15 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Legal Studies

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Studying the field of law means getting access to numerous opportunities! Legal Studies majors learn how the law works through a theory-based approach. The law, its institutions, and its application in the real world are all covered in a Legal Studies program.

Online Degrees in Legal Studies - fact

The benefits of Legal Studies extend beyond the ability to enter the law industry after graduation. Students acquire a good foundation in highly desirable skills that also apply to other fields.

After graduating from a legal studies program, a paralegal or legal assistant can work in the legal field. To become a lawyer, judge, or mediator, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in legal studies online is the best to prepare for your academic goals. There are many other legal occupations that you can consider after graduation. 

Economic growth and technological advancements have also increased the demand for legal professionals with diverse educational backgrounds with software development and research skills.

Aside from being a lawyer or paralegal or having a law-related job, an online bachelor’s in legal studies will also let you land jobs in other fields like business, management, finance, or administration.

The Lowdown 

Students interested in working in the legal field without a Law degree but considering closely related careers can enroll in the online Bachelor’s in Legal Studies program. It is possible to obtain superior skills in this field by obtaining a degree in Legal Studies or pursuing graduate studies if a student holds a job.

Law and political science are also options for some. Furthermore, you can use this bachelor’s degree as a stepping stone toward a graduate degree.


We have come up with a list of the Best Online Legal Studies degree programs for your selection process to become easier. The universities and colleges provide an array of courses, rigorous coursework, and quality online instruction as part of their online programs.

The program options are displayed randomly so students can see how they enhance and develop their skills. Each degree was picked because it meets these criteria:

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Online Bachelor of Arts or Science in Legal Studies

The University of Central Florida offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies, and it’s the perfect degree to launch your professional career in the legal field. Following graduation, you can pursue a dynamic career, attend law school, or advance in other related studies.

An online degree in legal studies will prepare you for a career in law, legal research, legal writing, and legal professionalism. With a focus on law, business, and technology, you’ll stay on the edge of this constantly evolving field.

You’re encouraged to leverage the guidance of the program’s full-time faculty in planning your studies and post-graduation goals. The faculty are all graduates of American Bar Association-approved law schools.

What Makes this Program Unique:

If you would like to specialize in one or more areas of law, including public law, litigation, criminal law, transactional law, etc., this is possible at UCF’s legal studies degree. After graduation, completing an internship or capstone project will prepare you for your career path. 

Did You Know?

This is the best online degree to prepare for careers such as community service analyst, program specialist, contract specialist, legal assistant, legal operations manager, or court reporter.

South University

South University

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

This online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies program at South University can give you skills in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and theoretical legal concepts. They provide in-depth legal coursework under the supervision of licensed attorneys that teaches you how to manage challenging assignments.

South University’s Legal Studies degree is geared toward preparing students for a career as a paralegal in a rapidly changing environment.

Legal ethics are taught to all paralegal and legal studies students at South University. The curriculum fosters analytical and critical thinking skills and cultural and political sensitivity.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The Savannah campus offers courses in the classroom, in computer labs, and online using modern law office software and technology.

It is important for South University students to continue to learn throughout their lives since it will benefit them in obtaining employment after graduation and may help them advance in their professions.

Did You Know?

On top of providing a solid academic foundation in general education, the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies program also provides students with practical legal experience. It is designed for students who are looking for entry-level positions after graduation or who are ready to take the next step in their careers.

Working under the supervision of an attorney, the graduate will prepare documents for litigation, business transactions, or investigations, among other challenging tasks.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

The online Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies at the University of Maryland Global Campus provides a solid foundation in American civil and criminal law as well as legal systems and institutions. The major will enhance your ability to identify facts and analyze them, do legal research and writing, and master field-related digital skills.

There can be no concurrent enrollment between a prerequisite and its subsequent course within the same session. Your academic plan will depend on certain factors, including how many credits you transfer. So, you just need to approach your academic advisor for assistance in organizing your degree program. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

In this online degree, you can enhance your skills and gain knowledge through coursework based on the expertise and experience of our distinguished faculty members. You’ll be able to identify legal authority with the help of legal resources and internet resources.

Finally, you’ll be well-versed in analyzing ethical codes, legal concepts, and ethical regulations that are relevant to your work.

Did You Know?

You will be prepared for law school or a career in research or legal document production with this program. Upon completion of this degree, candidates may also qualify for employment in legal advocacy, legal case analysis, or legal research.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies (Hybrid)

Prepare for a career in law or pre-law by earning a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies online at Bellevue University. In addition to developing critical thinking and reasoning skills, the courses provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge of the legal system and law. Plus, whether you choose an online or on-campus program, you’ll learn from the same experienced faculty who are experts in their fields.

