13 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Finance

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Personal, corporate, and public money are all part of finance. In our world, we all need money to exchange goods and services and survive. If you’re good with math and you love dealing with money, considering an online Finance degree program should be your cup of tea.

From financial advisers to investment bankers, online students in finance learn the big picture of business. It is a vital study for a cash-centric society.

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Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Finance - fact

Increasingly popular and convenient are online bachelor’s in Finance degrees for those interested in pursuing careers in finance. The knowledge and skills of accredited online finance degrees are similar to those of traditional on-campus programs.

Online programs, however, also offer advantages over on-campus programs, like flexibility, affordability, and convenience. 

Similar to the Bachelor of Business Administration program, Finance undergraduate degrees have course content, requirements, and faculty that are typically the same for both on-campus and online finance degrees. Students should, however, be aware of some differences.

The self-discipline needed by online students may be greater than that of their on-campus counterparts. The students should be self-motivated to meet deadlines, especially in asynchronous programs. Bachelor’s degrees in Finance are usually completed in four years, whether they are online or in person.

The Lowdown

Generally, an online Finance program focuses on management policy and organizational behavior, focusing more on financial reporting and auditing. With coursework covering fields like business, banking, and law, online bachelor’s degrees in Finance prepare students for a range of finance-related careers.

Aside from preparing for finance-related careers, you’ll be able to develop soft skills that are in demand among modern employers and businesses today. 


An online bachelor’s degree in Finance is becoming widely available in many colleges and universities all over the US. Due to this aspect, it can be overwhelming for students to choose the best online program to go for. Based on random selection, we’ve profiled the best online schools, offering affordable, accessible, and faster education via the web.

Here are the top attributes of each Bachelor’s in Finance online program that made it to our list:

More information on our ranking process can be found on our Methodology page.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

13 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Finance

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

The online Bachelor’s in Finance will prepare you for employment in a wide range of industries. They include banks, loan companies, investment, insurance, and mortgage companies. Licensed financial specialists may work alone as tax preparers, financial advisors, or appraisers, depending on their state’s requirements.

After graduation, you have the choice to work as a freelance or a company employee.SNHU’s online finance degree equips you with the skills needed to compete in the multidimensional business world.

In addition to analyzing data so your clients can make informed decisions, you will also gain an understanding of local and global economic trends to support strategic growth and goals.

Throughout the program, ethical and legal practices are emphasized to assist in guiding decision-making based on principles.

Finally, using state-of-the-art simulations to combine theory with real-world applications, you’ll manage a virtual stock market portfolio.

What Makes this Program Unique:

There are many things about this online program. You’ll learn to assist clients with financial planning and analyze and study different financial statements in order to achieve financial goals for businesses.

You can also follow legal and ethical practices that are compliant, in order for businesses to have smooth financial transactions. All these learnings prepare you for good-paying financial jobs in the market.

Did You Know?

At SNHU, you’ll be supported from the first day of classes to graduation. You’ll have access to the online classroom 24/7, as well as helpful learning resources along the way, so you’ll never be short on support and advice.

Franklin University

Franklin University

Online Bachelor of Science in Financial Management (Hybrid)

Franklin University comes with an online Bachelor’s in Financial Management degree program. This focuses on ensuring good financial health and analyzing an organization’s financial performance. With this program, you will acquire key skills and knowledge in financial analysis, risk management, business finance, portfolio management, and forecasting profits and risks.

This program prepares students for numerous career pathways. As part of their finance degree program, you will learn how firms raise funds, make portfolio decisions, and manage risk both domestically and abroad.

Additionally, you will learn how to handle conflicts of interest and discuss realistic financial dilemmas through coursework and peer discussions.

What Makes this Program Unique:

A simulated business environment will be the setting for your capstone assignment with other business majors. Analyzing ratios, creating pro forma projections, and assessing capital structure will be part of your role as a financial management consultant.

The projects prepare you to work in cross-functional teams in an organization while putting financial management in the context of corporate strategy.

Did You Know?

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

Develop a solid understanding of financial concepts by studying this online 120-credit Bachelor of Science in Finance from Penn State World Campus. This program prepares students to add value to finance-based positions by developing their analytical and conceptual skills.

