Top 7 Best Online Doctor of Finance Degrees in 2023

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Earning an online Doctorate in Finance is a big decision that should be carefully considered.

The intensity of any doctorate program can wreak havoc on even the most academic individuals, causing feelings of doubt and insecurity about their qualifications. You must find a program that meets both your needs and your personality.

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Why do you feel the need to pursue a Doctor of Finance degree online? Is it required for your job? Do you believe an online Doctorate in Finance will help you earn more money?

When contemplating a significant milestone as important as this, you should be confident that the benefits outweigh the costs.

A Doctor of Finance degree is an advanced academic qualification designed to provide graduates with in-depth knowledge of accounting, finance concepts, and techniques. It equips students with the skills necessary to make efficient and effective financial decisions. This degree program is ideal for those who have a sincere interest in the business world and wish to pursue a career in finance or become a leader in the field.

Doctor of Finance degree holders typically pursue careers as finance professionals in corporations, financial institutions, and government organizations. A finance doctorate builds upon a foundation of basic and advanced financial theories, emphasizing the importance of technology and research.

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If you enjoy a good challenge, value your education, and want to feel a sense of accomplishment that no other award can provide, you are an ideal candidate for a doctoral program in Finance. Opportunities will abound, and you will be able to shape your destiny. 

While the number of online schools offering Doctor of Finance degree programs is limited, there are several that can meet your requirements. Those who are genuinely interested in obtaining this degree should go for it! Your wisdom and knowledge will determine your success. 

The cost of a Ph.D. program is prohibitively expensive to attend. If you have family responsibilities, consider the time and financial commitment that a program of this nature will necessitate, which is why our first factor in our ranking is the program’s affordability.

The teaching staff is another indicator of an excellent Doctorate in Finance program. Our list of online DBA and Ph.D. degree programs is taught by professionals, many of whom have made significant contributions to the finance field. Online instructors in these rankings use cutting-edge virtual platforms and tools to provide students with easy access to their coursework.

For more information on our rankings, please visit our Methodology page.

7 Best Online Doctor of Finance Degrees

Cambridge College

Best Online Doctor of Finance Degrees in 2022 7

Online Doctor of Business Administration – Quality Systems & Improvement Management

Cambridge College Global offers a low-cost, world-class education that is literally at everyone’s reach. Their online learning platform is ideal for the modern busy adult.

This Online DBA – Quality Systems Management degree is available to students enrolled at the New England Institute of Business at Cambridge College. This online Ph.D. in Finance is an excellent choice for students who want to gain the expertise needed to succeed in one of the finance professions.


Henniker, New Hampshire


  • New England Commission of Higher Education

Program Features:

  • The curriculum includes ten core business courses that allow students to learn about and investigate current business practices, research, and trends. Doctoral students become experts in this field after taking five additional courses for the QSIM specialty.
  • Doctoral students complete assignments, conduct research, and complete other required academic tasks, such as presenting their findings at a professional conference on their own.
  • DBA in QSIM students synthesize what they learned in class by conducting independent, unique, and relevant research that can inform business practice, resulting in the program’s final deliverable — the publication of a dissertation.

Course Options:

  • Quality Systems and Project Management
  • Business Analytics and Strategic Decision Making
  • Financial Management and Fiscal Leadership
  • Benchmarking, Reengineering, and Cost of Quality
  • Business Operations and Supply Chain Management


  • Online application for admission
  • Non-refundable application fee of $75.00
  • A master’s degree earned from a Department of Education-recognized agency
  • Official college transcripts (bachelor’s and master’s degree conferrals)
  • Essay (approximately one to two pages) describing how the Program will assist the applicant in achieving personal and professional goals.
  • Current Resume (reflecting at least eight years of work experience)
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English as established through SAT or the ACTs, or other methods documenting the student’s fluency in English (see Policy on International Students for more information on the TOEFL)
  • Required personal interview, generally conducted via telephone.


