5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Sustainability

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To ensure a better future, we must adhere to sustainability practices! Natural resources are crucial to the planet’s survival, and preserving them ensures our abundant and continued supply for a long time.

Online Degrees in Sustainability - fact

Disregarding Sustainability can result in a shortage and dead supply of natural resources.  The threat of human-induced climate change is the biggest and most pervasive the world has ever seen. Hence, Sustainability is now an important field of study for those who love science, the environment, and humanity.

Businesses, engineers, scientists, and government policy are all involved in Sustainability. No matter your career interest, an online Bachelor’s in Sustainability will benefit you and the industry in which you’ll participate.

The Lowdown

Students can earn an online degree in Sustainability, combining knowledge from the humanities, science, business, and engineering. As the planet’s population faces increasingly pressing environmental challenges, sustainability studies are becoming increasingly important.

In an online Bachelor’s in Sustainability, students are exposed to studying history, climate, geography, sociology, and other aspects that will impact environmental challenges. You can benefit from this type of training if you are interested in a career in the green industry’s environmental or conservation sector.


Play an important role in businesses’ green efforts and initiatives with an online Bachelor’s in Sustainability. Many colleges and universities now offer the online degree Sustainability to meet these needs. To make the selection process easier for you, we compiled a list of our recommended online programs.

Each top online bachelor’s degree in Sustainability that made it to our list meets these benchmarks:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Sustainability

Oregon State University

Oregon State University Ecampus

Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability

The Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability at Oregon State Ecampus is available online as part of a double degree program. This degree program is available to current OSU students as an addition to their main degree program. It is intended to complement any degree program and bachelor’s degree previously earned at OSU.

Sustainability influences most businesses, economies, and societies today. There’s a growing need for leaders capable of addressing climate change. And you can be trained to be one of them through this online bachelor’s in Sustainability at Oregon State University.

The program can be paired with a student’s primary degree as an add-on pathway. For instance, you can add this to your political science or business administration degree. The curriculum includes topics such as how humans impact ecosystems, state and federal environmental policy, and building sustainable communities.

What Makes this Program Unique:

As a result of the ample resources available through OSU Ecampus, students can maximize their online learning experience. All online students can use free tutoring services, exhaustive library resources, career guidance, and coaching.  

Did You Know?

The sustainability degree requires 45 credits for post-baccalaureate students who did not graduate from Oregon State. Throughout all classes, OSU’s internationally renowned faculty develops them.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University

Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability Management

Bellevue University offers an Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability Management Degree, simplifying the study process with a manageable course load. A strong peer network can help you launch your career after you complete the program. This is the most flexible program, perfect for someone who wants to grow their network early in their academic life.

In this program, you will take one class at a time with the same group of peers, which means you can build a stronger network.

More than ever, careers in Sustainability are crucial for the future of our planet! With Bellevue’s online Sustainability Management degree, you will combine your passion for science, engineering, and the environment, preparing you to succeed in the public and private sectors. This course will also prepare you for the LEED Green Associate exam, giving you a competitive edge.

What Makes this Program Unique:

As a student, you will gain an understanding of how to evaluate the Sustainability of current technology applications in environmental sciences. You will also learn to secure natural resources such as energy, water, and land. You’ll learn to work with stakeholders to develop sustainable project strategies.

Did You Know?

The courses at Bellevue University develop soft skills such as critical thinking and ethical leadership skills applicable to any career. A course cluster connects three courses around a common theme, building your skills as you learn. You can take courses individually or in course clusters. 

Arizona State University

Arizona State University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability

The online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability at Arizona State University is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to design sustainable communities and ecosystems. This online program enables you to identify current challenges and develop new organizational structures, systems, and processes to meet those challenges. 

As part of their sustainability degrees, students engage in courses focusing on solutions, experiential learning opportunities, and collaboration with the community. As you solve practical problems, you will develop your analytical, teamwork, and decision-making skills.

Developing realistic plans and conducting results-oriented research is also part of the program.

People, planet, and profit are the three guiding principles of sustainable development. This bachelor’s degree program at Arizona State University challenges you to work on local, regional, and global issues under these principles.

In this program, you will develop solutions that promote social welfare and economic prosperity while preserving the environment.

What Makes this Program Unique:

You can apply the knowledge from this sustainability degree in various fields. Frequently, Sustainability graduates can find employment in businesses, government agencies, private sectors, and nonprofit organizations. This program provides you with the opportunity to explore and pursue a variety of career paths.

Did You Know?

There is no distinction between earning a degree online or in person on Arizona State University diplomas. The diplomas and transcripts of all ASU Online students say “Arizona State University.” Online students receive the same instruction quality as their in-person counterparts.

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability Management

The University of Wisonsin-River Falls offers their online Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management degree to students who want to be part of green initiatives. This online degree offers students a sustainability perspective on business and organization topics such as information systems, marketing, management, communications, supply chain management, and economics.

As students progress through the curriculum, they gain a deeper understanding of ecological and scientific concepts that assist them in finding solutions to problems.

There are several courses students take that range from Accounting to Sustainable Agriculture. Logistics and Supply Chain organizations can build sustainable competitive advantages by combining technology, sound processes, and flexibility.

The potential for positive change impacted by Sustainability can exist in all industries. Graduates of the program have a wide range of experience, education, and work experience.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Those who wish to pursue careers related to environmental, economic, and social issues are well-prepared thanks to this online Bachelor’s in Sustainability Management. A career in sustainable business can be rewarding.

Did You Know?

In the evolution of Sustainability, you will be at a turning point. There will be an increasing demand for sustainable products, and there will come a time when every company will have to put more effort into its sustainability initiatives and practices. 

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Green and Sustainable Management

If you want to combine business and the study of the environment, you can enroll in Liberty University’s Online Bachelor’s in Green and Sustainable Management Degree. This online degree prepares you to be a better steward of the environment!

As Champions for Christ, Liberty University’s mission is to equip you with the skills you need to contribute something valuable wherever you work. Liberty can help you become the change the world needs after you graduate from their online Green and Sustainable Management degree.

With Liberty University’s Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College accreditation, you can expect a high standard of education. Professors dedicated to helping you learn about environmentally sustainable practices will incorporate a biblical perspective into your online degree program.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Liberty University is ranked among the top online schools in America because of its commitment to excellence. Earning a degree from this nonprofit university gives you an edge over other students in your field.

It is important for Liberty University that they provide a quality academic program to our students to ensure their success. 

Did You Know?

Their tuition hasn’t increased for eight years now, giving their programs the best value of education for students. A Liberty BSBA in Green and Sustainable Management can enhance your career prospects by giving you the skills and experience to deal with environmental issues creatively.

This Business Administration degree at Liberty University will provide you with an understanding of sustainable ecosystems and introduce you to sustainable management models.

You will develop your critical thinking skills through the environmental management classes, which will introduce multiple perspectives for each issue.

Courses to Take in an Online Bachelor's in Sustainability

Courses to Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Responsibility

This course explains why and how organizations adopt sustainable practices and policies.  This course explores how companies can practice environmental and social Sustainability, as well as how they can be good stewards of their environment and social landscapes.

Sustainability Logistics

There are environmental impacts in the process of coordinating and moving goods across the globe. And these concerns will be tackled in the sustainability logistics course. You will discuss the best logistics process and systems that will less impact the environment.

Natural Resource Management

This course examines policies for protecting land, air, and water resources. As an administrator, you will gain experience in managing natural resource issues. 

Environmental Science

This foundational course explores the interrelationship between humans and the environment. This course emphasizes understanding Earth systems holistically as a means of learning from the past, understanding the present, and shaping the future.

Nature’s effects on humans and physical, chemical, and biological processes are studied in this scientific course.

Environmental Policy

In this course, you will study historical policies influencing environmental Sustainability. Students are encouraged to use nongovernmental and governmental legislative frameworks to develop appropriate theoretical solutions to future policy issues.

You will be exposed to methods and strategies for environmental analysis and decision-making.

Business Communications for Sustainable Management

This course teaches you how to communicate professionally while incorporating sustainability principles. Communication is important in any business or industry, much more for encouraging partners and stakeholders about your sustainable strategies and systems.

Economics of Sustainability

Environmental crises and sustainable practices are examined in particular in this course. As part of the course, students analyze human, social, built, and financial capital as components of the ecosystem in which they live.

Environment and Society

In this course, online students will examine how humans interact with biodiversity and the environment and how they impact them. Observing these interactions allows you to develop solutions for overcoming different environmental or societal issues.

Marketing and Sustainability

It’s not uncommon for marketing firms to adopt their own environmental sustainability program. Since marketing is a staple initiative for many businesses today, sustainable practices should supplement marketing efforts. Sustainable marketing practices will be taught to you in this course.

International Development and Sustainability

Students in this course will examine the relationship between world population growth and inequality issues like poverty and famine. You will study the struggles people face for well-being and Sustainability, the visions that inspire them, and the role of the states, societies, and markets.

Valuable Skills Necessary for Sustainability Graduates

Building and Construction

Sustainability professionals must understand materials, processes, and tools when building or repairing houses, establishments, or other infrastructure. Building and construction skills are great skills that supplement any sustainability career. 

Systems Evaluation

Identifying and improving system performance indicators is the responsibility of sustainability professionals. Hence, you should have knowledge and skills in systems evaluation.


Sustainability careers involve a lot of communication. Speaking pragmatically is crucial for successful social development and building self-confidence. 

Management of Personnel Resources

Sustainable professionals must be capable of leading people. Depending on your role, you will encounter many instances of managing or empathizing with your personnel. Leadership and management skills are necessary.

Systems Analysis

Using this technique, you analyze how a system should work and how its performance will be affected by changes. Sustainable careers require these skills from their entry to middle staff.

Operations Analysis

To create a sustainable design, you must analyze needs and product requirements. As a Sustainability specialist, you must analyze data and ensure operations succeed optimistically.

How long does an online Sustainability degree get completed?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an online Sustainability degree get completed?

A traditional 16-week schedule can allow you to complete a sustainability bachelor’s degree in four years. On the other hand, if you enroll in fewer courses as a part-time student, your graduation time will be extended. 

What is an online Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability?

Humanities, engineering, business, anthropology, and science are all incorporated into a sustainability degree program that examines the environment, biodiversity, and human impact. In this program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to work in industries that value environmental conservation and protection. You can find solutions to our planet’s problems with a sustainability degree.

How can a Sustainability degree benefit graduates?

Sustainability degree programs can prepare you for a wide range of careers. Organizations and the public are becoming increasingly interested in preserving and conserving our planet, which continues to demand sustainability professionals.

For instance, environmental scientists or specialists have forecasted a 6% job growth for this position in the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How can you students become Sustainability professionals?

The sustainability industry offers a wide range of roles in high demand. In industries requiring only an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree in Sustainability can make you more competitive.

Start by securing your online bachelor’s in Sustainability degree diploma and work your way up: enhance your sustainable resource management knowledge, obtain relevant work experience, gain mastery of sustainable business practices, and broaden your network in Sustainability communities and organizations.

Summary Points

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