Internet Security vs Information Systems Security: Career ROI

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Data theft and loss are some common predicaments that business owners face. If you want to contribute to protecting data and computer systems, it’s worth pursuing a degree and career in this field.

Information Systems Security and Internet Security (popularly called Cybersecurity) are often used interchangeably. Although the fundamental idea is the same, their entire approach and methods of execution are very different. 

Comparing Internet Security vs Information Systems Security

Because each sector has a well-defined route, it’s essential to draw a clear distinction between these two fields and decide on the better-fitting career path for you.

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How Can You Get Started in Internet Security?

A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity program equips students with a thorough grasp of information technology management and security procedures, positioning them to become elite professionals in the field of cybersecurity. 

Students who enroll in a Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity learn the fundamental principles and techniques in computing, information security, and IT. Through this program, learners’ basic IT and digital forensic abilities are improved, and their understanding of risk management, ethics, data analytics, and data security is enhanced. 

Essential Skills of An Internet Security Specialist

Jobs for Internet Security Degree Holders

Here are the top opportunities for Internet Security graduates:

Internet Security Degree JobAnnual median pay
Cybersecurity Awareness Manager$164,070
IT Auditor$87,317
Cybersecurity Analyst$81,107

Opportunities for Advancement in Internet Security 

If you’re thinking of advancing your skills and knowledge in internet security, it’s worth enrolling in a master’s degree in cybersecurity. The goal of the Master of Cybersecurity program is to turn graduates into professionals who can responsibly manage and monitor an organization’s cybersecurity initiatives.

In order to help cybersecurity professionals manage cybersecurity threats and match corporate interests, the curriculum integrates business courses. 

Find a program with international standards for cybersecurity program development in response to the growing need for firms to manage cybersecurity threats as they implement new technologies and reorganize the workplace.

This advanced degree should enable graduates to become information security professionals and experts in information security detection and prevention.

To Be or Not to Be

Why Internet Security could be for you:

Internet Security isn’t for you if:

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How Can You Get Started in Information Systems Security?

All of the computers and software applications that enable businesses and organizations to run are collectively referred to as information systems. Since these systems are frequently among a company’s most significant assets, information systems security is a must for many organizations today. Consider information systems security degrees if you’re interested in a career in this field.

Information systems security bachelor’s degree programs teach courses such as development, programming, and cybersecurity. Students can learn about networks, databases, and systems administration. 

Essential Skills of An Information Systems Security Specialist

Information Systems Security requires the right skills from a competent professional! Here are the key skills you need to succeed in this career path:

Jobs for Information Systems Security Degree Holders

Take a look at these career pathways that Information Systems Security majors can take:

Information Systems Security Degree JobsAnnual median pay
Computer Network Architect$126,900
Information Security Analyst$112,000
Computer Systems Analyst$102,240
Computer Programmer$97,800

Opportunities for Advancement in Information Systems Security

Information systems security professionals would have to study for advanced degrees to improve their skills and abilities in the field. The Master in Information Security program is ideal, as it educates and trains students to become professionals who are competent in developing, implementing, analyzing, and managing the security of IT systems. 

To Be or Not to Be

Why Information Systems Security could be for you:

Information Systems Security isn’t for you if:

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Information security and cyber security are frequently used synonymously. Due to their shared responsibility for safeguarding computer systems against intrusions and data breaches, the tasks courses in both degree programs and responsibilities in both career paths overlap. Regardless, they are fulfilling occupations that deliver promising ROIs.

Know the differences between the two and decide on the career path you should take!

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