Financial Aid:

  • Loans
  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Student Employment
  • New tax-related credit options

What’s Unique About The Program:

This college believes in its students and encourages them to study at their own pace. The DBAQSIM Doctoral Dissertation, on the other hand, is one of the most difficult among the best online doctorates in Finance.

It requires students to conduct rigorous research that must produce tangible results, inform practice, and contribute to the body of knowledge in business. However, as a result, students learn how to be an expert in conducting real-world quantitative and qualitative research.

Kansas State University

Best Online Doctor of Finance Degrees in 2022 1

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Personal Financial Planning

Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University have a fantastic opportunity upon graduating. It is also one of the least expensive online Ph.D. programs. 

This cohort program allows students to complete most of their coursework at home while requiring each student to return to school for ten days every summer for three years.

This program format gives students the impression that they know their classmates and professors while also pursuing their careers and education.


Manhattan, Kansas


  • Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Program Features:

  • Online students are encouraged to connect with faculty, peers, and the university during three consecutive summer residency sessions on the campus.
  • It is a 90-credit Ph.D. program designed to provide talented and ambitious students with the expertise and tools to succeed in their chosen financial field.
  • The degree will prepare you for a career as a financial planning professional, researcher, or college or university faculty.

Course Options:

  • Investing for the Family’s Future
  • Estate Planning for Families
  • Insurance Planning for Families
  • Personal Income Taxation


  • GMAT/GRE scores from within the last five years
  • A 3.0 (B) or higher undergraduate and graduate GPA. In some cases, the school may accept a 2.75 if the previous 60 hours of study were at least a 3.0.
  • 2-page personal statement
  • 2-page research statement
  • resume and curriculum vita
  • letters of recommendation

     Additional Requirements for International Students:

     Proof of English Proficiency for Graduate Students Test and minimum scores:

  • TOEFL iBT 79
  • TOEFL PBT 550
  • IELTS 6.5
  • PTE 58


Financial Aid:

  • Fellowships
  • Traineeships
  • Teaching Assistantships
  • Research Assistantships

What’s Unique About The Program:

Students will travel abroad as a group for the final summer session to see firsthand how global markets operate and how they affect financial planning in the country and worldwide. 

Atlantic International University

Best Online Doctor of Finance Degrees in 2022 3

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Finance

Atlantic International University’s online Ph.D. in finance program is designed to prepare students for careers in research and teaching.

The goal of the finance doctoral program is to prepare academics for positions at AACSB-accredited universities nationally and globally.

The program includes coursework, comprehensive exams, teaching experience, and dissertation research. It helps students develop substantial competencies in the theory, practice, and analysis required to advance finance knowledge while considering individual backgrounds, experiences, and goals.


Honolulu, Hawaii


  • ASIC – Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities

Program Features:

  • The program focuses on crucial computer science research areas in the context of financial decision-making and modeling.
  • Students select from diverse courses to tailor their degrees to their career goals and personal interests.

Course Options:

  • Economic Statistics
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Financial Economics
  • Empirical Applications in Finance
  • Econometrics
  • Theory of Finance
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Macroeconomics and Finance
  • Statistical Methods


  • Five years of field/life experience.
  • A curriculum vitae presenting an overview of education, work, or publication to establish a professional background.
  •  A master’s degree (or the equivalent) obtained from an accredited program.

Applicants may also need to submit one or more of the following documents to determine their eligibility.

  • References from members of the professional and academic communities are sufficient. On occasion, the Committee on Doctoral Studies may request additional references.
  • One sample of scholarly research or professional writing in any format. The student should describe in detail any published or unpublished research, thesis, contributions to professional or scholarly literature, and other academic or professional experience relevant to evaluating their capacity to pursue doctoral study successfully.


Financial Aid:

  • Scholarship
  • Grants

What’s Unique About The Program:

The program highly trusts its students to undergo “self-learning” (with professional guidance), a collaborative curriculum development that is unique for each student. The flexibility of schedule and place of study provides what most people consider the ideal learning environment.

This program is designed to meet each student’s individual needs while also providing personal development. Atlantic International University exists as a distance learning and experiential learning institution. There are no classrooms, and attendance is optional.

