9 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Real Estate

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As any professional in the real estate world will tell you, this sector is a blend of finance, marketing, and business practices. As well as that, the market in the US offers a lot of potential for this lucrative business.

Based on revenue, the US Real Estate Sales & Brokerage industry has a market size of $237.5 billion. This figure will only grow as more Americans learn and realize the benefits of real estate investment.

Online Degrees in Real Estate - fact

The exciting and growing real estate industry focuses on buying and selling properties for clients. You can earn passive income, enjoy tax advantages, diversify assets, and have a stable cash flow.

While graduates have access to high-paying jobs in real estate and related fields, they can also earn unlimited salaries as specialized real estate professionals who buy, sell, or trade properties for sellers, buyers, and firms.

The Lowdown

Join this lucrative real estate industry by enrolling in an online Bachelor’s in Real Estate! Immediately after graduation, you can qualify for entry-level positions as an appraiser, real estate broker, or property manager or pursue advanced degrees.


When envisioning your future as a professional, you probably consider salary the primary determinant. In this case, you probably want to land a career in real estate. Compete with other real estate professionals with an online Bachelor’s in Real Estate.

With many online schools offering online degrees in real estate, it’s no burden for prospective students to choose the right program to enroll in. To help you decide, we prepared a rank list of schools with the best online Bachelor’s in Real Estate programs.

Based on the following criteria, each of the best schools on our list was picked:

Check out our Methodology page for more details on our ranking system.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

9 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Real Estate

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration – Real Estate (Online)

As a BS in Business Administration – Real Estate student at Liberty, you will acquire the basic and advanced skills you need to succeed in this industry. With their advanced curriculum, you will be trained to become a successful real estate professional.

You can brush up on your skills, such as persistence, determination, and dedication. After all, these skills are crucial as you take part in the real estate market.

Their courses in the real estate degree focus on property valuation, real estate law, and finance. As an online student, you will also learn best practices from professors with a good track record in the real estate field. 

You will likely be able to develop these crucial skills by earning an online real estate degree from a nonprofit Christian university such as Liberty.

What Makes this Program Unique:

One thing that sets Liberty apart is that they are highly regarded for its academic excellence, accessibility, and reasonable tuition prices. You can set yourself apart from others in your field by obtaining an online real estate degree from a good-ranking university in the US.

Another unique feature of their program is that their tuition rate has been frozen for eight years, which has been quite a big help for learners with limited financial capacities. 

Did You Know?

Liberty’s business students can access a wide range of resources via the Jerry Falwell Library platform. You can create an account with Handshake for free as a Liberty University student.

This is an online professional network that allows you to connect with numerous fellow students, future employers, and many other learning institutions.

The University of Memphis Global

University of Memphis Global

Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Finance: Real Estate

The University of Memphis Global comes with a Department of Finance that offers a BBA degree with a major in Finance and a concentration in Real Estate. Providing a broad background for effective functioning within the discipline of finance is the primary objective of this online degree program. 

After graduation, you can pave careers in fields such as real estate investment, mortgage banking, real estate development, banking and loans, real estate sales, property management, and real estate appraisal.

In addition to earning a Minor in Real Estate, the courses in this online program can also be used toward a Professional Real Estate Degree. A minimum of 120 credits is required for this online degree.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students interested in the property market can take a look at the Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate offered by the Department of Finance. You can master skills and talents in the field of finance, investments, appraisal, and real estate principles. 

Did You Know?

The degree can be completed completely online through the University of Memphis Global or combined with other college-level education. These programs were specially designed by their prestigious faculty. Just like on campus, you have an advisor at your fingertips.

Also, you can gain access to all the free resources that are awarded to online students.

Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Real Estate

Get a head start in the ever-growing real estate industry when you enroll in Arkansas State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Real Estate. With the right knowledge and skills, you can make the most of exciting opportunities.

With this 100% online bachelor’s program, you will be competitive for real estate jobs in real estate firms, commercial and residential markets, financial banks, and even local governments.

Despite not granting licensure, this degree can provide expertise in mortgage lending, brokerage, real estate law, and property management. Real estate bachelor’s degrees prepare you to become a real estate appraiser or assessor or increase your earnings potential as a real estate broker or agent.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Developing professional relationships and managing best practices are introduced in this business administration degree. As a student of experiential coursework across multiple disciplines, you will gain insight into how to effectively communicate across diverse cultures and large organizations.

Did You Know?

In the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Real Estate online program, all US residents pay the same low tuition for the course. The total tuition includes all fees.

Fordham University

Fordham University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate

As part of the partnership between Fordham University and the Fordham Real Estate Institute, you can enroll in their Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate. This online degree program emphasizes all about real estate, which ranges from investment and law topics to development and construction.

Students at Fordham develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in global real estate environments through this all-encompassing real estate curriculum.

They usually have small class sizes, allowing online students to reach out directly to their professors. They offer students the academic tools and flexibility needed to succeed in real estate today.

What Makes this Program Unique:

One of the things that make this online program unique is that it comes with generous transfer credit policies. In fact, they accept credit for life experience. Furthermore, faculty members are committed to helping students achieve their career goals.

Did You Know?

In this online Bachelor’s in Real Estate available at Fordham, students can choose to attend classes online or even in the evenings. For those who want tuition assistance, they offer merit and need-based financial aid options. 

Temple University

Temple University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Real Estate

Learn the skills you need to succeed in the real estate industry by obtaining the Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate available at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Learn about property management and investments in real estate in this program. The skills you develop will be applicable to a wide range of subjects like marketing, appraisal, valuation, and appraisal. 

As a Real Estate BBA student, you will learn how to buy, invest in, manage, and sell commercial and residential real estate. Get a deeper understanding of both land and property transactions, as well as the dynamics of the real estate market.

You will know the nuts and bolts of properties, including the laws, rights, title ownership, and transfer of ownership.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This real estate online program requires 124 credits, and it focuses on financial models and analysis of real estate business practices. Some of the main courses to take are International Finance, Real Estate Fundamentals, and Management of Corporate Real Estate Assets.

Did You Know?

Public transportation connects Temple University’s Main Campus to many diverse neighborhoods in the city. Moreover, because of Philadelphia’s thriving real estate market, you can also pursue internships or employment opportunities.

Florida International University

Florida International University - Business

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate

Florida International University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate. You will be equipped to make real estate finance decisions with this degree from the College of Business. After all, real estate development and property management require an understanding of finance. And this is what this online BBA degree is built for. 

Students are able to comprehend the functions of real estate markets. They are able to evaluate commercial real estate development opportunities.

As you tackle more real estate courses, you can analyze market trends in real estate and be on the lookout for real estate development opportunities in the commercial and residential markets.

What Makes this Program Unique:

With this program, you can learn how the housing market works, what the real estate practices are, and how the real estate institutions function. You will also learn about appraisal and valuation for real estate markets in terms of residential, industrial, and commercial properties. 

Did You Know?

With FIU Business’s top ranking in real estate research, you’ll learn from the best professors in the field. Real estate law can be understood in a deeper context due to their unparalleled expertise.

Columbia College

Columbia College

Online Bachelor’s in Real Estate

In an era when the real estate market is booming more than ever, Columbia College proudly offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Management. This online degree puts you in front of other real estate specialists, making you a strong candidate when you apply for jobs.

Also, as a real estate agent or broker, their courses help you develop and hone your skills. 

Additionally, you can customize your electives to match your real estate management degree. You can choose to take social media, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and sales promotion. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

A variety of skills are required of real estate agents since the industry has become increasingly complex. The good news is Columbia College’s online Bachelor’s in Real Estate Management is designed to improve your skills and give you tools to use immediately.

Develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills through this online degree.

Did You Know?

Columbia College comes with an exclusive partnership with the National Association of Realtors, making it a reputable real estate school all over the nation.

University of Las Vegas, Nevada

University of Las Vegas, Nevada

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Real Estate (Hybrid)

The University of Las Vegas, Nevada, now offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Real Estate. A real estate professional must possess expertise in real estate valuation, appraisal, development, finance, management, and investment parts of real estate, which are all covered in this BBA degree. 

The University of Las Vegas aims to provide students with a thorough education in every aspect of the real estate industry through its undergraduate program in Real Estate. Students can study finance and investments or real estate development in the Real Estate curriculum.

What Makes this Program Unique:

In this business degree, online students will be trained to use models to explain market behavior. You’ll learn to explain how financial markets and their policies work. You’ll be exposed to applying micro and macro policies and analyzing economic data that will impact the real estate industry.

Did You Know?

A variety of career opportunities exist in real estate, including residential and commercial development, commercial and residential brokerage, mortgage banking, institutional real estate, real estate finance and investment, and real estate investment.

Graduates of this program are typically employed in financial institutions, brokerage, real estate firms, and investment institutions. 

