100 Ways to Make Money in College

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With the increasing costs of college education in the United States, it’s only practical for students to earn on the side while studying. This has been a common practice for most students and has been proven to have been recurring for over 25 years now.

A report conducted by shows that 43% of full-time students and 81% of part-time college students work while maintaining their studies. And even while doing so, learners incur student loans and debts.

According to, the average annual expense for a student’s higher education learning is $36,436. This includes tuition fees, room and board, and other school fees. If, by a higher chance, you get awarded a scholarship, grant, or loan, there is still a need for you to save up money for additional school expenses.

So, historically speaking, the new normal has begun wherein 70% of all students have a full-time to part-time job while in college.

With the country and the entire global crisis faced by everyone else due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people from all races, ages, generations, industries, and statuses have been affected financially. College learners are no exception. But there is no need to lose heart.

The time will come for the nation to revive the economy again. And even at these times, other industries have grabbed the opportunity for new businesses and innovations. Hence, there are several good points about this adverse situation now. People just need to take advantage of them.

Did you know that there are numerous jobs you can do to help finance your college education? Whether you want to work remotely, flexibly, full-time, or part-time, you have countless opportunities and options at your disposal!

100 Ways to Make Money in College

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College Cliffs is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Tutor other students.

Do you have a knack for teaching? Whatever ages of students you’d like to handle, you can teach them with a specific subject like Math, Science, History, and Language. 

Becoming a tutor online is easy, and you can highlight more than one specialization, and it will give you a pool of students who can view your profile. One of the most trust-worthy online companies that provide tutoring opportunities is

Sell products online.

Become an entrepreneur at an early age. You will never know if it’s going to hit the market, and it can pave a whole lot of opportunities. What you need to do is find a product that you believe is marketable. Know your niche and find the most effective medium to sell them online.

Nowadays, there are a lot of potential customers shopping via Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, and even Instagram, too. Try to educate yourself of the best ways to start selling online.

Use your car for transportation services.

The transportation industry always depicts a budding growth and increase. According to Statista, the population of the U.S. will steadily increase in the coming years, at least until 2024. Your job applies to urban areas where there are numerous passengers and a growing population. Pick the best-match car riding application to get started.

Work in a catering business.

This job may entail some physical labor as you need to move here and there. Catering businesses usually mean you will be assigned to different venues for parties and events. The median salary for caterers is $15.38 per hour, according to PayScale. The work won’t get in the way of your studies because you can schedule the job on weekends.

You have much information and opportunities available online, or you can even find some local catering businesses around your area.

Be a local travel or tour guide.

The U.S. has a very active and vibrant tourism industry. You will find a lot of work opportunities to become a tour guide. Check job postings on as they always have assignments for tour guides.

Otherwise, if you wish to promote and advertise your tour guiding services, it is also useful to sell your services on social media platforms.

Be a personal shopper.

Other people might be too busy with their careers and jobs that they could barely afford the luxury and time for shopping. This opens an opportunity for you to offer your shopping services. Learn the ins and outs of being one.

Read some guidelines about this specific line of business so you can start as soon as possible. If you enjoy shopping, this job is a fun and flexible way of earning!

Work as a part-time or full-time barista.

According to a 2019 report conducted by Project Café USA, there has been an estimated 3.8 percent growth for the branded coffee shops, which results in a total of 35,616 coffee shops all over the U.S. This data would prove that you can find a barista job almost everywhere in every state.

You can look out for job postings in local areas. Check some blogs about being a barista if you haven’t had any experience in this job yet.

Teach English online.

So, you don’t have any experience teaching English online? Not a problem. Many online companies are seeking for native English speakers who can explain the language to foreigners all over the world.

Maximize your resources online, so you can find the best company to work as an English teacher. The best thing about it is it pays well, and you only need to work remotely too. If you have a quiet place and a decent internet speed, then go for it.

Be a babysitter or nanny.

If your neighborhood is home to families and young couples with babies, apply as a babysitter for them. This would be the easiest and safest way to land a nanny job.

You already know your neighbors and vice versa, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you. The median salary for babysitters in America is $10.85 per hour, and that is somewhat good pay already.

