10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Theology

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The concept of Theology is focused on the assessment of intellectual claims in religion. There are many questions in Theology, ranging from the significance of life to specific events.

In Theology Studies, you’ll discover more about the religious truths, divine beings, rituals, and the history of religions. If all of these interest you, enrolling in an online bachelor of arts in theology is a good decision.

Online Degrees in Theology - fact

After graduation, you can pursue many jobs related to Theology. For one, you can proceed to a professional degree and become a post-secondary teacher since there will be a projected 8% job growth for this occupation in the next decade. You can discover more possible occupations from the theology field of degree list from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The Lowdown

An online Bachelor’s in Theology focuses on reading and interpreting the Bible critically and cohesively. The students learn how to apply church teachings to their spiritual development and the history of the Bible’s composition. Christian Ethics and Church History are typical topics in online Theology degree programs.


Start a career in Theology with a bachelor’s degree. Many undergraduate online programs are available online, and choosing the right program that fits your aspirations and goals matters.

We developed a list of excellent online Theology programs to help you decide! Each online undergraduate degree meets these criteria:

Find out more about our ranking process on our Methodology page. 

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Theology

Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible Institute

Online Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies

Moody Bible Institute offers an online Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies degree program. In this online degree, you will learn how to articulate your beliefs and be equipped to serve wherever God calls you.

Get a graduate degree or pursue a ministry career afterward. And the best thing is that you can teach or share about Theology no matter where life takes you.

Get ready to dissect the different angles and concepts of the Bible in this online Theology program. The Bible tells the story of God’s actions, and you can learn how to think theologically as you read passages.

Developing discernment about what is true will be accomplished through an examination of past and present theology. 

What’s Unique About this Program:

Taking courses online at Moody’s is more than just a Bible education. With their world-class faculty, you will learn how to minister to others in Christ’s name as they have.

As you learn to apply God’s Word faithfully to everyday living, your faculty mentors in Theological Studies will assist you in developing your community or youth ministry focus.

Did You Know?

The availability of scholarships, grants, payment plans, military benefits, and private loans can help you defray the cost of tuition even more.

Houston Christian University

Houston Christian University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

For those interested in exploring the depth of Christian theology, there is the online Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies degree made available at Houston Christian University.

The online Theology degree program emphasizes Christian theology, historical and contemporary, building on the fundamental elements of biblical and theological knowledge.

Those interested in serving the body of Christ as a church minister, missionary, parachurch minister, or in whatever setting God calls them are well served by an online bachelor’s degree in Theology.

What’s Unique About this Program:

The mission of Houston Christian University Online is to provide easy and fair credit evaluations to transfer students. You can transfer up to 75% of the total credit hours required for your program, with Houston Christian University accounting for at least twenty-five percent.

They have an Office of Transfer Evaluation department at Houston Christian University Online that helps students like you transition from any previous institution to their theology degree program.

Did You Know?

Continuing education provider ProTrain has partnered with HCU Online to provide vocational education. As a result of this partnership, high-demand careers are prepared for students in various fields.

With HCU’s Self-Paced Online courses and Live Online courses, students can learn in a manner that suits their needs. 

Biola University

Biola University - Talbot School of Theology

Online Bachelor of Science in Bible, Theology & Apologetics

Biola University offers an online BS in Bible, Theology, and Apologetics degree. Having a biblical perspective on all aspects of life will help you make better decisions in life. As you study the Scriptures, you’ll explore deep theological questions and eventually find answers.

Several significant challenges to the Christian faith will also be discussed, and how they can be handled. You can apply what you learn in this program to any ministry or cultural context.

Through this program, you can develop a deep and meaningful understanding of your Christian faith. In their coursework, you will learn how to interpret the Scriptures, examine the cultural and intellectual issues facing Christianity, and understand the landscape of theology.

The courses can be completed in as short as two years when taken full-time.

What’s Unique About this Program:

BS in Bible, Theology, and Apologetics students may find it easier to transfer to Talbot School of Theology for graduate study. Graduates of this undergraduate degree can pursue the Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics or the Master of Divinity easily with the foundational knowledge acquired for this study.

Did You Know?

Some of the leading scholars of the theology field are available to discuss and share their expertise in online classes. This program’s curriculum offers a robust and diverse set of courses due to Biola University’s large faculty dedicated to biblical and theological studies.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology

Southwestern Assemblies of God University runs the BA in Bible and Theology online program. As a Bible and Theology major, you’ll gain a deep understanding of Scripture. You can dissect the true meanings of passages and view them in different approaches.

Using the right methods and resources will help you interpret the Bible correctly. Become familiar with theological doctrines central to the Christian faith and how to communicate them.

Discover the Apologetics, doctrines, Christian history, and ethics of the Bible. If you have a degree in Bible and Theology, you will be prepared to pursue vocational ministry positions and higher-level graduate studies.

If you want to pursue a master’s or doctorate, this Bible and Theology bachelor’s degree is a solid stepping stone. A pre-seminary specialization and a solid biblical foundation will be offered to students. 

