10 Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Forensic Accounting

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Realistically, many crimes all over the US are caused by money or cash. There is no doubt that white-collar crimes are motivated by greed for money. The use of money encourages several types of criminal behavior, leading to the correlation between money and crime.

For justice to prevail, Forensic Accounting comes into the picture.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Forensic Accounting - fact

Forensic Accounting experts are in high demand, so earning an online bachelor’s degree in Forensic Accounting is an excellent way to get involved. These specialists are responsible for investigating white-collar crimes.

As the world becomes more digital, forensic accountants assist with investigating theft, fraud, money laundering, and embezzlement, examining transactions, and monitoring illegal activity. They analyze financial information in court proceedings, contract disputes, and bankruptcy proceedings.

Earning an online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting is a great springboard for a profession in the industry. The job market for graduates is diverse, ranging from private organizations, banks, and insurance companies to law firms and other government agencies.

If you take a look at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they will show a forecast of 6% job growth for auditors and accountants in the next decade.

The Lowdown

Students with Forensic Accounting degrees learn to analyze financial data to identify fraudulent activity. Students learn how to obtain and present evidence that can support investigative companies as they deal with legal scrutiny.

Forensic Accounting, auditing, and investigative reports are some of the most common careers for forensic accountants. Law firms, insurance companies, and government offices employ many Forensic Accounting graduates. Financial and tax law are combined with accounting and business law knowledge in Forensic Accounting online degrees. 


We have used the following aspects as we narrowed down our list of the best online colleges with online degrees in Forensic Accounting. Each online degree program or college was found to have these attributes:

More information can be found on our Methodology page.

College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Colleges with Online Degrees in Forensic Accounting

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

(Online) Bachelor of Science in Accounting – Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

Detect fraud by investigating financial records through an online Bachelor of Science in Accounting – Concentration in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination degree available at Southern New Hampshire University. Learn in-depth about the auditing process, develop investigative skills to identify fraud, document it, and prevent cybercrime through a Forensic Accounting degree online.

The degree can prepare you for a rewarding career in Forensic Accounting by equipping you with critical thinking skills and essential business knowledge. A BS Accounting degree aligns with major content areas of the revised Certified Public Accountant exam, giving you a head start on your career in Forensic Accounting.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The CFE credential indicates your expertise in fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence, which makes you more attractive to employers. As certified fraud examiners, you will be acknowledged by the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

An undergraduate Forensic Accounting degree can give you a head start toward becoming a CFE, but a master’s degree and work experience are required.

Did You Know?

With an online Forensic Accounting degree, you will gain the specialized knowledge you need to succeed. You’ll be adept at investigating financial information and auditing. You can also learn and apply the ethics needed for decision making during investigative accounting.

Franklin University

Franklin University

Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

There are many colleges offering graduate-level Forensic Accounting degrees, but Franklin University is one of the few schools offering a Forensic Accounting bachelor’s degree program.

With this foundational program, you can enter the Forensic Accounting industry right after graduation. Then, you’ll be qualified for an exciting career position without committing the time and money to a graduate program.

The study of Forensic Accounting complements other majors, such as accounting, business administration, or business forensics, which enhances your marketability.

What Makes this Program Unique:

A special accreditation has been awarded to Franklin University’s Ross College of Business by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education.

Did You Know?

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting – Auditing and Forensic Accounting

Purdue University Global offers an online bachelor of science in accounting with auditing and Forensic Accounting specialization. A CPA or auditor prepares taxes for all sorts of companies, examines financial records, and gives fiscal advice. You can utilize Purdue Global’s bachelor’s degree program to land your dream job in Forensic Accounting.

Throughout this program, you will be working alongside faculty and professors who have Forensic Accounting experience and expertise.

During the course of your study, an internship or capstone project will also be completed in accounting that will enable you to apply all your learning from online discussions and lectures to real-life situations.

Discover, recognize, and prevent fraud perpetrated against individuals and organizations by building investigative skills and accounting knowledge.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Accounting knowledge and expertise are required in nearly every industry. In addition to accounting firms, corporate accounting or tax departments, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies, graduates of this bachelor’s degree in Forensic Accounting program may pursue careers in the FBI and other investigative agencies in private and public fields.

Did You Know?

You could achieve the educational requirements to take the CPA or CMA exams by successfully completing the Bachelor of Science in Accounting program.

Utica University

Utica University

Online Bachelor of Science in Fraud & Financial Crime – Financial Investigation

With a Financial Investigation focus, students are taught to detect unusual financial patterns, understand fraud prevention on a wide scope and tackle white-collar crime in businesses. Utica University offers an online BS in Fraud and Financial Crime – Financial Investigation for students to gain this expertise. They also learn essential interviewing and interrogating skills.