Work in a café or job as a food service worker.

The food industry in the U.S. takes up about one of the strongest sectors in the country. You can find varieties of cafes and restaurants almost everywhere. You can either walk-in and apply to be a food service staff, or apply online. There are always job postings available on Indeed.

Whether you want to wait on tables, take orders, or help in the back kitchen, there are many jobs available for you. You’ll get tips on top of your salary, and that’s a huge plus for cash-strapped college student like you!

Find a call center representative job.

One of the many industries that offer a lot of jobs for Americans is the call center industry. Studies show that 66% of the contact centers of companies are located in the U.S. This would entail numerous job openings and positions for job roles in these contact center segments.

You can either work remotely or report in an office setting, depending on the company you apply for. The pay is healthy for you, and the job itself is less demanding compared to other tasks.

Be a pet-sitter or dog-walker.

Just like babysitting a baby, the same opportunities can be found with pets or dogs. Some dog-owners are too preoccupied with their daily lives; they can barely spare some time to walk their dogs outside. Dogs needed to be walked for an hour or so. offers many job opportunities to pet-sit some farm animals, dogs, cats, or other pet animals that some family owns. Grab this chance and get paid as a pet-sitter.

Be a librarian.

If you are a book worm and you have vast knowledge in literature, then you can put that in good use by becoming a librarian. Build up your LinkedIn profile and apply for many job postings as a librarian.

The U.S. has a total of 116,867 libraries, and they sure can employ you as a librarian, or as a library assistant. Take your chances by working for something that you are passionate of.

Become a brand ambassador.

Many organizations and companies promoting specific brands in different industries offer jobs for ambassadors. This work entails you to participate in promotional events, so you need to go to the venue in person and build rapport with clients, hand out sample products, and show up in company booths.

This is a win-win for you because you can broaden your network while getting paid at the same time.  Median average pay per hour for this job is $17 per hour.

Manage and market social media of companies and businesses.

Many businesses are on the lookout for young college students who want to earn extra to work for them as a social media manager. Younger generation people are on social media for long hours than anyone else, so they are the perfect candidate for such a job.

You can work as a part-time online social media manager and earn about $24.00 per hour. Among the tasks involved in this job includes scheduling, posting on social networking sites, and customer engagement.

Become a campus tour guide.

You can be a working student at your university and school. Just apply to your own school’s recruitment department for tour guides. Being a campus tour guide leaves an impact on some prospective and future students of the school. You need to be knowledgeable enough about your school’s history and have vast academic information.

This job will give you the power to influence other students to decide which school to attend for college. In most cases, you will report two hours a week to give a tour for guests and students.

Translate documents from a local language to English.

Take advantage of your mother tongue or knowledge of local languages. If you are bilingual or multilingual, being a translator can help you pay the bills for the school. This job is less demanding since you will only need to do everything online.

What you can do is find some useful online sites that can provide you with a continuous supply of translation projects. You might want to try TextMaster, OneHourtranslation, and Gengo.

Paint houses.

If you have tried painting houses or backyards, then you can land a house painting job easily. You may get referrals by someone you’ve worked with before, or you can directly apply to some companies or house owners.

The setup of this job is project-based, so you need to deal with the working schedule with your boss. You enrich your knowledge of the craft while also improving and strengthening your painting skills.

Find a cleaning job.

Cleaning jobs always provide flexibility in terms of schedule and time preferences. If you only have free time in the evening, that won’t be a problem. There are many establishments that you can apply for directly as a walk-in or get referred by a friend or colleague.

Or, you can also check out online job sites for cleaning jobs. This may physically demanding but it’s a decent source of additional income for students.

Work as an online data entry employee.

Students would want to work remotely because it is generally more convenient. One of the clerical jobs in demand right now globally is the online data entry job, and you can check online postings for this job.

It could be similar to a Virtual Assistant’s role but with a more specific task of inputting data for the company’s systems or software. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed as it is not a job that is impossible to learn.


If you are passionate about writing, and you have a specific niche that you are specialized and knowledgeable in, then use that to your advantage. Make a personal blog and make money from it.