This accredited online finance program can prepare you for careers in banking, financial analysis, corporate finance, risk management, security analysis, and personal finance.

As you progress through your coursework, you’ll have the chance to take part in a variety of online extracurricular activities. Courses transferred into the degree program will determine the number of credits required. You can seek advice and support from the academic advisor assigned to you.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This online program was also accepted into the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program. In order to qualify, an institution must have a curriculum that includes a significant portion of the CFA Program. Students who complete the necessary coursework will find it easier to take the CFA exams.

Did You Know?

You can explore your talents and interests beyond the classroom with a Penn State World Campus education. The extracurricular activities offered to resident students will also be available to you as you progress through your bachelor’s degree program.

Take advantage of these opportunities to enhance your knowledge and prove to prospective employers that you are motivated to acquire finance experience while pursuing your degree.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

An online Bachelor of Science in Finance program is available at the University of Maryland Global Campus. Finance theory will be applied to real-world situations so that you develop the expertise to do so.

This online program emphasizes the details of finance and financial management through intensive case studies as well as a solid foundation in business, economics, and accounting. It can provide an excellent foundation for obtaining important certifications.

Students also take a CFP Board-approved course of study to satisfy the educational requirement for the CFP certification exam if they’re planning to earn a certification. The course of study does not require enrollment at UMGC.

What Makes this Program Unique:

As you finish the program, you’ll learn to analyze financial data, such as financial statements and other financial data. In classes and discussions, you can recognize that many business decisions are influenced by a conflict of interest. You’ll be able to create and manage security portfolios using basic principles of security markets.

Did You Know?

It is possible to take more than one course at a time as long as you do not exceed your course load limit. Prerequisites cannot be taken simultaneously with their subsequent courses. Multiple factors will impact your plan, including how many credits you transfer. 

Florida International University

Florida International University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance

FIU Online’s Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance track equips students for career or graduate studies in the fields of business, investments, banking, and risk management. With this program, you will gain knowledge of the most advanced financial technology and become more proficient in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting financial data.

Get ready to apply theory and practice in these fields through this online program:

What Makes this Program Unique:

Any business career requires analytical and managerial skills, which finance majors learn. By studying finance online at FIU, students will acquire financial decision-making tools and principles from economics, mathematics, and accounting.

It provides an in-depth understanding of money management techniques, including risk management and analysis.

Graduates will have the tools, knowledge, and critical thinking skills necessary to pursue post-graduate studies in any area of business or a career in finance.

Did You Know?

Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance

Western Carolina University offers an online Bachelor’s in Finance Program. This online degree prepares students for careers in retail banking, loan officers, creditors, and other areas of financial services. A dynamic curriculum is taught and developed by an expert faculty that emphasizes excellence with a personal touch.

Using the curriculum designed carefully, students will be able to choose between a banking finance concentration or a corporate finance concentration as a residential concentration. 

To prepare students for real-world finance settings, the curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and decision-making skills. Accounting, finance, and economics are among the major requirements.

Some of the core courses included in this undergraduate degree are:

Each student must complete an internship. WCU’s Financial Services Career Fair is a great place for students to find internships with area banks and other financial institutions.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The Certified Financial Planner certification examination will be available to students who complete this concentration. Financial planners are able to provide financial advice independently or work for a financial institution. Also, graduates may work for large corporations’ employee benefits or pension departments or for public institutions such as universities or state governments.

Did You Know?

Government, private, and public sectors have long employed finance graduates. After graduation, it’s next to normal to land jobs in the fields of banking, real estate, loans, credit, risk management, government agencies, financial corporations, and financial planning firms.

Metropolitan State University

Metropolitan State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance (Hybrid)

The online BS in Finance program can be completed at Metropolitan State University. This online degree is perfect for students who want to build careers in corporate finance, financial institutions, and personal investment services. Making financial decisions in these jobs requires the application of mathematical, statistical, and economic concepts that you can acquire from this bachelor’s degree. 