Earn your legal studies degree as a cohort program from your associate degree. It’s also possible to transfer credits from another institution.

This program simplifies the study process by allowing students to register once for the courses at the beginning and to take each course individually online with a group of peers. This systematic process results in a more collaborative experience and allows you to strengthen your networks.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Besides developing critical thinking skills necessary for a legal career, this program provides practical knowledge that you can use in real-life applications. There are academic advisors available to discuss with you your interests and provide advice on how you can achieve your professional goals. 

Did You Know?

They offer a generous credit transfer policy, so you can complete your degree without retaking classes you’ve already taken.

They offer classes that accommodate the schedules of working professionals on their Omaha-area campus. Earn a legal studies degree online by taking one class at a time and getting to know your peers well. 

Stevenson University

Stevenson University - Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Stevenson University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies comes with regional and industry accreditation. This online degree is ideal for students looking for a flexible, convenient way to obtain a high-quality legal education. They prepare graduates to join legal teams as skilled and knowledgeable members upon completion of the program.

Paralegals and legal assistants play a vital role in many organizations, including law firms, legal offices, financial institutions, real estate agencies, and insurance firms. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

One of the best features of Stevenson University’s online bachelor’s in legal studies is that they have several local community colleges, hospitals, and organizations who have partnered with them to offer a partnership tuition rate. There are no fees associated with Stevenson University Online education. They also provide financial aid to qualified students.

Did You Know?

Students earn up to 30 credits for their previous education or work experiences through the Prior Learning Credits Program. Their prior learning can be assessed and awarded college credit by Stevenson University Online.

American Public University

American Public University

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

You gain a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. legal system, legal writing, and legal practice when you enroll in the online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies at American Public University. There is an emphasis on governance, civil and criminal processes, as well as justice theory and philosophy in this online program. 

The BS in Legal Studies program at APU provides a solid foundation for applying to law school by exposing you to a variety of legal case studies. Faculty members with real-world experience and extensive legal backgrounds will enhance your learning. With fellow students and classmates, you can collaborate on technological solutions to legal problems.

What Makes this Program Unique:

You have many decisions to make along the way, whether you are going to college for the first time or completing your degree. Choosing to finance your education is one of the most important decisions you will make. Their team can help you determine what option is most suitable for you, whether self-pay, tuition assistance, or federal aid.

Did You Know?

In a realistic setting, you will be trained to evaluate the merits of legal writing and research skills. You’ll learn to analyze legal data critically and to distinguish factual, conceptual, and procedural patterns. 

Berkeley College

Berkeley College

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

More opportunities are available in the legal field than ever before, and Berkeley College recognizes that. Plus, organizations and firms are seeking graduates with broad legal knowledge today.

Due to these, the Bachelor’s in Legal Studies at Berkeley College prepares students for careers in many different areas of legal support services through training in analytical, technical, and research skills. 

Students who are considering law school or other advanced studies in law can also take advantage of the program’s Pre-Law Advisory Center. With this online degree, students can develop their critical analysis and reasoning skills.

They are able to enhance their decision-making skills through the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their degree programs.

Some of the skills you will develop from this online degree are:

What Makes this Program Unique:

The instructors of this online degree have experience in corporate law, litigation, government law, and more. The course will feature frequent guest speakers and special events related to your industry. Alumni and faculty connections will provide you with exceptional networking opportunities.

Also, you may receive valuable learning opportunities through internships or job placements. 

Did You Know?

Candidates may be required to meet specific health requirements or pass a criminal background check in order to participate in some internships required for Berkeley College degrees. Before enrolling in this program, applicants who may have concerns about such requirements should speak with an Admissions counselor.

California University of Pennsylvania

California University of Pennsylvania

Online Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence

Become a lawyer or work in a field related to law with the online Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence degree offered at the California University of Pennsylvania. An in-depth curriculum and expert faculty teach a wide range of legal topics in this comprehensive undergraduate program.

Some of the courses you’ll take are related to:

With an online bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence, students gain valuable knowledge and skills and are able to analyze and interpret legal materials. You’ll be trained to analyze criminal law to see how to go through different cases.

Additionally, you’ll determine how laws and legislation affect a community. Finally, PennWest California’s online bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence can allow you to land a job in real estate, law, business, education, paralegal, or courtrooms.