Liberty University

Best Online Doctor of Finance Degrees in 2022 6

Online Doctor of Business Administration in Finance

The Doctor of Business Administration in Finance offered at Liberty University is entirely online. Students are provided with advanced training in professional management and human resource development as part of the degree program.

The emphasis on Finance prepares students to achieve the highest level of business knowledge from a financial standpoint. It begins with an overview of financial analysis, and then students study financial management, capital investment decisions, financing decisions, and value creation management.

In this DBA degree program, you will not only gain knowledge of research methods as well as an understanding of how to apply them correctly, but you will also have the opportunity to make practical, real-world applications.


Lynchburg, VA


  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges

Program Features:

  • This program provides insight into key financial components, including the fundamentals of investments and options and the various aspects of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Doctor of Business Administration – Finance graduates will have specialized finance training and will be prepared for a fulfilling career in the corporate world.

Course Options:

  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Strategic Allocation of Financial Resources
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management


  • Admission Application
  • Application fee
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Official college master’s degree transcripts from a college or university accredited by ACBSP or AACSB


  • $595 / credit hour

Financial Aid:

  • Grants and Loans
  • Scholarship
  • Military Tuition Discount

What’s Unique About The Program:

You will not only take courses that will help prepare you for management at the highest levels of the corporate world as part of Liberty University’s DBA online degree, but respected business professionals will also mentor you.

These mentors will work with you to teach you how to increase your influence and advance your career with excellence and integrity. If they see great potential in you, these mentors will most likely give you job recommendations to improve your current career.

Trident University

Best Online Doctor of Finance Degrees in 2022 8

Online Ph.D. in Business Administration with Accounting Finance Concentration

Trident University is dedicated to providing an exceptional online educational experience for its students – a diverse group of adult learners that includes current and former military members.

Faculty and staff foster a learning community where students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to improve their lives and advance their careers while adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence.

Trident University offers an Online Ph.D. in Business Administration with a Finance Concentration that develops individuals into thought leaders and innovators who will become tomorrow’s teachers, researchers, and scholars.


Cypress, California


  • Higher Learning Commission

Program Features:

  • The curriculum for the Ph.D. in Business Administration is designed to help you develop advanced research skills. In your Ph.D., you will demonstrate and apply these skills to the creation of new knowledge. 
  • Individuals who complete this program can pursue careers as teachers, researchers, and scholars of the future.

Course Options:

  • Accounting and Financial Management 
  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Finance 
  • Quantitative Finance


  • A master’s degree earned from an academic institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • 3.0 minimum GPA on the transcript of the most recent master’s degree
  • A current CV specifying your professional and educational background
  • Scholarly Writing Sample
  • Two reference letters from individuals with direct knowledge of your academic and professional performance and potential for graduate studies.
  • Proof of English proficiency (international students only)


Financial Aid:

  • Federal Loans
  • Grants and Scholarship
  • Veteran and Military Benefits

What’s Unique About The Program:

  • Students in this program have unrestricted access to their e-books via the school’s Virtual Library. This is extremely beneficial to students who cannot afford dissertation books. This is also the only program that accepts up to 28 transfer credits.

National University

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Financial Management

National University, a for-profit online university, offers a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a Financial Management Specialization online.

The program at this university provides a strong foundation in business administration principles and advanced knowledge and financial management.

This online Ph.D. in finance program is intended for working professionals who want the rigor and flexibility of a Ph.D. program. Graduates pursue careers as university faculty and various research and private positions in investment banking, financial planning/analysis, and other fields.


Scottsdale, Arizona


  • Western Association of Schools & Colleges, Senior College & University Commission

Program Features:

  • The online Ph.D. program requires 60 credit hours spread across 20 courses to complete.
  • This program teaches students how to justify effective business solutions, interpret legal compliance, stakeholder ethical concerns, and how social responsibility impacts business conduct.
  • Students will most likely learn to assess the challenges and opportunities presented by the global business environment and diagnose an organization’s health.