What’s Unique About this Program:

Get additional biblical training as a Bible and Theology major, and practice preaching and teaching that you can learn from their annual apologetics seminar. Get a better understanding of how to communicate truth to others through the defense of the gospel.

You can share the gospel using your spheres of influence. Become more familiar with the context and principles of the Bible. Get a better understanding of Christian worldview and theological doctrines.

Did You Know?

Experience the Spirit-filled community at Southwestern Assemblies of God University while preparing for vocational ministry. You will rely heavily on the Bible in your daily devotions and coursework. Develop your leadership skills and grow your faith through chapel worship and mission trips.

From their Christian faculty, students will learn how to apply God’s word to their lives.

Multnomah University

Multnomah University

Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Theology Online

Regarding the best Bible and Theology programs, one can easily think of Multnomah University. They offer an online BA in Bible and Theology program to help you better understand the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and its relevance today. Studying historical and theological arguments and interpretations will help you develop critical thinking skills.

You can communicate more effectively if you develop a position on key areas of theology. You’ll become a culturally engaged servant leader through the study of truth, exploration of Scripture, and enjoyment of God’s character.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Your Multnomah University faculty will support your online studies. Learn from dedicated faculty with experience in the field and interact with your peers in a discussion-centered class model. Because of their state-of-the-art learning system, you can discuss it in real-time with classmates. 

Did You Know?

Christian Leadership University

Christian Leadership University

Online Bachelor of Theology

If you’re ready to pursue your calling and hear God’s Voice figuratively, it’s time to enroll at Christian Leadership University’s online Bachelor of Theology degree program.

The goal of this online degree is to transform your life by not only helping you understand the Bible but also helping you understand yourself. Those who wish to study Scripture systematically will find this program ideal.

In their opinion, experiential learning is infinitely more valuable than detached learning from books, which is the approach used for this degree. You will have plenty of opportunities to take into action the things you’ve learned from this online program.

In each of their Theology courses, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the processes and techniques used in the field.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Christian universities offer quality education in biblical theological principles, so you don’t have to go far to find one.

However, one thing that sets Christian Leadership University’s theology program is that the faculty will guide you through receiving divine revelation and letting God shape your theology step by step. Everything they do in the institution is about following God’s Word.

Did You Know?

You can finish your theology program sooner than you would expect. By combining transcripts from other colleges or seminaries with your Life Experience Portfolio, you can earn and finish half of your degree.

Earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Theology faster than ever imagined by putting your past studies and experiences to good use.

Clarks Summit University

Clarks Summit University

Bachelor of Science in Bible and Theology Online

Clarks Summit University offers an Online Bachelor of Science in Bible and Theology. Clarks Summit University’s theology degree is your cup of tea if you’re ready to explore the Bible thoroughly. The mentors who teach you care about your academic learning and spiritual development.

By studying biblical truth, you will develop a solid foundation for your life, studies, planned ministry, or any career you want to pursue. 

Here are some occupations to pursue after graduation:

What’s Unique About this Program:

At CSU, you’ll have small class sizes and professors who are willing to mentor you one-on-one. Rest assured. They will prepare you not only for your career but also for life through quality academics.

Did You Know?

Elective studies allow you to gain specific skills to meet your goals. You can pick up where you left off in your studies with this program’s high level of college credit transferability.

This is the best step toward preparing for ministry. In various settings, you can effectively and accurately share Scripture.

Nazarene Bible College

Nazarene Bible College

Online Bachelor of Arts in Ministry: Bible and Theology

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a Bible and Theology major is available and offered at Nazarene Bible College. The program is designed for those interested in preparing for graduate study in a related field or working in fields or organizations supporting the church’s mission and God’s redemptive work.

In this program, students are trained in the exegetical study of Christian Scripture and theological content derived from Scripture. 

After finishing this degree, students will have a thorough study of biblical literature, good exegetical abilities, and theological knowledge that is relevant to modern ministry and societal challenges.

By enrolling in additional courses, individuals may satisfy the educational requirements for ordination as a Church of the Nazarene elder.

What’s Unique About this Program:

Expect to acquire the necessary soft skills in this online degree. You can interpret biblical passages during and after the program for their intended meaning. As you learn and master the Bible, you’ll gain expertise. 

You’ll be able to interpret biblical texts exegetically and share the good news and bible teachings with others.

Did You Know?

Online learners will have access to an electronic library and learning materials, benefit from the expertise and academic credentials of the Nazarene Bible College faculty, and learn from various practitioner instructors.

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Online Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

The BA in Theological Studies at Saint Joseph’s  College of Maine is another online degree emphasizing Catholic doctrine.  Spirituality and pastoralism are integral parts of this. Sacred Heart College’s programs are rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Mercy Sisters’ heritage.

People working for parishes, diocesan organizations, or social service organizations might benefit from this online degree program based on Roman Catholic theology and ministry. Those seeking to serve the Catholic Church and society can earn a quality, accredited theological education online.

What’s Unique About this Program:

There are many unique features of this program. For one, they have outstanding faculty that will work with you in a tailor-fit approach to ensure your success. Graduates of this program are prepared for further studies in theology or pastoral ministry.