WordPress is the most basic and most comfortable to set up your website. Educate yourself on how to make money from this platform. Some of the different ways include Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, Paid Membership, or Google AdSense. 

Become an interpreter for foreigners.

The US has the most immigrants in the world, with 48 million people in the year 2015, according to the United Nations. This would mean foreign individuals or businesses would need an interpreter’s services.

Whether you will work for a specific business person or an office in general, this would help you earn extra money. You can be on-call if some meetings need your interpreting skills.

Be a bank teller.

A bank teller’s job is truly beneficial for you if you are studying anything related to business and finance. In the U.S., one in every four tellers is employed as a part-time employee. You can work flexibly and gain maximum knowledge about how the industry operates.

This is helpful for your future career in the same field of expertise. Consider it as a stepping stone to finding a secure job after graduation.

Write articles online.

Become a freelance writer and work for different projects and employers. The most important thing about this job is to advertise your writing services or regularly apply for writing projects.

There are so many advertisements on Craigslist, but make sure and be careful to assess whether your employer is legally going to pay for your services.

Countless sites are more secure and legit like Onlinewritingjobs, Scalenut, and of course, you can never go wrong with Upwork.

Be a line cook or assistant sous chef.

If you have a passion for cooking, then this is the right job for you. There is a constant demand for line cooks, and you can check online postings all the time. The best part of this job is that you can improvise your skills in cooking as you earn more practical learnings.

Gain insight into the restaurant and kitchen industry. This could even lead to more opened doors of opportunities for your future career.

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Work as a retail sales associate.

Whether you want to be working for the apparel, sportswear, or makeup industry, these companies have a constant demand for sales associates in their retail stores. Apply online or submit a resume as a walk-in applicant.

This job requires you to come to their stores and shops, so it would be preferable to apply somewhere which is conveniently located near your home or school.

Join a telemarketing company.

Being a people person who has excellent communication skills would be a great candidate to be a telemarketer for different industrial companies.

If you have these qualities and more, then you might want to try applying as a sales telemarketer. There are many foreign BPO companies all over the world. You can work at home or your employer’s office if you prefer.

Work as a cashier.

Whether you want to work in a restaurant, trading, or merchandising industry, there is always hiring for cashiers all over the United States. Salaries for cashiers would vary depending on your city, but the average salary for this job is $27,260 in the year 2021.

As a cashier, you will have to report in the actual shop or store. But it won’t be a trouble as long as you let your boss know about your available time.

Be a property specialist for real-estate projects.

Advertisements for this job are abundant all over Google. There are many real estate companies looking for people who are potentially great at building rapport with prospective clients.

If you have fantastic interpersonal skills, and you’re quite confident in handling inquiries and businesses with different kinds of people, then you can work as a property specialist. This can also be your foundation for a future career in the real estate industry.

Become a personal care aide.

Being a personal care aide is suitable for you if you are taking education for caregiving. This will prepare you and hone your caregiving skills before graduation. Your patients in this job will vary from cognitively impaired ones to patients who are battling some mental illness.

You will be there to support them and care for them in their daily routines. This requires you to have face-to-face interaction all the time. The median hourly rate for this job is $14.87, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Be a personal fitness trainer.

Whether you plan to be an online fitness coach or a one-on-one trainer in the gym, you can do so by advertising your services online. You can post ads and market yourself to earn more clients.

Read some blogs on how to reach out to your target market by incorporating different strategies like email marketing, referrals, or posting on blogs. Once you get a client, your network will undoubtedly continue to widen and be broadened.

Bookkeeper for a business or company.

Bookkeeping for a specific business is also a prospective source of income for you while studying. This not only allows you to earn extra money but also trains your financial and accounting skills. It’s the most realistic and practical way for you to apply the things you’ve learned from your accounting education to real corporate situations.

This can be done online or remotely, depending on your employer’s preference. Be updated with different bookkeeping job posts online.

Care for the elderly.

Caring for the elderly is another way to earn an extra income. This job may seem a bit similar to being a babysitter, but you need to take care of an older adult this time. provides job opportunities for you to be employed as a senior caregiver by families.

