Religious and Theology Degree Types

Associate’s of Arts in Christian Ministry

This degree will give a curriculum to help priests and ministers of the Christian faith develop their abilities and knowledge. Analysis of Romans, Apologetics and Evangelism, and Bible Doctrine are examples of courses offered in this type of school.

Associate’s of Arts in Divinity

The goal of an AA degree in divinity is to assist students in developing personal maturity and ministry skills. They are comparable to Christian ministry degrees, except that they also provide an understanding of other religions.

Bachelor of Divinity

A bachelor’s degree in divinity aims to equip students for several clerical roles. Students will benefit from programs that will help them grow in their understanding of God’s Word that will also help provide the tools they need to communicate clearly and effectively.

Old/New Testament Survey, Hermeneutics, and Church History are examples of courses offered in this type of program.

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Master of Divinity degrees provides advanced training for future ministers, usually in the Christian faith. Courses in curriculums enhance theological knowledge in a specific area of concentration while teaching students how to convey these concepts clearly and concisely.

Christian Traditions, Christianity Engaging Modernity, and Introduction to the Hebrew Bible are examples of courses offered in this program.

Doctor of Divinity

A Doctor of Divinity degree will provide students with the academic foundation to become effective parish and congregational leaders. The majority of the coursework for a professional degree will be directed on practical ways of leading religious organizations.

Depending on your focus, the types of courses you study in a Doctor of Divinity degree program will vary, but they will all concentrate on theological themes.

Bachelor of Religious Education

A Bachelor of Religious Education degree prepares future religion and theology teachers for classroom and worship places.

Students will better understand other faiths and the capacity to break down complex religious beliefs to express them adequately to congregations or students. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Ancient Israel Religion, and Native American Religions are examples of courses offered in this program.

Associate’s of Arts in Religion

An Associate of Arts in Religion is a general theology degree in which you will learn about the world’s major religions and some lesser-known and historical religions.

This degree is highly adaptable, providing students with a solid academic foundation to build in various fields, including theology and other humanities and sciences.

Methodical study of Scripture, Global Studies, and Theological Interpretation of the Bible are examples of courses offered in this type of school.

Master of Religion

Master of Religion degrees provide students with a solid academic foundation in the field of their choice. It allows students to study any religious tradition, including the history of lesser-known religions. Religion and Society, Religion and Sexual Ethics, and Heaven, Hell, and Other Afterlives are examples of courses offered in this type of school.

Associate’s of Arts in Biblical Studies

An Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies will provide you with reading-intensive classes that will help you learn more about the Bible.

This degree provides a solid intellectual foundation for individuals interested in apologetics, church leadership, or Christian ethics. Biblical Interpretation, History of Christianity, and Introduction to Systematic Theology are examples of courses offered in this type of school.

Doctor of Biblical Studies

Doctor of Biblical Studies degrees prepare renowned religious scholars who are well-versed in the Bible and other Christian writings. Students will delve into the Old and New Testaments in ways beyond what is commonly read. Apologetics, Scripture Exegesis and Latin are examples of courses offered in this type of school.

Master of Theological Studies

Master of Theological Studies degrees provide students with a range of lenses to evaluate various theological texts and traditions and an upper-level academic background that will enable them to work in several fields depending on their specialization. Exegetical Theology and Hermeneutics, Historical Theology, and Apologetics are courses offered in this type of school.

Bachelor of Sacred Theology

Sacred Theology degrees are ecclesiastical degrees that provide students with a foundation in fundamental theology and prepare them to read religious texts or conduct spiritual research. This program offers principles of Christian Moral Life, Creation and the Human Person, and Ecclesiology.

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

A Ph.D. in Theology program gives students an academic perspective on theological difficulties. These classes aren’t only for Christians; they can cover various religions and religious literature.

The types of courses you’ll study in this type of degree will vary depending on your concentration. However, students will be more prepared for spiritual research, collegiate professorships, and other scholarly careers than for church careers.