next challenge will be surviving real life. Take this as your training ground.

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