There are many flexible schedules to choose from so it is suitable for you as a working student. The tasks involved for this work include caring for them on a day-to-day basis.

Work as a lifeguard.

Young students are often chosen as the best candidate for lifeguard jobs. This is because they are vigorous in strength and with their swimming skills. If you are one, then this job will be perfect for you.

Although it is easier to find this work during the Summer season, some resorts or swimming pool facilities offer this job opportunity all year long. You can check job postings for lifeguard online.

Become a sports coach.

Sports coach jobs are readily available for you if you have a particular sport that you’re good at. You can apply for a high school’s team and be an assistant or the head coach. This is perfect for you, as you won’t need to report and work the entire day for it.

Show up for practices, competitions, and sports training. Some local schools need a sports coach, so take a chance and start influencing small kids to be passionate at sports just like you.

Work as a front desk hotel receptionist.

As a student majoring in hospitality and restaurant management, there is no better way than to enhance your knowledge and skills in this industry than to be a hotel receptionist.

Conveniently, you can work three different shifts enabling you to adjust your daily schedules. This job pays an hourly rate of $19 on average.

Be an administrative assistant.

Companies usually hire an administrative assistant all the time. Your job for this role is to answer the phone, organize schedules, and some other paper works and documentations.

You need to work in the office all the time, but you can work as a part-timer since some companies hire more than just one assistant. This is a great stepping stone for you if you wish to pursue a career that requires administrative tasks in the future.

Apply as a department secretary in your school.

One of the most common jobs offered by your college is to be an office secretary in your department. The obvious downside for this is that there will be many candidates and applicants who are your classmates and schoolmates.

It is convenient for you because you can have your work and study all in one place and location: no commutes and no hassles for sure. Inquire from the recruitment staff in your department and send your resume as soon as possible.

Deliver food or parcels for people.

Food deliveries are getting more and more in demand these days. People choose convenience over anything else. Parcel deliveries are also increasing. That is why you can work as a delivery driver in your free time.

Choose from a variety of delivery companies and submit your application. You can do this at your own convenient time. You just need to know how to drive a motorcycle or car, depending on the company’s preferred mode of delivery.

Take a bartending job.

Do you want to enjoy parties and meet a lot of new people while getting paid? Being a bartender might be the best job for you, especially if you’re good at mixing alcoholic beverages.

The fun part is being able to enjoy your work, but the hitch might be that you need to have an all-nighter often. But if you’re a midnight owl, then that won’t be a problem at all. Check out the local bars around you and send in your resume.

Transcribe audio recordings or video clips.

Having a transcribing job is another remote job that is less demanding since you will only need a computer with a high-quality headset. Your main task is to transcribe audio recordings and conversations into wordings and typed dialogues.

Some of the online sites that are popular for transcription jobs are GoTranscript, Rev, and TranscribeMe. There is no pressure for this job as it does not involve any fixed time for working. Everything is project-based, and you need to work your way around with submitting the output on time.

Become a freelance web designer.

Post your advertisements for your web designing services online. If you have the talent for designing and creating web pages and sites, then you can offer your freelance services to businesses and companies around the world. This job is completely done online, so it’s extra convenient for you.

According to CSS-tricks, the base rate for a web designer starts at $75 per hour. But of course, you can haggle with your client, depending on what kind of a site they need you to create. Complex projects are more expensive, and simpler ones may cost below this rate. 

Design graphics and illustrations online.

Accept jobs and projects as a freelance graphic designer or illustrator. If you have the talent and skill for this, then take full advantage of it, as this pays very well. The average pay for being a graphic designer is $27.88 per hour, so imagine how financially helpful it could be.

Whether you’re a beginner or a specialist in this field, reach your maximum potential by doing practical jobs. Each project and task can even be added to your portfolio, earning you more clients for the future. 

Work as a virtual recruiter.

As a virtual recruiter, your job is focused on selecting the best candidate for the company. You will be doing all the interviews and assessments online, so you need to have a right judgment towards reading people and measuring their skills.

You fill in the job orders of the company, especially if they have a fast turnover. This is a very convenient job for you, as it can be done from a distance. 

