15 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in General Studies

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If you want to develop diverse skill sets while deciding what career to pursue, an online bachelor’s degree in general studies could be best for you. This allows you to build a strong educational foundation while gaining knowledge in different fields.

While some students pursue a single concentration or complementary specialization, others mix undergraduate courses to prepare for their future studies or a master’s degree.

Online Degrees in General Studies - fact

Some students enroll in this online degree because it gives them freedom and flexibility about the field of expertise they can develop. They can create an interdisciplinary course plan based on their academic interests and career aspirations. By focusing on certain areas, they obtain specialized expertise.

General Studies graduates often have comparable promotion opportunities with their traditional counterparts because they follow a rigorous curriculum. They develop the skills necessary in diverse industries.

The Lowdown

Students have various disciplines while enrolled in an online Bachelor of General Studies program. Arts & Humanities, Creative Arts, and Social and Behavioral Sciences are frequently studied in General Studies courses.

Students drawn to mathematics, physical sciences, natural sciences, and computing courses are likewise drawn to the degree.

General Studies comprise practical courses of study for those still on the fence, deciding on the career path to take or specialize in. At the same time, it opens numerous career and working opportunities as you become a jack of all trades. 


Gain access to several areas of interest with a General Studies online bachelor program while preparing for a wide range of professional options! We picked the best online Bachelor’s in General Studies degree programs, each of which was chosen with these ranking criteria in mind:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Bachelor’s in General Studies

Ball State University

Ball State University

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

Ball State University offers an online Bachelor of General Studies degree. You can complete assignments and watch recorded classes anytime through the asynchronous format. Make sure you finish your projects before the deadline. As you do this, you complete a degree crucial to achieving your professional goals. 

Two minors and an extensive elective list are available to help you customize your degree as you learn this degree. Online courses are taught by the same innovative faculty on Ball State’s main campus.

With nearly a century of history, Ball State has done its best to provide high-quality online education. Getting a degree online is as easy as getting one on campus.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Even though you receive a degree in general studies, you can tailor it to your desired career by enrolling in two online minors. All options are 100% online, including African-American studies, criminology, criminal justice, sociology, and more.

Did You Know?

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

By offering a flexible and interdisciplinary education through Louisiana State University Shreveport, the online Bachelor of General Studies program is tailored to meet the needs of students. This degree allows you to customize a study plan that fits your academic and career objectives.

This program also enables you to use courses earned at other authorized universities by offering transfer credits. While earning the degree, you need to advance in your job in the field of your choice and study the subjects that interest you.

The Bachelor of General Studies program at LSUS is specially designed to help gifted students build a variety of practical skill sets. You won’t find a more adaptable degree program anywhere than this one.

The online general studies program enables you to explore your wide-ranging interests by selecting from various fields of study so you can mix and match your classes to meet your professional aspirations.

The study of Non-Profit Administration, Leadership Studies, and Digital Arts can all be pursued concurrently by students taking Business courses.

Due to its adaptability, it is ideal for independent and business-minded students who are more concerned with developing their talents than obtaining a degree in a traditional discipline. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

The online general studies curriculum enables students to select courses creatively and ingeniously meld many academic disciplines. Students are encouraged to create a course of study to suit their requirements and interests to prepare for the labor market through attentive coaching.

Did You Know?

Each student will be given a faculty advisor to help them map out their coursework while ensuring that most applicable credits are transferred toward the degree. The Bachelor of General Studies is also offered in accelerated.

There is a pre-built curriculum and an option to chart the courses to gain the skill sets needed for numerous five-star Louisiana careers.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

The University of Maryland Global Campus online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies offers a  curriculum to suit your interests while maximizing the possibility of transferring previously earned credits.

Students who wish to pursue career goals or aspirations that require additional disciplines or subject areas will be well-served with this interdisciplinary degree.

Using the expertise and experience of their credible and qualified faculty, you can gain skills and knowledge that will prepare you for any career.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Through education and experience, this online general studies degree allows you to improve verbal and written communication skills. You may use your knowledge of critical thinking and problem-solving in the classroom. Lastly, you can combine ideas and theories in core content courses and concentration areas.

Did You Know?

Your interdisciplinary educational experience gained through this degree equips students with skills for various employment options and graduate study. Because the curriculum encompasses several disciplines, you might be able to work in different fields depending on your unique educational experience and qualifications.

Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

Northern Illinois University offers an online and flexible Bachelor of General Studies program that allows you to attend classes while taking care of personal obligations. While taking classes in different subjects, you will receive personalized advice. You will refine your cultural awareness, ethical values, critical thinking, and communication skills.

After graduation, you’ll be prepared to start or enhance your career in several industries, including human resources, sales, education, and the service sector. Additionally, you’ll be prepared to enroll in graduate, law, or medical school.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ esteemed faculty members teach the classes full-time, allowing you to maximize your online education.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The Bachelor of General Science degree program gives you the freedom to choose courses from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences to fulfill the degree requirements, in contrast to other organized degree programs. This remains a strong starting point for degree completion and satisfies NIU’s general education requirements.

Did You Know?

The Bachelor of General Studies is the oldest degree-completion program at NIU. It was first offered in 1973. 

Drexel University

Drexel University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

The online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies at Drexel University is created for working professionals who want to earn a degree online. A transfer credit-friendly program such as this allows students to complete a degree faster and at a lower cost, saving them time and money.

Programs in general studies give students additional latitude in meeting their degree requirements. You can combine previously completed coursework with your professional interests in the Drexel Bachelor of General Studies program to develop personalized specializations tailored to your desired job.

What Makes this Program Unique:

You can pursue a career in various disciplines depending on your specialization. Graduates of Drexel’s online general studies bachelor degree program frequently move up in their present companies or fields, change to a different industry or sector, or continue their education by getting a more specialized graduate degree.

Did You Know?

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

The University of North Dakota offers an online Bachelor’s in General Studies degree, which can be fulfilled online. There is no requirement for you to attend campus. If you prefer, you can complete your degree on a semester schedule or at your own pace.

Students communicate with their instructors and fellow students through virtual platforms. They have accessible web-based tools that allow students to complete their assignments online. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

One of the region’s most affordable online institutions is UND. Regardless of your legal residency, they provide the same online tuition prices for this degree. By comparing, you may see that UND is less expensive than comparable four-year doctorate universities.

With this online degree, professors, peers, and professionals in the field are available to answer questions and provide feedback. They also have free online tutoring. They’ll give you access to various self-help study resources online.

Did You Know?

UND is the greatest value university for online education due to its inexpensive online tuition rates, high reported alum incomes, and good job placement rates. The variety of online programs offered by UND surpasses that of all other upper Midwest non-profit universities, making it among the area’s top online colleges.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

The Bachelor of General Studies at Texas Tech University presents a rewarding and challenging option for students seeking a flexible undergraduate program. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the degree does not require a specific major or minor. 

It is a renowned BGS program that allows students to enjoy an organized study plan and choose concentrations.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The institution’s online courses follow the Texas Tech University academic calendar’s standard semester dates.

Course materials are often given asynchronously, and most courses are administered through Blackboard. This implies that even while you must finish your coursework by the due dates set by each instructor, you can complete it whenever convenient.

Did You Know?

Blackboard is not used in all classes, and some require students to log in during a set class period. In some courses, quizzes and examinations are given using the Respondus Lockdown browser, while in others, students may need to find a proctoring service nearby to finish their quizzes and tests.

University of Louisiana Lafayette

University of Louisiana Lafayette

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

A Bachelor of General Studies online degree is available at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. With this curriculum, you will be able to make the most of your time at UL Lafayette.

As part of this degree program, you may take online courses from any university’s academic departments or colleges, allowing you to shape and customize your curriculum to meet your needs.

This program offers many starting dates, making it convenient for busy and working adults. Courses fill up quickly, so apply as soon as possible to secure a spot in the required ones. 

You can choose from a library of online courses to create a curriculum that suits your needs. A bachelor’s degree in general studies requires 120 semester hours, including transfer credits.

What Makes this Program Unique:

This online degree comes with accelerated 8-week or 16-week courses. They have a flat tuition rate for all students enrolled in online programs. You can apply for college credits or associate’s degrees you have earned.

Also, there are six concentrations for general studies students. These classes are available in many different fields, which all help promote marketable skills.

Did You Know?

Many students reduce their overall costs by using their prior college courses toward their degree. Due to the accreditation of their online degree programs, students may also qualify for financial help.

Parker University

Parker University

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

Parker University offers an Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies. This online degree offers various specializations ranging from health care to business. It is important to ensure students build a solid foundation of skills by requiring 120 credit hours in this degree. 

Real-world experience and evidence-based teaching prepare students for leadership roles in their chosen fields. They introduce students to their passion and help them to pursue higher health through our program. Up to three concentrations can be selected by students, or they can focus on one field.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Parker University may accept up to 75% of your previous college credits. Make the most of your credits and save your time and money.

Did You Know?

Parker holds itself to a higher standard. Rigorous standards, continuous innovation, and a sense of service elevate General Studies education. Let yourself partner with them when it comes to planning your future. 

Drury University

Drury University

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

The Bachelor of Science in General Studies at Drury University is an alternative to traditional majors and degree programs.

This online degree is especially fit for people interested in broadening their specialized education to include liberal arts courses. You can design an interdisciplinary program based on your interests and needs in this online program. There are 45 credit hours required for the Bachelor of General Studies.

What Makes this Program Unique:

With four distinct career pathways, Drury GO makes it easy for you to get started. Regardless of where you are in your educational journey, the academic staff are ready to support you. You can earn a full degree or build skills with a single course.

Their goal is to help you achieve your goals with Drury GO. Furthermore, specialized academic paths can help you quickly advance your career. With Drury instructors, you’ll learn real-world skills you can apply immediately.

Did You Know?

A new partnership between Drury Dual Credit and DualEnroll, an online registration and application system, was struck to offer convenience to online students. Drury Dual Credit is for new dual credit applicants, and DualEnroll is used for course registration. 

Trine University

Trine University - Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

A Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is available for online learners at Trine University. You can develop your areas of expertise in this self-designed major.

With their online general studies degree, you can choose the academic fields that best suit your unique abilities, interests, and long-term goals by selecting various options. Forging a career path while designing a personalized learning experience makes this degree the perfect program. 

You will have access to the extensive cross-curricular knowledge of Trine University as a student in their online General Studies program.

You will learn to speak, think critically, and synthesize information from several disciplines—skills essential for success in any work area. Because it is customized to your requirements and interests, a general studies bachelor’s degree may be the most personally satisfying major.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The General Studies degree exemplifies the core idea of a liberal arts education, which holds that developing critical thinking skills, along with the ability to read and write effectively across various subject areas, will help you succeed in any career.

It shows potential employers that you are a self-starter with the will and intelligence to complete a demanding university-level curriculum relevant to all work environments. 

Did You Know?

One of their most helpful features is the TrineOnline. With sessions beginning every eight weeks, TrineOnline offers flexible and convenient online degree programs. There are no defined class times because their classes are asynchronous, enabling them to log in whenever it’s most convenient.

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

To accommodate students who have prior coursework and need a flexible path to completing their studies, the University of Central Florida offers their online General Studies Bachelor’s Degree.

Students with prior coursework and a flexible study plan can benefit from this curriculum customization. To declare this program with an academic advisor, students must have completed at least 60 credits or transferred with an Associate degree.

You will receive the same high-quality degree in integrative general studies through UCF Online, plus the convenience of doing it on your schedule and in your own home. You will be able to create a program tailored to your educational objectives when you combine it with access to a huge variety of courses. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

You can learn to think critically and explore in this online degree. You could also establish a transferable portfolio of transferable skills across different disciplines.

Did You Know?

The UCF Center for Distributed Learning has won over 100 honors and published more than 130 peer-reviewed articles on digital education through teaching, mobile experience, and content development, earning it acclaim on a national level.

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

Eastern Kentucky University has an online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies program that provides students with a thorough understanding of the liberal arts. Upon graduation, graduates are eligible to apply to graduate or professional schools.

Students may transfer up to 90 hours of credit from recognized colleges. Please be aware that Eastern Kentucky University is the only place where this degree program can be completed for a minimum of 30 credits.

Through purposeful coursework with a real-world orientation, EKU’s curriculum combines academic and professional training.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students can design a meaningful degree plan for their interests and career goals by combining academic and professional preparation with a real-world focus at EKU. This online degree comes with 8-week terms.

Through their EKU BookSmart, you’ll gain access to free textbooks. There is also a personalized graduation plan that will be tailored for you.