Jurisprudence helps develop your analytical and organizational skills to support future career success in any field.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The faculty at California University of Pennsylvania is highly qualified and has extensive practical experience as lawyers. Your professors are well qualified to prepare you for a career in real estate, business, law enforcement, or another field.

Legal studies provide students with many soft skills, such as decision-making and critical thinking skills, all of which are valuable to law school application preparation.

Did You Know?

The California University of Pennsylvania works closely with a variety of academic institutions and can help you transition smoothly. It is possible to learn at your own pace while balancing work and other responsibilities when you study online.

William Woods University

William Woods University

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

William Woods University designed an online Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies program, and it was established more than four decades ago. This online degree will provide you with academic excellence and hands-on experience as you prepare for numerous career options in a variety of industries.

Here are some courses included in this program:

An experienced faculty will support you every step of the way as you participate in a rigorous and challenging curriculum. Through online collaboration, you will be able to share what you have learned and develop skills you will use after graduation. This online degree comes with a practicum component of the program that also provides you with hands-on paralegal experience.

What Makes this Program Unique:

During this course, substantive and procedural law is applied to legal fact patterns encountered by professionals in the legal profession.

Through the program, students will develop their legal knowledge, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. You will be more effective as a legal professional if you have all of these skills.

Did You Know?

It is estimated that 71% of paralegals work in law firms, but you may also work in corporations, government agencies, organizations, or other settings. Paralegals perform many different legal duties, allowing them to find opportunities in a wide variety of industries and increase their value on the job market.

In addition to government and law firms, graduates have held successful positions in the energy, finance, health care, gaming, and gaming industries.

Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

The BS in Legal Studies at Florida Gulf Coast University aims to prepare graduates to succeed in law school. If you want to land a job in legal assisting or paralegal, this is the best bachelor’s degree to go for. They provide students with an exemplary curriculum that will help them develop critical thinking and writing skills.

At the same time, they can have in-depth knowledge of the entire legal system, lawyers, and courts. Legal research and writing are included in the core curriculum. You will also take courses like contract law, professional ethics, and criminal procedure. 

Graduates of FLCU’s law school continue their education in law schools or graduate programs. Their Legal Studies faculty have been informed by several law school graduates that their preparation at FGCU set them apart from those who didn’t have similar opportunities.

The knowledge and skills acquired by Legal Studies graduates will serve them well regardless of their career path, whether as lawyers, paralegals, or legal assistants.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Florida Golf Coast University provides a sound teaching-learning process to support academic excellence and continuous quality improvement in line with its mission and guiding principles.

As part of this process, students and instructors are both responsible for learning, which consists of moving from the simple to the complex, from the concrete to the abstract, and from dependent to independent.

Did You Know?

A BS degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies is offered by the Department of Justice Studies on campus as well as through distance learning. Transferring credits from another college or university or having an AA degree.

As you complete your Justice Studies Degree, you will have one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Through our internship program, you will have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom as part of your education. You can readily apply the knowledge you gained to the internship. 

University of Massachusetts Global

University of Massachusetts Global

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

The University of Massachusetts Global offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies. Learning takes place in a virtual classroom environment, allowing distance learners to learn with the latest technology. A foundational course and an advanced course are included in the major.

Students develop transferrable skills like critical thinking and communication during general education classes. During internships, graduates can gain professional experience that will benefit them when they are applying for jobs in their fields.

A variety of student support services are available to help students succeed academically and professionally. A student who attends an accredited institution may be eligible for federal grants and loans.

Degree-seekers might find financial aid counseling and academic advisors helpful in reducing their out-of-pocket expenses.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Develop critical thinking skills and the abilities required for successful careers in law, business, government, and public administration. A bachelor’s degree in legal studies will prepare you for careers requiring knowledge of legal concepts.

Consider coursework in conflict resolution and white-collar crime as part of your bachelor’s degree in law. You will gain a better understanding of the American judicial system and society through this course.

Did You Know?

In a legal environment, you will be required to apply ethical practices, critical thinking, and analytical skills, all of which you can develop at UMass Global. At the end of the program, you can demonstrate your capability to conduct current legal research.

Abraham Lincoln University

Abraham Lincoln University

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Abraham Lincoln University’s online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies teaches students about the legal system in a comprehensive way. You’ll be taking core courses in legal studies and choosing electives that reflect your particular interests.

With this program, students can gain a foundation for career advancement in law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, non-profits, or paralegals. The National Association for Legal Assistants certificate exam is available to students upon completion of this bachelor’s degree program.

Graduates of the Legal Studies program will be able to integrate legal studies into business, and they can apply it to their assigned tasks in the legal field. You’ll learn to research and write legal matters using online and in-person library resources. Finally, you’ll be an expert in communicating both in oral and written formats. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

The main point of the coursework in this online program is to improve your communication, legal writing, and legal research skills. With live or archived online classes, you can complete the degree program in as little as 160 weeks.

Did You Know?

After graduation, you can take the certification exam by the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Dominican University

Dominican University

(Online) Bachelor of Professional Studies in Legal Studies

Learn the nuts and bolts of the legal system by enrolling at Dominican University’s online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Legal Studies. Economic, philosophical, theological, and historical disciplines are all utilized in this degree program.

Upon graduation, you will be prepared to work at legal departments, law offices, and other legal organizations. Paralegals can prepare for certification exams by taking courses in areas such as civil litigation or real estate law.

The completion of your degree is an achievement that transforms your life. Dominican will be alongside you as you reach your goals. A dedicated advisor will make sure you progress toward your goals by checking in with you regularly.

A variety of services are available to you, including tutoring, research assistance, and writing assistance. They also can assist you in finding a job. 

What Makes this Program Unique:

Your academic journey can be relaunched at Dominican. Dominican is always updated with the changes and needs of the legal industry. They are willing to help you overcome obstacles and balance academic, professional, and personal demands. They also offer credit transfers for previous courses. 

Did You Know?

You can complete your degree in as little as 20 months by taking courses year-round with an accelerated eight-week format. In addition, Triton College offers evening classes if you want to combine online and in-person classes.

Florida National University

Florida National University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies

Start your legal career today. No matter what your professional goals are, Florida National University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies program is a solid plan to start your legal career.

As a student in this 120-credit Bachelor’s in Legal Studies program, you will learn about criminal law, tort law, and civil litigation in the American legal system.

You should be able to analyze complex legal data critically and communicate it clearly as a graduate. It’s a stepping stone to becoming a lawyer or getting into law school.

Some of the courses you’ll take in this online degree are the following:

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students enrolled in the program are prepared for careers in the legal field by enhancing their analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Did You Know?

In addition to employing and developing proficient teachers and scholars, FNU strives to provide every student with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their chosen careers. A quality university education will be facilitated by providing the latest technology, small class sizes, and the educational facilities required to support intensive study.

Herzing University

Herzing University

Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Herzing University comes with an online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies program. You will be prepared for a variety of different legal careers through this 125-credit undergraduate program.

Their online or on-campus programs provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to prepare for law school, including legal research, contract law, family law, legal office procedures, ethics, and torts.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Become part of a high-quality learning environment with instructors who have real-world experience. Their faculty and staff will provide support for your career advancement. They’re always ready to offer comprehensive career counseling along with comprehensive student services.

They have rolling admissions, so it’s convenient for all kinds of students. 

Did You Know?

Earn dual credit towards an MBA degree program while building a strong foundation in pre-law concepts. Herzing’s online legal studies program offers students a strong background in management and administration, as well as a more advanced understanding of the law. If you plan to become a lawyer, a bachelor’s degree is also a great place to start.

Courses in an Online Bachelor's in Legal Studies

Legal Ethics

An introduction to the ethical and professional responsibilities of the legal profession is provided in the legal ethics course. Regulations governing the practice of law and their accompanying reasons are emphasized, as are the standards of care expected of those in the field.

In addition to marketing and client relationships, fees, and communication, important ethical issues are discussed. A practical application of the model rules will also be discussed.

Family Law

Students will learn about the legal and procedural requirements of family law. This course is usually taken in the higher years of legal studies. Throughout the course, students explore a variety of legal procedures as well as extrajudicial methods.

Students will tackle topics such as domestic violence, marital agreements, divorce, custody, annulment, and same-sex marriages.

Civil Practice and Procedure

This course examines how civil cases are heard in court. There will be an emphasis on lawsuits, pleadings, orders, and motions.

In civil cases, students will also learn how depositions and discovery are conducted, how trials are conducted, how judgments are rendered, and how the courts and clerks operate.

Real Property Law

One of the fields that is interconnected with legal studies is real estate. In real property law, students will examine fundamental topics such as petitions, ownership, and transfers. A variety of real estate financing topics will be covered, including mortgages, insurance, foreclosures, and short sales.

Simulated real estate closings will allow students to apply theory to practice.

Legal Research 

Research occupies a huge portion of legal studies. It is essential for legal professionals to research existing legal documentation and gather evidence to support their cases. Legal documents are used to collect and evaluate relevant evidence in this course.