Be a virtual assistant.

Similar to an administrative assistant, your tasks are all strictly the same except that you are doing everything remotely. Depending on the nature of your company’s business, most of V.A.’s jobs are data entry, scheduling, answering calls and emails, and research.

This is the contemporary job setting where secretaries should be tech and admin-savvy. offers numerous job postings for V.A. positions in different companies.

Become an editor of articles.

Edit articles and any written materials. You can accept to edit in an online setting or a one-on-one project. If you have any connections who need some editing services, then offer yours for a fair deal.

Another option is to apply on Upwork; there are always editing jobs available for beginner editors or student editors. If you know your way with words, then this job matches you perfectly.

Do makeup vlogs and tutorials.

Whoever said you couldn’t make money from your hobby is surely wrong. If you are a makeup geek or a makeup enthusiast, then it’s your time to virtually shine.

Create your set of followers by uploading tutorials and vlogs on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, or even Facebook. Once your videos reach the minimum cap, then get ready to start earning while doing the things you love to do.

Assist researchers online or face-to-face.

Perhaps the first venue you can explore for research assistant jobs is your university or department. Some professors or researchers need to hire some assistants. When you have maxed out your efforts and could not find one, then explore other universities and institutes.

There are a lot of job postings on LinkedIn most of the time. Earn an hourly rate while enriching your researching skills and stock knowledge at the same time.

Be a gym receptionist.

Some gyms operate 24/7, which can be right for you to work as a receptionist, having different shifts. This is perfect for full-time students who have classes from 9 to 5 pm. Gyms are open even on weekends, too, so that you can earn extra cash at any time of the week.

Your task involves membership registrations, handling inquiries, and giving gym tours. Check your local gyms or chain fitness gyms if there are hiring for gym receptionists.

Work as a professional photographer.

If you own a professional camera and you’re a creative and artistic photographer, then it’s time to up your game. Perhaps you can start by accepting small-scale and minor events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and events.

As your networking widens and your photography skills sharpened, you can then accept bookings for weddings, prenuptial photoshoots, and even company events. This job is based on facts and projects so that it will give you flexibility for your time.

Work as a cafeteria worker.

Another university jobs for college students is the cafeteria staff. This is very convenient as you can work in your own school’s cafeteria and have your classes in the nearby facilities and classrooms.

However, just like any other university internal jobs, you would need to compete with many applicants from the same school. As long as you apply early, you can have a fair chance of getting hired.

Become an artisan and sell your art crafts.

Having a talent and skill to draw, paint, or do anything crafty is also one way to earn some extra dough as a college learner. All you need to do is sell your crafts online or join some art and craft events.

You can check some pages on social media for updates. Otherwise, you can make your blog and sell your crafts and items online. Moreover, check some art sites that will enable you to sell your artsy items for free.

Work in a fast-food chain.

The fast-food industry has a total number of 3.7 million workers as of 2018. This means that this industry has allowed a lot of people to make ends meet, sustain their monetary goals, and probably given many students a chance to support their education financially. Often misjudged by others, working as a burger flipper or floor cleaner is a noble job that earns about $13.43 per hour.

Be a software engineering intern.

Taking up education in computer or software engineering will allow you to be a suitable candidate as a software engineer intern in some companies and firms. You get paid while putting your software knowledge into practice. You will also be able to work with experienced and tenured engineers, so make the most out of this job experience.

Organize events and parties.

If you are keen on thinking and coming up with creative concepts for parties and events, you can be a great event coordinator. You can start by being someone’s assistant while working your way into the industry.

Once you have enough knowledge and connections, you can independently offer your services to prospects. This is an available job for you as a college learner as it will not require so much time every day.

Become a museum curator.

The U.S. has a generous number of museums everywhere. As a college student, you can apply to be a museum curator to some school museums or public ones. Your job is to assist during exhibitions, organize these events, arrange artifacts, and handle inquiries. This will require you to work in the museum so find somewhere which is near to your school or home.

Answer surveys online.

