The 20 Best Online Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration 2023 – Best Schools and Info Guide

Many universities and colleges put students’ interests at the heart of their existence. They want to ensure that students experience high-quality academic performance and outcomes.

Educators who want to pursue roles outside the classroom and take on leadership positions may want to consider earning a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration.

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A Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration is an advanced degree program designed to prepare students for leadership roles in educational settings. This program focuses on developing skills in areas such as strategic planning, policy making, and effective communication to equip individuals to lead successful schools and organizations.

This step will boost your credentials and prepare you for a shift in perspective, from class-room level responsibilities to school-wide duties that will see you overcome school administration challenges and manage protocols and procedures integral to keeping the educational institution organized.

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The Lowdown:
An Online Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration provides you with opportunities to apply the concepts and coursework in the education field, emphasizing curriculum development and school administration. While it can be difficult for people in the academe to manage their work responsibilities and pursue advanced education, online programs in Educational Leadership make a master’s degree accessible. 


With an Online Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration track, professionals can improve academic outcomes and student learning environment by creating strategic visions, fostering a collaborative school community, and assessing and launching initiatives to improve academic outcomes.

To do that, the online graduate program and school must operate on outstanding features, similar to our top picks:

  • Fully or partially available online, making them a flexible and convenient choice for working professionals,
  • Emphasis on the core subjects of Education Leadership and Administration to sharpen a professional’s skills in curriculum development, personnel management, and problem-solving competency for career advancement,
  • Delivered through a top-rated Learning Management System, wherein students get access to a wide variety of online study resources and technical support,
  • Credit transfer options, if any,
  • Taught by distinguished instructors who excel in their Education Leadership and Administration careers and are lauded for their contribution to the field,
  • Recognition from accrediting agencies that demonstrate the program’s adherence to high-quality standards.

Visit our Methodology page for a closer look at our online graduate program and graduate school selection process.

The Top Master’s in Educational Leadership Online Programs

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University - no 2Logo
Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Louisiana State University was first established back in 1853 as the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy.

As part of their suite of online courses, they offer an M.Ed in Educational Leadership, which aims to elevate classroom teachers into leadership and administrative roles, with a view to crafting a learning environment in which students can thrive. 

  • The program is composed of a total of 39 credit hours and has a minimum completion time of 15 months.
  • The program includes courses on Principal Leadership, Educational Ethics, as well as a focus on School Improvement.
  • Students will also be introduced to principles in effective use and application of research, as well as best practices in school personnel planning and staff development.
  • The program does not require the submission of GRE/GMAT exam scores.
  • The M.Ed in Educational Leadership is ranked as one of the Best Online Programs for a Master’s in Education by U.S. News.

Standout Features of the Louisiana State University’s Online M.Ed in Educational Leadership:

The program holds the distinction of having accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation along with the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.

Earning this program can expand your networking opportunities with the current teachers in the cohort, leading faculty, and the expansive alumni network.

George Washington University

George Washington University - The Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration

Established in 1904, George Washington University has a tradition of academic excellence, having cultivated exceptional educational leaders for more than 30 years.

They offer an online master’s in educational leadership and administration which is a good foundation for those who want to become high school principals or administrators.

  • The master’s in educational leadership and administration program is composed of 30-credit hours and can be finished in 24 months for the accelerated format.
  • The program includes an internship opportunity that will let you build authentic leadership experience in diverse learning communities.
  • The faculty that spearheads the program are active members of the education field, holding a variety of PK-12 positions that will give you relevant insights into educational leadership.
  • Designed to prepare you for professional advancement in PK-12 education leadership, the program equips you with technical, political, and leadership skills.
  • The degree has multiple start terms, including spring, summer, and fall, all in part-time formats.
  • The program has national accreditation from the CAEP – Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, ELCC – Educational Leadership Constituent Council, as well as NCATE – National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Standout Features of George Washington University’s Online Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration:

The courses included in this advanced online degree program are designed to help you meet the academic requirements for administrative certification in several states, including the District of Columbia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia, among others.

Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg State University
Master of Education in Educational Leadership & Management

Located in Fitchburg, Mississippi, Fitchburg State University is a public institution committed to the integration of liberal arts and sciences studies with high-quality professional programs.

One of the academic programs they offer is the Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management, which is designed to prepare educators for a broad range of administrative and leadership roles.

The curriculum is delivered in an accelerated online format to meet working professionals’ needs.

  • The degree program is 100% available online, combining accessibility and convenience.
  • The master’s in educational leadership and management program’s curriculum is designed to equip you with skills to expand your leadership competencies.
  • You are taught to design school environments that make use of current research in effective pedagogy and relevant elements of education law.
  • The admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, a minimum 2.8 GPA on prior coursework, and a resume that details your professional experience.
  • The 33-credit-hour program’s required courses are Strategies for Effective Administrators, School-Community Partnerships, Managing Human Resources and Budget Development, Education Law for Administrator, and Leading the Change Process, among others. 

Standout Features of Fitchburg State University’s Online M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Management:

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Management degree is one of the few educational leadership programs that offer affordable, pay-by-the-course tuition. The total cost is $12,705, including the fees. Plus, all prospective students will pay the same tuition fee regardless if they are in-state or out-of-state students.

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Back in 1963, the University of Central Florida, then known as the Florida Technological University was established in Orange County, Florida, to act as a talent pool for the then-burgeoning US Space Program.

Including its 10 campuses, the UCF currently offers over 230 degree programs through its 13 colleges. One of the programs on offer is the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership.

  • The UCF MA in Educational Leadership program is composed of 30 credit hours and can be completed within 2 years.
  • The program can equip you with the necessary skills in educational leadership, including an understanding of contemporary concerns, diversity in education, evaluation practices, and legal aspects of school operation, among others.
  • Like its on-campus students, online students of the program can also avail of a variety of financial aid support, including Federal Aid.

Standout Features of the University of Central Florida’s Online MA in Educational Leadership:

The program is focused on equipping you with the right insight, research, and knowledge needed when weighing in on the shifting paradigms within the field of education. This means you will know how to solve big problems and transform lives.

The program leads to career opportunities like college provost, dean of students, district administrator, human resource administrator, and instructional coordinator.

St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University
Master of Science in Educational Administration & Leadership

Established in 1869, St. Cloud University offers hundreds of courses online. They received recognition from the Colleges of Distinction for programs in Nursing, Education, Business, and Engineering. One of their online offerings is the Master of Science in Educational Administration and Leadership.

This comprehensive program is student-centric and designed to develop foundational skills integral to PK-12 school leadership.

  • In this program, you are expected to acquire skills and knowledge that are disciplinary in nature, all based on the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders.
  • The program is highly flexible, with online and in-person delivery options that let you complete the degree in as few months as possible.
  • You can choose among several terms starts, including the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • The program is headed by accomplished faculty members with demonstrated experience in the field.
  • If you are a full-time student who takes12 credits per semester, you will be able to earn the degree program in one year.
  • It is accredited by the Minnesota Board of School Administrators. 

Standout Features of St. Cloud State University’s Online MS in Educational Administration and Leadership:

Upon completion, you have the option to pursue a Post Master’s graduate certificate licensure track in school administration. This will serve as a good foundation if you plan to begin a career as K-12 Principal, SPED Director, and Superintendent. You can also choose to pursue a specialized degree or an Applied Doctoral (Ed.D.) program.

Northern State University

Northern State University
Master of Science Education in Leadership and Administration

Known for its excellent research tradition, Northern State University has remained committed to academic excellence since its establishment in 1901.

They have a wide range of nationally accredited programs in various disciplines, including arts and sciences, business, and teacher education.

One of the programs they offer is the Master of Science Education in Leadership and Administration. 

  • Fully available online, this program aims to prepare educators for leadership roles in P-12 school administration.
  • Students become equipped with the skills identified in National Educational Leadership Preparation standards.
  • The courses focus on understanding the best way to support and evaluate education leaders to ensure every child achieves academic success.
  • The program includes specialized courses such as organizational behavior, models of leadership, data-driven decision-making, and leading inclusive schools, among others.
  • Applicants must have three years of verified experience in an accredited K-12 school.
  • You have an opportunity to complete an internship in the school where you are presently employed.

Standout Features of Northern State University’s Online MS in Education in Leadership and Administration:

This program can help you prepare for principal certification, which you can earn after passing the Praxis Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision exam.

True to its commitment to accessible education, this online program gives you an opportunity to avail of the annual scholarship which is the Bob Lehr Memorial Scholarship.

Belhaven University

Belhaven University
Master of Education in School Leadership & Administration

Tailored to the needs of professional educators, the Master of Education in School Leadership and Administration program offered at Belhaven University is ideal for those who want to advance into the position of school administrator.

The program covers the theoretical and practical school administration aspects. It is also in alignment with the Mississippi state’s K-12 licensure guidelines.

  • To get admitted into the program, you must have at least three years of teaching experience prior to application.
  • The program adheres to the criteria set by the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Program Recognition Standards.
  • This degree is a good stepping stone ahead for your preparation for the School Leaders License Assessment Exam (SLLA). The school will recommend you for the Mississippi Administrator’s License once you pass the said examination.
  • The focus of the curriculum is on the leadership and management techniques that help build effective and efficient schools.
  • The 33-credit-hours program is 100% online and can be earned within a year.
  • You are required to complete three capstone courses, including two Principal Internships.
  • Financial aid is available through the special educators’ discount rate, scholarships, and other forms of benefits.

Standout Features of Belhaven University’s Online M.Ed in School Leadership and Administration:

The program requires you to complete an Internship, during which you will be assigned with a School of Education mentor along with the principal from the school where you will be serving.

As part of the training process, you are expected to develop a portfolio of your responses to the National and State Administrator Standards.

Drexel University

Drexel University - School of Education
Master of Science in Educational Administration

As a research-driven institution, Drexel University is known for its quality education when it comes to school administration. Their School of Education offers a Master of Science in Educational Administration that is fully available online.

This educational license program prepares educators to become school principals and administrators.

  • The program covers essential disciplines, including finance, law, educational governance, leadership, and strategic planning.
  • You will be equipped with the competency needed in modern educational institution management, especially for teachers from elementary and secondary schools who want to become effective school administrators.
  • The program combines modern learning tools, rigorous coursework, and valuable internship experiences, allowing you to acquire an enduring model for successful school leadership in various settings, whether rural, urban, or suburban.
  • The outcomes of this online master’s in educational administration degree respond to the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Program.
  • The program needs you to meet some requirements, including a bachelor’s degree from an institution with regional accreditation and a 3.0 or higher GPA.  

Standout Features of Drexel University’s Online MS in Educational Administration:

As part of its research capstone course, you will be introduced to various types of research designs. This will help you learn to be both consumers and producers of research.

After this capstone experience, you can choose among two-course multi-disciplinary sequence options, including a thesis, lesson study, and practitioner course.

Lamar University

Lamar University
Master of Education in Administration

With a variety of online programs on offer, Lamar University takes special care in providing flexible and convenient degree programs to working professionals.

One of which is the Master of Education in Administration, designed to help professional educators gain leadership skills. It will prepare you for the principal certification exam in the state of Texas.

  • This program allows you to acquire hands-on experience through immersive research and real-world experience.
  • You will be taught the best practices and techniques integral for instructional leadership in relation to curriculum instruction and supervision.
  • The program offers multiple start dates, making it easier to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.
  • You will need to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a GPA below 2.5.
  • The 30-credit-hour coursework includes a capstone internship along with required courses such as research, fundamentals of leadership, curriculum management, school law, and human resource development, among others.

Standout Features of Lamar University’s Online M.Ed in Administration:

One of the most affordable online graduate education programs, the Master of Education in Administration program cost is just around $10,260 including the distance learning fee.

The tuition is paid by the course. Moreover, you can also avail yourself of available financial aid options, including grants, loans, federal financial aid, and scholarships.  

Ball State University

Ball State University
Master of Educational Administration and Supervision

Committed to empowering students with quality education, Ball State University offers an educational leadership online program for aspiring educators aiming to be at the helm of their schools.

The Master of Educational Administration and Supervision can help you prepare for the principal’s license. Known for its rigor and relevance, this master’s degree is the largest principal preparation program in Indiana.

  • Like other educational leadership programs, this degree can help you succeed in educational leadership roles, whether in school or in community settings.
  • Recognized by the accrediting organizations for principal preparation programs, this master’s degree gives you an edge when competing for education leadership positions.
  • Requiring the completion of 36-credit units, the program can be completed in as little as 18 to 20 months.
  • Introduction to Educational Leadership, Human Resource Development, Supervision of Instruction, Educational Finance and Ethics, School Law, and The School Principal as core courses.

Standout Features of Ball State University’s Online Master of Educational Administration and Supervision:

This master’s program gives you the chance to participate in a 6-credit Principal Internship where you can gain practical experience in applying the Educational Leadership Constituents Council ELCC standards for principals. You may choose to serve at an elementary school and a middle school or high school.

Through this internship, you will have an opportunity to collaborate with a building-level administrator, allowing you to participate in the decision-making process involved in school administration.

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Master’s in Educational Leadership

Founded in 1912, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota remains committed to accessible and innovative education by offering diverse online programs at the “Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs,” considered one of the largest graduate schools in Minnesota.

The Master’s in Educational Leadership is designed with working professionals in mind.

  • This program helps in the development of your leadership, management, and analytical skills integral to most K-12 leadership roles.
  • It is facilitated by professors who are distinguished administrators in various levels of education, including K-12, early childhood, and higher education.
  • The curriculum can be completed 100% online and can be earned in just 22 months.
  • The courses under this program include Facilitation Through Communication, Fundamentals of Management, Foundations of Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Ethics and Law, Adult Learning, and Multi-Cultural Leaders and Team Building.
  • You can start the program when you are ready as it is offered during spring, summer, and fall. 

Standout Features of Belhaven University’s Online M.Ed in School Leadership and Administration:

The program puts emphasis on foundational skills valued by employers and innovative leaders, including managing change, applying educational strategies for a variety of learners, and analyzing data to improve an educational organization. This means a lot of courses cover the fundamentals of management, law and ethics, and cultural awareness.

Cairn University

Cairn University
Master of Science in Educational Leadership & Administration

Reinforcing its commitment to educating students for the service of society and the world, Cairn University makes education accessible through its convenient and flexible online programs.

The MS in Educational Leadership and Administration is most suitable for educators who want to become high school principals or administrators. In this program, you will be equipped with management, leadership, and advanced instructional skills integral to educational leadership.

  • This program helps you manage complex issues critical to effective school management, including the financial, educational, legal, and human resources aspects.
  • Earning this program will give you the qualification to apply for Pennsylvania (PK-12) and Association of Christian Schools International Principal certification.
  • You are expected to learn how to apply theories of educational leadership. This includes data-driven decision-making models, systems theory, and school culture cultivation.
  • The online program allows you to complete the coursework anytime and anywhere with its asynchronous course design.
  • You need 39 credits to earn the degree, 15 of which account for the specialization courses.

Standout Features of Cairn University’s Online MS in Educational Leadership and Administration:

Your previous experience and coursework won’t go to waste as you can receive three to six credits for prior learning (CPL), provided you have an extensive background in areas addressed by specific courses.

Plus, the Master of Science Educational Leadership has one of the most affordable tuition rates at just $300 to $725 for each credit unit.

Mississippi College

Mississippi College
Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Having been founded in 1826, Mississippi College is the oldest higher education institution in the state. In response to the needs of the 21st century, it now offers a number of fully online courses, aside from its traditional on-campus courses. One of these is its Master of Education in Educational Leadership program.

  • The program is comprised of a total of 36 credit hours and can be earned within 12 months.
  • Mississippi College, being a Christian University, applies a faith-based Christian approach in its course design.
  • Graduates of the M.Ed in Educational Leadership become eligible for a K-12 administrator endorsement and an upgrade to an AA license.
  • Through its courses, graduate students will be introduced to various aspects involved in the discipline, including Resource, Political, Personal/Interpersonal, Instructional, and Organizational Dimensions that factor into the decision-making process of an Educational Leader.

Standout Features of Mississippi College’s Online M.Ed in Educational Leadership:

Mississippi College was ranked 9th nationwide among Best Online Education and Teaching Degrees, and 9th nationwide among Best Online Colleges by Affordable Colleges Online (2018).

Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus
Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Established in 1855 as the Farmer’s High School of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania State University, or Penn State, is now one of the US’ largest universities.

The Penn State World Campus offers the M.Ed in Educational Leadership, a chance for students to broaden their skills and impact as leaders and decision-makers in the field of education. 

  • The program is comprised of 30 credit hours and is fully online.
  • Students are given the choice of three emphasis areas: Teacher Leader, School Leader, and School Leader without Principal Certification.
  • The School Leader track meets the educational requirements of Pennsylvania state for school principal certification.
  • The program allows you to continue teaching in the classroom while you are cultivating your knowledge and skills for a leadership position.

Standout Features of Penn State’s Online M.Ed in Educational Leadership:

The program is specially designed for K-12 teachers aiming to broaden their leadership potential and expand their knowledge about different types of learning integral to students, teachers, and schools.

You can benefit from the prestige of Penn State’s College of Education, which is regularly ranked among the best US graduate schools.

Since Penn State is an Act 48-approved provider for the state of Pennsylvania, the courses for this program may count toward your professional development hours.

Emporia State University

Emporia State University
Master of Science in Educational Administration

With its roots dating back to March 1863, being then called the Kansas State Normal School, Emporia University in Emporia, Kansas, is the third-oldest public university in Kansas. Currently, the university offers over 80 courses through four colleges and schools.

National Space-Grant College and Fellowship Program. Their MS in Educational Administration is designed with the aim of creating skilled and effective professional educators that can serve as the channels for nurturing effective learning spaces.

  • The program is composed of 33 credit hours and can be finished in as little as 12 months.
  • The degree program prepares students for licensure certification in PreK-12 building-level leadership/principal roles.
  • The degree program is designed as a balance of courses that focus on theory, Educational Law, Application of research and field experiences to building administration, technology integration, leadership models and strategies, and cultural factors that play into educational practice.
  • Some of the core courses include School Leadership Theory, Education Law and Regulations, and Supporting Technology Integration for School Leaders. Supervision and Evaluation.
  • For graduate admissions, you need to have a bachelor’s degree from an institution with regional accreditation and a GPA of 2.75. 

Standout Features of Emporia State University’s Online MS in Educational Administration:

As a dual-degree option, Emporia State University also offers its MS in Educational Administration as an accelerated online program together with its MS in Curriculum & Instruction. Both MS Degrees share a maximum of 15 credit hours together.

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati
Master of Education in Educational Leadership

The University of Cincinnati, a public research university, is the second-largest university in the State of Ohio, with an annual enrollment of over 44,000 students.

As part of its suite of over 80 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs offered online the UC’s Online Campus offers the M.Ed in Educational Leadership degree program, which features concentration areas for specific career goals within the field of education.

  • The degree program has a total of 30 credit hours (15 core and 15 concentration-related credits) and can be completed full or part-time.
  • In this program, you will get to learn theories and practices in educational leadership and organizational behavior.
  • A bachelor’s from an accredited institution is one of the admission requirements.
  • Some of the courses for this Educational Leadership program include Educational Leadership Theory, Instructional Supervision, Overview of the American Community College, Human Resources Administration in Education, and Principal Clinical Internship II, among others.
  • The M.Ed in Educational Leadership program features three possible Program Concentrations, including Special Education Leadership, Principal Leadership, and General Administration & Policy.

Standout Features of the University of Cincinnati’s Online M.Ed in Educational Leadership:

This M.Ed in Educational Leadership program is fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education and meets the standards established by the University Council for Educational Administration.

The degree program was included in’s school rankings under the 2019 Best Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Programs. It also has a current graduation rate of 90% and had a licensure exam passing rate of 96% in 2021.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University - Logo
Master of Science in Educational Leadership

The Western Governors University may be relatively young, but it has a unique history. Founded in 1997 through the initiative of 19 US State governors, it was established to deliver alternative learning modes through the internet. The university offers a Master of Science in Educational Leadership.

  • The WGU MS in Educational Leadership degree passes the standards of the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) as well as the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL).
  • The program covers expertise in educational governance, law, finance, leadership, and strategic planning.
  • Some of the things you can master include managing educational budgets, ensuring proper security, and better interaction with parents, the public, and district administrators.
  • The WGU has a per-term (6 months) flat rate charge as opposed to a traditional per-credit-hour rate, which gives students the opportunity to maximize their tuition fee by taking as many courses as they can throughout the term, or being able to finish their degree earlier.
  • Aside from a variety of Financial Aid opportunities, the WGU also actively promotes financial responsibility through its Responsible Borrowing Initiative, which helps students greatly reduce tuition-related student debts.

Standout features of WGU’s Online MS in Educational Leadership:

With its use of a competency-based learning system, individual students can have more flexible class schedules and learn at their own pace through the various courses as soon as they are deemed ready. 61% of students in fact finish their degrees within 21 months.

Florida International University

Florida International University - Hospitality Management
Master of Science in Educational Leadership

As a leading higher education institution in Florida, Florida International University (FIU) was first established in 1965. Initially proposed as an answer to the need to have a state university in Miami-Dade County, FIU has grown to have a large presence not only in the state of Florida but also worldwide.

Now, through its College of Arts, Sciences, and Education, the FIU offers Educational Leadership as an online Master of Science degree, giving teaching professionals the chance to advance in their career paths, gain crucial skillsets, and make a bigger impact in the field of education.

  • The program is composed of 39 credit hours and is a 16-month program.
  • The online program courses are designed to equip you with competencies in the practice of educational leadership.
  • Courses include Introduction to Educational Leadership, Leadership in Education, School Law, Foundations of Educational Research, School Finance, Instructional Leadership, Psychology Foundations of Education, School Personnel Administration, Administrative Internship, and more.
  • You are required to have a bachelor’s degree and a point average of at least 3.35.
  • ranks the FIU MSEL degree program as the 8th Best 1-year Online Masters in Education Program for 2020.
  • Scholarship opportunities are likewise available to students.

Standout Features of FIU’s Online MS in Educational Leadership:

The MSEL degree program is grounded on four major leadership strands, namely Student Achievement, Instructional Leadership, Organizational Leadership, and Professional and Ethical Practice.

Southern Nazarene University

Southern Nazarene University - Professional and Graduate Studies
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

With its roots dating to institutions founded in 1899, the Southern Nazarene University is a private Christian university based in Bethany, Oklahoma.

The university aims to produce graduates that are skilled, well-rounded, and have the right character to make the right impact in their respective fields. One of their academic offerings is the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership.

  • The program consists of 36 credit hours. It can be completed in 20 months. The SNU adopts a rolling admissions system and has multiple start dates for its programs.
  • The degree program is fully online, however, there is also the option of participating in one-night-a-week on-campus classes.
  • Students in the program focus on one program at a time before moving on.
  • The degree program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

Standout features of SNU’s Online MA in Educational Leadership:

In this program, you are introduced to a wide range of skills which includes educational research, curriculum planning, School Law, School Finance, Technology-based leadership, community relations, long-range planning, and sociology within the context of schools and local communities.

Liberty University

Liberty University
Master of Education in Higher Education – Educational Leadership

A private evangelical university based in Lynchburg, Virginia established in 1971, Liberty University is one of the biggest providers of online education in the United States, on top of its equally large traditional on-campus education.

Through its NCATE and SACSCOC-accredited School of Education, Liberty University offers a Master’s of Education in Higher Education – Educational Leadership, which is a program tailored specifically for careers in the field of higher education administration.

  • The M.Ed in Higher Education – Educational Leadership program consists of 30 credit hours, with an average finishing time of 1 year.
  • Liberty’s M.Ed degree follows a non-licensure track. Graduate students who are interested in a licensure track may opt to take Liberty University’s online Master of Arts in Teaching instead.
  • Liberty University offers tuition discounts for members of the military and their spouses.

Standout Features of Liberty University’s Online M.Ed in Educational Leadership:

Liberty University is ranked among the Top 5 Online Schools in America ( It holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Educational Leadership Master’s Degree?

A Master’s in Educational Leadership is a specialized graduate program for Teaching Professionals that prepares them to take leadership roles beyond the classroom and into administrative and policy-related positions.

It is multidisciplinary in nature, introducing students to educational and leadership theories, as well as to practical administrative and policymaking skills and strategies.

Are there any credentials students need to have before enrolling in a Master's in Educational Leadership?

Are there any credentials students need to have before enrolling in a Master’s in Educational Leadership?

If you’re interested in enrolling in an Educational Leadership master’s degree but without a professional background, a number of universities offer a non-licensure concentration path. 

However, most programs are tailored specifically for teaching professionals who wish to elevate their careers and take on leadership roles within the educational system.

They typically require a number of necessary credentials such as a teaching license/teaching certification and at least 24 months of full-time teaching experience, aside from the relevant bachelor’s degrees.

What can graduates expect to learn in a Leadership Education Master’s Degree?

In an Educational Leadership master’s degree, you will learn the skills necessary to become effective administrators in various educational institutions. You can expect to be introduced to various theories of and approaches to leadership and administration, personnel management, as well as developments in pedagogy, or teaching methods.

In preparation for administrative roles, you will be introduced to a wide range of skills including the proper conduct and application of research, policy-making, school administration, and supervision of facilities and school personnel.

Different universities have their own course designs, but as a whole, you can expect to be prepared towards gaining accreditation/certification for larger roles in the field of education.

What career paths can Educational Leadership Master’s degree holders pursue?

Graduates of a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership gain the skills and licensing eligibility credentials to pursue a range of educational administrative roles, which include:

  • Building Principals/School Administrators
  • School District Administrators
  • State-Level Administrators
  • Educational Consultants
  • Special Education Specialists
  • Educational Researcher
  • Federal Level Educational Policymakers
  • Standardized Test Developer
  • Grant Writers
  • Human Resource Officers
  • Registrars
  • School Counselors
Online Master's in Education Leadership And Administration - fact

How will earning a Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration degree advance my career?

Earning a Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration degree can advance your career in a number of ways, as it provides you with a strong combination of educational, organizational and leadership skills. Some of the specific benefits and advantages of this degree include the following:

  • Qualification for higher-level positions: One of the main reasons to pursue a Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration degree is to qualify for higher-level positions such as school principal, assistant principal, district administrator, or education department head. These positions typically require a master’s degree and specialized knowledge in education leadership and administration.
  • Increased job opportunities: With a Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Administration, you become eligible for a wider range of job opportunities in the education sector. This includes positions in various educational settings such as public and private schools, colleges and universities, educational consulting firms, and government organizations.
  • Salary increase: A higher degree often leads to a higher salary, and this is especially true in the education sector. With a Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration, you can expect to receive a higher salary compared to those with a Bachelor’s degree or lower.
  • Advanced knowledge and skills: This degree program provides you with advanced knowledge and skills in educational theory, leadership principles, school administration, curriculum development, and instructional strategies. As a result, you will be better equipped to handle the challenges and demands of a leadership role in education.
  • Develop leadership and management abilities: A Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration focuses on developing your leadership and management abilities, which are highly valued in educational settings. You will learn how to effectively lead and manage teams, implement policies and procedures, handle conflicts, make decisions, and communicate effectively with various stakeholders.
  • Network building: The program offers opportunities to network with professionals in the education sector, including professors, fellow students, and guest speakers. This can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and job opportunities in the future.
  • Specialization opportunities: Many programs offer specialization options, allowing you to focus your studies on a specific area of education leadership and administration, such as special education, educational technology, or instructional leadership. This can help you develop expertise in a specific area and make you more competitive in the job market.
  • Personal and professional growth: Pursuing a Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration can also lead to personal and professional growth. The program challenges you to think critically, develop new perspectives, and apply your learning to real-world situations, which can benefit you in both personal and professional contexts.

In summary, earning a Master’s in Education Leadership and Administration degree can advance your career by providing you with the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and skills to excel in leadership roles in the education sector. It can open doors to new job opportunities, increase your earning potential, and help you develop as a leader and educator.

Key Takeaways

  • Working in or for the academe has its perks, but the responsibilities that come with it can be enormous. Be highly trained and skilled for leadership positions in the educational sector by earning an Online Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration.
  • Choose a top-rated school or program that is lauded for its distinctive instructional quality so you can be prepared for leadership roles that shape the future of an institution.

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