Specializations in Legal Studies

Students can customize their degrees based on their career goals by concentrating in subfields related to legal studies. If you are thinking of specializing, here are four branches that you can consider taking:

Paralegal Studies

Students with a concentration in paralegal studies may enter legal offices as paralegals or legal assistants. The responsibility of paralegals includes assisting with corporate and legal meetings, as well as preparing documents and paperwork.

As documentation and data collected during a case increase, paralegals use technology and computer software to manage and organize them. This specialization will help you become efficient in such roles.

Labor Relations

Concentrations in labor relations include workplace law, collective bargaining, and negotiations. Concentrations in mediation, labor organizations, or human resources are ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in these fields.

In addition to knowing federal and local labor laws, as well as trends in collective bargaining, this requires familiarity with economic and wage rate data. A student in labor relations specialization should take courses in labor law, economics, collective bargaining, and human behavior.

Disability Advocacy

Focusing on disability advocacy includes issues such as support services, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and state and federal legislation. This legal studies concentration is a great fit for individuals who are interested in providing legal assistance to disabled individuals.

Law Office Management

For those who are interested In Legal Studies And Management, the law office management specialization should be your cup of tea. Law office management specializations prepare students for managerial positions in law firms by including courses in law office technology and business organizations.

Possible Jobs for Online Bachelor's in Legal Studies Graduates


In addition to representing and advising their clients, lawyers correspond with judges, clients, and other key people in the judicial system. They defend their clients in the courtroom and take responsibility for organizing any useful documents or evidence to strengthen their client’s cases.

Attorneys can represent clients in a wide range of areas, including family law, corporate law, and environmental law. Lawyers must take the American Bar Association exam before they can achieve this title.

Court Reporter

Hearings and depositions in court must often be documented and transcribed. This is the main role of court reporters. A court reporter records and transcribes speech with the use of specialized equipment, such as stenography machines.

Court reporters earn certifications, but an online bachelor’s in legal studies is a solid plan for their career.

Contract Specialist

The contract specialist prepares and monitors contracts between an organization and its suppliers or clients. Their employers rely on them to negotiate contracts and handle contract breaches. A bachelor’s degree in legal studies can prepare you for this role.

Arbitrator, Conciliatory, or Mediator

Conciliators, arbitrators, and mediators assist in resolving disputes outside of the court system. A dispute can be decided by an arbitrator, who is typically an attorney, a business professional, or a retired judge. However, unlike arbitrators, mediators do not render binding decisions.

They are usually in the middle ground, whose aim is for both parties to reach an agreement. Finally, conciliators facilitate agreements between opposing parties, but they usually meet with each party separately. 

Compensation Manager

In line with human resources and labor relations, the compensation manager oversees the company or entity’s performance evaluation and rewards system. They ensure fair pay rates and equal treatment among employees.

Health insurance and pension plans are managed by employee benefits managers and specialists.

Nonprofit Manager

If you want to work for a nonprofit, you can become a nonprofit manager after graduating with a bachelor’s in legal studies. Law and public policy are often the focus of nonprofit organizations. Law graduates often work in nonprofit settings rather than directly in the legal field.

Among their responsibilities are planning fundraising initiatives, managing budgets, and strengthening relationships with corporate sponsors.

Recruitment Specialist

Recruiting and placing new employees is the responsibility of employment specialists, who work either in-house at large corporations or with recruiting firms. Recruiters are responsible for finding, interviewing, and filling current and future positions within an organization.

How much money do Legal Studies graduates make?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do Legal Studies graduates make?

Fortunately, careers and specializations for legal studies professionals are diverse. Positions, experience, locations, and organizations have a significant impact on salary potential.

Glassdoor puts the median yearly salary for paralegals at $55,808. On the other hand, the average legal secretary’s salary is $59,5588. Depending on your career preference, graduating from legal studies programs can help you earn well. 

How can you advance your career in Legal Studies?

In most cases, law school begins with a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. Law school application requirements should be familiar to students enrolled in online legal studies bachelor’s programs. The most common way to advance your career in legal studies is to proceed to law.

In this case, a bachelor’s degree is typically required, and you must submit letters of recommendation, personal essays, scores, and internship or work experience evidence.

Why enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Legal Studies?

Research, analysis, and writing skills are emphasized in legal studies programs. With these skills alone, you can pursue different careers that pay well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is seeing that the jobs for paralegals and legal secretaries will grow by 4% in the next decade.

Summary Points

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