Course Options:

  • Doctoral Studies in Business
  • Doctoral Comprehensive Strategic Knowledge Studies
  • Scholarly Literature Review
  • Ethics in Business


  • Master’s degree from an accredited university
  • Online application
  • Academic evaluation
    • Direct Entry: Students with a previously completed master’s degree must also have:
      • A generalized business area (business administration or business management) or
      • A specialized business area (Master of Finance) AND an undergraduate degree in business
    • Evaluation Track: Individuals who do not meet the direct entry requirements must evaluate their transcripts to see if their previous coursework meets the Standard Curriculum requirements.


  • $510 per credit hour

Financial Aid:

  • Federal Stafford Loan
  • Federal Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Special assistance for military personnel and veterans

What’s Unique About The Program:

Many online programs allow you to take classes without leaving your house, but only a few offer weekly course starts, no scheduled lecture hours, no group assignments, and the ability to schedule courses around your personal and professional obligations.

This program provides the most flexibility. You will be able to turn in your assignments as early as you want during the week, allowing you to schedule school around your life rather than the other way around.

Walden University

Best Online Doctor of Finance Degrees in 2022 4

Online Doctor of Business Administration in Finance

Walden University, a for-profit online university founded in 1970, provides various online degree programs, including an online Doctor of Business Administration with a Finance Concentration.

Walden University is a well-known online university known for its business degrees. The Doctor of Business Administration in Finance is no exception.

The hybrid program at the school allows students to continue learning from the comfort of their own home, with only a few trips required for intensive residencies throughout the degree program.

Walden also offers a finance concentration for students who have already begun to specialize their education in this field.


Minneapolis, Minnesota


  • Higher Learning Commission

Program Features:

  • Throughout the 49-credit program, students are encouraged to combine practice and theory to apply new knowledge to organizational problems.
  • At the doctoral level, coursework also focuses on the development of writing and critical-thinking skills. 
  • Students are required to complete eight days of academic residency (divided into two 4-day periods).

Course Options:

  • Financial Decision Making for Individuals and Firms
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Financial Markets: Capital Structure, Risk and Return, and International Dimensions of Finance
  • Research Theory, Design, and Methods


  • Official transcripts
  • Resume showing work history
  • Employment history and education history
  • Submitted application


Financial Aid:

  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Transfer Of Credit
  • Program-Specific Savings
  • Grants And Loans
  • Military Savings
  • Partnership Savings
  • Alumni Referrals
  • Alumni Savings

What’s Unique About The Program:

Students pursuing a finance concentration in the DBA program will gain finance tools that will assist managers in maximizing the value of their firms, such as valuation, capital budgeting and structure, working capital management, multinational concepts, and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).

Students will also gain finance expertise and investigate advanced theories such as option pricing, derivatives, and hedging. Above all, Walden University provides the most financial aid options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Main Differences Between a Ph.D. in Finance and a DBA in Finance?

Many students believe that earning a prestigious online Doctor of Finance degree will result in more money in their bank account. However, a doctorate will not necessarily increase your pay in this field.

Many finance career opportunities, such as corporate executives and finance CEOs, do not require a doctorate. A master’s degree is frequently sufficient for a corporate management position. As a result, if you’re getting a degree “for the money,” don’t bother. 

So, if an online doctorate in Finance isn’t going to fatten your wallet as much as you’d hoped, what will it do for you? Job security may be a good reason to pursue this type of degree.

H.R. will be more likely to hire you if you have a higher degree because they will see you as an asset to their institution or company. Earning a doctorate will undoubtedly increase one’s knowledge in the field of Finance.

Without a doubt, as an expert in your field, your talents and skills will be significantly valued by all prospective employers. If you want to conduct academic research or work in management, a Doctorate in Finance is the path to take.

There are two kinds of Doctorate in Finance programs that can help you achieve your objectives – a Ph.D. in Finance and a DBA in Finance. 

While these degrees are different, there are several similarities between the Ph.D. in Finance and the Doctor of Business Administration in Finance. They both require similar coursework, exams, and a doctoral dissertation at the end because they are both doctorates.

