Natural Science Games: From Earth Science to Biology and More

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While social science examines how humans think and act, the natural sciences are the branches of science that explain how the world and its phenomena work, from the inner workings of Earth’s core to the farthest reaches of space.

Through observing what we see, developing theories, and doing experiments to test those theories, we can deepen our understanding of natural science.

Featured Programs

The sub-fields of natural science include:

  1. earth science,
  2. chemistry,
  3. astronomy,
  4. physics,
  5. zoology,
  6. archaeology,
  7. geology,
  8. and botany.

Chemistry is the study of solids, liquids, and gases and how they interact with each other on the molecular level.

Astronomy is about studying the stars and planets.

Through archaeology, we study fossils to learn about the animals and plants of the past and how they evolved.

Botany is the study of plants, while zoology is the study of animals.

Physics combines the study of matter, motion, and time.

Geology is about the composition of Earth’s layers and how they’ve changed.

Earth science is the field that envelops all sciences related to our planet.

  • Helios: The sun’s energy comes from nuclear fusion, which happens when protons and neutrons in hydrogen atoms fuse together and turn into helium. In this game, players have to match the hydrogen particles to make a nuclear fusion reaction.
  • The Great Plant Escape: The Great Plant Escape is a text-based mystery game involving plants. The main character, Detective LePlant, challenges players to identify plant parts and functions so he can solve mysteries.
  • Seed Soaring: This game teaches about how seed dispersal helps plants to spread and reproduce.
  • Parts of a Flower: Identify the figure in front of you, then label it before the time runs out.
  • Habitats Game: Switch between the different habitats as you place each plant and animal in its correct habitat.
  • Recycle City: Dumptown: As the city manager of Dumptown, you get to implement different waste-management and recycling programs to improve the city’s environment.
  • Doctor Know: Explore the structure and organs of the human body as you run tests and simulations to diagnose your patients.
  • GoReact: Drag different elements from the periodic table and combine them to see what kind of chemical reaction they’ll make.
  • Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars? Work your way through math and science questions just like on the popular game show.
  • Recycle Roundup: This game teaches the difference between compostable materials, recycling, and trash. As you play, the game sprinkles in some cool climate change facts.
  • Animalia: Match each one of the game’s 31 animals to the continent where it lives.
  • Hydro Logic: Do you know how the water cycle works? The main character of this game, Enki, can change from liquid to gas to solid as you jump from one level to the next.
  • Build a Biome: Build one of the world’s six biomes and fill it with the appropriate plants and animals.
  • Global Pandemic Simulator Game: Choose to be a virus, bacterium, or parasite and increase your lethality and symptoms to spread from country to country.
  • You Are the Queen: Make the right choices to establish your wasp colony and save it from being wiped out. You’ll also learn about the life cycle of a wasp colony.
  • Total Darkness: Play this fun mystery and adventure game while using chemistry and physics knowledge and problem-solving skills to discover why the electricity has gone out.
  • Build a Food Chain: Start with the given plant or animal and then find the next link in the food chain until you’ve completed the chain.
  • Hungry Birds: Feed the hungry baby birds the correct food while racing against the clock.
  • Mission to Mars: Launch a series of satellites to Mars. This game is based on actual satellites that have successfully made the trip to Mars.
  • Living Legends: Play this game developed by the San Diego Zoo to learn about animals from all around the world. You’ll learn interesting facts about their environment, diet, prey, and predators.
  • Sustainable Sheep: Guide Shaun and the rest of the sheep while monitoring their habitat and food sources.
  • Beat the Uncertainty: Build a climate-resistant city that can withstand the environmental factors that accompany climate change.
  • Catchment Detox: Manage a catchment for a century to keep it environmentally sound.
  • Antibiotic Resistance: Find the right combination of antibiotics to stop the spread of disease.