10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Organizational Leadership

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Football coach Hall of Famer Vince Lombardi says, “Like anything else in life, leaders are made through hard work.” It makes total sense that genuine leadership is forged through experience, commitment, and determination.

Online Degrees in Organizational Leadership - fact

Suppose you have a passion for leading in organizations and eventually reaching top management positions, getting the best education and being trained for the job!

Typically, a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership is a four-year program with a 120-credit-hour requirement. There is also an accelerated Organizational Leadership bachelor’s degree through which students graduate much faster online.

Whether as a stand-alone major or combined with something else, Real Estate online degree programs provide the technical know-how in general business management, human resources management, operations management, and leadership while developing the soft skills leaders should exhibit.

Upon graduation, organizational leaders gain experience, pursue a master’s degree, and quickly make it to top management positions.

The Lowdown

Are you confident you’re meant for leadership roles in companies or organizations but need to enhance your leadership skills? Investing in an online Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership degree program is an excellent starting point!


It’s usually easy to decide about pursuing a higher education degree and think of what you want to become in the future. But the harder work usually lies in the selection process. With many business schools offering online programs today, choosing the best online Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership can be difficult and overwhelming.

We picked today’s most reputable online colleges featuring top Organizational Leadership degrees! Each program was selected based on the following criteria:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Organizational Leadership

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

Arizona State University offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, offering many career options for future leaders. A wide range of skills can be gained in both the private and public sectors.

Whether you dream of leading teams in government agencies or the private corporate world, a degree in organizational leadership will prepare you for such a role. In this program, abilities can be honed to help companies function more efficiently.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Organizational Leadership program is for the aspiring manager and leader. Rather than focusing on business aspects, this degree emphasizes leadership.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Modern organizations need to understand a variety of concepts that are central to their leadership. Various topics will be covered, including behavioral dynamics and resource allocation.

Leadership is the focus of this program, and a wide range of topics are covered. You are expected to become an effective leader after you graduate with this online degree. 

Did You Know?

There is a need for effective leaders in every organization. Many employers are looking for innovative leaders who can drive them to success.

Leadership skills such as clear communication, motivating teams, and improving the bottom line are crucial for these companies. This program teaches you how to lead an organization toward achieving its goals and vision.

Maryville University

Maryville University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

Maryville University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree produces organizational leadership students drivers of change in organizations. This program combines business courses with psychology, and this is to meet the demands and needs of businesses and employers today.

Since leadership tackles a lot about people and human behavior, would-be leaders need to understand the psychology behind every individual. 

There are many career paths for graduates, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and healthcare. To better prepare you to lead teams, you can take courses in leadership, human resources, and many business-related topics.

Finally, the program aims to inform you of how organizations work from the inside out so you can contribute to their change.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This online program can help you gain skills such as introducing positive change, managing organizational conflict, and providing superior employee training. In this program, graduates can prepare themselves to meet organizations’ current needs and pursue careers in organizational leadership.

Throughout this program, every course and learning activity will lead you to become an efficient and well-rounded leader. 

Did You Know?

With Maryville University’s organizational leadership degree online, you will be prepared to make effective decisions in any organization. This major combines Psychology and Business courses to help you advance.

As part of your advanced coursework, you will also complete a research project.

University of Central Oklahoma

University of Central Oklahoma

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership delivered online at the University of Central Oklahoma targets future leaders in society. This online degree equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in different industries. 

Companies need employees who are proactive and can motivate others, as well as understand communication, budgeting, leadership, management, and organizational behavior. The degree will not only enable you to take advantage of these opportunities but will also allow you to make a meaningful contribution.

This online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership is designed based on Oklahoma’s Critical Occupations List. Earn a bachelor’s degree now to progress in your career in leadership roles. With their accelerated structure and online format, you can start paving your future career while accomplishing your current goals.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The University of Central Oklahoma Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership program was designed with the preferences and standards of Oklahoma State Regents in mind. During this program, students must explore how organizational behavior, business management, and work ethics help them excel as leaders in multiple work settings.

Did You Know?

Each class lasts eight weeks and is offered five times a year. A Reach Higher coordinator helps students throughout their bachelor’s degree journey by offering a degree completion plan to help them stay on track.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

Develop your leadership skills with the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Organizational Leadership at Southern New Hampshire University. Developed with input from industry experts, the organizational leadership degree concentration helps you apply management theory in the real world.

Using data-driven decision-making and effective strategies, graduates of organizational leadership degrees assist companies in navigating change. Leading an organization into an uncertain future requires the ability to set strategic goals, motivate people, and prepare an organization for that uncertain future.

You will learn about organizational behavior, change management, and other management principles in this online organizational leadership degree concentration. Businesses across many industries need leadership skills to succeed.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Organizational leadership courses supplement core business learning. Your coursework can be applied to the real world through actual learning and internship experiences. Gaining a global perspective is one of the benefits of Organizational Leadership courses, giving students a view of how organizations are structured and managed.

Did You Know?

The Southern New Hampshire University community consists of more than 300,000 students, alumni, and staff members who are available to assist you long after graduation. A variety of virtual learning tools will be available to you as an online student.

There are also services for writing and tutoring online. Professional groups and business clubs can also be found online. All these make it possible and easy for you to build a strong network during college.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona - Online

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

Gain advanced leadership skills to stand out among applicants by earning the Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership & Regional Commerce at the University of Arizona. You will gain exceptional knowledge and experience in leadership in multiple settings.

Explore all aspects of leadership, including leaders, followers, and contextual influences, to enhance your strategic thinking skills. Team building, organizational behavior, and decision-making are all topics covered in this course. Practical application is also emphasized in these online courses.

Leadership techniques and organizational processes can be better understood through the application of theory. Your classroom learning will be applied to real-world challenges through experiential learning. This online degree comes with internship requirements, capstone projects, and research lab experiences.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Through your coursework, you will gain hands-on experience to adapt to the demands of any industry. Choose courses that relate to your profession and immediately put what you learn into practice.

Did You Know?

A senior mentor will be assigned to you as an incoming student. Live lectures will provide you with the opportunity to learn about real-world leadership issues at your workplace or in your community through active learning experiences.

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati - Online

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

The University of Cincinnati Online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership program trains students to become strong leaders in the workplace. This degree prepares students for the challenges of modern leadership in organizations.

Organizational Leadership majors at the University of Cincinnati study the foundations of leadership, how to lead diversity in the workplace, how to influence and persuade others, and more.

Topics range widely, and leadership skills are emphasized. The University of Cincinnati prepares its online students to excel both as future leaders and as workers in the field after they graduate.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Bachelor’s degrees in organizational leadership can help you pursue entry-level supervisor positions or advance to executive positions.

The UC Online Leadership Program offers students a clear path to becoming leaders across an array of organizations while focusing on skills vital for leadership and organizational success.

Did You Know?

PennState World Campus

PennState World Campus

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

Are you looking to get a top management position in your organization anytime soon? Penn State World Campus offers you the right preparation with their Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. This training can prepare you for a successful career as a leader and train you to inspire changes and new ideals in organizations.

When you become a leader, you are likely to encounter complex issues at work. But all these will be covered in your coursework to better prepare you for real-life situations and leadership hurdles.  

What Makes this Program Unique:

While maintaining your current responsibilities, you can gain new skills and knowledge by studying whenever and wherever you want. Students learn from the renowned faculty at Penn State College of the Liberal Arts, a global leader in Liberal Arts education. 

Did You Know?

Union University

Union University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

A requirement of 128 credits is needed to achieve the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree at Union University. All these require general education, electives, and major courses. The online organizational leadership classes are taught by industry professionals and experienced educators. Case studies, group projects, and discussion forums enable students to learn in a creative and interactive way. 

Taking eight-week courses and having flexible schedules allow you to graduate in less than 18 months. The majority of students in this online degree are working adults, which is why Union University designed this degree with the utmost convenience and flexibility.

Shortened to 18 months, graduates can start paving their careers in leadership positions as soon as possible.

What Makes this Program Unique:

A Union degree is a great choice for busy adults. You can complete your degree completely online, and you can access numerous resources. For instance, it’s convenient and valuable to gain access to their online library, get free tutoring services, and have assistance in their Writing Center. 

Did You Know?

Adult students are offered discounted tuition rates at Union. They are encouraged to complete the federal financial aid application process.

Missouri Baptist University

Missouri Baptist University - Online

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

Missouri Baptist University offers an online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership degree which aims to prepare graduates for leadership and top management roles in a wide variety of industries. Prepare yourself to lead many teams with an online degree from this renowned Christian university based in the US.

The major consists of 13 courses and 39 semester hours. In order to graduate, you must complete 120 semester hours. However, you can take advantage of transferring credits with a maximum of 96 total credits. It’s safe to say that they have one of the best transfer policies in the nation.

What Makes this Program Unique:

There are several courses you can take as part of this online organizational leadership program that will prepare you to have a job related to human resources, organizational behavior, and project management fields.

Organizations will be taught how to adjust to constantly changing business settings as well as how to deal with ethical issues. Leadership challenges across all sectors will be well-prepared for students who graduate.

Did You Know?

You need to satisfy the core requirements by taking general education classes such as fine arts, mathematics, humanities, sociology, biological sciences, and physical science. 

Bay Path University

Bay Path University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies is available at Bay Path University. This online degree enables women with work experience and busy lives to earn a Bachelor’s degree in just 12 months.

Women everywhere can participate in this high-quality program to contribute to their communities, their organizations, and themselves. Graduates emerge as effective organizational leaders who will motivate and facilitate change at all levels.

An Organizational Studies major examines the role of organizations in society: how they function, how they impact the lives of people, and how they change over time.

Additionally, it examines how people behave within organizations as well as how organizations impact them. With a Leadership and Organizational Studies degree, you will be able to evaluate and apply evidence-based organizational best practices.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This online program focuses on effective and ethical leadership as a critical aspect of organizational studies. Graduates become prepared to lead effectively in a world that is increasingly global, virtual, and multicultural. As part of the LOS program, you also can select electives that suit your academic goals.

Did You Know?

Bay Path developed a tool called SOUL to help you succeed in college by providing a suite of cutting-edge online tools and resources.

Online Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership Popular Courses

Evidence-Based Leadership

During the course, students will examine different types of evidence and analyze their use and purpose. Leadership skills can then be improved by using that evidence.

Social Conflict and Negotiation

One very helpful course is the social conflict and negotiation course. Social conflict and negotiation in organizations are examined in this core course. As part of the course, learners discover ways to minimize conflict in the workplace and enhance productive interactions.

Collective Decision Making

Decisions are part of the everyday responsibilities of leaders. Group and organizational issues that require collective resolution and action are based on theories of decision-making.

Work Attitudes

The work attitudes course in an organizational leadership degree will focus on the antecedents and consequences of major theories of job attitudes. A review of research will be conducted on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, engagement, and counterproductive behaviors in both organizations and individuals.


In the Psychology course, students study subjects that include learning, emotions, personality, biology, psychopathology, cognition, development, and counseling, as well as the nature, scope, and methods of scientific investigation into human behavior.

Conflict Resolution

Like the Social Conflict and Negotiation course, this conflict resolution course considers the causes and solutions of conflict in diverse workplaces. This course will uncover hidden agendas and teach you how to maintain respectful relationships while solving problems objectively.

Critical Thinking

The critical thinking course emphasizes active learning rather than memorization of knowledge as a means of developing a few key skills. Through varied pedagogical methods, professors help students develop those skills. 

Ethical Leadership

Leadership involves making difficult decisions, distributing scarce resources, influencing others’ behavior, and representing the goals of the organization. In the ethical leadership course, you will learn how to develop these concepts and how to apply them to real-world situations.

Possible Careers for Graduates of Online Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership

Industrial Production Manager

Managing industrial production plants and production lines is the responsibility of industrial production managers. Among the goods they produce are cars, computers, and paper. Their duties include coordinating, planning, and directing these production processes.

Sales Manager

Management of sales representatives consists of setting sales goals, analyzing data, and implementing training programs. Motivating sales teams is vital to generating leads, building client relationships, and achieving revenue goals.

Project Management Specialist

In project management, budgets, schedules, and other details are coordinated by the project management specialist. They supervise the technical staff and guide their work. Often, project managers act as a point of contact for clients and customers.

Social and Community Manager

Meetings with community leaders and funding sources are arranged by social and community service managers. These organizational leaders are usually working in outreaches and nonprofit organizations. Coordination and supervision of public health programs and organizations are their responsibilities. 

Training and Development Specialist

A training and development specialist is in demand among many modern businesses today. They provide employees with training that helps them improve their skills and knowledge by assessing their training needs.

Human Resources Manager

Every industry employs human resources managers to oversee its administrative activities. The job entails planning and coordinating employee benefits programs, advising managers about human resources issues, and mediating employee conflicts.

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring are all responsibilities of human resource managers.

Management Analyst

Management analysts assist organizations in increasing profitability and efficiency by assessing their operations. While getting a master’s degree is more helpful, many employers would require a bachelor’s degree for this job.

As a management analyst, you will be in charge of formulating business objectives and strategies to improve the bottom line. 

Administrative Manager

An administrative manager is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the activities that help an organization function efficiently. Although the specific responsibilities of these managers vary, they are typically responsible for maintaining facilities, answering calls, handling mail distribution, and ensuring office organization. 

Possible Careers for Graduates of Online Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Organizational Leadership?

Management is one of the approaches to organizational leadership. Organizational leaders use this approach to create strategic goals for their organization and work with employees to achieve them.

As a leader, you will do more than run a department or team every day. Many times, you must inspire change and lead the team to great ideals and vision. 

In order to lead an organization, you must understand both the business world and people. In many instances, you will have to study human psychology and behaviors and conflict management. Motivation is the key to motivating people to work together. Hence, you need to know how to motivate them.

You may find work across many different fields with a job in organizational leadership. You can work in government agencies, private companies, and nonprofit organizations. 

What do online Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership students become?

Human resources managers, training and development managers, management analysts, and sales managers are possible occupations for graduates with an online bachelor’s in organizational leadership.

Industrial production managers, project managers, marketing managers, and nonprofit administrators are also possible occupations.

Your level of experience, industry, specialization, and location may also affect what you can do with your bachelor’s degree. But another pathway is to proceed to higher education and study for a master’s degree and snag higher-paying organizational leadership jobs.

What are the usual admission requirements for a Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership online program?

One of the obvious questions for online students is what to expect with an online bachelor’s in organizational leadership. Much like other degree programs, this involves a lot of writing and reading.

Behavioral Sciences, Business courses, and Ethics courses are all included in Organizational Leadership programs. Students synthesize and apply their learning by offering strategic planning and development advice in real-world situations.

The credit hours required for a degree in most of these programs are between 120 and 130. You will likely have shorter terms since you will be attending online. Some accelerated online programs are made available depending on the school. The term schedule for some programs is eight weeks.

It is typically necessary for students to complete a final portfolio, research, internship, and capstone project as part of the degree requirements.

Summary Points

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