5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Nonprofit Management in 2023

Did you know that the nonprofit organization market size is now valued at almost $265 billion? If you want to join this large market, equip yourself with an education in Nonprofit Management. As a manager, you are expected to analyze the organization’s impact, whether the goal is community support, environmental conservation, or religious instruction.

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It requires a special kind of education to lead in the non-profit industry, so prospective students must carefully consider selecting accredited online Non-Profit Management degree programs. An online bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit Management develops in each student the skills to become a nonprofit manager, fundraising specialist, volunteer manager, community leader, marketer, or financial organizer for nonprofit organizations.

The Lowdown

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An online bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit Management often becomes the ideal undergraduate option for people with a passion for helping others. By emphasizing advanced resource development, volunteer management, and leadership skills, such online programs produce graduates who also make effective leaders in for-profit businesses that face the same organizational challenges.


We put together five of our top online Nonprofit Management program recommendations! These factors were considered in selecting each of the top Nonprofit Management undergraduate programs on our list: 

  • Offers 100% online learning or a hybrid learning option, providing convenience and flexibility to all kinds of learners,
  • Features online coursework designed to provide nonprofit management skills and knowledge, even allowing further education for other related studies, 
  • Prepares graduates for success in diverse work settings as community managers, fundraising specialists, nonprofit managers, event organizers, marketers, education specialists, or community outreach managers,
  • Delivered thru a robust virtual learning platform or Learning Management System that hosts live discussions and offers students access to their online undergraduate coursework,
  • Taught by seasoned professors with extensive Nonprofit Management experience,
  • May offer tuition-reducing arrangements through financial aid, scholarships, and transfer credit programs,
  • Received regional and programmatic accreditation, such as from the Southern Association – Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Please check out Methodology page for more information on our online degree program ranking process.

5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Non-profit Management

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Online Bachelor of Science in Non-Profit Management

An online BS in Nonprofit Management degree is available at UCF and prepares you for a career in nonprofit management. In this program, students learn about fiscal resources and human resources. And as you know, these two are the crucial aspects of study in nonprofit management. In order to provide community services, organizations need both finances and people.

By majoring in Nonprofit Management, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to support nonprofit organizations. Graduates are equipped to take over nonprofit organizations in domestic or international settings. No matter what format you wish to have, UCF offers online, hybrid, and in-person classes at their UCF Downtown campus. This allows you to select classes that fit your schedule. 

Through your required internship course, you’ll also be exposed to work alongside nonprofit employees. As a result, you will gain an overview of the industry as well as make connections along the way. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

Nonprofit Management majors at UCF work in a variety of organizational support roles, including development and fundraising, nonprofit program strategizing, financial management, and human resources. As long as your interests align more with nonprofits or charitable organizations, this nonprofit degree will also align with any other or further studies you want to pursue. 

Did You Know?
  • The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and Association of Fundraising Professionals offer national credentials in nonprofit leadership and management. It gives graduates an edge over their competitors and helps them stay competitive.
  • One thing that makes this online program is that this is the state’s first bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management.
  • Furthermore, the UCF School of Public Administration offers an annual nonprofit conference to provide you with additional opportunities to network with nonprofit leaders.

Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Non-Profit Management

Nonprofit professionals are needed to manage the financial and business affairs of many non-profit organizations these days. Fortunately, Colorado Christian University offers its Bachelor’s Degree in Nonprofit Management online. The degree seeks to bring greater effectiveness to nonprofit organizations and ensure their sustainability.

The nonprofit sector faces unique challenges in terms of management and funding. After graduation, many employers will look to hire you for different positions. There are several unique characteristics associated with nonprofit management, such as organizational development, financial management, marketing, human resource management, and operations. And all these topics will be covered in an online Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Colorado Christian University’s Nonprofit Management online program is specially designed for adult learners. You can complete weekly assignments around your schedule during online courses that last for five weeks. You can easily contact and work alongside your professors and discuss any concerns about your online program. Furthermore, accelerated learning is used in the program, so you can expedite completion.

Did You Know?

This bachelor’s degree program prepares students to be executive directors, operations managers, development managers, or public relations managers for nonprofits. With this nonprofit education, you can work in diverse fields such as health facilities, faith-based institutions, arts, and the education industry.

DePaul University

DePaul University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Non-Profit Management

DePaul’s Bachelor of Arts in Nonprofit Management program is intended for adults who want to advance their careers in nonprofit management or leadership. This nonprofit management degree prepares you to manage a wide range of nonprofit organizations. Whether you want to enter into politics, law, human resources, fundraising, professional communications, or community outreaches, this online degree will prepare you for many roles. 

The nonprofit management degree program allows you to earn college credit based on your prior work and life experience. From a nonprofit management perspective, you’ll apply your liberal arts critical thinking skills. Many of the courses are available online, while some are also offered in the evenings, which is perfect if you have personal and work obligations.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The faculty at DePaul University are chosen for their practical, real-world experience. You will learn relevant skills and knowledge from distinguished professors and professionals in the industry.

Did You Know?
  • Most of the nonprofit management graduates at DePaul University are employed 100% of the time, with more than half of them landing new positions.
  • Many students also pursue continuing education in other fields of study. 

Huntington University

Huntington University

Online Bachelor’s in Non-For-Profit Leadership

A Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Not-For-Profit Leadership is available at Huntington University. It features strategic and practical training specific to not-for-profit management. You can brush up your soft skills, including grant writing, leadership, organization skills, and financial management.

This online program provides you with the skills required for leadership roles in both the public and private sectors. By learning from experienced leaders in both not-for-profit and for-profit fields, you will develop your community network.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Those who work at Huntington University understand the passion and calling that lead them to pursue careers in service to others. You can increase your nonprofit organization’s impact and your own impact by earning a Bachelor of Science in not-for-profit leadership. This online degree will make turn you into a more business-savvy person while pursuing your calling to help others. 

Did You Know?

Based on biblical and Christian principles, these degrees are enriched with a wide range of liberal arts courses. The Christian faith will be integrated into your selected field of study by your professors. A Huntington University education will enable you to connect with fellow students and faculty mentors and prepare you for a successful career.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration – Nonprofit Management

It’s time to contribute significantly to nonprofit organizations as you graduate with an online Bachelor’s in Business Administration- Concentration in Nonprofit Management from Southern New Hampshire University. 

The nonprofit management concentration provides you with the skills you need to succeed in the nonprofit sector. A nonprofit management course can prepare you to write grants, do government and nonprofit accounting, and become an entrepreneur. Whether you plan to shift careers in the future, such transferable skills can be valuable and helpful. These real-world courses, developed in partnership with business professionals, are taught by experienced instructors with credentials.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Bachelor’s in Business Administration programs at Southern New Hampshire University are one of their most popular programs because they prepare you for a range of career options. Businesses and organizations need professionals who know how to manage their resources effectively. Upon completing this bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management at SNHU, you will have gained skills in communications, critical thinking, economics, finance, and organizational leadership applicable to situations in personal and professional settings.

Did You Know?

In the nonprofit sector, there are a variety of roles available, including human resources, public relations, accounting, grant writing, and more.

Possible Careers for Non-Profit Management Graduates

Possible Careers for Non-Profit Management Graduates

Fundraising Manager

Fundraising managers are needed in many nonprofit companies. They are usually in charge of creating fundraising strategies. They also foster a lasting relationship with donors. Within the institution, they ensure to keep everyone on the same page in their fundraising strategies, processes, and efforts.

Philanthropy Manager

Philanthropy managers specialize in allocating funds to nonprofit organizations and to the needy. Coordination and planning of fundraising plans and allocation of philanthropy funds are some of their responsibilities. Their goal is to improve the company’s image and help the community through fundraising projects. It is possible to gain organizational and financial skills by pursuing a degree in nonprofit management.

Community Service Officer

The role of a community service officer is to provide public service to the community. It would be easy to qualify for this role if you finish an online Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management. Providing outreach and education to residents within a community is part of their job description. Neighborhood improvement and solution funds may be raised by community service officers.

Program Manager

Program managers usually have a lot of things on their plate. They are typically in charge of the program’s planning, designing, and they also monitor progress. When issues or crises arise, they are the ones who think of the best resolutions and conflict management strategies. 

Social Services Director

Assisting the public and providing services to them is the responsibility of social service directors. This is a top management position that will require your hard work, commitment, and many years of public service. Social services directors are responsible for determining which programs will be most beneficial to the people within their region. Hence, they need to observe and gather as much information as they can.

Education Specialist

Nonprofit management graduates can possibly work in the education sector too. You can become an education specialist after completing an online Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management. Curriculum planners, individual lessons, and teaching methods can all be evaluated and improved by educational specialists. Parents, guidance counselors, and teachers can also communicate expectations and progress through them.

Public Relations Manager

Creating and refining a consumer’s perception of a company or organization is the responsibility of public relations managers. PR is an integral aspect of many businesses. And it applies to most nonprofit institutions too. As A PR manager, you need to develop philanthropic strategies and develop content for public relations. Marketing, advertising, and branding are aligned by public relations managers and other company professionals. The company brand should have a consistent identity and PR strategies.

Community Outreach Coordinator

The objective of community outreach coordinators is to promote their organization’s or client’s image or raise awareness of issues in the community. One of their important roles is to raise funds from donors. As a community outreach coordinator, you need to organize fundraising activities for nonprofits or special projects.

Valuable Skills Needed for Nonprofit Managers

Leading in the nonprofit sector requires more than good leadership skills. A successful nonprofit manager is the key to an organization’s success. Aside from fundraising strategies and building rapport, there are many other skills required for nonprofit specialists. Here are some valuable skills needed for nonprofit managers:

Patience to Train

Every team benefits from a trainer who is patient and can teach and train effectively. As a nonprofit manager, one of your roles is to train other members of your institution. You should be the type of manager in your team who is patient and willing to pass down the culture and practices of the nonprofit organization. This way, everyone in the company can retain this sense of purpose. 

Visionary Skills

Nonprofit managers aren’t in it for the money and early retirement. Working in the nonprofit sector is definitely not about the money nor is it focused on short-term plans. As nonprofit managers, you should be visionary and look forward to the bigger picture; not only for yourself but the entire company. After all, nonprofit management is both a calling and a career. 


There are many challenges facing nonprofit leaders. Achieving success requires all aspects of leadership. As a nonprofit manager, your role requires a lot of leadership. You need to lead the entire team or even community to pursue goals and plans for your nonprofit. Good listening skills, passion, commitment, loyalty, and empathy also contribute to good leadership.

Critical Thinking

Regardless of the industry, critical thinking is an essential skill. The ability to make your nonprofit processes more efficient depends on your sense of critical thinking. This means that as a nonprofit leader, you’re always aiming for better ways and processes to make your systems more effective and efficient.

Innovative Thinking

The business has forever been changed by innovative technology. As a nonprofit manager, it’s crucial to keep up with the advent of technology. Hence, an important skill is to be an innovative thinker. By analyzing data, organizations can make better decisions regarding how to raise funds and where dollars are most effectively spent.

Positive Mindset

A little positivity goes a long way! And a positive mindset is a crucial skill for nonprofit leaders. By being positive, you can shed some light on hope for the nonprofit organization, even when things are not looking so good and dire. By being positive, you adapt to the situation and are hopeful for better outcomes all the time. 

Fundraising Management Skills

Every nonprofit manager has to deal with fundraising. In fact, it’s no surprise that raising funds is one primary way to attain funds for their operations. Nonprofit managers should have good fundraising management skills. You need to work with donors, stakeholders, partners, team members, and many other people when raising funds together. 

Organizational Management Skills

Creating a brand image requires organizational development skills. A nonprofit must be able to develop an appropriate system for promoting its goals and expanding them as needed. As a nonprofit manager, you should have good organizational management skills in order to comply with legal requirements and other requirements.

Community Engagement Skills

Community events are often hosted and sponsored by nonprofits. Such events don’t stop at requiring good organizational skills. You need to be engaging with the community too. A community relations strategy can lead to cost savings and revenue growth.

What's an online Bachelor's in Nonprofit Management all about?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an online Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management all about?

An online Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management degree is the best education for people seeking strategic planning roles and leadership positions in nonprofits. Your career opportunities can increase if you earn a degree in nonprofit management. You can expect to take diverse courses in business and management fields, and a total of 120 credits are usually required. Thankfully, this degree can be earned online or at many colleges and universities.

How do prospective students pursue an online Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management?

Nonprofit leadership and management programs typically require simple and basic admission requirements such as high school transcripts, standardized test scores, recommendation letters, and an application essay. However, please note that these would all depend on which university or college you’re planning to enroll in. Each school’s admissions requirements and deadlines should be checked carefully.

Do Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management students have promising job prospects?

An organization that is considered a nonprofit can range from museums to international development groups and public charities. These organizations offer several types of leadership positions.

In addition to project coordinators and volunteer supervisors, Nonprofit Management program graduates can become fundraising directors. Nonprofits may also hire them to conduct public relations and human resources management. What’s good about this online degree is that you can qualify for for-profit work. You can develop business skills that apply to all types of organizations.

Summary Points

  • Fundraising, budgeting, and advocating should be comfortable activities for nonprofit professionals. Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management programs are often a good fit for prospective students who enjoy working with others, planning, and sharing missions.
  • Managing Nonprofit Organizations involves running their day-to-day operations as well as developing organizational strategies.
  • A career in Nonprofit Management is about helping individuals and communities. If you have the passion or calling to help others, this bachelor’s degree is best for you.  

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