The 9 Best Online Bachelor’s in Music Degrees in 2023

Technology has changed a lot of sectors, including education. Today, students can pursue almost any major they want in the comfort of their own homes, giving them a more flexible and convenient schedule. But can you pursue a music degree online? Well, yes!

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There is an increasing number of online music degree programs. Before pursuing an online music program, you must carefully research and inquire about hands-on or performance requirements. With most programs requiring face-to-face teaching in a single instrument, online degrees in music that meet your interests may be limited.

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While a degree is not required to pursue a career in the music industry, a degree will help you boost your credibility and secure auditions and job opportunities. The Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA) and the Bachelor of Music (BM) are the most common types of online undergraduate music degrees. Other undergraduate degrees in music are the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Music Education (BME), and Bachelor of Science (BS). 

BM and BFA degrees are similar in that they are considered intensive courses of study that prepare students to become professional musicians. Music classes, such as music theory and music history, will make up two-thirds and three-quarters of your schedule, depending on the institution. Additionally, these degrees may require online students to enroll in music and non-music courses. 

The BME degree prepares you for a profession in teaching K-12 vocal and instrumental music, along with the preparation necessary to earn state licensure. On the other hand, the BA in music degree is best if you want to study music but also want the freedom to be ready for a career in another industry or a musical sector that other departments or programs don’t cover.

The lesser-known online music degree is the BS. This degree prepares students for such sectors as library science, the publishing industry, communications, the computer software industry, and other innovative and diversified aspects of the music profession.  


With an increasing number of schools offering online music programs at the undergraduate level, it’s often hard to tell which programs will give you what you need. While the perfect degree program depends on your interests and needs, having a list of the best and most recognized music programs will help you search more efficiently. 

To give you the list of the best online bachelor’s degree in music in 2023, we have set some guidelines and ensured that the following conditions are met:

  • The music institutions are accredited by regional or programmatic accrediting agencies, such as the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).
  • Because the institutions listed are accredited, they offer financial aid opportunities. 
  • The music degree program offers a rigorous curriculum and uses an online/hybrid learning format to give you the flexibility and skills you need for your future music career.
  • The institution has a world-class faculty and music teachers with years of experience in the music industry to ensure you’ll receive technical and real-world knowledge of the sector. 
  • The institutions and degree programs have strict standards for program entry and completion, ensuring they only produce top-notch graduates.

Please visit our Methodology page and review our detailed ranking process.

The 9 Best Online Bachelor’s in Music Degrees

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music - Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Music Studies

The Berklee College of Music offers an Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies, considered one of the best and most unique online programs in music. It offers Music Therapy courses accredited by the American Music Therapy Association or AMTA, a National Association of Schools of Music or NASM member.

  • Students are required to complete 120 credit hours, consisting of 39 concentrate, 39 electives, and 42 liberal arts courses. 
  • Music students will be able to develop the competency necessary to keep up with the constant change in the industry.
  • They’ll learn to examine, analyze, synthesize, and find solutions to current and arising problems in new music technologies. 
  • Students will be trained to create a career development plan that outlines precise strategies for obtaining and preserving professional employment in the music industry.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Students can select courses from different academic fields, allowing them to develop skills and knowledge beyond music. The school provides each student with an academic advisor that will help them make their education plan based on their current needs and future goals. Students will also obtain knowledge of two crucial areas of the music industry; technology and business. 

Did You Know?

Berklee College of Music’s online music programs offers a very affordable tuition fee compared to several online and on-campus music institutions. In addition, the institution provides free sample lessons that feature 12 of their most popular music courses.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Commercial Music

Liberty University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Commercial Music is among the few rare online BS degrees. This online music degree is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). 