Both finance programs typically require program candidates to have a strong background in advanced economics and mathematics. But, a DBA and a Ph.D. in Finance take different approaches to the subject and have distinct objectives throughout their curriculum. A full-time student may take four to five years to complete both degrees.

The Ph.D. in Finance

PH.D. Finance information

Ph.D. in Finance programs are academic degrees that are more theoretical. Ph.D. research focuses on developing business knowledge, and this degree is widely regarded as a stepping stone to a career as a college researcher or professor.

Ph.D. students are on the cutting edge of evolving markets and theories because this degree is focused on research. 

These Ph.D. students are exploring and pushing the boundaries while educating tomorrow’s leaders who will manage the changing markets.

Graduates of this program frequently pursue careers in the public sector and consulting and research positions in business or administration.

The DBA in Finance

A Doctor of Business Administration in Finance is a professional degree that emphasizes practical business training. DBA programs typically include a curriculum that focuses on vocational training and how to apply theory and research to real-world business scenarios.

Although the practical coursework is immediately applicable to corporate management and leadership, graduates are also qualified to apply for a faculty position in a business school.

Assume you’re looking for a specific Doctorate in Finance program. These are not the only Doctorate in Finance degrees available, and individual programs will undoubtedly differ from the descriptions provided.

Some courses may concentrate on financial economics or financial services. It would be best if you contact admissions advisors at your preferred business school to learn more about the programs they offer.

What Are The Concentrations Offered for an Online Doctoral Degree in Finance?

Accounting and Finance:

Accounting and finance doctoral programs offer a solid foundation in both disciplines. These degree plans, which are generally geared toward individuals interested in a career as a university faculty member, require completing a dissertation and greater emphasis on grasping research methods and processes instead of direct industry training in mathematical and financial concepts.

Financial Management:

Students in this business administration concentration learn advanced finance skills, research and development techniques, and effective strategies for creating projections and dealing with ROI issues. Course knowledge is built on a solid foundation of current industry theory, ensuring students’ success in the complex global finance environment.

Personal Financial Planning:

Students pursuing a doctorate in personal financial planning develop an interdisciplinary skill set that combines empirical statistics and research, financial planning theories, and an understanding of how human social contexts, cultures, and relationships can influence financial planning processes and outcomes. This program prepares graduates for careers in industry or academic pursuits.

What Is The Curriculum for an Online Doctoral Degree in Finance?

Introduction to Empirical Methods:

These introductory courses provide a solid foundation in academic and theoretical research methods by delving into various techniques and quantitative tools used in Finance and economic analysis.

Applied Behavioral Finance:

Finance course PH.D. need to know

Students apply current behavioral finance theory and research to real-world scenarios such as financial planning and business practice through lectures, active discussion, and written assignments.

Topics in Macroeconomics:

Macroeconomics topics courses usually concentrate on two or three major current research areas, such as economic growth or wage inequality. Students read relevant literature and participate in class discussions.

Finance Theory:

You can expect to take a few finance theory courses for your online doctorate in Finance. Students learn about single period and dynamic models at all levels, from introductory to advanced.

Economic Analysis:

Economic analysis courses, which are typically part of a sequence of multiple microeconomics theory courses, cover topics such as consumer and producer choice and the nature of equilibrium in competitive markets.

What is The Career Path For a Doctorate in Finance?

What is The Career Path For a Doctorate in Finance?

Financial Manager

Financial managers supervise all actions taken by employees in charge of budgeting and financial reporting. They are in charge of creating financial statements, forecasts, and business reports. Furthermore, they examine current market trends to identify ways to increase its profits and broaden its consumer base. 

Those with a Ph.D. may have a better chance of getting raises and promotions. Furthermore, because most employers prefer candidates with at least a master’s degree, those with a Ph.D. will have an advantage over those without, making it easier for them to secure a potential job.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts collaborate with project and program managers to develop a budget. They apply their knowledge to assist top executives and managers in analyzing plans and making changes to ensure they meet expectations. Those with a Ph.D. in Finance will have taken data analytics and economics courses, preparing them to excel in this role.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Compensation and benefits managers assist businesses in determining competitive wage rates and modifying existing compensation agreements accordingly.