The 100%-online program at Utica University equips you with the skills to recognize, study, and create reports and evidence for fraud.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Additionally, this concentration covers accounting techniques, including recent advances in crime investigation, as well as crucial investigative skills. Data analysis, tracing illicit funds, due diligence, and assessing financial fraud damage to an organization will be covered.

Additionally, corporate finance coursework provides insight into typical financial operations that can help you detect and flag suspicious activity.

Did You Know?

Scholarships are generally not available for Utica University’s web-based BS in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation students. There are, however, numerous third-party scholarships available to non-traditional students.

Several financial assistance options are available to veterans, members of the reserves, and active military personnel and their dependents.

Utica University also offers spouses and partners a 10-percent tuition discount.

University of Northwestern Ohio

University of Northwestern Ohio

Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

The University of Northwestern Ohio offers a bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting program. This online course combines lecture-based instruction with applied skill development, personal attention, and low tuition rates to prepare students for CFE accreditation.

In this program, white-collar criminals are caught, documents are obtained for examination, internal controls are tested, and compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is ensured.

You’ll begin taking accounting classes during your very first quarter as a student in the University’s Accounting Programs. Usually, accounting courses aren’t offered until the third year of college in some other learning institutions. As many of their professors are certified public accountants themselves, they bring their real-life accounting experiences into the classroom.

As a part of the program, students complete general education courses followed by technical courses covering topics such as digital forensics, litigation, personal taxes, contract law, managerial accounting, and corporate governance.

180 credits are required for the program, most of them transferable from another regionally accredited school.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The UNOH accounting program will prepare you for today’s workplace with strong managerial skills. Your skills will include organizing financial reports, evaluating financial operations, and making recommendations to management. The financial statements will also be examined for compliance with legal requirements. 

Did You Know?

Davenport University

Davenport University

Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

The online Forensic Accounting bachelor’s degree at Davenport allows students to examine the finances of an individual or organization using accounting, auditing, and investigative skills.

As globalization and economic growth continue, accounting and fraud examiners will be in high demand. As a graduate of Davenport’s Forensic Accounting program, you might be able to land a high-paying position with accounting firms, government agencies, and private businesses.

In addition to introductory courses in fraud investigation, Davenport’s Forensic Accounting degree offers relevant Forensic Accounting courses like the following:

What Makes this Program Unique:

With Davenport’s expert professors, you’ll learn from leaders who hold top management positions and hold doctoral degrees and professional certifications, such as the Certified Fraud Examiner.

You can integrate your auditing and security coursework to further your understanding of criminal investigation principles, methods, and techniques.

By completing a Forensic Accounting program, you will develop skills in accounting, computer security, and legal investigation that are essential to fraud investigation.

Did You Know?

The graduate will be prepared for roles in fraud investigation, internal auditing, and internal control in the public accounting sector as well as the private sector. They are taught to conduct research, and participate in service-learning activities, including Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

Through internships and job shadowing, you can acquire the accounting skills necessary for Forensic Accounting positions.

Point University

Point University

Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

Point University’s online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree with a Specialization in Forensics and Fraud is another great choice for you to prepare for an accounting career. This program is structured to provide you with the knowledge and skills for applying Forensic Accounting principles. This can be applied when tackling business investigations, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, and dispute cases.

The program prepares students to examine, scrutinize, inspect, and investigate fraud as a specialized accountant. In order to ensure that Forensic Accounting findings are used to expose criminals, course projects often involve identifying the current use of Forensic Accounting findings in court cases.

Students understand, interpret, and apply sound accounting and financial management concepts. In addition to the fraud triangle, internal controls, and various investigation techniques, graduates use strategies and tools to detect and deter fraud.

What Makes this Program Unique:

With its comprehensive curriculum, the online bachelor’s degree in accounting program provides you with theoretical and practical foundations. Forensic Accounting courses are designed to develop graduates who are capable of detecting and preventing financial fraud.

Did You Know?

Students can transfer up to 75% of the required courses (usually 90 credits) from another accredited institution into this program, which will significantly shorten the degree completion time.

Online students also take advantage of their mentorship program to advance their professional and personal development.

Champlain College

Champlain College

Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

The Forensic Accounting minor is offered at Champlain College. This online degree prepares students for careers in law and insurance, corporations and not-for-profits, and even governmental institutions.

In addition to complementing the Accounting and Digital Forensics program, this 18-credit minor is available for learners who want to analyze and collect digital evidence through financial analysis.

A Forensic Accounting minor prepares students for occupations that involve solving financial crimes, frauds, and any money-laundering cases.

What Makes this Program Unique:

The thrill of investigation and problem-solving is combined with expert skills in managing and processing financial information in Forensic Accounting.

Various industries and fields will require more forensic accountants and investigative auditors as financial regulations tighten up and white-collar crime continues to increase.

Did You Know?

Graduates are a step closer to becoming certified by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners upon graduating from Champlain with a minor in Forensic Accounting. They also earn the Certified in Financial Forensics credential.

Eastern Oregon University

Eastern Oregon University - Online

Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

Eastern Oregon University’s Forensic Accounting degree can be earned as an undergraduate degree with a foreign language requirement or as an undergraduate degree with an additional science major. There are two major options for Forensic Accounting, both of which offer a foundation in accounting, business, law, and macroeconomics.

It focuses on critical issues such as corporate governance, fraud control, and internal control. Graduates are also prepared to take the CPA exam. The program takes three years by part-time or full-time distance learners. Transfer credits from previously attended schools are accepted up to 135 quarter credits.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Eastern Oregon University offers online accounting degrees since there are no on-campus requirements. In this creative digital format, you’ll be able to access the same professors, content, and opportunities you’d enjoy on campus.

Students can take advantage of innovative, engaging online education delivered by professors who work on campus and are experts in their field.

Did You Know?

Through this accredited bachelor’s degree curriculum, you are prepared to take industry-specific licensure exams. The online accounting degree program at EOU can help you enter an exciting, dynamic field if you want to earn any certification in the field of law. 

Indiana State University

Indiana State University

Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting

Become a forensic accountant by completing the online Forensic Accounting minor at Indiana State University. This is an ideal degree to help you prepare for investigating money-related crimes.

You can attend this 100% online Forensic Accounting degree program no matter what your major is. A criminology or criminal justice major, as well as a business major who wants to detect and prevent fraud, would find this course an ideal choice. This minor will give you training to use practices and tools in order to detect fraud cases. 

All the professors at Indiana State teach your online courses full-time. Two courses in criminal law and procedure and one course in criminal investigation will be taught in the field of criminal justice.

What Makes this Program Unique:

Business majors and criminology majors interested in detecting and preventing fraud should consider this minor.

During the minor, you will be exposed to 18 credit hours of coursework relating to accounting, fraud examination, and investigative skills, which are necessary for investigating, detecting, and preventing fraud. Online Forensic Accounting minors can often be completed by students with courses within their majors.

Did You Know?

Although ISU strives to offer all of its online programs to as wide a range of students as possible, not all states, US territories, and Canadian provinces may have access to ISU’s online education.

Career Pathways for Graduates of Forensic Accounting Programs

Career Pathways for Graduates of Forensic Accounting Programs

Accounting Consultants

In Accounting Consulting, financial information is analyzed and recommendations are developed to enhance, improve, or streamline financial processes, workflows, and efficiency.

Securities Investigator

A good example of these analysts’ work is investigating suspicious investment activities such as insider trading, investment scams, and Ponzi schemes. Typical duties include staying up-to-date on changes to financial regulations, examining market movements for illicit investments, and determining if suspicions are valid.

Forensic Accountant

In addition to investigating financial crimes, forensic accountants also conduct investigations into insider trading, insurance fraud, and tax evasion. Interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses are typical tasks in this position, as well as spotting suspicious financial activity.

Financial Examiner

Organizations must comply with financial regulations under the supervision of financial examiners. Regulatory compliance is reinforced by financial examiners staying current on changes to finance laws, reviewing financial records, and establishing procedures and policies.

Fraud Examiner

The job of fraud examiners is to determine whether fraud allegations are true, or whether they are false. Analyzing financial data and interviewing suspects and witnesses helps them detect irregularities that might indicate fraud.

Online Bachelor's in Forensic Accounting Courses

Online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting Courses

Corporate Finance

Study the general principles of business finance, including governmental regulation, business conditions, and the impact of general market conditions on financial plans and operations. It will cover raising fixed capital, securing investments, managing incomes, expanding, and overcoming financial difficulties.

Statistical Analysis

Students gain practical experience analyzing financial data and detecting improbable transactions by applying statistical tools. Analyzing inferential data and analyzing discrete and continuous probability distributions are among the topics covered in this course.

Advanced Auditing

The Advanced Auditing course involves verifying financial reporting accuracy using financial analysis knowledge. It develops auditing skills, as well as fraud detection and reporting skills.


The course explores the principles and techniques required for investigating financial cybercrimes and obtaining admissible forensic evidence. Dark web investigations are also taught to Forensic Accounting degree-seekers.