  • This music degree program requires students to complete 120 credit hours and has an average completion time of 3.5 years. 
  • Students gain transferable skills necessary in the industry through various courses, such as Innovative Commercial Music Ensemble I, Commercial Musicianship I, Commercial Music Production and Audio, Survey of Commercial Music Literature, and more.
  • The program provides a faculty of experts in the commercial music business; they created the curriculum. 
  • Students will learn about entrepreneurship, songwriting, film scoring, recording, mixing, and more. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

Students will learn to turn beautiful melodies into sensational records through deep diving into digital audio recording workstation techniques, studio mixing, sound reinforcement, and audio engineering topics. Students will have access to free tools and materials.

Did You Know?

As part of Liberty’s aim for more affordable education, all undergraduate music courses are free of access to electronic textbooks. 

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Music

Fort Hays State University’s Department of Music and Theater offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in Music accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

  • Students must complete 120 credit hours to graduate, including required music courses, electives, general education, and modern language requirements.
  • This degree is a generalist degree that can be used for various purposes. 
  • The courses are offered online; however, online students cannot enroll in ensembles due to the collaborative nature of the course and existing technology limitations. 
  • Students acquire practical, creative, innovative, and synthesizing skills, which helps them pursue various graduate studies and employment options. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

In addition to the degree program, students of BA in music degree can pursue a concentration or certification in Composition. 

Did You Know?

Since ensemble is not available in online learning, students can enroll in the nearest community college and obtain credit hours to be transferred to FHSU’s online BA in music. Students can also pursue an internship with a regional ensemble or obtain Credit for Previous Study to fulfill the ensemble requirement. 

Virginia Wesleyan University

Virginia Wesleyan University

Bachelor of Arts in Music Production

Virginia Wesleyan University’s Bachelor of Arts in Music Production allows students to complete online coursework. Music accrediting agencies do not accredit this degree program. However, employers and other higher learning institutions will still acknowledge the degree since VWU is a SACSCOC-accredited university.

  • Students must complete 120 credit hours, which includes topics in digital technologies, various approaches to music, and more. 
  • The degree develops your knowledge about the music industry and the latest digital technology.
  • The curriculum will also help you develop your skills in dexterity with music technology, digital Composition, and sound recording. 
  • Students will learn from world-renowned experts in the music industry. 
  • Online music students will use the most popular music-producing software, Ableton Live. 
  • Upon completion of courses, students must demonstrate their skills and knowledge through a project-based evaluation.

What Makes This Program Unique:

It is one of the most well-known accelerated bachelor’s degrees in Music programs. The program allows students to complete the program in 2 years without general education requirements. 

Did You Know?

This BA in music degree is a Yellow Ribbon Program and supports the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Military-affiliated students and veterans who choose this program will indeed receive benefits that will help them finance their music education. They can either receive significant tuition discounts or study for free. 

Musicians Institute

Musicians Institute

Online Bachelor of Music

Musicians Institute, accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), offers an Online Bachelor of Music. This program accepts student musicians of various genres who want to learn about the modern music business. 

  • This online BM offers two concentrations: Performance and Songwriting & Production.
  • Students who want to focus more on bass, drum, guitar, and keyboard and improve their vocals should choose the Performance degree program.
  • On the other hand, students who want to develop their skills in writing and producing music and contemporary music business should consider the Songwriting & Production degree program. 
  • Regardless of the concentration, students learn about music history, commercial relations, music theory, ear training, and more. 
  • Online students are expected to perform in front of a music jury to evaluate their skills learned in the bachelor’s program. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

MI’s online BM uses an immersive and collaborative curriculum that helps students succeed as modern musicians in the contemporary musical environment. Online students will immerse themselves in a cutting-edge curriculum that involves rigorous coursework and a 3-tiered approach to online music performance.

Did You Know?

Students will learn from some of LA’s most devoted and talented people in the music scene. 

Full Sail University

Full Sail University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business

Full Sail University, accredited by the ACCSC, offers an Online Bachelor in Music Business degree program. You should, however, note that this online bachelor’s program in music is not accredited by music education accrediting agencies. However, other accredited institutions and employers will still acknowledge the credits earned in this program.

  • This online undergraduate degree in music can be completed in 20-29 months of full-time study, making it one of the fastest online programs.
  • Students will develop industry-specific skills set through various online courses, such as copyright and publishing, artist management, music marketing, and more.
  • Students can choose to focus on Law, Management, or Marketing.
  • Experts in the music business industry teach the program.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Full Sail University’s Project LaunchBox provides students with the tools to develop and maintain portfolios. This program guarantees that the tools and software provided to students reflect the constantly evolving standards of the music industry. However, this is not free; this will be included in your tuition. 

Did You Know?

Full Sail University accepts students for the online bachelor’s degree in music business monthly. 

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University

Online Bachelor of Fine Arts – Music Production

The Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Production offered by the Academy of Art University is accredited by the NASAD or National Association of Schools of Art & Design. 

  • This is a 120-credit hour music program that lasts for eight semesters. 
  • The courses in the program build on the student’s knowledge and skills from their associate degrees. 
  • The program allows students to identify issues, conduct research, and synthesize conceptual, aesthetic, and technical knowledge of the music industry.
  • Students will receive full guidance in discovering their unique professional techniques to compete in the world’s art and design markets.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This online BFA degree helps students build on their associate-level skills and knowledge. In addition to learning about the entire music production process, students will also learn the most recent software used to record, edit, and mix music. Online students are required to showcase their musical creations for visual mediums. 

Did You Know?

In addition to the BFA in Music Production, Full Sail University also offers BFAs in Sound Design and Music Scoring & Composition degree programs. 

Washington State University

Washington State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Humanities – Music

Washington State University is an NWCCU-accredited institution that offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in Humanities in Music

  • This degree program is ideal for students who want to gain world awareness and develop knowledge about viewpoints and themes while learning about music. 
  • The program has three admissions per year; spring, summer, and fall. 
  • The music concentration is under the Plan B program, which requires students to complete upper-division (300-400 level) courses. This includes completing nine concentrations and 12 electives credits. 
  • Students with an associate degree in music and the humanities can talk with the school’s admissions counselor and seek help for transferrable credits. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

Instead of focusing on the music industry, graduates can also look forward to gaining employment in several sectors, such as human resources, social services, business, education, communication, and more.

Did You Know?

WSU also offers three undergraduate programs in music: Bachelor of Music Degrees in Music Education, Bachelor of Music Degrees in Performance, Bachelor of Music in Composition/Theory, and Bachelor of Arts in Music. These programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) but are only available on campus. 

University of Maine at Augusta

University of Maine at Augusta

The University of Maine at Augusta’s Music Division offers an online Bachelor of Music in Contemporary and Popular Music. The division and its online and on-campus degree programs have gained full accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). 

  • Students will have a mix of live and pre-recorded lessons, all of which are taught by established experts in the music sector. 
  • The program offers five emphases: Performance, Composition/Songwriting, Sonic Arts/EDM, Audio Recording, and Music Education. 
  • The program requires 120 credit hours, which can be completed in four years; there’s no accelerated option.
  • Graduates will have sufficient skills and knowledge to master their primary instrument to a high intermediate or advanced level in jazz, contemporary music, and other applicable performance conventions.
  • Topics in the coursework involve music theory, music commerce, music history, aural abilities, and music technology. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

Unlike most programs that do not offer online ensembles, UM at Augusta allows students to complete the ensemble requirement. Online students have various selections for their ensemble requirement; Studio Ensemble – repertoire varies from Funk to Jazz, Rock Band, Brass Quartet/Quintet, Envok (Vocal Ensemble), Global Rhythms Ensemble, and Classical Chamber Music. 

Did You Know?

UMA’s online Contemporary and Popular Music program has one of the most competitive admissions. Instead of focusing on GPAs, they evaluate the applicant’s audition submission and their experience in the music industry or performing arts.

Types of Music Degree Specializations at the Undergraduate Level

Types of Music Degree Specializations at the Undergraduate Level

Music is one of the biggest industries worldwide. Students can customize their degree programs at the undergraduate level by choosing a specialization. Music schools frequently offer students a great deal of customization and strive to allow them to study specialized areas of the subjects they are enthusiastic about.