An effective career in this field also requires strong communication skills, both oral and written, which will be taught in the program. It emphasizes quantitative, critical thinking, and communication skills in addition to providing students with a solid understanding of financial theory and application.

On-campus, online, or a combination of both are all options for completing the program. There are no differences in the requirements of the program, regardless of how it is delivered.

What Makes this Program Unique:

As a result of completing the program, students can create a portfolio that is optimal for their financial needs. They can estimate the price of stocks and bonds. They can apply financial theory to make financial and business decisions.

Did You Know?

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth – BS in Finance teaches modern financial management theory and practice. The program will provide you with professional and managerial skills in finance, as well as a framework for adapting to business and societal changes.

You’ll learn about financial markets, investments, and evaluating and planning for the financial viability of individuals and businesses.

Also, students learn analytical and problem-solving skills that will serve them well toward career advancement. International opportunities will also increase for finance professionals as global markets expand.

What Makes this Program Unique:

A variety of concepts from economics, accounting, and mathematics will be brought together by your professors and leaders in their fields. Learn about financial markets, investment strategies, and how to assess and plan for your own or your organization’s financial viability.

UMASS Dartmouth’s finance curriculum will provide you with a thorough understanding of the theory and practices of modern financial management. 

Did You Know?

You are investing in your future with a UMass Dartmouth education. Scholarships, grants, and loans can all be used to finance your education. Check with your workplace’s Human Resources Department to see if they offer education reimbursement.

A student must take at least six credits per semester to be eligible for grants and loans.

Baker College

Baker College

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

Baker College offers an online BS in Finance, which inculcates good financial sense and skills to assess and address the financial challenges that individuals, companies, and organizations face. The demand for financial professionals is high and will remain so for many years to come.

Professionals in the finance industry teach and design this online degree program.

By taking this course, not only will you learn more about financial theory and improve your mathematical and analytical skills, but you will also be able to apply those skills to banks and financial institutions. Your well-rounded education will open up a multitude of career options for you.

Your career options will include investment banking, corporate finance, financial markets, and services, or insurance when you complete this program.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Baker Online is the only way to take finance classes. However, Baker Online, Online Live, and all Michigan campuses typically offer general education and prerequisite courses.

Did You Know?

Student control is at the heart of Baker College’s educational philosophy. With Baker Online, Baker Live, and On-Campus, you can learn your way. Adapt a Baker College education to your lifestyle by finding the learning format that works for you.

University of Houston

University of Houston - C.T Bauer College of Business

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

The Finance major includes core coursework, pre-business courses, and upper-level business courses. This is the best option for you to prepare for a finance career. To keep on track for graduation, students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to select courses, acquire advice and support, and help them decide on the right track.

Students can choose between pursuing the Standard Track in Finance or one of the four Specialty Tracks in Finance during their academic careers.

In the Standard Finance Track, you will study theory and application related to individual, corporate, and non-profit investment decisions. Financial institutions and their operations are also studied, as well as risk analysis, investment cost and benefits, and securities management.

Developing optimal decisions and understanding decision processes are the main goals.

What Makes the Program Unique:

Providing students with knowledge, technical skills, and market relevancy is the Department of Finance’s goal in designing courses and programs. A wide range of excellent and innovative programs are available in the Finance Major at Bauer College of Business. 

Did You Know?

An individual may choose from one of four Specialty Tracks in Finance during their academic career as a Finance Major.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

Oregon State University is an excellent school offering a Finance bachelor’s degree online. Students become adept in influencing global operations, carrying out lifesaving research, developing ground-breaking studies, and contributing to entrepreneurial success.

Businesses increasingly rely on finance professionals to provide advice and shape strategies in many domestic and international financial companies. As a result of this program, you will be able to tackle financial challenges and problems with precision and ensure growth and success at your company.

What Makes the Program Unique:

The AACSB-accredited College of Business at Oregon State University offers a finance bachelor’s program delivered online. This prepares students for careers in institutional finance. You can earn a position in any field with the aim of improving the financial industry and the industries they are a part of.

Did You Know?