Did You Know?

Eastern Kentucky University’s Office of Academic and Career Services is a one-stop resource for all your career and professional development needs and inquiries.

Maryville University

Maryville University

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies: Healthcare Studies

Maryville University offers an online Bachelor of Science in General Studies degree in healthcare studies. You will be better prepared for nonclinical roles by learning these foundational skills.

Learn about healthcare systems, ethics, diversity, public health, and communications as you earn your general studies degree online with a concentration in healthcare.

Whether you intend to enter health care, government agencies, or other professions, this General Studies program is a great and solid step. Take liberal arts, social science, and healthcare courses and apply your knowledge in your respective industries.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Get assistance and suggestions from a caring faculty member. Discuss your objectives with a committed professor who can assist you in tying the curriculum to your future job aspirations.

Gain from admittance that is transfer-friendly. Through the Early Access program, begin working on your graduate degree while completing your bachelor’s.

Did You Know?

Making a difference in your community is possible through careers in community health and health education, and numerous nonclinical healthcare positions provide opportunities for good pay.  You can benefit from this employment through your online general studies degree with a healthcare specialization.

University of Missouri

University of Missouri - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in General Studies

You can create a degree program that fits your needs and opens more opportunities when you enroll in an online Bachelor of General Studies from the University of Missouri.

In every student’s unique situation, the online Bachelor of General Studies embraces your ambition, curiosity, and creativity while offering a simple, adaptable path to your objectives.

The online Bachelor of General Studies, which the Office of Multidisciplinary Degrees administers, is ideal for driven and independent self-starters who want to choose a more specialized educational path.

The format also helps you finish your bachelor’s degree faster and with fewer repetitive courses by maximizing your accomplishments.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students who enroll in the online Bachelor of General Studies degree program must have completed at least three semesters, or a minimum of 45 credit hours, of coursework. You will create a three-part study plan with an advisor’s assistance that will reflect Missouri’s undergraduate majors and departments.

Did You Know?

Employers want people who can effectively communicate, solve problems, and think critically in various subjects; these are all transferable talents you’ll learn through the online Bachelor of General Studies program.

This adaptable degree program demonstrates your drive and creativity while preparing you to take the initiative and lead others. Online Bachelor of General Studies students can pursue various career paths thanks to this flexible foundation and your component courses. 

Concentrations in the Field of General Studies

Criminal Justice

General studies students should learn the basic American legal system, which will be covered in the criminal justice course. Some other topics covered are the court system, psychology, and juvenile law. Criminal justice lessons may be adapted to other professions by blending business and technology lessons.

Sociocultural Anthropology

Sociocultural anthropology revolves around the exploration of difference and writing. This course has become one of the most popular liberal arts majors for undergraduates. 

Ancient Studies

This course allows students to investigate the Mediterranean region’s cultural environment while focusing on a single Mediterranean or Mesopotamian civilization.

The program’s interdisciplinary approach, in which the student applies the perspectives and methods of at least three distinct disciplines to their field of expertise, is central to its concept.


Students with a finance concentration learn about budgeting, purchasing, and business finances. Students learn how to identify organizational inefficiencies and maximize resource use in courses. If students wish to enhance the utility of this course, they may add skills such as business, management, and economics.

Public Health

Students pursuing this emphasis will better grasp the healthcare system, illness, and the provision of healthcare services. Epidemiology, health records, and healthcare policies and procedures are among the subjects that students might take.

Students may increase their employment opportunities within the healthcare sector by combining their business, communication, and information systems knowledge and training.


General Studies students can specialize in Chemistry. The central discipline of chemistry, or the study of molecules, is essential as a conceptual bridge to the fields of biology, physics, and environmental science.

Beginning at the microscopic level, the chemistry study progresses to include a wide range of distinct macroscopic situations.

Computer Science

Students take a track that specifies particular subjects for greater study and the common core of essential things they learn.

For the Computer Science track, the foundations of this course prepare students for advanced study in theoretical, mathematical, and foundational areas of computing, such as scientific computing, security, and algorithm analysis. 

Educational Studies

Students interested in researching the function of education in society can enroll in an interdisciplinary course called education studies. General Studies students consult a wide spectrum of theoretical and empirical knowledge to explore education as a social, cultural, and historical process.

Students who choose to major or minor in educational studies gain the ability to assess educational practice, policy, and research using a critical, equity-focused lens. 

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in General Studies

Social Science

Even though the social sciences are a broad category, many online general studies degrees demand that students take a specific amount of credits in this subject. Courses may encompass psychology, criminology, American studies, and economics. 

Computer Literacy

The computer literacy course stresses basic operations and familiarity with computer use. With the advent of technology, computer literacy is a fundamental skill everywhere today. The topics covered include terminology related to computers, an introduction to the Windows environment, networking, word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.


In the communications course, students learn how to speak effectively and clearly in various circumstances through the subjects included. Professional writing and mass media may be the main topics of some courses.

As media and communication technologies advance, there are more opportunities for study in this area.

Social and Behavioral Science

The social and behavioral science course studies society influenced by norms, relationships, and cultural patterns. This includes social stratification, relationships between various groups of individuals, the form and operation of institutions, the dynamics of individual and group interactions, and the analysis of social conflict.


Like social sciences, the Humanities course is important in most general studies degrees. English, history, and politics are just topics covered in Humanities classes as they investigate the human side of society and culture. Humanities classes help students develop analytical skills and lay the groundwork for various prospective occupations.

Research Studies

Even though research may seem entirely academic, these abilities are applicable in the workplace. These courses enable students to create research questions, engage with problems, and find solutions by teaching advanced research techniques. Students use libraries and internet resources.

Possible Jobs for General Studies Graduates

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations managers and specialists aid in the development of communications for businesses. They handle communication between the company, its customers, and the general public while developing persuasive messaging.

Graduates from general studies programs might have the business, problem-solving, and communication abilities needed for this position.

Real Estate Broker

In order to buy, sell, or rent homes, real estate brokers often work and transact with customers. In the real estate broker course, students in general studies can study diverse subjects such as real estate law, finance, economics, and business administration.

To become licensed real estate brokers, students must pass a licensing exam and complete a series of seminars.

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants are another job position for general studies graduates. They direct office organization, manage clerical employees, plan trips, and schedule meetings. Additionally, they arrange timetables, gather expense reports, keep track of correspondence, and carry out other administrative duties.

Insurance Underwriter

Insurance applications are evaluated by insurance underwriters, who then decide what kind of insurance a client will get. Candidates who have received a well-rounded education in math, communication, business, and finance are more equipped to handle the demands of their line of work.

Operations Manager

Applications are evaluated by insurance underwriters, who then decide what kind of insurance a client will get. Candidates who have received a well-rounded education in math, communication, business, and finance are more equipped to handle the demands of their line of work.

Project Manager

Creating a strategic plan, deadline adherence, task delegation, and resource management fall within the responsibilities of project managers. They also establish project requirements, finalize contracts, and update stakeholders on progress. A bachelor’s degree and practical experience are typically required for project management employment.

Account Manager

These individuals oversee interactions between companies and their clients. They assist new customers, offer customer care, and educate current customers about the goods and services available.

Account management-focused students may decide to take online general education courses in business, communications, economics, and similar fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider pursuing an online Bachelor’s in General Studies?

If you want to acquire diverse skill sets, an online bachelor’s degree in general studies will prepare you for many things. Many students follow clearly defined academic paths that lead to their desired careers, such as biology, business, or accountancy majors.

With the basic knowledge required for success, the Bachelor of Science in General Studies enables students with career ambitions and aspirations that may require more than one field or subject area.

Is General Studies a promising degree program?

A bachelor’s in general studies earned online can lead to a rewarding job. Due to their comprehensive skill set from completing online training and courses, successful graduates will be guaranteed a secure and well-paying profession.

The Labor Statistics data reveals that the field of liberal arts alone comes with almost 730,760 employment. And this is just one of the many fields to explore after graduation from your general studies degree. 

How long does finishing an online Bachelor’s in General Studies take?

It’s typical for bachelor’s degree in general studies students to finish the program in four years. The time it takes to finish something depends on many things, such as transfer credit regulations, how the courses are taught, the length of the school year, and the number of courses being taken.

While some colleges provide additional start dates or permit larger course loads, others offer expedited programs or courses. Students might look into these options if they want to complete swiftly.

Summary Points

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