10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Ministry

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If your calling is to spread the Word of God and help others grow their faith, an online Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry is a solid step toward your goals. The degree in Ministry prepares students to pursue careers as pastors or other Christian jobs where the Lord leads them.

Fortunately, many universities and biblical colleges today offer online programs in Ministry.

Online Degrees in Ministry - fact

These online degrees usually prepare preachers, missionaries, and non-profit workers for counseling, evangelism, and liturgy careers. In fact, according to the Labor Statistics data, there are many more industries that religious workers can take part in! These include home health care services, civic and social organizations, or school and instruction.

The Lowdown

With a degree in Ministry, you can significantly impact your community and build a solid faith foundation. You can prepare for leadership roles in your parish and faith-based community. This four-year bachelor’s degree online program can be used toward a master’s degree in a related field.


Are you seeking excellent biblical colleges and universities offering an online Bachelor’s in Ministry program? Look at these factors we used in selecting each online undergraduate degree in Ministry that made it to our list:

Check out our Methodology for a detailed explanation of our ranking process.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

10 Best Online Colleges with Online Bachelor’s in Ministry

Lincoln Christian University

Lincoln Christian University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

The BA in Christian Ministry degree program at Lincoln Christian University prepares students for vocational Ministry by providing the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills. This curriculum focuses on developing versatile, team-oriented leaders ready to go out in the world to make a difference.

It’s a wise decision to take the leap and delve into this bachelor of arts in Christian Ministry at Lincoln Christian University, especially if you’re unsure of your career path in Ministry. At the end of the program, you’ll graduate with more affluence of peace and the will to serve God.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Lincoln offers this bachelor of arts in Christian Ministry specifically designed to help you prepare for a career and become a servant leader.

One thing that sets this program apart is the fairly priced tuition fee. At Lincoln, they ensure that costs are low and financial aid is abundant so that you can focus on attaining the right education to fit your goals.

Did You Know?

LCU continues to work to satisfy the needs of students by creating a Christ-centered curriculum that equips them with the knowledge and motivation to live out their faith in this imperfect world while simultaneously preparing them for their chosen profession.

Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible Institute

Online Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership

Earn an online Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership from Moody Bible Institute to step one closer to becoming a minister. Pick a ministry emphasis that fits your interests. This online degree will help you understand the local church’s culture, communicate God’s Word, and minister to families.

Flexibility is one thing that appeals to learners of this program. Enroll in elective and general studies courses to take classes from other areas. Combine it with ministry leadership to be a more well-rounded professional.

Upon completing this online degree, you can learn how to lead spiritually, apply biblical principles and teach them to others, and learn how to organize for Ministry.

What Makes This Program Unique:

With this online degree, you can utilize your leadership, guidance, and discipleship talents to benefit your community. Become a part of the alum community influencing global Ministry and professional contexts.

Did You Know?

More than just a Bible education is provided to online students at Moody Bible Institute. Their elite faculty will train you to minister to others in the name of Christ as they have done throughout the world. As you learn to apply God’s Word to life, your faculty mentors will assist you in creating your ministry emphasis.

Northwest University

Northwest University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership

Northwest University offers an online BA in Ministry Leadership degree program. In response to your calling, you can follow your passion for a specific type of Ministry.

But first, prepare your heart for God’s service and calling. And after which, you should undergo specialized training, which is what this ministry leadership degree is all about. 

Students who want to establish their Ministry on the broadest possible foundation and would prefer to continue to a master’s degree might choose the online Bachelor in Ministry Leadership program at Northwest University. They emphasize a complete core curriculum and two years of Bible and theology courses. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

What’s unique about this online degree is that every course has a section that enables you to connect the material to your faith. Their teachers are experts who genuinely care about their pupils and want to see them succeed.

Their online courses were developed using more than eighty years of experience and knowledge. You’ll finish the degree with so many lessons.

Did You Know?

With this online degree, you’ll be able to develop competence, understanding, and assurance in conducting worship and organizing other ministry activities. Learn by doing, reflecting on oneself, thinking critically, and being sensitive to differences. This is what Northwest University aspires to teach. 