Besides free online tutoring and career guidance, OSU Ecampus students have access to success coaching and library services.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

As you prepare for a career in financial management, it’s worth considering applying for an online BS in Finance with a concentration in Financial Analysis at Louisiana State University. This online degree can lead to a career in business, finance, or investing. Upon graduation, students can pursue careers in financial research, banking, corporate finance, and securities analysis.

What Makes the Program Unique:

Through the online BS in Finance with a Concentration in Financial Analysis program, students develop leadership and planning skills, as well as critical thinking skills. During coursework, students learn theory and apply it in real-world situations. Students can demonstrate how they plan, organize, lead, and control organizations.

Understand how to translate business policies into actionable decisions for executives, and you can apply these when you finally start working. You can also study financial and accounting analysis for business decisions.

Finally, you can understand how business policies can be translated into executive decision-making actions. 

Did You Know?

Ottawa University

Ottawa University

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance

Learn how to manage the financial aspects of organizations in every industry by earning a Bachelor of Science in Finance online from Ottawa University.

The financial sector requires a thorough understanding of accounting, financial markets, and budgeting in order to achieve success. Get the skills and strategies you need for a successful career at Ottawa University.

In Ottawa’s online accelerated finance major, students are prepared to plan, manage, and analyze business, banking, and other organization’s finances and monetary performance. As part of their financing major program, they offer courses in economics, business operations, finance, and investment.

An online Capstone seminar course prepares students to apply theory and technique to real-world cases and problems.

What Makes the Program Unique:

A finance major develops analytical skills for analyzing financial statements and assessing public and private companies’ financial standing. Corporate and individual actions can be evaluated from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

Did You Know?

Ottawa University offers most of its courses online. They are all Higher Learning Commission-approved. Tuition costs can be kept down by transferring credits easily. Courses are also offered in 8-week accelerated terms in order to accelerate your completion time.

Career Pathways for Online Finance Graduates

Career Pathways for Online Finance Graduates

Financial Manager

An organization’s finance department is overseen by a financial manager. They also supervise low-level financial personnel and write financial statements, study forecasts, and produce budget reports.

Budget Analyst

To assist executives in allocating resources and funds, budget analysts monitor and evaluate organizational finances. Many federal, state, and local governments employ budget analysts, and there will be a 3% job growth for these workers in the next decade.

Financial Consultant

Help your clients plan for the future by educating them and making recommendations. As a BS in Finance graduate, you will be able to monitor changes and redirect investments to better meet the needs of customers.

Risk Analyst

As a risk analyst, you identify concerns regarding investments and associated costs. You can gain entry-level positions in financial institutions with an online finance degree.

Financial Compliance Officer

In finance, compliance focuses on the myriad laws and regulations that govern financial transactions. An organization’s compliance officer is responsible for ensuring compliance with these guidelines; they may provide third-party oversight or work directly for the organization.

Professional Banker

The skills of a professional banker allow them to guide their clients through the process of making sound financial decisions. Developing the right solutions for your customers can be easier if you have a finance degree.

Sales Agent

A financial agent essentially connects buyers and sellers in the financial markets. Additionally, they facilitate trades, sell securities, and provide investor consultations.

Loan Officer

An individual or business loan application is assessed, authorized, and recommended for approval by a loan officer. To determine whether an applicant needs a loan and their ability to repay it, they verify and collect all required financial documents.

Benefits of Studying an Online Finance Degree

A high-stakes industry such as finance demands that people and corporations trust no one with their financial future. The value of a finance degree cannot be overstated. Consider the following benefits of studying an online finance degree before you enroll in one:

More Job Options

One of the well-known biggest benefits of a degree in Finance is the wide range of career options graduates can have.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified for various entry-level positions in corporate businesses, banks, real estate, non-profit organizations, private companies, financial planning, insurance, and government agencies. It is very versatile to earn a degree in finance.

Increase Skill Sets

You will learn skills that will prepare you to handle real-world responsibilities in the workplace. In contrast to more general degrees, a bachelor’s in finance teaches you skills such as data analytics, investment strategy, and risk management.

As a result of coursework, you can also brush up on your communication and leadership skills.

Work with Fellow Finance Professionals

You can meet ambitious, like-minded professionals through seminars, discussions, and group assignments.