Students interested in earning their Master of Arts in Theology can earn it cost-effectively and timely through the Fast Track to MAT program. Also, starting dates are five per year, and you can enroll with rolling admission.

Did You Know?

They offer a Fast Track option. Students in this program applying for a fast-track degree can substitute up to four graduate-level Theology courses. Master’s programs are completed faster and cheaper this way. 

Regent University

Regent University

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies Online

If you have the passion to study the Scripture and share the divine messages with others, look no further and enroll in Regent University’s Bachelor of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies. This online degree focuses on biblical studies, practical ministry, and theology. As a result, you also better understand the Bible’s history, context, and message. 

Applying God’s Word to contemporary issues and other religions, you’ll develop your knowledge of God’s Word from a Christian Renewal perspective.

What’s Unique About this Program:

As a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies program graduate, you’ll learn to understand better Christian ethics and live your faith. You’ll better comprehend the Bible’s context, message, and history. Also, you’ll be trained to defend Christianity with confidence and sound reasoning.

Did You Know?

In this online degree, Virginia Beach faculty will guide students with the highest degrees. You can find diverse kinds of scholarship opportunities here.

Christian Studies

Despite its different name, Christian Studies offers many of the same classes as Theology. It is also common for the concentration areas to be the same.

Students will also gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Scripture through this degree program, just like in Theology. They have similar job opportunities for Theology graduates, such as evangelists, religious leaders, pastors, and missionaries.

Ministry Leadership

One can quickly determine that theology and ministry leadership are related by looking at the terminology. Beyond these definitions, the two fields have to be tightly related since a course in theology may cover ministry leadership.

Earning a Ministry Leadership degree will give you an in-depth understanding of theology. In one way or another, the two degrees complement each other since both lead to students who are Christ-centered and faithful.

Religious Studies

Religious beliefs can be broad, but it is commonly understood that religion prepares students for ministry. Religious Studies explores the different kinds of religion and their histories and backgrounds. Several courses in the program are foundation-building, such as courses in biblical studies, theology, and Christian studies.

Biblical Studies

Theology and Biblical Studies are related degrees. It is common for some online schools that offer Bachelor’s degree programs in Theology to combine Biblical Studies with the full course name. A degree in Biblical Studies highlights a particular area of concentration within the discipline of Theology.

The primary objective of Biblical Studies is to gain an understanding of the Bible and its teachings.

Tips to Start Your Theology Career

Read good books.

Books are a priceless resource when you know where to find wise counsel. With the plethora of reputable books in libraries and online, you’ll find thousands, if not hundreds, of Theology-related books.

Just make sure to check their credentials and reliability. Studying theology is always worthwhile since it involves both the mind and the heart.

Do something about your curiosity.

In studying theology and reading passages repeatedly, ask God through His Spirit to mold your understanding of Him. Continuously, you should focus on seeing God in the text. As you study the Scriptures, you’ll go through different questions which will increase and spark curiosity.

Don’t stop reading the passages, no matter how many times you’ve read them. And go through the questions with an open mind. 

Make sure you don’t only read the text for the sake of curiosity. It’s effective to work with others whom you can discuss and hone your ideas with. This approach will be helpful because theology is best done in the community.

As you come across questions you find difficult to resolve, or as you develop ideas from the text, you’ll have others to share them with.

Read the bible.

This tip is a no-brainer, as most theology students would read the bible before pursuing a theology degree. Unfortunately, people often seek knowledge outside of its source to gain answers without understanding why.

Also, it is common for people to lose their passion for reading God’s Word over time. Consistency is key when reading the Bible. No matter how many times you’ve read the same passages or parables, there will always be new contexts and ideas that you can discover.

The Holy Spirit enables you to understand God’s Word and to respond with righteous worship when you read it with faith and commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an online Bachelor of Science in Theology a valuable degree?

A Bachelor of Theology degree could benefit those wanting to work in religious studies or ministry. It can equip students with the skills to appreciate and apply religious doctrine, comprehend religion’s history, and participate in productive religious discussions.

It can also be a fantastic starting point for people who want to pursue higher education in philosophy, psychology, sociology, or history. Whether you want to become a pastor, a church leader, a school counselor, or a theology researcher, this four-year bachelor’s degree is your key to those opportunities. 

How long does it take to finish an online Bachelor’s in Theology?

A bachelor’s in Theology degree earned online provides a practical substitute for conventional campus-based programs. The average program requires 120 credits; most students can complete their degrees within four years.

Several colleges offer accelerated courses that can be completed within two years with full-time participation. Taking one or two classes every semester increases the time it takes to finish a degree for online students juggling work and family responsibilities.

Are there financial aid options available to Theology majors?

Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid and submit it if you’re looking to reduce your expenses as a Theology major. This can be your initial solid plan to learn more about the financial aid available in your school choice. Many offer grants, low-interest loans, and other government funding options.

Students pursuing degrees in religion-related fields of study or careers in ministry or community service can receive scholarships and grants from faith-based organizations and nonprofit foundations and financial aid from the federal, state, and college levels.

Summary Points

Additional Information: