10 Companies Hiring Grads with Sustainability System Degrees in 2023

The rapid rise in sustainability career demand translates to the need for experts in safeguarding public health, ensuring economic productivity, and delivering long-term economic prosperity.

Sustainability is a broad field composed of engineers, scientists, educators, business professionals, and social activities. Sustainability jobs are not only required in government agencies that focus on the environment; these positions need to be filled in any sector. 

Did you know that environmental scientists are expected to enjoy an 8% job growth from 2020-2030? Similarly, an 8% rise in the demand for environmental engineers is projected as well.

The Lowdown
A sustainability degree encompasses environmental roles, and you’re sure to have several job opportunities. If you’re looking to take on an environmental management role, you’ve come to the right place!

Companies That Hire People with Sustainability System Degrees

10 Companies That Hire People with Sustainability System Degrees

Business for Social Responsibility

Business for Social Responsibility

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) is a company founded in 1992 by people from the business sector to create an organization that helps companies go green. Today, BSR works with over 300 companies to build better environmental health. 

BSR is looking for a Senior Manager of Sustainability Technology at PVH Corp. While this job opening does not specify that you need a bachelor’s degree in sustainability, the job description is clear that your task will be to promote environmental sustainability in other businesses. You’d be easily ready for this job with a degree in sustainability. 

As a Senior Manager of Sustainability Technology you are expected to:

  • Collaborate with the PHV corp and BSR’s business teams.
  • Oversee the integration of systems and their implementation to support various Fashion Forward goals, particularly those relating to environmental sustainability and human rights.
  • Create reliable test plans and scripts, coordinate the execution of unit testing scenarios, record findings, address problems, and make user acceptance testing easier to accomplish (UAT).

Additionally, other job openings will require your expertise in sustainability. You can visit BSR’s job opening website and explore more of these opportunities. 

McKinsey Sustainability

McKinsey Sustainability

McKinsey Sustainability is a sustainability consulting unit by McKinsey & Company, a global consulting firm founded in 1926 by UC professor James O. McKinsey. The McKinsey Sustainability unit aims to provide professional help to other companies, including climate, energy transition, sustainability, social, and governance (ESG) green initiatives.

McKinsey Sustainability is hiring graduates with a sustainability degree to help them expand their goals and help the world heal from traumas. This position entails graduates becoming environmental consultants to assist customers in achieving their sustainability and decarbonization objectives and working with them on sustainability-related activities.

As one working in the system, you will contribute to the environmental management in decarbonization and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) domains to progress the energy transition. You will collaborate with a team of McKinsey consultants and partners actively addressing strategic issues in the energy business. 

At McKinsey, you actively assist clients, build and acquire exclusive tools and expertise for McKinsey, and guide less experienced coworkers toward corporate sustainability. You will be in charge of seeing fresh chances and creating plans for renewable energy to benefit customers.

Examples of the work you will do for the company include:

  • Helping a government develop a roadmap for the economy’s decarbonization,
  • Assisting the oil and gas industry with the launch of a new electric vehicle venture,
  • Identifying opportunities for portfolio reshaping for a sustainable financing institution, or
  • Advising a steel company on creative ways to decarbonize its operations.

You will have a significant transformational influence by directly collaborating with senior client executives or sharing your extensive knowledge with other colleagues. You will have several chances to advance and focus on a particular area of sustainability that aligns with your interests.



Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Operations, and Maintenance, or AECOM, is a respected trade and professional organization consistently selected as one of the top companies in the sector, enhancing its already stellar reputation. The company works on significant environmental initiatives centered on transportation, energy consumption, and water. 

An ongoing initiative involves assisting international organizations in finding solutions to PFAS-related issues as these substances don’t degrade naturally.

Environmental engineers with little work experience but sufficient knowledge of biological and ecological processes can apply as Entry Level Environmental Engineers at AECOM. You will be tasked to perform sustainability initiatives and environmental field tasks, such as:

  • gathering information about remediation systems,
  • measuring soil and groundwater,
  • gauging fluid levels,
  • supervising subcontractors,
  • record-keeping of operations, inspections, and compliance documents,
  • preparing field documents, gathering, analyzing, and interpreting field data,
  • helping with office duties, including data analysis and report writing,
  • interpreting and recording data, analyzing, and comparing findings to pertinent studies and local, state, and federal rules.

AECOM professionals work in the AECOM office, a distant location, or a client site.

National Grid

National Grid

One of the largest utility trading companies worldwide, National Grid specializes in the transportation and distribution of gas and electricity, essential in ensuring that millions of people have safe, dependable, and effective access to the energy they need. 

The company aims to operate as a low-risk company that increases assets and equity and distributes dividends to shareholders. 

National Grid is most known for the following environmental programs:

  • Reducing Pollution
  • Protecting Wildlife
  • Protecting Wetlands
  • Minimizing Climate Change
  • Promoting Awareness
  • National Grid Solar Power Projects in Massachusetts

National Grid needs energy managers to help start their New York Project, the “New York National Grid Fleet EV Infrastructure plan.” Hired energy managers will be assigned in NYC to collaborate across project functions and submit financial and environmental resources audits. 

Additionally, you’ll be in charge of planning, execution, and management, ensuring projects adhere to environmental regulations and governance of assigned projects following the National Grid project management procedures and pricing and revenue requirements.

This job requires sustainability management professionals with strong leadership skills and sufficient energy efficiency knowledge since hired energy managers will direct and lead the project team. And if you want a job that allows you to grow, this position will be perfect.

You’ll develop within and between bands as you gain more experience, competence, and technical abilities in the role. This job can be a great stepping stone for career advancement or a chief sustainability officer job position.

The Williams Sale Partnership Limited (WSP)

The Williams Sale Partnership Limited (WSP)

William Barclay Parsons established the business that would become Parsons Brinckerhoff in New York City in 1885, where WSP USA started. 

The company has designed numerous highways, bridges, and tunnels, provided consulting services for energy, water/wastewater, and community development projects, and has worked on many of the major transit systems in the United States, including those in San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

WSP is hiring people who can fulfill civil engineering duties. According to the job posting, applicants don’t need much experience to qualify; however, they must be proficient enough to successfully complete each civil engineer’s fundamental work duty. You’ll work with the company’s Waste Management and Geotechnical, Earth & Environment Team.

These duties are a few of the things you should do:

  • Offer local technical support and direction for civil and environmental engineering projects involving the design of waste management facilities,
  • Reclaim and plan quarries and permits,
  • Oversee stormwater management, management of landfill gas, operations planning, and construction quality assurance,
  • Accurate documentation for the project’s allocated parts,
  • Make sure the tasks are carried out and followed through with a high-quality degree to satisfy or exceed the acceptable industry standards.



Kimley-Horn is one of the most known companies that hire people with sustainability degrees to help promote world-class planning, engineering, and design across the United States. 

Sustainability professionals at Kimley-Horn are known to combine rigor and creativity to produce excellent results. The company has a lengthy history of creating solutions that save clients money and time and work to lower client risk and boost success.

Kimley-Horn has a vacant position for landscape architects with a particular set of abilities seeking to enhance the well-being of people and the environment in all communities. Landscape architects employ skills in planning, designing, managing, and maintaining both the constructed and natural surroundings. 

Job duties include:

  • Use technical software tools to develop, QC, and analyze outputs for our clients.
  • Participate in graphic and technical production, urban and landscape planning, and site planning.
  • Land planning, urban design and redevelopment, mixed-use and all types of residential development, streetscapes, design guidelines, public infrastructure design, parks, and other community facility design.

This sustainability job provides generous benefits, including high wages, technical software and consulting training, and developmental programs that will advance your skills and knowledge earned with your sustainability studies degree. Additionally, Kimley-Horn provides mentorship opportunities for all employees to help them succeed in their fields.

Turner Construction Company

Turner Construction Company

Turner Corp is one of the most sustainable building and construction companies that uses simple and robust designs favored by the United States and abided by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Turner Corp works harder to ensure that the work is sustainable since there are more standards, more state and local regulations, international environmental law, and more sophisticated owners who know what they want or need.

There are several job openings for sustainability degree holders. However, the position of Project Safety Manager is the most popularly applied position. 

The project’s Project Safety Manager first manages the project’s occupational health and safety issues. They are in charge of any modifications to the choices made about the health and safety procedures before and after the project. 

In this position, Turner Corp. professionals will partner with the BU EHSD, PX, PM, and Superintendents to ensure the project site fully complies with the company’s risk control, environmental, and health regulations. 

Other job duties include:

  • Organize, oversee, and enforce safety on a single large-scale or many smaller projects.
  • Determine, eliminate, and manage dangerous situations

After years of trial and error, Turner Corp has finally found a way to create a more sustainable construction process that will reduce air and water pollution. The corporation pledges to cut back on-site construction operations’ greenhouse gas emissions and water use by 50% by 2030. 

Turner has the chance to have a real, observable effect on the environment by focusing more intently on the elements of construction that the company can manage—the actual building process.

Salk Institute’s Harnessing Plants Initiative (HPI)

Salk Institute's Harnessing Plants Initiative (HPI)

Plants, animals, and people are all threatened by the effects of global climate change. Global temperatures rise due to too much atmospheric carbon, causing disastrous flooding, devastating storms, and protracted droughts.

The Harnessing Plants Initiative (HPI) of The Salk Institute provides a visionary, scalable approach that can be quickly implemented.

HPI is hiring for an experienced soil and plant scientist to work as Senior Research Scientist (Soil) committed to using plant biology and soil science to solve significant worldwide issues. 

As the SRS, you’ll be handling a multidisciplinary team that will devise and practice techniques that will allow researchers to ascertain how root characteristics affect the retention and persistence of organic compounds derived from plants. You’ll also be in charge of tracking the fate of plant-derived carbon in agricultural soils.

Essential functions include:

  • (80%) Experimental Research
  • (10%) Laboratory Collaborative Contributions
  • (10%) Scientific Communications

This entails a minimum of 5 years of related research experience or equivalent relevant experience to qualify for the job. Additionally, you’ll need a doctorate to become more competitive in the sea of applicants.

Royal Dutch Shell PLC

Royal Dutch Shell PLC

Shell is one of the most sustainable gas and mining companies and spends $2–3 billion annually on its Renewables Solutions and New Energies division, which started in 2016. Shell invested in the American company Inspire Energy in 2018, which offers clean energy programs in some regions.

Additionally, it bought Greenlots, a firm that specializes in providing electric vehicle charging options. Shell began providing 100% renewable electricity to its British residential customers in 2019.

Hired applicants will be responsible for contributing to the offshore platform goals of all machinery submerged and above the mud but not a part of the real offshore platform structure. The position requires a great deal of expertise that only people who have handled projects of similar technical capacity experience can perform. 

Other job duties include:

  • Contribute to the creation and application of relevant KPIs for the discipline.
  • Encourage uniformity and development throughout Shell’s Gulf of Mexico portfolio.
  • Establish and uphold an inclusive atmosphere that honors and values individual diversity and is consistent with Shell’s fundamental values.
  • Performs additional activities, initiatives, or duties as directed.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy, or NTC, has been protecting the natural landscapes that support the variety of plant and animal life on earth since 1951 by collaborating with individuals, local communities, governmental organizations, and private corporations.

This company conserves land by buying it outright, putting easements on it, and collaborating with other organizations and municipal agencies. Aside from focusing on sustainability, this company also focuses on creating a diversity of experience that will build skills and talents that helps in motivating employees to stay in the company. 

To quote The Nature Conservancy staff members, “you’ll join for our mission, and you’ll stay for our people.”

The TNC company is hiring a Sustainable Agriculture Specialist to help the company evaluate and synthesize scientific information/data related to sustainable and regenerative agriculture’s environmental impact and mitigation potential. 

Other job responsibilities include:

  • offer direction and suggestions based on the best available knowledge to significant internal and external audiences
  • support the design and implementation of programs that fulfill conservation requirements while also adding economic benefit
  • offer guidance on the best ways to accomplish conservation and agronomic objective
  • create and present written and spoken reports
  • manage work streams

 The SAS must cooperate with cross-functional teams to generate high-quality conservation deliverables on time and within budget while adhering to the Conservancy’s strict scientific and corporate engagement guidelines.

Reasons to Enter Sustainability Careers

Natural resources are mainly why we’re still breathing and able to create things. Thus, as humans, we are profoundly impacted by our surroundings. Everyone must ensure that their surroundings are healthy, secure, and don’t negatively affect lives.

Sustainability professionals focus on improving ecological conditions that make it more livable for people. It aids in the development of sustainable solutions to environmental issues.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider a career in sustainability. 

You can change the world while earning.

There is a high need for jobs in environmental engineering, green building, water engineering, science, and many more. The US Department of Labor Blog says careers in the sustainability field are expected to grow much faster. 

However, if you want to enter this career field, you must be naturally concerned with environmental, economic, and social issues. 

Focusing on sustainability improves the environment, which benefits people’s quality of life. One person can have a significant impact and, in the process, motivate others to act morally. Learn that everything is possible with perseverance, discipline, and a passion for protecting the environment.

Prevent Animal Extinction.

Animals are essential to the interaction they maintain with plants in the cycle of life, which would end without them. Deforestation, endangered plant species, litter, and other harmful substances left on highway shoulders and nature paths are only a few of the elements that contribute to destroying their way of life.

Even though working with animals is not necessary, understanding how sustainable jobs affect them is crucial. People who love the outdoors frequently have a special affection for animals and strive to make their living conditions safer for them. After all, animals make up a sizable portion of the ecology. 

Major Public Sector Environmental Employers

While we have listed 10 companies that hire graduates with sustainability systems degrees, you might still be unsatisfied and feel like none fits your career goals. So, we listed the most popular public sector that hires graduates with sustainability degrees. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, federal, state, or local governments employ around 44% of environmental scientists

National Parks Service

The NPS works with environmental specialists from all backgrounds to conserve natural resources, including reducing the effects of pollution and natural disasters. The NPS hires park rangers with park security and law enforcement expertise, wildland firefighters, biologists, and conservationists.

US Geological Survey

The US Geological Survey, one of the biggest organizations in the country, focuses on earth, biological, and water science as well as civilian mapping. Resource managers, urban planners, and other interested parties conduct research and provide data on natural hazards that impact the environment, ecosystems, and climate change.

It works with many environmental experts, such as wildlife biologists, geologists, ecologists, and hydrologists. It also provides chances for students and volunteers.

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA runs six major research programs and is home to several research institutions. The EPA has notable initiatives in community health, safe and sustainable water resources, air and energy research, and risk assessment for human health and the environment. The National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory is located within the EPA. 

Specialists in mechanical engineering, geology, biology, chemistry, and other fields can find professions emphasizing the environment at this sizable agency.

US Forest Service

The forest service works with eco-driven technologies, land management, firefighting, and forestry experts to maintain American forests’ diversity, productivity, and health. Additionally, they provide a range of temporary jobs that support their initiatives for resource preservation, forest health, and the prevention and suppression of fires.

Local Government

The fight against climate change can benefit greatly from the involvement of local governments. For instance, the Local Governments for Sustainability Network includes about 1,750 local and regional government organizations.

State and local governments are implementing environmentally friendly regulations and renewable energy programs like cutting-edge transportation projects and low-carbon structures. To continue their work one site at a time, these governing entities require trained engineers, scientists, constructors, and researchers.

Companies That Hire People with Sustainability System Degrees - fact

What Are The Factors of Sustainability?

Climate change

There is a reason why climate change tops so many lists of sustainable practices. The biggest crisis now affecting our planet is probably climate change. One primary source of it is the planet’s steady warming brought on by greenhouse gases created by the combustion of fossil fuels.


How well we protect the integrity of our environment may be a definition of environmental sustainability. This could entail creating more environmentally friendly ways to obtain and utilize more ephemeral resources like electricity and more tangible natural resources like wood, metal, or water. As a species, we must practice moderation in everything.


Although it is not inherently possible for humans to be sustainable, it is nevertheless within their power to become so. True sustainability will never be attained if we as individuals do not work toward it and if we do not accept our responsibility as earth stewards. We must acquire the skills to feed, clothe, and amuse ourselves sustainably. Otherwise, we run the risk of failing on all fronts.


We must work as a species to develop ideas that increase our sustainability. These advancements don’t necessarily have to be technological; they might be economical or philosophical. To solve the issues many of us choose to ignore, we must alter how we view the world and one another.


Our only hope in recent years has been sustainability through technology. Many nations have already started adopting new renewable technologies, displacing outdated and environmentally damaging energy production techniques. 

The Iowa Agricultural Literacy Foundation reports that several businesses have begun implementing recent agricultural technological advancements to assist in crop growth and consume fewer resources.

How Can Average People Contribute To Sustainability?

The increasing frequency of natural disasters, the widespread nature of diseases, and the mass extinction of species are just a few examples of mounting evidence that our planet is approaching its breaking point. So, more and more people are asking what they can do to help the environment remain sustainable.

Here are a few ways everybody can help maintain natural resources without working sustainability jobs.

Reduce Consumption Of Processed Goods

Recently, the United Nations warned about the need for us to consider new issues when we purchase and even mentioned a new diet trend called the climatarian diet.

We must alter our eating habits to adopt more sustainable diets, going beyond simply taking the cost and quality of what we purchase into account:

  • fewer meats, particularly beef
  • increased seasonal produce
  • local goods
  • avoid using single-use plastic bags
Aim For A Newly Revitalized Life

One of the fundamental teachings of responsible consumption is correctly sorting garbage to aid in recycling. However, it would be best to take household appliances to a domestic waste recycling facility where you may also recycle items.

However, recycling alone is insufficient; you also need to reduce your use of unnecessary goods. You can utilize “hacks” like establishing a list of your needs before sales. This act will not only help the planet but your wallet as well.

Another thing that will help your wallet is saving water and electricity. In other words, turn off the tap and appliances when you’re not using them. 

Say No To Plastic

Almost everyone uses reusable cloth shopping bags instead of single-use plastic ones. However, you may reuse containers, fix your worn-out clothing and accessories, irrigate your plants with leftover cooking water, and many other things. Think creatively!

Minimize Vehicle Use

The biggest contributors to CO2 emissions are vehicles that use gas. You can try walking, using a bicycle, or taking public transportation instead of driving!

Summary Points

  • With a job in sustainability, you can contribute to preserving the environment, halting the current climate disaster, and creating a better future for all.
  • Sustainability is more than just a job function; it’s a way of thinking and living. Find a job that could have a lasting impact rather than merely looking for one.

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