Building professional networks in the finance sector is essential, as it allows you to gain insights from individuals across different industries and businesses that can be applied to your position. In addition to opening doors for potential job openings or collaborations, a healthy professional network is an important tool for securing future employment.

Become Part of a Growing Industry

As of 2032, there will be roughly 911,411 new jobs in business and financial operations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And there will be a 7% job growth among business and financial occupations. 

Increased Salaries

Finance salaries in the United States average $86,569 per year. However, as in most careers, you will earn more money with a higher degree.

Furthermore, most financial careers require or prefer supplemental certifications. Whether you earn a master’s degree or certifications, you will be financially rewarded for the extra effort.

Flexible Schedule

Earning a finance degree online often allows students to work around their schedules. As a result of asynchronous classes, students can maintain full-time employment during the school year or complete internships.

Lesser Limitations

Location often limits the choices available to on-campus students. Whether they live in the area or plan to move, distance learners can choose the programs and colleges that best suit their needs.

Nurtures Self-Discipline

Finally, studying online allows you to develop highly valuable soft skills such as self-discipline and growth. Without set seminar and lecture times, you must plan your schedule and determine how to balance the required reading and course assignments with work and other commitments.

Many schools provide tools and resources to assist you in managing your online learning workload, but the responsibility ultimately lies with you.

Courses in an Online Bachelor's Degree in Finance

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Business Finance

Business decisions are made by analyzing financial information, identifying issues, and solving business problems. Financial theory and methods are applied to solve financial policy problems managers face.

Management and Organization Theory

This course examines management concepts and theories to achieve organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Strategies, goals, and objectives should be developed to enhance performance and sustainability.

Fundamentals of Investment

In addition to exploring different investment vehicles, risk tolerance, diversification, investment fees, and taxes, the course will also discuss passive investing and active investments.

Risk Management

This study aims to identify and evaluate pure risks facing organizations. It is necessary to identify cost control risks to develop effective risk management strategies. The discussion covers using risk-management guidelines for retaining, controlling, and transferring risk.

International Finance

It covers the theory and practice of international finance, including exchange rate concepts, balance of payments theory, and macroeconomic policies in an open economy.

Money and Banking

Financial institutions are examined for their structure and role in providing money in this money and banking course.

As part of this course, students will learn about the changes in the banking and business environment, how money functions and is measured, how the money supply is created, and how Fed policies affect the US economy and other countries.

Financial Regulations and Ethics

A basic introduction to financial regulation and ethics is provided in this course. Business regulations and corporate social responsibility are covered at the firm level. In the course, students learn about the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct of the CFA Institute.

Introduction to Statistics

Statistics conclusions are assessed using inferential statistics principles and graphical and tabular data representations to organize, summarize, interpret, and present data. The appropriate statistical tests are selected and applied to a data set to draw conclusions and make predictions.

How long does it take to finish an online Bachelor's in Finance?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to finish an online Bachelor’s in Finance?

Full-time online finance degree program enrollment typically takes four years to complete. Most finance degree programs require 120 to 128 credits in colleges with semester-based calendars. There are options to accelerate graduation, depending on the courses enrolled every semester. 

What can graduates do with their online degree in Finance?

Economics, business, and financial management are the subjects studied by finance majors. The degree includes investing strategy, financial analysis, and risk management courses. You can become a financial analyst with a bachelor’s degree in finance. An MBA or other graduate program can also be prepared with a finance degree. 

What are the licensure and certifications needed for online Finance degree graduates?

In certain fields of finance, licensure is required. The purchase of stocks, bonds, and insurance policies, as well as the provision of investment advice, require personal financial advisors to be licensed.

State regulators must also register advisors working at smaller firms; the Securities and Exchange Commission must register advisors working at larger firms.

On the other hand, professional certifications are seldom required by employers, but they can significantly increase the chances of graduate finance students getting a job and earning a competitive salary. A few years of relevant work experience and passing an exam are usually required.

Financial risk managers chartered financial analysts, and certified international investment analysts are among the professional certifications in the finance industry.

Summary Points

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