Market research is being conducted accessible by most companies, and this is because they want to know how customers think. Companies conduct surveys online and pay the ones who take them. This can add some few bucks to your bank, as long as you can do it stably. Some blogs writing about home-based jobs offer a list of legit companies who pay people to take surveys.

Find voiceover work.

With all the available technology and gadgets nowadays, it’s pretty easy for companies to use A.I. for voiceovers. But there are still a lot of establishments who need authentic voices for narrations, instructional videos, and other forms of media.

So, if you have the talent and a suitable view, then you might just consider advertising your voiceover services on Fiverr and land up with a client there.  

Edit videos.

Many businesses in the U.S. rely on the world wide web for contents, resources, marketing, and many other activities. They also post videos online for whatever purposes they intend it for. Here is where you come in.

You can offer your editing skills and work as a video editor.  You can find freelance video editing jobs all over the internet. You can also learn and use different online editing resources and software.

Work as a supermarket merchandiser.

Your task as a merchandiser in supermarkets is to make sure that the racks are filled with goods that are in their best condition without damages and expiry. You will meet with your manager and assist in all the merchandising jobs.

You can work as either as a part-time or a full-time employee. You can be a walk-in applicant around your neighborhood’s local grocery stores.

Be a retail sales associate.

Ensuring that the customers have everything they need, you, as a sales associate, will need to communicate and assist them with their queries and their needs. Whether you choose to work in a clothing store, shoe store, or makeup shop, there are many businesses that hire a retail sales associate. Similar to a salesperson’s job, you represent the company and its products.

Be a mystery shopper.

If you want to have a fun job that is also unique, be a mystery shopper. Your task is to pretend as a real customer, inquire about products, observe customer service, and determine the quality of products and services.

You have to be keen on memorizing all the details that took place during your purchase. It pays an average hourly salary of $15.03. You can do it whenever you are free from school obligations.

Be a search engine evaluator.

Some companies and website owners can’t spare enough time to make sure that their sites are freely running without errors and bugs. Your job here is to continually clear up search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You have to assess and drive the performance of search results. This could be a technical job and is suitable for someone who is a computer and tech-savvy. Glassdoor offers many job listings for this particular skill.

Wash and clean cars.

Be a car wash attendant and enjoy cleaning and washing different models and kinds of cars. If you are passionate about cars, then it’s the best opportunity to learn about them through actual encounters.

It’s a fun job that requires you to get wet sometimes, so it would be best to have this work after classes. There are many American car wash companies that are hiring all the time.

Accept landscaping projects or be an on-call gardener.

Having a green thumb might be the most crucial requirement for this job. Advertise your gardening and landscaping skills through social media. It’s the safest and best bet to land a client who is a friend of a friend of a friend.

This way, you can grow and build your connections. You can start doing this as a part-time or side gig, and who knows? It might open a business opportunity for the future eventually.

Work as a clinic clerk.

You can apply as a clerk in your own school’s clinic. Otherwise, if that’s not possible, you can find other companies who are hiring this position in their company clinics, or you might also choose private doctor’s clinics, too. You will be responsible for record-keeping, doing secretarial tasks, and communicating with patients.

Design a video game.

Statistics show that there is a consistent increase in demand for video game designers. Suppose you are passionate and skilled in this field. Then make use of your spare time by developing a video game, get employed in a gaming company, or work independently until your video game is ready for launch.

Be a sommelier.

Put your knowledge about wine and pairings to good use by being a sommelier. Your task here is to recommend wine and pairings to the diners. You also must update the wine list with your restaurant manager, every once in a while.

Learn more about being a sommelier and finally apply for a job when there is an opportunity.

Work as a hairdresser.

If you have a natural talent for cutting hair or doing anything related to hair, then you can potentially work as a hairdresser. You can earn a fixed salary, but the real deal comes in through winning tips.

Some luxurious and high-end salons have generous clients who tip higher than the average. Know more about tips through the Cosmopolitan fashion magazine.

Apply as a freelance model.

So, you’re blessed with a pretty face and a well-proportioned body? And, if you also have enough self-esteem, then send your application and portfolio to some modeling agencies all over the U.S. Whatever kind of modeling you want to pursue, you can earn well in this industry. You will also give you more experience in modeling.

Assist car technicians.

If getting dirty with grease, oil, and paints do not get irate you, then being a car technician’s assistant might be a great part-time job for you. What you have to do to land this kind of situation is to look around your local auto shops and apply directly. This sure is a flexible job for students.

Help people write their resumes.

Most of the people, even the professional and senior employees, have had trouble creating and updating their resumes. If you are skilled in writing, try applying at Upwork for resume writing jobs. You can work as a freelance writer and offer your services to any company or client.

Design and create PowerPoint slide presentations.

Presentations usually require PowerPoint slides. Some employees have too many tasks to do that they can’t spare some time to prepare their slides. That’s why they need to outsource this chore to someone like you.

If you have the talent for making one, then go for it and accept some projects at or through connections.

Assist laboratory experiments and researches.

Similar to being a researcher’s assistant, this job pertains to analogous tasks except that the setting and venue will be in a laboratory. You will provide support in processing samples of organisms or other particles conducted in the study. This is a flexible job, and you can apply to your own school’s laboratories.

Work as a room attendant or a temporary housekeeper.

Being a student who majors in Hotel and restaurant management, you will have an internship in some hotels as a housekeeper. One way to make money from it is to make it as your part-time work. You will earn extra for school expenses and, at the same time, learn more about housekeeping. 

Become a resident advisor.

This job offers a great deal for students because you can have free board and lodging while earning some extra cash too. How is that possible, you may ask? Just apply for the resident advisor programs at your university, and you can check this job out. Your tasks include clerical duties, reinforce rules to other boarders, and answer queries. 

Apply for bookseller jobs in your school.

Campuses and schools sell their academic books, and if you are hired to be a bookseller, your task is to check inventory, stack book stocks, and arrange purchase deliveries. You will be situated in the book department of your campus so it will be easy access for you to go to your classes after work.

Help kids as a camp counselor.

Although this job opportunity is more rampant during summer since there are more camp events at that time, other schools hire camp counselors for other after-school programs. Your task is here is to assist kids, teach them something new, and care for them too. You can apply directly to local elementary or kids’ schools.

Teach students and kids how to swim.

If you are a great swimmer, you can teach kids and other students how to swim. Even if you don’t have a qualification to be a swimming teacher, you can earn students and teach them one on one or in a group style setting.

Posting online advertisements for services is one way to land some clients, and you can also rely on referrals from your connections with families and friends.

Handle complaints and provide customer services online.

Another remote work that hires many part-time employees is customer service providers. Whether you apply for an outsourcing company or a service provider company, your task involves helping customers with their concerns over the phone. You can either report in the office or work at home.

Be a mailroom attendant in your dormitory.

Most of the college dormitories have a mail room for all the students living in that area. Your job here is to organize the ins and outs of their emails, letters, and deliveries. One of the best perks is that you can meet a lot of new people in your dormitory.

Assist and manage college online resources.

The requirement for this job is essential to the professional level of web skills. You will be tasked and assigned by college professors or instructors to help and assist them with the right online resources for their students and learners. You can find and apply for this job directly to your school’s faculty or professors.

Play music or sing at some events and parties.

Whether you belong in a band, or you’re a one-man-band, explore more ways to earn more bookings and gigs. Creating and playing music may seem to be your passion, and it’s great that you can also make it as your means of earning extra dough for school. Gigs are often scheduled flexibly, so this won’t be a conflict with your studies.

Earn a certificate and be a massage therapist.

Although you would need to enroll in a certificate course program for this job, your returns will be so much worth than the minimal fee of it. You will get paid as much as $23.97 per hour, depending on the state or your city. That could help you finance more of your educational expenses.

Be a dental receptionist.

Working as a part-time at a dental clinic will help you earn about $14 per hour. Your job here is to keep all the patient’s records organized and assist the dentist with any secretarial task. You can work in your own available time, as they usually hire several part-time receptionists. Check some of your local dental clinics and apply online or face to face.

Dress up as a princess or superhero for kids’ events.

If you are not fazed at wearing creative and comical costumes during kids’ parties, then you might just be fit for this job. These parties usually want some superhero or princess mascot that can entertain and interact with all the party-goers, especially kids. Check out some party events community and build a network from there, while offering your services.

Ship and organize parcel shipments as a warehouse associate.

The primary task for this job is to process a specific order to be shipped from the warehouse. You need to check the quality of the products before they will be shipped out into the logistic system. You will also be assigned to take inventory. This job is not time-demanding since there are many shifts available to choose from.

Be a bike shop mechanic.

Being a bike enthusiast will land you this job. Find a local bike shop and offer your services. You can be the actual mechanic, or assist the mechanics in fixing bikes. This may involve you getting all dirty and greasy, but make sure to bring a fresh set of clothes if you are going to school after work.

Be an ice cream scooper.

Do you love being around ice cream? Work as an ice cream scooper and earn some cash to finance your studies. Depending on the ice cream company, you may be assigned to a parlor shop or a food stall. This might be fun, especially because you get to witness how your product makes a lot of people happy.

Work as a grader for both classroom and online settings for academic learning.

Similar to a teaching assistant job, you will also need to assist educators with their overwhelming and multiple tasks. One of which is the grading activity. You now come in as a grader, evaluating and checking test papers of students and giving them a score. You can work for this job even in an online school too.

Be a freelancer online.

If you are capable of doing many tasks online, then earn an income while doing so. The first primary step is to advertise yourself and promote your skill offering online sites like Upwork and Fiverr. Employers will check out your profile and consider if your skills are a match to their requirements.

Try offering your own mobile car wash services.

You may start this job in your neighborhood or connections. Offer to wash the cars of your neighbors or peers’ friends for a lower price than the car wash stores. Not only is it convenient and cost-effective for them, but they can also rely on you to wash and maintain their cars’ cleanliness. When things get pretty hectic, you may even start hiring your staff and become a team.

Be a freelance makeup artist.

Being able to put on flawless makeup is such a difficult skill and talent that not most women have. If you are trained to do your makeup or even your friends too, then it’s time to broaden your network. Accept makeup bookings as a makeup artist. Invest in quality makeup products, and you’ll have endless reservations for sure. Post your makeup services at Booksy now.

Host events, weddings, and parties.

Put that amazing voice of yours to good use by hosting parties and events. If you have the knack for spontaneity and humor, then your audience will surely enjoy your talent as a host.

This is a potential part-time work for you, and you can start by using word-of-mouth strategy. Once you build credentials, your salary rate gets higher, and you’ll have more bookings, too.

Become a pastry chef assistant.

Your love and passion for desserts can be rewarding in the financial sense once you land a job as a pastry chef assistant. Not only will you earn but also learn the dos and don’ts in making pastries. Who knows, you might eventually be able to start your own homemade pastry business. Aside from applying to local pastry shops, use on these postings too.

Work as a part-time meat cutter.

Even without a considerable experience in this job, you can apply as a meat cutter. There are many job postings online that are hiring. Your task would involve you cutting meats into portions and organizing different meat cutlets and varieties.

Be a radio D.J.

Learn how to be a legit sounding D.J. with these tips from experts, and once you become acquainted with how the industry works, start applying for D.J. radio jobs online. There are some radio stations all over the U.S. and if you are what they are looking for, then you can work part-time while studying at the same time.

Be a juice or smoothie maker.

Similar to the job of a barista, your responsibility is to mix fruits and ingredients that will result in a divine-tasting smoothie. You can find some nearby food stalls and apply as a part-time worker.

Work as a part-time moving truck staff.

While this job entails physical efforts and energies, the primary advantage of it is that you won’t be

needing to lift heavyweights in the gym just to maintain your muscles. The heavy furniture and appliances of your clients are heavy enough as a workout. This job can be fun for you if you love lifting heavy weighted things.

Be a home-sharing host.

If you have a spare space in your apartment, rent it out to fellow students. You may also accept travelers and tourists, especially if your local city’s tourism seems pretty active. Post your extra room online through Airbnb, Homestay, and Flipkey. And if you have some holidays, you can also rent your room while you’re away.

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