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing

In this course, students analyze documents, examine internal controls, trace funds, preserve evidence, and analyze business interruption losses.

Financial Analysis

This course develops analytical skills so that they can examine the financial health of a company, report findings to the corporate leadership, and recommend ways that profit can be maximized. Analyzing cash flows, assessing trends, and assessing risks are all explored as part of the coursework.

Fraud Examination

During their course, students study fraud prevention and detection, including payroll fraud and consumer fraud. As students interview witnesses, testify in court, and obtain evidence in accordance with legal standards, they also acquire advanced knowledge.

Where to Find Work as Forensic Accountants

As a forensic accountant, you can work in a variety of organizations. Due to the high level of fraud today, qualified forensic accountants and similar professionals are in greater demand than ever before.

Others may work exclusively for one company, while some work independently as freelancers. Forensic accountants may work in the following areas:

Private Accounting Firms

Accounting firms are displaced everywhere in urban settings. A forensic accountant usually begins his or her career as an accountant in an accounting firm and then advances to become one. Most of the clients for these firms are private businesses.

It is the duty of accounting firms to collect evidence and uncover fraud; perform computer forensics; count financial losses caused by internal fraud or misconduct; and conduct fact-finding interviews. CPAs and CFEs certified in Forensic Accounting must work as forensic accountants in accounting firms.

Financial Consulting Companies

As a forensic accountant, you analyze financial records, gather evidence, investigate corruption, assess a company’s vulnerability to fraud, and conduct interviews with victims and suspects for a financial consulting firm.

Financial consulting companies are usually hired by businesses that are suffering from internal and external financial scandals. 

In a financial consulting firm, forensic accountants have less strict requirements than those who work for other agencies, but they should still have an accounting bachelor’s degree. It would also work in your favor if you’ve had internships and real-life work experiences.

The accountant should also be proficient in Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet applications. 

Law Firms

For those with a solid background in law, you can be a hired forensic accountant in law firms. Law firms typically use forensic accountants as in-house financial consultants. Besides conducting investigative audits for the company, they also conduct them with or for potential clients.

A forensic accountant is also capable of translating complicated jargon into more understandable terms for everyone’s perusal. 

A financial expert can also be found through their services. Law firms require much stricter requirements for forensic accountants than other companies. In general, applicants need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, experience working in litigation and must be a certified fraud examiner. 

Public Organizations

If you want to help communities and societies, it’s a great idea to work in public offices and administrations. Throughout the course of their days, forensic accountants employed by government agencies, such as the IRS or FBI, face a variety of responsibilities.

Tracking illicit funding sources, gathering evidence, preparing financial investigation reports, creating financial profiles of suspicious people, investigating criminals’, spies’, and terrorists’ financial histories, participating in interrogations, discussing strategy with law enforcement, and presenting expert testimony are among their responsibilities.

In order to qualify for an entry-level accounting position, applicants should have a bachelor’s degree, and it’s a plus if you’re also a CPA.

Online Bachelor's in Forensic Accounting Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from an online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting degree?

It takes a four-year, full-time study to earn an online bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting. The online bachelor’s degree in Forensic Accounting typically takes two years to complete for those with prior associate degrees in accounting.

However, an online bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting may be structured differently and individually. There are many aspects that come to play. The application materials must include transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, and other information.

Standardized test scores may not be required for some programs. Also, there are those that would allow transfer credits so you can save time and money.

Why should students choose an online Bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting?

The benefits of earning a degree in Forensic Accounting online are numerous. In-person programs usually cost more than distance learning programs.

Furthermore, students can avoid the costs of on-campus housing, transportation, and parking by choosing to learn remotely. It is mainly why many students opt for online bachelor’s than on-campus counterparts.

In most cases, aspiring students encounter two formats when choosing an online Forensic Accounting degree. Synchronous learning involves students attending classes and tests in real-time.

On the other hand, asynchronous formats allow students the convenience of listening to lectures in recorded formats and answering their exams at their own pace. However, if a student doesn’t have discipline and time management, it can be easy to fail in an online bachelor’s in Forensic Accounting program.

Is Forensic Accounting a financially rewarding career?

It is possible to grow in the field of Forensic Accounting. Companies are seeking financial security specialists and risk management analysts to expand their investigative departments.

As a forensic accountant, you can also work as a private consultant and assist companies with their financial records.

You can also pursue freelancing or opt to open your own Forensic Accounting firm. This career is not only personally fulfilling but also financially rewarding. With experience, you should be able to increase your income potential for forensic accountants.

Summary Points

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