They design a pay and benefits structure for organizations and oversee the distribution of employee pay and benefits information. They also look for and select insurance brokers, investment managers, and benefit vendors. 

Individuals with a Ph.D. will manage employees effectively and have the tools needed to create new organizational structures.

Commodities, Securities and Financial Service Sales Agent

Commodities, securities, and financial service sales agents spend most of their time monitoring financial market performance and buying and selling when necessary to increase profit or mitigate the impact of a loss.

They examine a company’s finances and determine its worth using their data analysis skills. Furthermore, they calculate the initial investment cost of a business agreement and forecast the potential financial gain. 

Those with a Ph.D. will be well-versed in any type of investment due to their extensive knowledge of all areas of Finance.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief financial officers (CFOs) oversee all financial transactions of a company or organization, and they provide leadership and guidance to finance departments to ensure that they comply with the law and run efficiently. 

They compile all financial transactions of the company’s database, analyze them, and present their findings to upper-level executives in an understandable manner. Furthermore, they monitor all record-keeping regularly to ensure that the company and its departments comply with IRS guidelines.

Because CFOs must be well-versed in state and federal laws and aspects of Finance, economics, and business structure, those with a Ph.D. will have the educational background and skills required for such a position.

Collegiate Teaching (Postsecondary Teacher, Economics)

Working as a postsecondary teacher entails dealing with students regularly and passing on knowledge to the next generation. With a Ph.D. in Finance, an individual will be able to teach students about global economics and finance theories, financial modeling, and the tools used in the field. They will need to create instructional plans, student assignments and assess student progress regularly.

Financial Consulting (Personal Financial Advisor)

A personal financial advisor offers personalized investment advice on a variety of topics. This Ph.D. in Finance will better prepare you to understand and discuss insurance, investments, college savings, taxes, and other financial planning topics. A financial consultant will be required to meet with clients individually, explain various financial services, and recommend services they may need.

Corporate Policymaking (Top Executive)

Companies’ top executives are responsible for various tasks, one of which is developing the financial policies that will guide their organizations. You will also be responsible for staff management, contract negotiations, and budgetary oversight. A Ph.D. in Finance will prepare you to develop the financial policies that will guide your organization.


Economists are in charge of researching how resources are produced and distributed. This Ph.D. in Finance will provide you with the economic knowledge you need to understand the fundamental concepts of this field. You will need to conduct economic research, collect data, develop financial models, and present your findings to stakeholders.

Investment Research (Financial Analyst)

Financial analysts are in charge of providing financial advice to both businesses and individuals. Your Ph.D. in Finance will provide you with the knowledge you need to make sound investment recommendations. Financial trends, financial statements, and business data will also need to be evaluated.

Should You Consider an Online Doctorate in Finance?

Should You Consider an Online Doctorate in Finance?

Professionals with demanding work schedules are frequently unable to attend a traditional college or university. To help these students, many business schools now provide distance learning.

Online programs allow students of all backgrounds to earn degrees ranging from an associate’s to a doctorate while maintaining their current schedules. 

Pursuing a degree, regardless of the program, is not cheap. Many students across the country have no choice but to work while attending classes, so online coursework allows them to create schedules best suited to their specific professional and familial obligations.

The Online Doctorate in Finance is comparable to, and often identical to, a traditional on-campus program. Distance learners benefit from the fact that they can complete coursework in the evenings and on weekends, allowing them to schedule their coursework around their current obligations.

Online students take the same rigorous courses as on-campus students from professors with extensive experience and knowledge in the finance industry.

How Long Does a Doctorate in Finance Take?

It typically takes 5-6 years to complete a doctoral degree in finance. This includes the completion of coursework, comprehensive exams, and a dissertation defense.

Watch this for more career information:

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