Colorado State University

Colorado State University - College of Business

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Real Estate

This online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Real Estate program is intended for students interested in pursuing careers in real estate and related industries. Almost half of all wealth in the world comes from the real estate industry, which also means there are many companies waiting to hire you.

Today, the real estate profession offers a variety of career opportunities. As part of this profession, you will be able to contribute to diverse fields such as marketing, finance, construction, marketing, and law.

A career in real estate typically requires goal-oriented, perseverant, self-motivated individuals who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. They must also be creative and capable of conducting research, analyzing, and negotiating with clients.

An occupation in real estate can offer high earnings, independence, flexibility, and the chance to help others. If these end goals appeal to you, then it’s time to enroll in this online degree. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

Diverse real-estate-related occupations await you after finishing this program. You can find employment in property management, mortgage, property and land development, construction firms, and residential or commercial real estate brokerage.

Did You Know?

Students in the Real Estate concentration have the option of graduating on a faster schedule through the accelerated program. For accelerated programs, you can finish it as early as three years by taking 15 credits per semester. 

Common Online Bachelor's in Real Estate Courses

Common Online Bachelor’s in Real Estate Courses

Principles of Real Estate

One of the foundational courses in real estate online degrees is the principles of real estate. Real estate management, jargon, and properties form this critical coursework. Everyone who seeks to take real estate licensure needs to learn this.

Real Estate Development

Real estate development phases are covered in this course. This includes site planning, conceptualization, site acquisition, planning, real estate design, construction, and marketing.

Real Estate Law

Real estate comes with its policies and laws. A number of topics are covered in this course, including property ownership, land acquisition, title, property management, and property taxation.

Global Real Estate

Taking this class can help students gain an understanding of international real estate markets from a legal, financial, and political perspective. This is a good subject for those who want to enter the global market in real estate. 

Real Estate Investment

The course focuses on diverse approaches to real estate investment. Case studies and real-life real estate situations will be covered in this course.


Assessors will need to take this course as their job primarily focuses on property appraisals. This course covers the techniques an appraiser needs. You’ll get to understand the social and economic impact of real estate. 

Estate Management

Most real estate programs require this course as a capstone. This course covers topics such as property management, marketing, and property maintenance. Real estate agents and specialists would benefit a lot from this course. 

Career Pathways for Real Estate Majors

Career Pathways for Real Estate Majors

Rural Practice Surveyor

Rural practice surveyors may be the best choice if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. As a rural practice surveyor, you will inspect properties that are situated off the grid.

They can be farmlands, environmental properties, and rural landscapes. You should be familiar with real estate law and land value.

Construction Manager

Real estate developers may find this job to be a great fit. Construction managers are in charge of the overall project. They manage tradespeople, manage budgets, ensure the construction schedule stays on track, and obtain any local or state permits required for real estate projects.

Property Assessor

An appraiser or assessor provides an accurate estimate of value to their clients based on their knowledge of private and commercial markets. It may be their task to verify property characteristics, conduct assessments, and assess neighborhood assets as well.

Chartered Loss Adjuster

Most chartered loss adjusters need to have expertise in finance and economics. Their task usually involves the resolution of insurance claims. Their responsibilities include creating reports and proposing alternative plans and solutions to clients. 

Facilities Manager

The facility manager is responsible for a variety of tasks, including ensuring employee safety and applying operational procedures. Most facilities managers are in charge of construction projects. Those with engineering backgrounds are fit for this job.

Do you need a degree for real estate occupations?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a degree for Real Estate occupations?

While a college degree is not entirely a prerequisite to joining the real estate industry, completing a bachelor’s program is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Real estate agents must understand often complex financial and business concepts that are thoroughly discussed in undergraduate programs.

In order to serve your clients better and stay informed about trends, investing in a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate is a smart investment. Also, not to mention, a Real Estate degree can help you stand out from the competition!

What’s the typical timeline of an online Bachelor’s in Real Estate program?

With a 16-week semester program, you are likely to complete your degree in four years as a full-time online student. This is applicable to the typical 120-credit format.

However, there are some online real estate programs that come with accelerated formats. For example, some online programs are eight weeks long. They can be finished in as short as three years or so. 

Are Real Estate majors in high demand?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated a 3 percent growth in the number of real estate brokers and sales agents in the next decade all over the US.

Besides the obvious career tracks, pursuing a business in this industry is suitable for Real Estate graduates as well. Commissions and business can vary by region, with realtors in larger cities typically earning more.

As such, for those who want to have more liberty with their salary and earnings, a real estate major is a worthy career pathway to take. 

Summary Points

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