Social Media Editor vs Social Media Influencer: Career ROI

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Social media can make you wealthy! Social media editors and social media influencers can make good money—if they know exactly how. Both social media-oriented careers are lucrative, but they show stark differences in terms of skills requirements and specific roles.

Essentially, social media editors find and create content, run platforms, and interact with users to improve a brand’s image and exposure. Social media influencers, on the other hand. promote products, services, and lifestyles through their personal brands, paid content, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships.

Comparing Social Media Editors and Social Media Influencers

Let’s see how both career pathways are distinct from each other:

Social Media EditorSocial Media Influencer
Average Pay$51,865$57,938
Key Features– Content curation and creation
– Platform management
– Analytics and optimization
– Post creation and editing, including text, images, videos, and links using templates and editing features
– Brand monitoring on social media
– Authenticity and personal brand building
– Niche expertise in specific interests
– Creative freedom in content creation
– Building a strong personal brand
Sources of Income– Employed by organizations; salary, benefits, potential bonuses
– Stable income with potential for growth
– May have opportunities for freelance work
– Limited personal financial investment
– Sponsored content and brand partnerships
– Affiliate marketing and product endorsements
– Income depends on audience size and engagement
– Potential for diverse revenue streams
– Can involve personal financial investments for content creation

Becoming a Social Media Editor

Becoming A Social Media Editor - Image

Social media editors are typically members of a team, such as writers, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, and other specialists in digital media. They choose what to publish and persuade people to connect with it.

If misleading information or unfavorable feedback arises, they promptly assess the situation, find the proper solutions, and implement effective communication strategies to minimize harm and defend the brand’s image.

As a career pathway, social media editing facilitates skill diversification and career progression within the dynamic digital media landscape.

Social Media Editors are typically proficient in the following:

Career ROI of a Social Media Editor

Certain college degrees lay the groundwork for social media editor work. At the undergraduate level, these majors can begin to develop the right skills for the job:

Social media editors thrive in a field that encourages imagination and new ideas. Because the job is always evolving, they must keep learning and adapting to new trends. By committing to lifelong learning, they improve their marketability and professional growth.

Social media editors enjoy career advancement by transitioning into managerial positions or assuming strategic positions within marketing departments or companies. With a strong background in digital marketing and communication, they are well-equipped for these roles.

Below are the job titles and descriptions that encompass the diverse roles and responsibilities of a Social Media Editor:

Social Media Editor JobsAnnual Salary
Content Creator/Manager$82,393
Social Media Manager$57,434
Digital Marketing Specialist$65,418
Brand Strategist$79,941

To Be or Not to Be

Being a Social Media Editor could be for you if:

Being a Social Media Editor isn’t for you if:

Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Becoming a Social Media Influencer - Image

While quite similar to social media editors in ensuring audience engagement, influencers are different because they are the digital trendsetters of the online world. They post content that shapes opinions, gains trust, and inspires their followers through their online presence. 

What brings in the money in this career is really the collaboration with brands. Companies reach out to influencers to promote products and services, banking on their credibility to raise brand awareness and boost sales.

The basic responsibilities of social media influencers are keeping up with the trends and developing content. More importantly, they should be sensitive to the consequences of every message they convey through their posts.

These are the hallmarks of a competent social media influencer:

Career ROI of a Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer must be well-equipped to cultivate a specialized following and create captivating content. By earning these degree programs, you gain an academic background to boost strategies as a social media influencer:

Influencers can build a career out of doing what they love and engaging with a diverse audience through consistent effort and strategy in content creation. As their followers increase, influencers are able to book collaborations and endorsements, which opens up avenues for monetization.

Below are the popular roles of social media influencers:

Social Media Influencer JobsAnnual Salary
Brand Ambassador/Endorser$46,469
Sponsored Content Creator$79,798
Affiliate Marketer$82,015
Event Host/Presenter$37,825

Being a Social Media Influencer could be for you if:

Being a Social Media Influencer isn’t for you if:

social media editor vs social media influencer - fact

Wrapping Up

Both Social Media Editor and Social Media Influencer roles provide a nice setting to unleash your artistic and communication talents. As a Social Media Editor, you’ll get the opportunity to form brand stories and spot the leads and user behaviors, thereby engaging audiences.

As a Social Media Influencer, you can use it to grow your brand, promote activities that you are passionate about, and empower other people.

Whichever path you choose, remember to think not only creatively but critically! Social media can drive young people and adults to depression, but with the right skills and intention, you can maximize the excellent opportunities in it!

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