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

Mount Vernon Nazarene University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry degree for adults of all ages.

This online program equips them with the skills and abilities to lead in modern church settings. Incoming students of this ministry degree can be anyone who has not yet completed college, is seeking a bachelor’s degree, or already has one but wants to become a minister.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University created this online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry degree to prepare students to be faithful, well-rounded servants for the Kingdom in today’s varied society. People of varying ages and backgrounds rely on ministers to lead in various contexts and environments. 

What Makes This Program Unique:

As ministers, you are expected to be able to speak in public and listen to communities. Ministers provide faith-based counseling and perform and lead religious ceremonies in the church. They also perform religious ceremonies and lead ceremonies or ministries.

With this online degree, you can improve your soft skills, such as communication, pastoral care, and counseling. You can also enhance your skill in proclamation, including interpretation, application, and communication for evangelism and Christian nurturing.

Did You Know?

Transfer credits are honored and accepted by Mount Vernon Nazarene University. In such circumstances, students might be able to finish an online Christian Ministry degree in as little as two years. 

Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

The BA in Christian Ministry degree program at Colorado Christian University comes with an online format. This online degree teaches the application of Scripture in Ministry through a foundational understanding of the Word of God. The flexibility of this degree allows you to complete assignments at your own pace.

The bachelor’s in Christian ministry offered by CCU is founded on solid biblical knowledge. You will get training in the practice of Ministry through courses that emphasize Christian worship, pastoral service, and ministerial ethics.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Designed specifically for adult students juggling work and family commitments, the Christian Ministry degree program is comprehensive and flexible. There’s an option for an accelerated program, where you can acquire a master’s degree while simultaneously obtaining your bachelor’s degree.

The courses typically last five weeks; you can complete the weekly assignments at your convenience. Every class comes with individualized learning and networking, improving academic excellence.

Did You Know?

Each course is done separately and is usually finished in five-week chunks. CCU’s flexible transfer credit policies enable you to finish your degree more quickly. 

Hope International University

Hope International University

Online Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry

Hope International University has an online Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry degree program. With this degree, you can take on leadership roles in churches, parachurch organizations, or other ministries. 

Christian Ministry students become well-rounded ministry leaders by balancing biblical studies, Christian leadership, and personal development courses in their major coursework.

This online program is made to be as flexible as possible, enabling students to continue to fulfill other demanding obligations. An Academic Coach dedicated to students’ overall achievement is paired with each student.

The Academic Coach can help create a timetable that is personalized to academic goals, answer any concerns you may have about the program, and offer resources for success in the classroom and beyond.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This Christian Ministry degree has a special combination of lectures, homework, discussion boards, and other information.

Pastoral leadership, parachurch groups, missions, church planting, etc., are just a few examples of ministry-related topics that will receive individualized attention from instructors with practical experience.

HIU’s Career Services office offers various services to increase a student’s marketability, including resume workshops, graduate fairs, networking events, and more.

Did You Know?

It is possible to start earning your degree almost every month. The program can be started from scratch, or credit can be transferred from another program.

Bethel University

Bethel University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries

Bethel University’s Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries degree prepares you to be an effective Christian leader regardless of where God leads you. As a result, you’ll take the next step forward in your leadership training and biblical understanding. Studying Christian ministries as a minor in combination with another degree program is also possible.

The Bethel Online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries program combines biblical studies with theology, transforming your life as you learn.

To prepare you for leadership and service wherever God leads you, you will examine your faith development and explore how it fits into your current and future ministries. Develop service leadership skills and gain an understanding of the Bible, theology, and yourself.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Bethel University’s dedication to the development of the full person is a unique feature of the entire institution.

They boast a welcoming environment emphasizing understanding different viewpoints and encouraging students to pursue their beliefs outside of program coursework. They’re non-judging and more receptive to how students view religion and Christianity. 

Did You Know?

Your enrollment counselor can help you obtain additional credits if you have fewer credits than you need. Sixty credits are considered and can be transferred if you’ve had previous education or military and professional experiences.

