5 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Military Studies in 2023

The pursuit of a career in military service has always been a noble and respected choice. For individuals driven by a passion for national security, strategic planning and leadership, completing one of the online degrees in military studies offered by colleges across the nation can serve as a gateway to fulfilling and impactful opportunities.

Online Degrees in Military Studies - fact

The field of military studies encompasses a diverse range of subjects such as historical analyses of past conflicts, geopolitical dynamics and contemporary warfare strategies. By enrolling in an online bachelor’s degree program in military studies, students gain access to a comprehensive curriculum that delves into military principles, international relations and ethical considerations in armed engagements.

Featured Programs

Online military studies or military science degree programs offer a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that empowers graduates to assume roles within various military branches, intelligence agencies, defense organizations and even diplomatic arenas.

Through state-of-the-art virtual classrooms and interactive modules, military science students collaborate with experienced faculty who bring real-world insights to the learning process. The virtual environment enables a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering an engaging and intellectually stimulating educational experience.

The Lowdown

Enrolling in the best bachelor’s degree in Military Studies equips students with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of not just military principles and strategic planning, but also international relations. Students will have a strong foundation for a successful career in various military and defense-related fields.

The Bachelor’s in Military Studies is a more comprehensive program that covers various aspects of the military while a Bachelor’s in Military History specifically focuses on the study of military events throughout history.

Graduates of this program have many career options in both the military and civilian sectors. In the military, graduates can become military officers in various branches of the armed forces, military strategists and intelligence analysts, among others. In the civilian sector, military studies graduates can serve as security consultants, defense analysts for private firms, military historians who explore American or European history or global history, experts in the military sciences, and crisis management specialists, among many others.


Several universities and colleges across the nation are offering online military studies degrees for bachelor levels. To make your choice as to where you should enroll more conveniently and quicker, we have gathered a list of some of the top educational institutions that offer the best military studies bachelor degree programs in an online or hybrid setup.

The schools in our list, sorted randomly, are selected based on certain criteria. In essence, the Bachelor’s in Military Studies or Military Science degree online programs offered by top educational institutions, each of which is recognized for these academic features:

  • Delivered as an online or undergraduate hybrid program on a robust virtual education platform to accommodate non-traditional learners,
  • Features rigorous coursework covering military history, strategic planning, critical thinking, military leadership, international relations and defense policies,
  • Offers options to focus on specific areas like Military Intelligence, National Security, or Leadership.
  • Provides opportunities for internships, field training and simulations to apply theoretical knowledge,
  • Designed to cultivate strong leadership skills and decision-making abilities,
  • Offers opportunities to connect with military professionals and organizations for career advancement,
  • Features federal financial aid for eligible students,
  • Employs expert instructors with real-world military experience and academic qualifications in the field,
  • Earned academic accreditation, proving that it delivers high-quality undergraduate education.

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5 Best Online Bachelor’s In Military Studies Programs

Considering only a few institutions offer bachelor’s degree in military studies in the US, we are including some universities and colleges offering bachelor’s degrees in military history. Take note though that these two programs are not the same although they share some similarities.

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University

Bachelor of Science in Military Studies (Online)

Columbia Southern University offers online courses on Bachelor of Science in military studies programs in three concentrations, namely:

Each program requires students to complete 120 credit hours and is designed to equip graduates with a thorough comprehension of military operations, communications, strategies and outcomes.

CSU is an online university that earned the SACSCOC or Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges approval. It also earned the nod of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

What Makes this Program Unique:

CSU is part of the American Council on Education (ACE), a major coordinating organization for higher education that influences public policy through research, advocacy and program initiatives.

The University also upholds high-quality education for its students by continuously implementing Quality Matters (QM) standards into their online courses.

Did You Know?

CSU is an online university offering a variety of web-based degree programs at certificate, associate, bachelor, master and doctorate levels. It is a subsidiary of Columbia Southern Education Group.

Aside from offering some of the most affordable tuition rates compared to its competitors, CSU also offers various ways to save on your educational goals, including:

  • Transferring as much as 90 previously earned college credits
  • Federal student aid assistance
  • Military and veteran benefits
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Net price calculator tool

Hawai‘i Pacific University

Hawai‘i Pacific University

Bachelor of Science Major in Diplomacy & Military Studies (Online)

The Hawai‘i Pacific University offers Bachelor of Science Major in Diplomacy and Military Studies as one of its online programs. This course requires students to complete 120 credits, including at least 36 credits from Upper-Division Major Requirements (and Electives) including the following subjects:

  • War and Society: Antiquity to Modernity
  • US Military History
  • US Diplomatic History
  • The Historian’s Craft
  • History of Military Thought
  • International Relations
  • National and International Security
  • American Foreign Policy

HPU is accredited by the WASC  Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

What Makes this Program Unique:

The Diplomacy and Military Studies (BS) at HPU aims to equip students with a strong foundation in the fields of international relations, history and political science.

The university is proud to be a “community that cares” which means that staff and faculty care for the development and success of the students, who will then graduate equipped with the skills and experiences to give back to the communities and to make a difference in the world.

Did You Know?

HPU is:

  • approved for veterans’ benefits
  • authorized to enroll nonimmigrant alien students

As an applied learning institution, the university also offers a wide range of career-related work experiences, hands-on research, and internships as a fundamental part of the curriculum. 

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online

Bachelor of Science in Military Studies (Online)

Liberty University offers a 100% online Bachelor of Science in Military Studies with 120 credit hours. The program’s coursework encompasses cultural studies and military history to provide context for existing military policy and threats and provides students with the skills and knowledge to provide the US with defense support both at home and overseas.

Some of the subjects in the university’s military studies degree program include:

  • Methods of Military Analysis
  • Military Leaders and Leadership
  • Middle Eastern Warfare
  • Korean and Vietnam Wars

LU is a SACSCOC-approved institution.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Students of this program have four specializations to choose from, namely:

  • History, which includes the History of American Entrepreneurship, and is an ideal career path for those interested in defense and military contracting;
  • International Security, which is a research-based specialization perfect for those interested in defense intelligence careers;
  • Professional, which is ideal for veterans and active service members; and
  • Resiliency, which equips students with the skills to support veterans and soldiers transitioning to civilian life.

LU also offers tuition discounts and other benefits to military students worldwide, including active service members, retired or discharged from service and even their spouses.

Electronic textbooks are provided for free, which saves a full-time student around $800-2,000 annually. 

Did You Know?

LU has been considered a Christian college since 1971 which means that all courses are taught from a biblical perspective with a goal not just to produce skilled professionals but exceptional ones with a reputation for trustworthiness and good ethics. Students from any faith, however, are still welcome to study at the university.

The University is ranked in Niche.com’s top 3 online schools in the USA, which reflects the institution’s dedication to accessibility, academic quality and affordability.

The University’s Experience Plus program allows students to finish their degrees quicker.

American Military University

American Military University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Military History

The American Military University offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in Military History with 120 credit hours. Online courses can start monthly and can be completed from 8 to 16 weeks.

The University is part of the American Public University System or APUS, which the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has accredited. HLC is recognized by the Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

What Makes this Program Unique:

AMU’s program focuses on historical points of view:

  • Major historical battles and their effects
  • War technological innovations and their impact on society
  • Leaders and military/people management
  • Philosophies and strategies of war
  • Military conflicts and their effects

Students can enjoy discounted costs per credit through the University’s many grant options including military and veteran grants.

Did You Know?

AMU was founded to serve military service members. Its faculty members are generally current or former military leaders and published authors. 

Norfolk State University

Norfolk State University

Bachelor of Arts in History – Military Science (Online)

Norfolk State University offers Bachelor of Arts in History degrees in its online program. There are two B.A. History degrees that students can choose from.

Each degree requires 120 credit hours.

NSU is accredited by the SACSCOC. It is also accredited by the NCATE – National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, which covers a variety of fields including History Education (BS History and MAT).

What Makes this Program Unique:

The Lyman Beecher Brooks Library is NSU’s campus library that caters to the informational and scholarly requirements of the University’s students and faculty. E-books, library catalogs and electronic full-text journals, among other resources, are accessible online through any campus computer or remotely.

Did You Know?

Experience the NSU Virtual Tour to get a glimpse of the impressive 134-acre campus of Norfolk State University.

Career Options for Graduates of Bachelor in Military Studies

Graduates of a bachelor’s degree in military studies have multitude of career options in both the military and the civilian sectors.

The following are the military career options:

  • Military Officers in various branches of the Armed Forces, namely the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard, lead troops and oversee operations.
  • Military Intelligence Analyst who interprets and analyzes data to support military decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Roles in special operations units, conducting high-risk missions and specialized tasks.
  • Military Strategist who formulates and implements strategic plans and operational tactics.
  • Military Diplomat who represents the country’s interests and builds relationships with foreign military counterparts.

The following are the graduates’ civilian career options:

  • Defense Analyst for government agencies or private firms, conducting research on defense policies and military strategies.
  • Security Consultant who advises businesses and organizations on security measures and risk management.
  • Intelligence Specialist for civilian or private intelligence agencies and companies that analyzes geopolitical trends and security threats.
  • Military Historian who researches and documents historical military events and their impacts.
  • Public Policy Analyst who provides insights on defense and security-related matters for government agencies or think tanks.
  • Crisis Management Specialist who coordinates responses to emergencies and disasters.
  • International Relations Specialist who navigates complex diplomatic matters between nations.

These career options demonstrate the versatility of a Bachelor’s degree in Military Studies, preparing graduates for a diverse range of professions where their knowledge of military principles, leadership skills and strategic expertise are highly valued. 

Salary Prospects for Graduates with Bachelor in Military Studies Degree

Below are just some of the many career prospects of those who completed their Bachelors in Military Studies degree and their average or median annual salaries.

Emergency Management Directors

Median Pay: $76,730 per year

Emergency management directors formulate and implement response protocols for natural disasters and various emergencies. Additionally, they assume leadership during and post-emergencies, spearheading the coordinated efforts to address and mitigate the impact of these critical situations. The projected growth rate for this job from 2021 to 2031 is 3%.

Commissioned Officer (US Army)

Median Pay: $122,480 per year

The base pay for a commissioned officer in the US Army is estimated at $96,330 per year while additional pay including bonuses can go as much as $26,160 per year. Commissioned officers are assigned to plan for the development of enlisted soldiers and lead them. They also act as key influencers, problem solvers and managers.

Army Intelligence Analyst

Average Pay: $65,800

Intelligence analysts conduct threat assessments, identify potential targets and analyze social factors that could impact military operations, and disseminate their findings to the commanding officers. The salary for this position can go as low as $56,200 to as high as $76,400.

Private Sector Intelligence Analyst

Average Pay: $89,980 per year

The role of private sector intelligence analysts involves gathering, analyzing and disseminating vital intelligence information to ensure public safety. The analysts will be responsible for investigating novel data sources, formulating efficient queries and examining policies to provide clients with actionable intelligence and essential context. The annual salaries for this position can go as low as $55,000 and as high as $140,500.


Median Pay: $63,940 per year

The career outlook for historians, in general, from 2021 to 2031 is 4%, which is as fast as the average growth. Historians are responsible for researching, analyzing, interpreting, and writing about historical events through the study of historical documents and sources.

Security Consultant

Median Pay: $123,290

The annual salary for a security consultant in the United States ranges from $105,350 to $147,970. The consultant evaluates the security and risk levels of businesses or organizations, offering solutions and recommendations for implementing security measures and safeguards.

Veterans Service Officer

Median Pay: $50,380

Entry-level positions for the veterans service officer position start at $40,000 per year and can go as high as $85,644 per year for the more experienced workers. A veterans service officer assists veterans and/or their families in accessing their benefits from the military and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of completing the military with a degree in Bachelor in Military Studies over earning any other bachelor degree?

While individuals can enlist in the US military as early as 17 years old, joining the armed forces with a Bachelor in Military studies degree provides many advantages compared to having only a high school diploma or any other bachelor degree. Below are some of them.

  • Specialized military knowledge provides a head start in understanding military principles, operations and national security
  • Accelerated learning curve allows for quicker adaptation to military protocols and strategies
  • Enhanced leadership skills make graduates strong candidates for leadership roles in the military
  • Better military career alignment
  • Established networks within the military community provide opportunities for mentorship, support and career advancement.

Bachelor’s in Military Studies essentially provides graduates with a specialized set of skills and knowledge that is directly relevant to military operations and leadership. This advantage positions them for a purposeful and impactful career in the armed forces, where they can contribute significantly to national defense and security efforts.

Who can enroll in a Bachelor in Military Studies degree?

Anyone can enroll in Bachelor’s in Military Studies programs, but the admission requirements differ from one institution to another. The eligibility criteria typically include the following:

  • High school graduates
  • General Educational Development (GED) certificate holders
  • Military Members including active-duty military personnel, reservists and veterans
  • Non-military-affiliated individuals (civilians)
  • Mature learners or non-traditional students

Make sure to verify the specific admission requirements and eligibility criteria with the educational institutions you’re interested to enroll in for your Bachelor’s in Military Studies program.

Does the online Military Studies bachelor degree program offer opportunities for internships or field training to gain practical experience?

Field training and internships can greatly enhance the learning experience for students, as they will be able to apply their knowledge in different settings. The availability of these practical opportunities in an online military studies bachelor’s degree program, however, will depend on the school and the curriculum.

Some online military studies programs may only focus on theoretical and academic learning, while others may provide practical experiences through virtual simulations, practical exercises and collaborations with government agencies, military organizations and private defense/security companies.

Prospective students are highly encouraged to research, assess and inquire about the specific Military Studies or Military Science program they’re interested in to verify the availability of experiential learning opportunities. Below are some of the things that can be done:

  • Check out the program’s website
  • Read the program’s course catalog and description
  • Contact the admissions officer, program coordinator or academic advisor
  • If provided, research the background of faculty members for any real-world military experience and network
  • Look for the program’s affiliations with military organizations and security-related companies, if any
  • Inquire about internship and practical training opportunities with the student support services

Summary Points

  • A Bachelor in Military Studies program covers a comprehensive range of topics in the armed forces including military tactics, military principles, warfare history and even international relations.
  • Students gain a comprehensive understanding of modern warfare, leadership strategies, and the evolving dynamics of national security. It differs from the Bachelor in Military History program, which specifically focuses on past military events as well as methodologies needed to effectively chronicle historical accounts. Both programs provide valuable insights but they cater to different aspects of military studies, equipping graduates with distinct skill sets for their respective career paths.
  • Despite its name, active service members are not just the ones who can enroll in a Bachelor in Military Studies. High school graduates, GED holders, civilians and mature/non-traditional learners can also study in the program. The eligibility criteria and admission requirements, however, will depend on the school offering the program.
  • Furthermore, graduates of the Bachelor in Military Studies degree program have career opportunities not just in various branches of the military but also in the civilian sector as well. With their expertise in military tactics, intelligence analysis, and defense strategies, they become valuable assets in private companies.
  • As intelligence specialists, they contribute to gathering critical information and assessing threats. Defense analysts employ their knowledge to provide insights on security issues, while security consultants offer expertise in safeguarding businesses and organizations. This versatility empowers Military Studies bachelor degree holders to make significant contributions in both military and civilian domains, making their skill sets in high demand across various industries.

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