Here are the most popular Music majors at the undergraduate level:

Arts Management

These tools are highly flexible for managing talent. Business classes, music economics, accounting, statistics, law, marketing, finance, and other subjects are frequently covered in courses. Students can often minor in arts management while enrolled in a different music studies degree.

Interdisciplinary Music Studies

This major is best for undecided music students. This major will allow them to create their major by drawing from existing music studies programs and other subject areas provided by their chosen school. Schools with interdisciplinary studies in music degrees offer each student an academic advisor to help them strategically design their curriculum. 


One of the main reasons people learn music is to develop their talents with a specific instrument. Students who choose this major frequently take private lessons from eminent teachers, learn to play their instrument in various musical genres, work on technique, develop their sound, record professionally, and do much more. 

Jazz Studies

Jazz studies programs may have a performance- or academic-focused emphasis depending on who gives them. Jazz is dense, complex music; learning it can be useful for many musical careers. Some programs are focused on jazz, but there is a reason why the genre appears in other vital areas. These include various electives, private lessons, improvisation, orchestras, theory, and Composition.

Music Education

Here you’ll match your love of music with helping student musicians at various age levels and needs. This major will equip students with communication skills, patience, and a stronger foundation for their musical and teaching abilities. Additionally, these programs frequently offer the option for students to concentrate on vocal/choral, instrumental, or general music tracks.

Music Business

The business and managerial practices of the music industry are covered in this major. Although many music degree programs concentrate on classical music, students learn much about contemporary genres and the influence of pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, jazz, and other genres. Students will learn entrepreneurship, economics, legislation, licensing, touring, marketing, music publishing, and more. 

Music Production

This major is aimed at helping students develop what it takes to work in a recording studio or gain the skills for musical creation. Students will learn how to dub, edit, and mix songs on several tracks to prepare them for various professions, such as mastering engineers, sound technicians, and recording engineers. 

Music Technology

How music is generated and recorded is changing swiftly with technology. Here, students will pick up cutting-edge knowledge and abilities in audio and sound equipment, engineering technologies, production, recording, and music production. Students will utilize studio resources, create a professional portfolio, and do much more.

Music Therapy

Students interested in becoming a musician for health promotion are best suited for this major. You’ll learn about Therapy, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Music, Biology, etc. These programs are widely available at the undergraduate level, and a master’s in music therapy can be added to them. 


Songwriting is an art form that allows you to create songs with a solid commercial appeal. This major helps students examine musical Composition from numerous genres and eras through learning diverse techniques for melody, lyric writing, harmony, and arrangements and building a distinctive creative style.

How long is a Bachelor's in Music degree online?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Bachelor’s in Music degree online?

The length it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree in music online depends on a few factors, such as your enrollment status and the required additional coursework. Online bachelor’s degrees in music generally require students to complete 120 credit hours.

However, some schools may require students to complete fewer credit hours in exchange for recitals. But on average, it takes full-time students four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in music online.

How much does an online Bachelor’s in Music cost?

The cost of an online bachelor’s degree in music relies on several factors, with state residency being the biggest. Out-of-state students typically pay double or triple what in-state students are paying. Luckily, some institutions offer a flat tuition rate for online students. 

Another factor that affects the cost of an online bachelor’s degree in music is the technology fee. However, this fee is still lower than the fees paid by their on-campus counterparts. 

Most online degree programs in music charge per credit hour, which typically ranges from $400 to $1,000. 

Summary Points

  • Undergraduate degrees have five primary types: Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA), Bachelor of Music (BM), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Music Education (BME), and Bachelor of Science (BS). 
  • Online Music degrees involve more than just teaching students how to perform on stage. You’ll learn about music’s development, history, composition, and theory. You’ll also learn how to teach music. 
  • Online Music schools expose you to various classical, modern, and contemporary musical styles and their historical development, preparing you for a future in the field.

Additional Information: