The Top 15 Best Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration Schools in 2023

A Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration degree program provides students with the skills and qualifications required to become successful grounded educational leaders and administrators. Doctoral students in this field will gain the critical knowledge and practice application skills needed to provide effective, efficient, and equitable learning climates for diverse student populations in educational settings.

The program typically requires a combination of research and fieldwork, as well as internship experience, to provide students with practical experience in preparing for a successful career in educational leadership and administration. Graduates of a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration degree program will be prepared for significant administrative roles in schools or other educational institutions.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 7% employment growth for postsecondary education administrators and 8% for high school, middle school, or elementary school principals.

Elevating your career to such advanced positions entails strong credentials you can obtain from a postsecondary education administrators program.

To qualify, completion of doctoral programs (Ph.D. or Ed.D) is always required, particularly in the area of Educational Leadership and Administration.

A doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration requires between 60 and 120 credits and takes 3 to 6 years to complete. Prospective students are practicing teachers in organizations or schools. 

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The Lowdown
Educational Administration and Leadership Programs are graduate programs that prepare students who wish to pursue careers in education, whether it’s a formal or informal setting.

There are two degree types of the doctorate in educational leadership programs: Ph.D. and Ed.D. Both degrees differ in length: 4-6 years for the Ph.D. and 3-4 years for the Ed.D. In both professional degrees, the Pd.D. programs focus on theoretical and research development, and Ed.D. on practical applications and knowledge.

These programs are not teacher-education programs that lead to a teaching license or certification.


Federal statistics see an uptick in student enrollment within the 2021 and 2031 period as education becomes more accessible through distance learning. This leads to a need for constant improvement in the educational system and more educational leadership roles to handle these tasks.

The Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration (Ed.D.) degree provides an advanced level of education for those looking to lead in the field of education. It places a special emphasis on the development of the skills and knowledge necessary for educational leadership and administration in a variety of settings.

The country’s leading online Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration programs on our list are best known for these excellent features:

  • Offered primarily in a hybrid format, wherein adult learners engage in web-based discussions and comply with on-campus attendance requirements for specific parts of the coursework,
  • Rigorous graduate curricula focusing on the ethics or principles, theories, technologies, and applications concerning the determination of issues in, and improvement of, educational policies, practices, and learning environments,
  • Emphasis on developing the leadership, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and other interpersonal skills of students, leading them to become effective educators, facilitators, and administrators of educational change within schools and communities,
  • A Learning Management System that enables students to conveniently access their online coursework and obtain the tools and resources for doctorate learning,
  • Financial Aid options for qualified Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration 
  • Student Help and Assistance Programs that provide students the guidance to excel in their doctorate study and expose them to the vast Educational Leadership and Administration network,
  • Exceptional panel of instructors who hold terminal degrees in Educational Leadership and Administration, with the credentials and field expertise or experience to beat,
  • Properly accredited by academic agencies that uphold the standards of teaching and learning in the doctorate level,
  • Affiliation with organizations that promote and advance the Educational Leadership and Administration discipline and profession

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The 15 Best Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration Schools

Arkansas State University-Main Campus

Arkansas State University
Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership

This online doctorate in educational leadership program lets students discover the many approaches to fostering a diverse and safe learning environment.

Through this online college program, prospective students can also examine ethical leadership practices and gain better skills essential for leading high-performance organizations.

  • Prospective students will conduct an intensive research project and work one-on-one with a faculty as part of the dissertation.
  • Students complete their dissertation student at semester five. They can then extend the program wherein they will present and defend the dissertation via A-State Online technology.
  • All throughout this doctorate in educational program, students have the full support of the school’s highly-qualified faculty and staff.
What Makes the Program Unique

This doctorate in educational leadership program is handled by former principals, superintendents, and higher education leadership faculty with so much experience and knowledge in the field. Students are also continuously supported by online writing lab staff, dissertation mentors, and statistics experts.

Did You Know?

Admission to this online college is very competitive. In fact, the doctorate in educational leadership program has a very limited size, so there’s no guarantee of acceptance yet even if you have filed your application.

In the application process, the educational leadership doctoral programs are based on a holistic approach like leadership indicators, original work, research papers, personal statements, publications, work experience, academic readiness, and professional goals.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Graduate, Online & Professional Studies

Online EdD in Leadership in Schooling

The online educational leadership doctoral program offered by the University of Massachusetts is offered to educators in professional practice and provides them with higher education administration and leadership skills needed in crucial leadership roles.

  • Graduates can pursue instructional roles in education departments in higher education or leadership roles in K-12 districts.
  • The programs focus on the development of reflective and thoughtful scholar-practitioners.
  • Students are allowed to enroll in 2 courses every semester. Take note, though, that there is a one-week mandatory Summer Residency requirement every year.
What Makes the Program Unique

While students can receive their degree in Leadership in Schooling, they also have the option to pursue STEM education within the program.

Online courses include foundations for practitioner scholars, applied research skills and design, developing inclusive school contexts, qualitative data analysis for practitioner leaders, program evaluation, and strategic partnering with communities and families.

Did You Know?

In a report by the US News and World Report, UMASS-Lowell is ranked number 157 among the best national universities. The online graduate education programs rank number 8 out of more than 1,200 programs surveyed.

UMASS Lowell is a member of The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate, a collection of schools and colleges of education that are bent on reassessing and improving the structure of Ed.D. programs.

Bradley University

Bradley University
Online Ed.D in Higher Education Administration

This program is a way for education professionals who wish to advance their careers and join become postsecondary education administrators and other administrative and teaching roles.

You can pick a focus: community college leadership or higher education administration.

  • Community College Leadership: This course focuses on preparing professionals in filling positions in the increasing number of unfilled and open presidencies of two-year colleges across the US.
  • Higher Education Leadership: In this curriculum, professionals in the higher school of education are trained to smoothly thrive in the critical global environment and prepare them for the modern challenges usually encountered by most educational institutions today.
What Makes the Program Unique

Unlike most doctors in the education field, the one from Bradley has an internship. Through its action research projects, students can fulfill the program’s research requirements. The program may be completed in seven semesters.

Did You Know?

Bradley University is named a Military Friendly School. This distinction honors the top 20% of universities, colleges, and trade schools across the US that embraces military service members, veterans, and their spouses.

And because of its trusted partner programs, Bradley was ranked one of the nation’s best universities in school rankings conducted by The Princeton Review.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University
Online Ed.D in Educational Leadership

The doctorate in educational leadership at Central Michigan University is the perfect online doctoral program for those who plan to become a university leader or a superintendent. In its online coursework, students will focus on issues surrounding PK-12 or higher education.

This online education is meant for working professionals and is known for its approach of combining practice and theories to better provide you with the skills needed in transforming educational organizations.

  • The program prepares students to put educational leadership into practice through research and advanced scholarship.
  • Topics include ethical leadership, educational research and analysis, and organizational leadership.
  • Although the class is delivered online, you need to have a one-week on-campus summer residency.
  • Those who have an Ed.S degree from an institution with regional accreditation, can transfer up to 24 credits to your Ed.D.
What Makes the Program Unique

The program starts and ends with a cohort of fellow students that you meet online every other Saturday and in person twice a year during the summer. All the online sessions are conducted in real-time which allows you to engage with your fellow students and your teachers and get feedback and answers immediately.

Through the internship, you get to closely work with an institution or with professionals that will match your tasks to your research goals. Additionally, those who are in the K-12 concentration are qualified to have the Praxis SAA and earn the Michigan Central Office Certificate.

Did You Know?

CMU online programs have been in the field for more than 20 years already. For online students, you get to experience the same coursework and student services offered at the school’s main campus. Plus unlike most higher education institutions, Central Michigan University has no “out-of-state” tuition rate. All US residents pay the same tuition rate.

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online
Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Liberty University’s Online Doctor of Education degree is designed to give students a thorough knowledge of education administration, learning theories, curriculum development, and the latest research so they can advance their skills required to influence the field of education positively.

  • This online course provides training and studies in the management of education organizations so students are prepared for licensed school administration.
  • The program covers educational law and policies, issues and trends in learning technologies, leadership principles and ethics, school district finance, and organizational and educational leadership
What Makes the Program Unique

All educational leadership programs help students expand their career horizons. But at Liberty University, you will not only be prepared to serve in your present classroom but you will also be groomed to secure the following positions:

  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Elementary Educator
  • Gifted Student Instructor
  • Instructional Supervisor
  • Middle School Educator
  • Researcher
  • School Leadership Administrator
  • Secondary School Educator
  • Special Education Instructor
  • Social Justice Advocate
  • University Professor
Did You Know?

Liberty University is known for its world-class education support to military students worldwide. Whether you are a discharge or retired member, a current member, or a spouse of a veteran or service member, the school provides tuition discounts to these military members. For the graduate course, a discount of $275 per credit hour is provided.

Concordia University Irvine

Concordia University Irvine
Online Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership

The educational leadership program of Concordia Univesity Online is designed for working and education professionals who wish to advance their careers in administrative or education leadership.

  • This online EdD in educational leadership offers practical instruction in leadership so that educational leaders will thoroughly learn more about the diverse world of organizational leadership.
  • Students will study theories and applied research, and culturally responsive leadership that embodies the character, skills, and knowledge needed for them to become catalysts for change.
  • Because this is a distance learning program, the higher education leadership coursework offered is very flexible and convenient.
  • The online schedule comes with an integrated dissertation track.
  • Graduate students can choose either of these three educational leadership concentrations: Special Education, Organizational Change, or Educational Administration.
What Makes the Program Unique

Students in this online college collectively move through a sequence of courses. Known as ‘cohort membership’, students start and complete the program together to encourage and promote the development of personal relationships and build a solid professional network.

Cohort membership also provides students the learning and support they need from their co-students. The ultimate goal is to raise expectations that together, students can strive and complete their program successfully.

Did You Know?

Before students complete their online classes, they are required to experience fieldwork. Thus, educational trips are embedded within the program to further improve their understanding of how law, culture, and policy affect learning organizations.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University - Online
Online Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership

With a Ph.D. in higher education administration and leadership, you get to ethically and successfully lead higher education institutions. In this online Ph.D. by CSU, students can:

  • Develop research skills and knowledge that allow them to become successful scholar-practitioners. They will have a larger knowledge base of higher education organizations, outcomes, and practices.
  • Instill the competencies required to become a successful leader in higher education.
What Makes the Program Unique

This online Ph.D. has a 95% student retention rate, a relatively higher number than the national average of 50%. How so?

  • This educational leadership program has a cohort structure. The same students will start, proceed through, and complete the program together. With this kind of supervision and curriculum development, students allow and foster support with each other and build networks across the country with people who hold similar roles in higher education organizations.
  • Faculty members frequently provide one-on-one interactions via email, texts, online discussions, and video conferencing.
Did You Know?

This program has a small cohort size (10-12 students) and is very selective with its students. Before you enroll in his higher education leadership program, make sure you already have experience working in higher education administration; whether from a college or university or anything in the US or the world.

Admission also requires a master’s degree from any regionally accredited institution, plus a 3.0 GPA at the master’s level. Out of 1,200 surveyed programs, Colorado State University’s online graduate education program is ranked number 125.

Regent University

Regent University

Online Ed.D. in Advanced Educational Leadership

This is one of the many educational institutions that offer courses that help make positive changes in educational environments.

Regent University’s online doctorate in education- advanced educational leadership is perfect for students who wish to become effective leaders in the field of education.

  • This higher educational leadership course features individualized programs where you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to improve educational institutions and systems.
  • Through this online educational leadership degree, you can maximize your leadership potential and help you to become effective in the community.
  • This EdD in educational leadership will help you advance your leadership skills while increasing your earning potential.
  • It gives you an impressive reputation by introducing positive and innovative changes in educational policy.
What Makes This Program Unique

This online doctoral degree is presented from a Christian worldview and is supported by multi-awarded faculty members. Through this educational leadership doctorate degree, you will also:

  • Lead district and school initiatives that will boost student performance and encourage community unity,
  • Use crucial skills in strategic evaluation and planning like creating an internal evaluation of a program, reviewing an evaluation, or creating an internal evaluation of a program.

Students who have an Ed.S. or equivalent are qualified for admission to the Ed.D program with advanced standing after careful review of their transcripts. Online students can start the program in the summer, spring, or fall semesters.

Did You Know?

Regent University consistently makes it to global rankings of national universities. It is also a top-rated provider of online graduate education program in Virginia.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University
Online Ph.D. in Education Leadership

Texas Tech University offers its online Ph.D. in Education Leadership through its College of Education. Online courses are 100% online, and in doctoral summer institutes, students meet, collaborate, and work together.

  • This educational and organizational leadership program is designed to prepare school leaders in identifying and implementing research-based solutions to problems of practice within a PreK-12 school district context.
  • The program takes 66 hours to complete (54 credit hours for the coursework, and 12 credit hours for the dissertation research). For those who plan on getting the superintendent certification, there are another 30-hour post-master’s credit hours.
  • This online doctorate enhances and improves the skills of executive school leaders.
What Makes the Program Unique:

Most schools offer Ed.D programs for higher education administration. The educational leadership online doctorate from Texas Tech University is designed for K-12 practitioners.

Initially, students were required to submit their GRE scores (not more than 5 years old at the time of filing the application). However, the school has momentarily changed its admission requirements regarding test scores.

Starting the school year 2020, GRE scores were optional. International students were also no longer required to submit their TOEFL results, but are advised instead to use certain alternate exams.

Did You Know?

Texas Tech University is a member of CPED (Carnegie Project for Educational Doctorate) and utilizes the principles of the National Consortium of CPED Universities in meeting the complex needs of school leaders.

East Carolina University

East Carolina University
Online Ed.D in Educational Leadership, International Cohort

This educational leadership online program is for those who aspire to secure advanced leadership positions either in a college or a K-12 organization.

  • This educational leadership program prepares administrators for major executive-level leadership posts in a public school, public research university, or higher education.
  • Like most educational leadership doctoral programs, this one also hones the abilities and skills of education professionals in resolving problems and issues relating to education.
  • Topics include human resource development, leadership theory, policy analysis, organizational theory, instructional and curriculum leadership, planning studies, and political systems analysis.
What Makes the Program Unique

East Carolina University introduced the Ed.D international cohort in 2016. This online doctorate features:

  • A 3-year degree program (with dissertation)
  • Online Spring and Fall Courses
  • A summer learning exchange during the last weeks of June each summer in Bangkok
  • One-on-one, face-to-face dissertation coaching
Did You Know?

East Carolina University is notable for its commitment to service as embedded in its practice and philosophy of the Ed.D program. They have so many available resources like the Joyner Library, the ECU Writing Center, and Teaching Resources Centers, just to name a few.

ECU is also a member of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), an innovative international model whose mission is to solidify the Ed.D. by developing scholarly practitioners.

University of the Cumberlands

Cheapest Christian College
Online Ph.D. in Educational Leadership

This online educational leadership doctoral program is created to prepare students for hands-on and real-life leadership in educational settings.

This is ideal for experienced educators who are interested to make career advancements in educational leadership and administration.

  • This online doctorate will build a student’s present knowledge based in preparation for new challenges ahead like developing academic programs, leading teams of educators, or implementing school changes.

Topics include:

  • Leadership principles, styles, and models
  • Organizational Decision Making
  • Teaching and Leading Adult Learners
  • Program Development, Assessment, and Delivery
  • Leadership in higher education
  • Special education assessment and evaluation
What Makes the Program Unique

Apart from the usual leadership skills taught in an online doctorate, UC’s Ph.D. program also hones each student’s writing skills so that it becomes easier for them to craft original dissertations.

The program is well-organized (online and on-campus), and the instructors are knowledgeable in their field.

Did You Know?

The University of Cumberland Ed.D program is named one of the most affordable online doctoral programs in the country. Through the 60-credit online curriculum, you can develop the necessary advanced skills rooted in research methodologies.

Lamar University

Lamar University
Online Ph.D. in Educational Leadership

The College of Education & Human Development of Lamar University offers an online doctorate in education leadership and prepares students to become the most effective instructional leaders in state agencies, non-public and public schools, and new entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Prospective students will gain a deeper knowledge of the context of education: from historical to sociological, and anthropological perspectives.
  • This also delves further into the central elements of community relations and the central elements of organizational, instructional, conduct research, and evidence-based leadership.
  • Students in this online education also collaborate with students from across the globe to teach and empower people on how they can improve their lives.
What Makes this Program Unique

To become effective in school leadership, this EdD in educational leadership will help you develop extensive expertise in the field. From administrative practices to sound research, every student is bound to thrive as a leader in their future and current educational environments.

Did You Know?

There are two doctoral programs available for the EdD in educational leadership: the Educational Technology Innovation Degree, and the Global Educational Leadership Degree.

Those who will go for the global educational leadership degree will have the chance to earn additional credit hours for professional development.

Drexel University

Drexel University - Online Education
Online EdD in Educational Leadership and Management

This program is particularly designed to prepare leaders to become knowledgeable in the field of educational organizations and is also perfect for the administration of government agencies.

It focuses on evidence-based theories, collaborative discourse, and action research that will help you learn better and more effective practices across a wide range of business and educational environments.

  • This program is a 100 percent online enrollment course that can be completed in just three to five years on a part-time basis so you can still work full-time while simultaneously earning your doctorate in educational leadership.
  • No residency is required since all the dissertation processes and courses are online.
  • This online doctorate in educational leadership has ten diverse concentrations so students can tailor their degree based on their area of interest.
  • In this educational leadership program, students become part of a student cohort to have ample opportunities to receive and network crucial support from a cohesive community that grows and learns together.
What Makes This Program Unique

Drexel University is of the lead educational institutions that provide a lot of concentration options for its doctoral degree in education. The school offers ten options, including:

  1. Creativity and Innovation
  2. Educational Administration
  3. Education Policy
  4. Global and International Education
  5. Higher Education Leadership
  6. Human Resource Development
  7. Learning Technologies
  8. Mind, Brain, and Learning
  9. Nursing Education
  10. Special Education Leadership
Did You Know?

In 2019, Drexel University’s EdD program was given the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) Program of the Year Award. This is a prestigious distinction that acknowledges the school’s program in showing innovation, excellence, and impact.

This online educational and organizational leadership program is offered four terms in every calendar year (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall), and requires 60.5-61.5 quarter credits.

Wilmington University

Wilmington University
Online EdD in Higher Education Leadership

This doctorate in educational leadership is for the advancement and professional development of higher education faculty members, personnel, and administrator.

Prospective students can achieve optimum flexibility of the program, especially those working professionals because this is delivered 100% online.

  • The program features practice-based learning and experience-rich guided study projects to put the program’s research and theory into practice.
  • In this online college, you can finish the program in just three years. You are only required to join one hour of synchronous classes per week.
  • There is also a hybrid format that combines online and in-person coursework.
What Makes the Program Unique

The cost of a typical 3-credit doctoral degree program at Wilmington University is $2,0367. The fee is the same for both its Wilson Graduate Center, Brandwine Campus, and Online college.

Students learn from faculty personnel who are currently practicing subject matter experts in higher education.

Did You Know?

Wilmington University’s EdD in Higher Education Leadership Program is available in several formats: traditional classroom, online, hybrid, and FLEX.

Arizona State University- Downtown Phoenix

Arizona State University
Online Ed.D in Leadership and Innovation

Accredited by the Higher Learning Colleges and Schools Commission, Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers Colleges offers doctoral programs to develop and amplify the performance of educators in education systems.

  • This online doctorate in educational leadership and innovation is for practicing educator-leaders working in different settings who wish to improve and transform their current practice to make better learning opportunities for students of all ages.
  • Prospective students for this online college can complete this cohort-based program in just three years.
  • Students complete the program in either of the two modalities: hybrid (online and on-campus at West campus), and 100% online. Both modalities have a similar structure and coursework and are handled by the same faculty.
What Makes The Program Unique

This online doctorate in educational leadership focuses on action research. Coursework includes higher education on change leadership, PreK-12 change leadership, and professional change leadership.

At the conclusion of the program’s first year, a leader-scholar community is formed and consists of about five to seven students and a faculty member. This group meets regularly during the remaining years of the program to supply personal and academic support.

Did You Know?

Any eligible US and non-US citizens can receive financial aid provided that they demonstrate financial need and are presently enrolled in any of the online courses of Arizona State University.

Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Professionals in the education sector usually hold a doctorate in educational leadership degree. Before you pursue one, it’s important to weigh the boons and the banes carefully.

A Ph.D. is the best pathway for educational leadership degree holders who wish to advance their careers and contribute to the research made in the education sector.

Below are some of the reasons why pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership programs is worth every effort.

It Fulfills Your Desire to Lead

Getting a doctorate in educational leadership is a labor of love. Those who pursue the program are bound to fulfill their desire for more knowledge and better excellence.

Apart from improving your management and leadership skills, doctoral programs in educational leadership, whether in an online college or on-campus setup, will prepare you to become great leaders.

With an EdD in educational leadership, you will gain the necessary knowledge and get a high level of expertise.

Ph.D Programs Now Have Affordable Options

No matter how hard you try to find the most affordable option during your school search, doctorate programs are relatively pricey. In fact, the expensive cost of a doctorate is one of the major reasons why many professionals hold their plans to pursue one.

Thankfully, there are other cost-effective ways to fund your doctorate. Aside from federal financial aid, an online doctorate is a perfect option.

Traditional on-campus doctorate school of education costs usually around $56,000 in total. Online programs, on the other hand, cost just half the price.

Career Advancement

In the field of education, a Ph.D. is one of the most highly-regarded and well-respected credentials. Education doctorates qualify for top positions like school principals, college administrators, or instructor coordinators.

A Ph.D. will also help you achieve better career prospects. The degree will make a lasting impression on hiring committees, senior administrators, and decision-makers in the education sector. This will demonstrate how passionate you are about leadership disposition and education.

Careers for Doctorate in Educational Leadership

To secure a job as a school administrator or principal in elementary or secondary schools, you should have a master’s degree in educational leadership. But if you want to secure a position at higher education institutions, you need to have a doctorate.

Below are some of the career opportunities for those who hold a doctorate in educational leadership.

Chief Academic Officer – This is an administrative professional who oversees the overall operation of educational institutions and facilities.

Chief Learning Officer – He is responsible for the management of corporate learning. He develops strategies for aligning workforce development with the common goals of the business.

Training and Development Manager – He ensures that the employees remain productive via assessments, training, and reward and recognition programs.

Education Administrator- This professional manages school operations and is present at all school levels: postsecondary, secondary, elementary, preschool and childcare.

Social and Community Service Managers- These are the ones who plan, coordinate, and supervise activities of every community outreach program or social service organization.

Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership And Administration - fact

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors need to be considered when selecting an online Doctorate in Educational Leadership program?

There are several factors to consider as you start your school search for the most suitable EDD in educational leadership program: the cost, location, program format, accreditation, and student support.

Today, the majority of the colleges and universities in the US offer these programs. Take your time to go over one option and another before finally sending in your application for admission.

Is it worth it to pursue a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration?

If you are a working professional and you are striving to secure a management role in the field of education, then a doctorate in education leadership is all worth it. With this degree, you will gain so much advanced knowledge that is deemed crucial in educational operations and policies.

How soon can you complete a Doctorate in Educational Leadership program?

Most EdD in educational leadership are online, that is why the length of time it will take to complete the whole program will vary per school. Generally, these online programs run between 3 and 6 years.

Some schools, however, provide time-saving options. Self-paced asynchronous courses may be completed based on a student’s preferred speed. There are also schools that allow students to enroll in heavier course loads, and this can significantly minimize the length of study.

How will earning a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Administration degree help my career?

A Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Administration will give you the expertise and experience necessary to lead more advanced educational programs.

With this degree, you will be able to pursue careers such as a superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, educational consultant, director of curriculum and instruction, director of assessment, special education director, director of student services, education lobbyist, and even a college professor.

This degree will give you the qualifications to hold high-ranking leadership positions within the education system.

What qualities do I need to make me a good candidate for Educational Leadership and Administration positions?

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills: The ability to clearly and effectively communicate with students, staff, faculty, parents, and other stakeholders is essential for educational leaders. The ability to listen to and respect differing opinions is also important.
  • Strategic planning and problem-solving: Leaders must be able to anticipate future needs and develop strategies to address them. Good problem-solving skills are essential for efficiently resolving conflicts, meeting deadlines, and satisfying stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of curriculum and instruction: Effective leaders must be knowledgeable of curriculum and instruction to develop and implement effective learning strategies. They should be able to identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
  • Understanding of educational policy and law: Leaders must have a comprehensive understanding of laws and policies related to education in order to create and enforce policies that protect both students and staff.
  • Leadership and Management capabilities: Educational leadership and administration require both leadership and management skills. Leaders must be able to effectively organize and manage people, resources, and operations. They must be able to motivate staff and create a positive work environment that encourages productivity, creativity, and innovation.
  • Technological proficiency: In an increasingly technological world, leaders must be comfortable and able to use digital technology to manage and improve operational efficiency.
  • Commitment to professional development: Leaders must remain current on the latest educational theory and practices. They should have an ongoing commitment to expanding their knowledge and skills.

Summary Points

  • If it is your life goal to make a positive change in the training, development, and education sectors, a doctorate in educational leadership is your pathway. 
  • Find out more about your options, weigh the pros and cons, recognize your reasons why it’s worth it to pursue the program, and finally decide if, truly, an EdD in Educational Leadership and Administration is for you!

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