Campbellsville University

Campbellsville University

Online Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries

Campbellsville University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries. They have a strong tradition of turning out capable ministers for the church and the wider community.

To help you develop into a future leader in Christ, Campbellsville University’s online bachelor’s in pastoral ministries program gives you a thorough and comprehensive understanding of ministry study.

The program delves deeply into church history, pastoral care, biblical study, and missiology. This set of courses will teach you how to build a strong church.

Expect to get exposed to the study of philosophy, ethics, the Old and New Testaments, world religions, spiritual development, modern theology, and educational ministries. Through their online pastoral degree Christian studies internship, you will also be able to gain practical experience.

Under the guidance of seasoned pastors, you will complete fieldwork while learning about Ministry and serving in a ministry role.

What Makes This Program Unique:

This online ministry degree covers the skills you need to pursue a ministry career, whether you like teaching, preaching, counseling, or serving. Graduating from this program can lead to diverse careers in religious work, pastoral Ministry, social work, or missionary jobs.

Did You Know?

The faculty of Campbellsville University has practical and solid experience in Christian Ministry. This degree focuses on pastoral ministry theory and theology. Depending on the number of credits you transferred, you might finish the program in two years.

Eastern University

Eastern University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry Leadership

Eastern University has an online Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry Leadership degree. This program is tailored to equip working adults with the skills they need to be effective and relevant youth ministers. In addition to their classroom expertise, their faculty members are cutting-edge youth ministry scholars with in-depth experience in the field.

Through their Center for Career Development, you’ll benefit from student services such as networking opportunities, support for creating CVs and resumes, or professional development services. The classes are enriched by the participation of people from diverse backgrounds, making everyone inclusive.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Their teachers are enthusiastic not only about their area of expertise but also about the pupils they teach. As an Eastern University student, you have a designated academic adviser available to help with course selection, answer questions, and ensure you stay on the correct track to achieving your educational objectives.

Moreover, Eastern University is pleased to provide low tuition along with the quality of a private, accredited university that is nationally ranked. 

Did You Know?

Every Eastern program teaches students how to use their degree to contribute to their communities, families, and businesses by integrating our basic values of religion, reason, and justice. Through their numerous collaborations with others, they can offer tuition discounts. 

Johnson University

Johnson University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry Leadership

Johnson University will support and lead you to pursue being a church leader in Christ’s kingdom. They offer an online Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry Leadership degree for you to prepare for this calling. This online degree teaches biblical, theological, and ministry leadership skills.

Their curriculum comes with core courses based on timeless biblical principles. They have professional, personal, and spiritually forming ministry experiences. They also use an adaptable approach to prepare students for future challenges.

What Makes This Program Unique:

Every student enrolled in the online Ministry Leadership program must finish an internship. With a requirement of eight hours per week at the church and an hour per week with a mentor at the church, this internship lasts 14 weeks. 

Did You Know?

Some careers you can take advantage of after graduation are executive minister, family minister, school counselor, children’s minister, and preacher.

Delving into the Meaning of Ministry

Serving God and others are acts of Ministry. Anyone can undertake ministry activities. However, people most frequently connect Ministry with missionaries, ministers, preachers, or pastors who carry out acts of Ministry for a living. But many more people can join ministries, affiliated with religious organizations and churches, or want to partake in service. 

The Christian faith places a great deal of emphasis on Ministry. The purpose of Ministry is to introduce people to God, Jesus Christ, and other teachings in the Bible. The ministry goals within each church are to increase memberships, attendance, and active participation. This could vary depending on the religious institution or organization.

Regardless of faith, acts of Ministry include helping others meet their physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, or mental needs through means and resources.

In Christian ministry programs, graduates do more than just lead parishes or Ministry work. There are also career opportunities for social workers, healthcare workers, educators, and business owners. As older clergy members retire and leave their positions, many industries that employ clergy are experiencing job growth.

Christian social advocates, preachers, fundraisers, religious studies teachers, youth ministers, or even ministry event planners may specialize in Ministry. 

Tips to Succeed in the Field of Ministry

Balance your time well.

The Ministry is a vindictive mistress, which can be an issue among pastors’ or ministers’ families. Pastors and church advocates need to fill their roles in the churches or institutions they belong to, and often, this can create a rift between families if time is not managed well.

Like any other job, balancing your time well and having a work-life balance is important. As a pastor, you have duties that differ from those of a spouse and parent. There should be a life beyond the neighborhood church for your family.

Do not let your resentment over your family’s lack of support for the church affect your attitude or viewpoint. 

Pray often.

Due to being busy with the many tasks in Ministry, ironically, many ministers or preachers lack the time to pray. You can’t proceed to help and serve God and others when you can’t solidify the importance of prayer in your life.

First and foremost, prayer changes the heart of the person praying. It’s paramount that ministry people and all others pray consistently. Even if you don’t realize it then, prayer can make a huge difference in how you feel toward students, parents, and volunteers you cannot seem to reach.

Be an encouragement to everyone you meet.

It is sometimes easy to forget that every student or member is the most important part of your Ministry. To be successful in your Ministry, it’s important to encourage others constantly. No matter how simple your efforts are, you can call, text, or mail them with simple words of encouragement.

You and the other leaders in your immediate vicinity might be the only ones demonstrating to each student that God loves, cherishes, and aspires to know them deeply.

Each of your volunteers should adhere to becoming the light of encouragement to people, and with this, you’ll reach the goals of your Ministry.

Be receptive to positive and negative feedback.

Ministers and pastors should be receptive to the feedback of others. The opinions and concerns of those around you are things you can’t control, so it’s best to listen to them, but don’t take them personally if it’s something that’s intended to hurt you.

Every problem and concern in your Ministry doesn’t need to be addressed, but most people want to be heard. They want to voice their opinions, and it’s wise to listen to their feedback as an effective minister or pastor.

Stay faithful.

When pastors strive for measurable success, their members often leave, their staff members are crushed, and their families are alienated. This often ends in disappointments and thoughts of not being good enough as a preacher.

On the contrary, when pastors strive for faithfulness, they will lead the kind of church they have always wanted. Hence, seek faithfulness, and success will follow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good decision to choose an online Bachelor’s in Ministry?

A degree in Ministry Studies assists in preparing you to seek a career that can positively impact your neighborhood and community. Consider how your unique strengths and interests might align with different preacher jobs before choosing what type of career you want as a preacher.

Finally, you can choose among the ministry jobs related to Christian education and leadership positions in preaching, such as chaplain, pastor, social worker, community service manager, missionary, or religion teacher. 

Can you be a Pastor after acquiring an online Bachelor of Christian Ministry program?

Of course, one must commit to serving others to become a pastor. You probably already know that most pastoral students believe the Lord has called them to perform these tasks. Before entering the Ministry, one should carefully pray and reflect.

You are well on your way to being a great pastor if you are passionate about biblical interpretation and sharing Christ with people.

And finally, Christian Ministry online programs equip students with the competencies to succeed in helping others and spreading the gospel. An online Ministry certificate may also be required.

What is the difference between a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and a Bachelor’s degree in Theology?

A Bachelor of Theology concentrates more on a particular faith’s history and theological traditions, whereas a Bachelor of Ministry concentrates more on applying religious philosophy to contemporary society.

A Bachelor of Theology degree is typically more focused on comprehending religious texts, history, and theology, whereas a Bachelor of Ministry degree is typically more focused on the practical parts of Ministry, such as teaching and preaching. 

For Ministry, students must take more subjects in ministry-related practical areas, such as Missions, Pastoral and Church, and Developmental Ministries, regardless of course level. Someone interested in preparing for local or cross-cultural missions, church, or parachurch ministry may find this helpful.

As for Theology, there will be more courses based on texts, including biblical languages, ethics, philosophy, and theology.

This may be the right program if you are interested in training and preparing for teaching, academia, local church, or parachurch ministry. However, both theology and ministry qualifications share similar foundation subjects.

There may be similarities between foundational study areas for practitioners and aspiring academics.

Summary Points